Cybersecurity platform Immersive Labs acquires US start-up Snap Labs

“The two platforms are a natural fit,” says Snap co-founder Chris Myers. ...

Cybersecurity platform Immersive Labs has acquired US-based technology start-up Snap Labs for an undisclosed sum.

Snap Labs was founded in 2016

Bristol’s Immersive Labs enables organisations to measure and build on the cybersecurity capacity of their workforce through testing and analysis of technical and non-technical teams.

The company says the acquisition of the Snap Labs platform will enable its financial services, healthcare and government customers to run ‘cyber crisis’ exercises in a cloud-based replica of their own organisation, with technical teams working together in a virtual environment.

“There is nothing better for developing the kind of in-depth cyber knowledge, skills and judgment that will help stem the growing tide of cyber risk than simulating real-world experiences,” says Immersive Labs CEO and founder James Hadley.

“Only by dropping people into the shoes of a defender can they truly develop the kinds of capabilities needed when the worst happens in the real world.”

Immersive says regular exercises and data analysis will mean the cybersecurity skills and knowledge of employees can keep pace with external risks.

Pennsylvania-based Snap Labs was founded in 2016 by co-founders Chris Myers and Barrett Adams.

Myers adds: “The two platforms are a natural fit, and by combining them we hope to help our customers build even more resilience against cyber threats.”

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