Garmin tools can currently track diabetic person sugar degrees without a hacky workaround

A main Dexcom application is currently readily available in Garmin's Connect intelligence shop....

Garmin Dexcom G6 devices diabetes blood glucose tracking

Credit: Garmin has actually launched a brand-new Dexcom application to the Connect intelligence shop. Individuals with diabetic issues that possess a Dexcom G6 CGM will certainly have the ability to

  • see their real-time blood sugar degrees on their suitable Garmin gadgets. Individuals with diabetic issues aiming to track their numbers need to no more require to utilize the informal (as well as in some cases undependable) Dexcom Garmin application.

  • Those living without diabetes mellitus may be stunned to listen to that diabetic person innovation is created at the price of molasses. Depending upon the business that makes your diabetic person equipment, you’ll either have actually a totally linked ecological community of tools that can track your blood sugar degrees, or you’re a Medtronic client.

    Garmin has great information for those that fall under the Dexcom camp. Beginning today, you can download and install a main Dexcom application from Garmin’s Connect intelligence shop. This will certainly enable Type 1 and also Type 2 diabetics to track their blood sugar degrees straight on their suitable Garmin watch or biking computer system.

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