OnePlus can have Pac-Man-themed Nord 2 in the jobs

The Pac-Man 40th wedding anniversary finished in 2020, however, so OnePlus is a little bit late to the event right here....

OnePlus Nord 2 top down view outside with foliage

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OnePlus likes launching scandal sheet variations of its phones. Whether it’s The Avengers, Star Wars, and even simply the McLaren brand name as a whole, we’ve seen a lot of distinctly well-known OnePlus gadgets.

Currently, it appears there might be a OnePlus Pac-Man phone in the jobs. Over at XDA-Developers, the group did some code-sleuthing to find numerous referrals to Pac-Man-related attributes. That consists of a lock display redesign, a finger print scanner computer animation, as well as numerous various other referrals within the code itself.

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