ANCHEER Under Desk Electric Mini Elliptical Machine, Remote Control Portable Exercise Elliptical Trainer with Large Pedal, LCD

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Model Name AR-63
Color Black
Product Dimensions 14″D x 18″W x 10″H
Resistance Mechanism Manual
  • 【Auto & Manual Modes, More Effective 】There are 2 modes in this mini elliptical machine. Auto (P1-P3) & Manual (5-levels speed) , which gives you multiple choices to exercise.
  • 【Remote Control】Just use the remote control of this home use elliptical machine and pressed the button, you can switch the mode and speed easily, don’t need to bend down and look down while working or watching TV anymore.
  • 【Built-in Display Monitor】Start planning and recording your fitness statistics by using the advanced LED Built-in Display Monitor which keeps track time, distance, scan, speed, calories burned.
  • 【 Portable & Slient & Enhanced Pedal】This elliptical machine runs very quiet and would not disturb others while exercising at home or office. And the portable design help you to take it anywhere easily. And the non-slip pedal will provide you safe and comfortable exercise
  • [One Year Assurance & Fast Shipment & Detailed Mannual] We will provide you one year replacement for all parts. Shipped by U.S. , you will receive our Elliptical Machine within a few days. Detailed mannual are prepared for you to install the machine. If you have any problem with our product, please fell free to contact with us through Amazon.


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Product Description



ANCHEER Remote Control Home use Mini Elliptical Trainer

The ANCHEER Elliptical machine with remote control is a very convenient and effective machine for exercising. You can use it at home, office or any indoor or outdoor situations. You can use it at work, reading or watching TV, the smooth and silent machine will not disturb your work and can help you exercise at busy time. The special electric auto mode gives you more effective exercise. Large massage pedal gives you comfortable work out.

Auto & Manual Mode

2 Modes for You

Auto mode or manual mode with a variety of preset programs and speed, and combine with forward/backward pedals, you can choose the most suitable mode and exercise more effective!


Portable Design

Anti-skip pedal

Portable Design

Enhanced LCD Monitor

This upgrade monitor will show data and mode, which will track you speed, scan, calories, distance. Keep you monitoring your healthy data.

Portable Design

The elliptical with portable design is easy to pick up and you can take it anywhere.

Enlarged Non-slip Pedal

The enlarged wide non-slip pedal provide you a comfortable and safe riding. What’s more, you can also switch it back or forward. 2 ways to walk on this elliptical machine.

Front Wheel & Stable Frame

The front wheel help you pull it and the stable frame help you exercise safely.




Suitable for the elderly

The electric mini elliptical machine is easy to operate, allowing the knees to exercise without pressure and promoting blood circulation, which is very suitable for elders who have been sedentary at home for a long time.

Use it In Office

Use it at work, under your desk in the office. This elliptical machine will keep you exercising when you are working and make you full of energy. You can use the portable design to put it anywhere and use the remote control to control it! You don’t even need to look down when you are busy.

Suitable for people who need to exercise their knees

The electric mini elliptical machine is suitable for people who are inconvenient to move around, relieve muscle soreness, and can adjust the movement direction of the speed pedal by itself. (Please read the operation guide to use)


  • -Product Size: 18 ×14 ×10 inch
  • -Pedal Size: 14 × 6 inch
  • -Bottom Size: 17 ×14 inch
  • No Need Installation
  • Remote Control
  • Back & Forward 2 Size Pedal
  • Enhanced LCD Display
  • Large Anti-slip Pedals
  • Automatic (P1-P3) & 5 Level Manual Mode
  • Different Speed
  • Fashion Design

Additional information

Weight 6.83 kg
Dimensions 17.1 × 13.2 × 11.9 cm
Package Weight

6.83 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

14 x 18 x 10 inches

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Model Name




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Part Number




Date First Available

October 27 2020



10 reviews for ANCHEER Under Desk Electric Mini Elliptical Machine, Remote Control Portable Exercise Elliptical Trainer with Large Pedal, LCD

  1. Teresa Bromley

    Works as describedDoes stop occasionally and shut off for no apparent reason. Other than that works as described

  2. Lee Imat

    Getting exercise while workingI am an IT tech. Sometimes it means a 12 hour day of sitting on my behind. I could have gotten a desktop that would allow me stand, but I can get up and move around on my own for that. I own a few of the pedal exerciser stationery bikes. They are helpful as well, but I have cats. They like to try to run through the space under the pedals and it is frustrating trying to pedal and watch the critters. This exerciser is very quiet, fits nicely in my compact area under the desk space of 20 inches wide x 19 inches deep x 26 inches high (floor to keyboard tray). I can run it on the HA mode (which is the electric mode) at what ever speed I choose. It will shut off after 30 mins on its own. I can go forward or backwards and still focus on my work, meetings, etc. Some of the other reviews mention this as well. I can wear my bedroom slippers, shoes, or bare feet (to get a foot massage) without hearing any noise. It is relaxing too on low speeds. The Program modes P1 through P4 automatically change speeds and I do find that distracting while working. However, if it is something that is expected – I suppose you could work through all of that as well. I just want to be able to take a “walk” break without leaving my desk and this is great. I just took it out of the box. Plugged it into the electric socket behind my desk, added two AAA batteries to the remote and I was ready to go. Lightweight and easy to handle especially with the “well” that doubles as a great place to put that elusive remote. My cats had to “check” it out when I first took it from the box, but when I use it, they have no interest in playing “Cat and Mouse” with it. There is no space under the pedals to challenge or try to catch. Cats love moving things, but this they are leaving alone for now anyway. 😉


    Office work and a workout all at the same timeThe media could not be loaded.

     Now that i’m working from home and doing a lot more air i needed a way to keep my legs from falling asleep and still get some movement and exercise while i’m working. This elliptical is just what i needed. Now as i’m doing work i’m still working my feet and legs . It is also improving my circulation to keep me healthier.It’s very portable and easy to move around. I can literally pick it up and take it anywhere.I like the lcd display it tells me how far i’ve pedaled in miles, how many calories i have burned, what speed i’m am going and the distance. i can use it manually or on automatic. it also has a remote control for easy changing of speed.The pedals have a great grip i can use with shoes or without for a little foot massage. It’s very silent so i could have it under my desk and be using it without disturbing my co workers who work right next to me. Not only can i stay healthy but i can get both work at my desk done and get a workout in at the same time. I can appreciate any equipment that can accomplish this!

  4. Douglas C. Meeks

    Versatile Mini-Elliptical, Sturdy And Easy To UseThe media could not be loaded.

     I already owned a manual model of this device but at times there was just a need for something to stretch the muscles and keep things limber when my spouse was just too tired to use the manual device. This one allows you to build muscle in the manual mode or just keep things stretched out and limber when you need it. It was easy to move around with the handle (something the manual model was more like a weight lifting session). The device is very well made and heavy duty, plus it keeps up with how much, how long you have used it and thro in the remote so you don’t have to bend over and try to use the controls on the machine itself makes it a breeze to operate , add it the forward and reverse functions and you pretty much have everything I could have asked for in a device like this so 5 Stars and a great machine for those of use getting up in years.

  5. Barby4321

    Solid, sturdy construction. Worth the price!I needed a space saving way to exercise while working from home. My old one was just so lightweight it would not stay in place while using, (it would wiggle around everywhere)I’ve been packing on the pounds so I needed an upgrade quick. I absolutely love this machine ! Totally surpassed my expectations and worth the extra money for sure!It was easy to set up. Ready to go right out of the box. it is sturdy, solid and well constructed.It has Very good Grip to keep your feet in place. you can actually use it while you have socks on and not worry about your feet slipping off.The quality compares to something you would find in a gym. I’ve been using it over a month now, getting better results than ever!Extremely convenient way to exercise while I am at my desk or even watching TV. it is also lightweight enough to easily Transport as well. Highly recommended!

  6. Sean & Kate

    Exercise while watching TV!The media could not be loaded.

     Very sturdy comes in different control settings. Instructions are easy to follow and good for multitasking.

  7. Family shopper

    Work and workout at the same time while staying hands freeLet’s face it – quarantine has not been friendly to anyone’s waist line, especially mine. Between working from home and trying to manage my kids remote schooling, I have been very tight on time to workout. My husband jokingly said I should ride a stationary bike while working to kill two birds with one stone.That got me thinking (and searching) and is how I ended up here with the under desk elliptical. Quarantine or not, I wish I would have known about these a long time ago! Not only does it help my work day to go by faster, it leaves me more awake and energized. This under desk elliptical is virtually silent, no one has any idea I am using it and the anti-slip pedals keep my feet securely in place. You can use one of the three preset auto modes or else manual mode, which gives you 5 speed adjustments. I tend to switch back and forth throughout the day depending on what I am doing.The best part is you can make the changes using the remote control, so there’s no interruption to your work and you are not fumbling around at your feet trying to change it. I love that it has a built in LED display, which keeps track of my distance, speed and calories burned, as well as the length of time I have been using it. If you are looking to not only improve your health, but also multitask and make more out of your day, I highly recommend this under desk elliptical!

  8. Willie Wheeler

    Haven’t tried yetWill trySoon

  9. A.Griffin

    After 3 days, I like it.For the most part I really like the ANCHEER Under Desk Electric Mini Elliptical Machine. After using I can tell that my legs have had a small workout. I have tried it 3x/a day so far. I have discovered a few minor problems with the unit;1. You can not pedal it if it is not plugged in. I even emailed customer service and that is what they said.2. When it shuts down it does not show any information at all. You cannot see your distance, calories burned, nothing. It would have been nice if they had delayed the led shut down, especially since the leds are always on even when turned off they are lit as dashes. It would have been better if the stats were displayed instead of dashes. So after 30minutes on it I have no idea of what I accomplished. This I think is very poor engineering.3. Also the unit does not run smoothly. It can be quite jerky at times.Overall, I do really like the unit. Way over priced even at the discount I got the day I bought it.$125.00 too much for this. If I had paid the $189.00 for it, it would be going back to Amazon at least 1 day ago.

  10. Amazon shopper

    Easy to use sitting down anywhereWe purchased this for our dad.He likes it very much and use it everyday.He uses it to exercise his leg to help with blood circulation.It’s very easy for him to move his leg in motion with ease.

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