BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board, Whole Family Fitness Device With Free Connected Game & Exercises App. Professional 15″ Wood

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Product details

Brand BoBo Balance Better.
Color orange
Material Wood
Maximum Weight Recommendation 350 Pounds
Age Range (Description) Adult/Kid
  • FAMILY READY – BoBo Balance fitness board moves with the rhythm of your family. Train and exercise on this cushioned balance board from the family room, bedroom, or even the deck! At only 3 lbs., everyone can pick their ideal workout location! Sensors rapidly connect to your phone or tablet encouraging you to strengthen key muscle groups and improve balance wherever you like!
  • ALL AGES & SKILL LEVELS – From kids up to seniors, individualized user profiles assess abilities and help you set customized training programs. No need to carry around heavy equipment! BoBo balance board offers real-time biofeedback. Track your performance and become a healthier you! Ideal for families, athletes, and physical therapy routines.
  • LEVEL UP- Challenge your family with exciting balance and coordination games. Each balance board includes built in apps, games, and daily exercises for all ages. Ideal for a home workout, physical therapy session, or training, this core balance board fitness trainer promotes proper movement and prevents injuries.
  • COORDINATION & BALANCE – See rapid results from this training system’s one of a kind on-screen challenges! Ideal for physical therapy routines or to challenge yourself. BoBo balance board exercises improve balance, coordination, reaction time, stability, core strength, stabilization, & boost flexibility. Prevents sport injuries and increases flexibility, at any level.
  • PLUG N’ PLAY- The balance board sensors deliver real-time feedback to any iOS or Android powered device. Quickly place your Bobo Balance Board on any surface and open the app. Personalized profiles instantly bring you into an immersive world of exciting fitness challenges. With built-in games, and fun daily exercises, you’ll find it hard to stop playing.


Product Description

balance application biofeedback


BoBo Balance is perfect for people of all ages and all fitness levels, including:

Fitness Enthusiasts | Athletes | Seniors | Kids | Rehab Patients | Anyone!


Improving Athletic Performance Starts with Balance



Get Your Family Fit

The BoBo smart balance board gives your whole family an effective way to work out, have fun, and connect with each other.

Core balance proved to improve:

  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Motor Skills
  • Coordination & Posture


The Ultimate Balanced-Based Workout

Bobo Balance gives competitive athletes that extra edge, allowing them to boost their agility – for success in many different sports.

Core balance proved to increase:

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Anticipation


Improve Your Balance and Stability

Training that improves overall balance, stability and strength also for people 60 years and older.

Core balance proved to increase:

  • Balance
  • Stability
  • Range of Motion

Additional information

Weight 13.2 kg
Dimensions 16.6 × 16.5 × 16.3 cm
Package Weight

13.2 Kilograms

Brand Name

BoBo Balance Better.







Date First Available

December 19 2021



10 reviews for BoBo Core Trainer Balance Board, Whole Family Fitness Device With Free Connected Game & Exercises App. Professional 15″ Wood

  1. Daneka VK Soudak

    Fun addition to functional balance training!This thing is a serious piece of equipment! It’s not too heavy or big, but it’s hefty weight made me think twice about dropping it on the floor. Although I am a personal trainer and know how to do the recommended practice tests, I started in with the games because I was curious about how training would feel as a game. Don’t be fooled. This is not a rival to the Wii or Xbox Kinect; this is a therapy tool. However, the games were pretty fun! I felt every muscle in my ankles and knees and hips after only 30 seconds, which surprised me since I do a lot of core work and unilateral exercise on my own.I also tried messing around with the Bobo in other ways. I tried it as a platform for doing planks, like placing my forearms on the Bobo and extending my legs out behind me in plank position. Tilting forward or backward helps target the lower or upper abs and also increases the tension on different areas of the shoulder joint. I also placed the board under my feet to do one-legged bridges and the instability there definitely makes a difference. I can see many, many applications for working with my clients, especially those that are older. Simply sitting in a chair with feet on the board and doing shoulder presses increases tension everywhere in the body.The games and exercises that come with the accompanying app are creative and fun, and got my 10 year old really into it. She kept asking me to use my phone! I like the movement patterns that show in the assessment modes, because I can back up what I am saying to my clients with a visual picture, which increases their body awareness as they move through the levels. At this price point, however, I think the app needs work. My daughter complained about the games bc she couldn’t save her sessions. But she is a 10-year old used to playing Roblox for 4 hours a day. Also, I can’t find a way to review the movement patterns after I’ve exited the app. The board itself is practical in that you can take it with you to a training, and its shape is conducive to use with other equipment, but the whole point would be to get that biofeedback from the app.UPDATE: I just heard from the manufacturer that they are working on a user dashboard. This will make the whole experience better, in my opinion.

  2. Shorty62

    A DIFFERENT TAKE ON EXERCISINGAfter I finally go this working ( I think there may have been something wrong w/ my WIFI) – it proved to be a most fun ‘exercise’ machine. I go this to help with my balancing (along w/ working some abs in there). It is challenging. What’s great about this is that it have different levels for training and gaming, so one won’t lose interest quickly.Since its small enough to travel with – one can take w/ them anywhere and challenge others! its fun features make it easy to play with. Highly recommended!

  3. Nevermore

    Great home therapy tool!Very happy with this product!My children and I all have Ehlets-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), so we need total-body physical therapy (PT) to keep our joints stable.My kids (9 & 11) started using a Bobo at PT a year or two ago, as a reward for doing their other exercises. As part of their “graduation” to a home exercise program, their therapist recommeded we try to get a bobo for them to use at home.It took 2 extended families chipping in for a Christmas present, but we did it!Now they use it 2-3 times a week (we still use it as a reward, because there’s not much they can do on it for upper body strengthening), and it helps keep them moving and motivates them to exercise.I started using it myself, and I’m impressed! My EDS is more severe than my kiddos, so I can barely do the 6-minute training workout, but I feel it working my whole lower body, from the core down, which I really need!I’m going to make it a regular part of my home PT, as well!My kids love the games, and maybe it’ll get old in time, but so far it does what we need and makes therapy enjoyable for them! Since its eun through an app, I’m guessing it’ll be possible to get more games by the time these ones get boring.

  4. BlueartCat

    Fun and Helpful!The Bobo board makes strength training and exercise fun! I wanted something that would motivate me, that would train my core, and potentially help my low back/sciatic pain. This has fit the bill! Super easy to set up, and the app is great for training, testing, and having fun, all while building strength, increasing balance, and breaking a little sweat! Three months of physical therapy did not help my back. But this is using different muscles in my hips, legs, and back, and it is loosening some areas up, well strengthening others, and I am feeling a difference!I am hoping that they will add new games I am testing as the app is developed further. It would also be nice to have some videos with training tips.

  5. Kennaty Jaxson

    Even my grandkids love thisThe games make balance exercises fun

  6. rebajean

    Worked a short time and was funIt was fun while it lasted. Then it would not recharge. Lasted about a month.

  7. Lynda

    I’m 60 and wanted to improve my balance which comes with a strong core.I have used different types of balance boards in the past and I have to say that this is my favorite by far.A free easy to use app with a multi-level exercise plan measuring my performances in real-time, helps me to push my limits and recovery from strenuous sports. The interactive app also makes the workouts really fun!Strengthening my core has also resulted in less back pain post workouts and sports.BoBo board exercises improve my balance, coordination, and reaction time, critical to minimize injuries.


    I LOVE this thingI fell in love with BoBo on the first session. I thought starting with an easy 6 minutes a day training but I could barely do 4 minutes. No worries, 2 weeks after and I’m doing a 6 minutes medium training It is SO MUCH FUN!! Working my core balance has never been so mentally engaging. I love it and I fully endorse its effectiveness in motivation.It is completely portable, does not require a TV, has easy to use app with many games and exercise plans.

  9. DMC

    Great Customer ServicePurchased item and had an issue as some items in box were missing. Contacted the company and they resolved my issue promptly. Absolutely great Customer service. Would happily recommend this company to others

  10. m_nicholson

    Multi faceted yet simple and execution.Works great! Connected flawlessly to my phone and the free app is interesting to watch how the balance moves the dot into the proper location. Seems sturdy and versatile.

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