CIRCUIT FITNESS Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine with 8 Resistance Settings/Transport Wheels/LCD Monitor

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Product details

Color Black/Yellow
Resistance Mechanism Magnetic
Product Dimensions 20.5″D x 91″W x 31.5″H
Maximum Weight Recommendation 300 Pounds
Model Name Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine with 8 Resistance Settings & Transport Wheels AMZ-986RW See more
  • HARD-WEARING CONSTRUCTION – Made from heavy-duty steel and aluminum, this gear’s premium frame is engineered to provide increased reliability to keep every user stable and secure.
  • VARIABLE RESISTANCE SETTINGS – This practical gym equipment is equipped with a manual magnetic resistance system that offers multiple intensities. It allows you to increase or decrease the intensity for efficient and challenging workouts.
  • COMFORTABLE WORKOUT GEAR – Reinforced with a durable injection-molded seat that offers maximum support and comfort for an extended period. It also features foam-covered handlebars and adjustable foot straps for superior grip and stability.
  • DIGITAL SCREEN DISPLAY – Completed with an LCD screen panel that allows you to track your progress and fitness goals easily. It tracks speed, distance, time, calories burned, SPM, date and ambient temperature to keep you updated of your development.
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN – Built to offer convenience and reliability, this rower features a foldable design and transport wheels to allow users to store and move it without having to lift the gear from one place to another.
  • Dimensions: 91” L x 20. 5” W x 31. 5” H | Folded dimensions are 49” L x 20. 5” W x 51” H | Weight capacity of 300 lbs


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Display Panel

Measures your progress with the LCD Display panel that tracks speed, distance, time, calories burned, RPM, date, and temperature. Monitor pulse can also be tracked when pairing with a heart rate monitor chest strap (sold separately).

Foam-covered Handle Bars

The durable foam-covered handle is designed for a comfortable anti-slip grip so that users can stay consistent and focus throughout their workouts.

Durable injection molded seat

Designed with durable injection molded seat that allows users to exercise comfortably for a long period of time.




11-pound Flywheel

This specialized equipment featuring an 11-lb flywheel coupled with magnetic resistance will help increase your cardiovascular endurance.

Adjustable foot straps

The two pedals have a slip-resistant design while the adjustable foot straps provide comfort and stability for your workout.

Foldable Design

Features a foldable design that allows users to store it conveniently when not in use.

Folded dimension: 49 L x 20.5 W x 51 h

Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 91 × 31.5 cm




Resistance Mechanism


Product Dimensions

20.5D x 91W x 31.5H

Model Name

Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine with 8 Resistance Settings & Transport Wheels AMZ-986RW

Frame Material


Item Weight

90 Pounds


Alloy Steel Aluminum Plastic

Number of Batteries

2 AA batteries required.

Display Type


Package Weight

42.18 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

91 x 31.5 x 20.5 inches

Brand Name


Warranty Description

2 year manufacturer

Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number




Included Components

Rowing machine



Date First Available

December 18 2018



10 reviews for CIRCUIT FITNESS Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine with 8 Resistance Settings/Transport Wheels/LCD Monitor

  1. Scott M Bueffel

    The hardware isn’t bad, but the computer falls far shortThis review is based on using this product everyday for a week (40-minute sessions in Manual mode using time target), compared to the gold standard of rowing machines: a Concept 2 with the PM computer. If you want to get straight to my main complaint about this rower, jump to the end, where I detail the product’s false advertising that it calculates your average 500-meter time and the computer’s inability to even calculate what it says is your 500-meter time.Pros: * Quiet (compared to an air-resistance rower): It is nice being able to use this in my home and not bother people in the next room, especially at 5:30 AM. * Flat handle so you can invert your hands: Because the handle isn’t angled, the fact that you can’t rotate the handle laterally when you want to do underhanded strokes would be frustrating, but a flat handle allows me to do this without issue. * Velcro straps for the pedals will not loosen for as long as you can row: The Concept 2’s tension-based straps loosen a bit throughout a session, so once or twice you need give a quick pull on the straps, but not with these straps. * Computer has large display to show multiple metrics at the same time (but not all the ones you want, see the Cons) * Supports ANT+ HRMs: I have a Polar chest-strap HRM, and the computer automatically picks up the signal to display heart rate. (The instructions do not say it supports ANT+, only a “5.3 KHz chest strap heart rate monitor”.)Cons: * Pedals are not in a longitudinally fixed position (they can rotate forward and backward on an axle): You do not want your feet to be able to rotate during a stroke because some of the energy is being used to hold your feet and pedal at the desired angle. You want all of the energy from your legs to go into the drive. It would be one thing to allow the pedals to be locked into different angles, but to require them to always be free on the axle is poor design. * The seat rail is at an incline: I do not understand why the rail is not parallel to the floor. This means on the drive you are fighting gravity. It may not seem like a lot, but after 800-1000 strokes in a single session, it adds up. It also means the seat isn’t as comfortable because your rear is pressed down into it more than if the rail were parallel to the floor. My rear is never sore after riding a Concept 2, but after strength training sessions (lower SPM with harder pull) on this rower, ouch. * The computer is the really frustrating part of my experience. All that matters to me (when doing 40-minute sessions of static or interval-based variable SPM) is total time, SPM, current estimated 500-meter split time, and average 500-meter time for the session. This computer can’t handle any of that: * Display: With such a large display, you’d think it would be able to show you all the metrics you want at the same time. It is incapable of displaying the session time (or countdown) and your time/500 meters at the same time. It will only alternate between these two values every six seconds or so. What’s worse is that you can choose to have the large part of the display at the bottom center show any of the metrics shown in the smaller sections, but if you pick the time section, it too will only alternate between the two times. This is a total waste of screen real estate. If you want it to show the total time in the smaller section and the 500-meter time in the larger area (or vice versa), it will not. Therefore, the larger area will only display the same things that are already being displayed in the smaller areas; it is completely redundant, not additive. * Time: It will not show the total time when you are using countdown; it will only show the countdown time. * SPM: The computer’s calculation of SPM is inaccurate and highly unstable. It will jump from 21 to 38, or 41, or 58, sometimes within a single drive and recovery, all the while I am maintaining a consistent pace. As a result, your distance and time/500 meters metrics are unusable as a real metric because they are also based on the calculated SPM. * Time/500 meters: This is the biggest issue for my review. The instructions say this is your “average 500-meter time”. This is absolutely wrong. This computer does NOT measure your average time over 500 meters, whether for a split or for the whole session. Instead, using its flawed calculation of your SPM, this is an at-that-moment projection of your time if you were to continue that way for 500 meters. There is no average of any kind ever displayed. Because of the highly unstable SPM calculation, my supposed 500-meter time will bounce around with 2:30, 3:10, 4:30, 5:00. It never shows anything other than what seem to be five or six possible values, let alone anything down to the tenth of a second, which is exactly what you want when you are looking at a split or session average. Further evidence of this not being an average is that whatever your 500-meter time is at the moment you finish your session, it says that is what your average was. If my 500-meter average really was 4:10 like it said when I finished yesterday, it would have been impossible to row the 6000-odd meters it said I rowed in 40 minutes (let alone the 9000 meters I actually row when using a Concept 2). The PM 4 and 5 computers that are found on Concept 2 rowers do this accurately, consistently, and flawlessly. They show the projected 500-meter split time and the average 500-meter time of the entire session, both down to the tenth of a second. A reason I bought this rower is specifically because it said it displays 500-meter average time. Had I known that not only is that absolutely false, and that the computer’s calculations are highly inaccurate and unstable, I would not have bought this rower, and I would not buy it again because of this.I shouldn’t have to spend $1000 on a rower to get a computer that provides accurate measurements.

  2. cody owens

    Great for the priceThis rower has been working well. The resistance is sufficient for me and it’s quiet. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and don’t have any significant complaints. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an entry-level rowing machine.The only minor complaint I have is the pulse sensor. It can pick up my Polar H9 sensor just fine but it isn’t even close to accurate. My app will have my pulse at 140 and the screen will say 90. It gets closer if I stay right by the screen but obviously that’s not possible for a rowing machine.Still great other than that one issue.

  3. Jessica

    Great buy!Well let me start off this saying it was delivered on time and early, so that awesome. I was able to Assemble it fairly easy and before I even had to be at work at 9 AM, so like 40 mins or less. It works great and is actually pretty quite. It is was a great buy, I was worried the quality would suffer bc of the small price tag but it didn’t.

  4. Mike Hilton

    Just like the boat house!!!!!Works like a charm! Don’t have to leave my house to workout anymore!Something about this in the morning on the weekend is just cool.Really like putting on my Henleys and boat shoes then plopping down for a 20 minute session.That is also a very impressive computer but how do you make it tick backwards not forwards?Good job! This is a very smart piece of equipment for full body workouts in the comfort of home.

  5. jennifer

    Customer serviceI originally received this package missing a computer. I sent an email and the next day they sent the computer to my house. The rower works perfectly. I would buy this again

  6. Jackie Young

    Great machinelike all it does, use it for general fitness…

  7. Tim

    Good, but not great.Overall it is a decent product for the price. One of the cheapest available that will attempt to calculate your time over distance. First impressions were good, but we’ll see if it lives up to expectations.The Good:- Build quality is fantastic! Definitely feels like a solid piece of equipment that’ll stand for some heavy use.- Assembly was easy to figure out. 15 minutes solo if you have some ratchet tools with hex bits.- It’s really quiet. Doesn’t matter for me as it’s in my garage, but you could use this puppy next to a sleeping baby and never wake them. Even better if you pop it in front of the TV to get your row on while you binge watch a show.The Bad:- Digital monitor is lackluster. Feels like a very cheap knock off product that was an afterthought once the company built the machine. Plastic felt like some kind of cheap hobby electronic, definitely didn’t feel like the same quality as the rest of the product.- Distance/time calculator is wildly inaccurate. On a Concept2 Model D at max resistance, I’d average a 2 minute 500m row, however after my first session on this at max resistance it was “calculating” a 4 min 500m. It’s almost like it doesn’t account for the momentum you’d build during normal rowing, and will only add distance while you’re pulling. You’ll have to gauge your workouts differently to account for this.- The magnetic resistance is… Weird. I normally use a concept2 model d at the gym, and going from that to this was a really strange feeling. Not terrible, but just felt awkward at first.If you don’t care about a more accurate distance/time tracker, and just want a great deal on a row machine, this is definitely a good option.

  8. Tinkertoy

    So far so goodThe rower was deliver quickly right to my front door. The box was well secured with multiple straps to prevent it coming apart. The machine was well packed in the box with pieces wrapped in plastic bags and also with cardboard wrappings. I bought a mat for the rower at the same time and I am glad I did as I would not want my hardwood floors scarred by the rower and/or while putting it together. The machine was relatively easy to put together after I figured our how from the meager instructions. The packaging includes all of the tools you will need to put it together. I did it by myself although it was recommended to have help. I eased the strain on my back by putting the rower on a stool that was about 12 inches high. I found that there were a couple pieces that did not seem to go anywhere; so I trashed them. I was so tired from putting it together that I did only a few pulls on it to see if things were working properly. It is super quiet; so I can row while watching TV. There were not many pieces to put together and I wondered why the company didn’t just put it together and then ship it in a slightly larger box.OK, three days later and I was able to use the rower for about 20 minutes. One minor problem for me is I do not like the seat. Not a big issue but with the rower all together the rail that the seat rides on is slanted toward the rowing mechanism, i.e., not level. A somewhat bigger issue is the machine did not come with any instruction on how to set or adjust the tension. AND, the screen displaying time, distance, speed, etc also has no instructions. I am still trying to figure out how to set it to stay on just time rowed instead of scrolling through all of the options. If anyone know the answer to that let me know.

  9. Shop Til-u Drop

    Great Rowing MachineThis rowing machine is great! Purchased at ~$450 I find it to be well worth the money. This has two operation settings: manual and race modes. In manual mode you can set your manual workout by time, distance, or total strokes. The machine displays strokes, SPM, splits, distance, watts, and you can also connect a heart rate monitor but I use my fitbit.I have not used the race mode. But I believe you can set it up based on distance or time.Pros: It was extremely easy to assemble. I did it myself. The metal frame is sturdy. I’m 5’3″ and I fit the machine fine. It will also seat my 6’3″ husband. The handle is comfortable. The seat is cushioned and comfy. The seat glides smoothly on the rail. The footings do not move like some of the other low costs machine. This is a huge factor. You do NOT want your feet rocking. The foot pedals should be fixed. Another bonus, The footing sizing is adjustable for small feet. I wear a women’s 7.5. If your feet are much smaller this may be an issue for you.Cons: I can occasionally slightly feel the resistance technology. Not often but it does happen. This isn’t a deal breaker for me with this machine. The price outweighs this concern. Occassionally, my stroke rates jumps before the display settles on a figure. I believe this is due to the resistance technology.Overall: This is my first investment in a fitness rowing machine. I did a tonne of research before buying. I recommend that you do the same. I would definitely RECOMMEND this machine for beginners. You get a lot features and a quality product for the money.

  10. Ally CHR

    Great value rower with solid reputation and performanceFirst time buying a rower and I had no idea there was so much choice and rubbish out there – I did a lot of research and once I confirmed that I wasn’t going to get a Concept 2 D or a Nordic Track within a reasonable timeframe, I actually felt quite relieved to be looking at the more affordable available options…there aren’t many that are good. I ultimately chose this based on solid reviews from experts. This site was extremely helpful and not based on filler content or biased promos: rower actually ranked better than the Nordic Track I was considering, so that was a bonus.It arrived in 48 hours and was pretty straightforward to put together – I did it by myself with my 4 year old disturbing me frequently! On the assembly: there is a piece attached to the front wheels/stand that needs to be removed – might be obvious to most, but it wasn’t in the instructions; also, there is an extra block piece that is just for packing – useful for holding up the middle support when you are attaching the beam section (wrong jargon I’m sure, but you get what I mean). The reviewer that mentioned that the middle support doesn’t touch the ground is correct – mine doesn’t either; in fact, I have to lift it up even more to get the stabliser pin in, it isn’t completely aligned. That said, its not a problem at all. All the parts were there and the instructions are fine to follow. The machine is quiet and the no-frills monitor does the job. The Kinoapp is actually pretty cool – if you forgive the search function being a little clunky. I’m loving it so far – will update the review in a few weeks.Great value at this price – have seen on here and other places for $100-250 more, which doesn’t make sense. Its a bargain, solid rower at this price…another $100+ and I would hesistate whether I just want to go for NT, bla bla bla. Happy camper here!

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