CITYSPORTS Treadmill for Home,Under Desk Treadmill Portable Walking Pad,Bluetooth Built-in Speakers, Adjustable Speed, LCD

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Product details

Color Black
Product Dimensions 52.76″D x 26.61″W x 40.08″H
Item Weight 24 Kilograms
Material Plastic, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Metal, Rubber
Maximum Speed 8 Kilometers per Hour
  • 【Emergency Stop Function】 Your safety is always our priority. To protect yourself, there is a button on the center console that allows you to stop the machine immediately in an emergency.
  • 【Foldable Treadmill with Transport Wheels】 Are you bothered by its size? Do not worry! Thanks to its folding armrest and wheels, you can move it around and keep it under a sofa or bed very easily.
  • 【Built-in Bluetooth and Speaker】 How better to enjoy training at home? Music of course! Connect your treadmill via the mobile phone, and then listen to the songs or the radio you like best through its loudspeaker! In addition, on the console you have a tablet / portable support, put your device aside while doing sports become very simple!
  • 【Do Sports at Home】 A professional treadmill with a very powerful 440W motor, it allows you to go from 1km / h up to 8km / h. The two buttons or facilitate speed control. On the LED screen you can view all the useful information, for example the calorie you have spent, time, distance and current speed, etc.
  • 【Controllable Armrest and Remote Control & Self-lubrication System】 you can control the treadmill with the remote control or the armrest. A lubrication reminder will take place for each 100km of use. You just have to run the machine and put the oil in the lubrication hole.



Do you want to running or walking at home? This foldable 1-8km/h adjustable treadmill is a good choice for workout at home. With this treadmill, your home becomes an ideal gym for you to stay in shape. To avoid the risk of being injured, we designed with folding stable armrest, and advise you to warm up before and after using the machine, or follow the warming up guide in the user manual


Model: WP3

Features: Minimalist design, light and thin body, easy to move, energy-saving and silent, LED display, fiberboard texture, comfortable foot feel, slip and wear resistance.

Material: ABS plastic/rubber, plastic, metal, electronic components

Color: Black

Package size: 1450 * 735 * 150mm

Folding dimensions: 1390 * 676 * 120 mm

Group size: 1340 * 676 * 1018 mm

Operating area: 430 * 1080mm

Motor Power: 440 W

Speed ​​​​range: 1.0-8.0km/h

Maximum load: approx.110 KG

Net weight / Gross weight: approx. 25/31 KG

Function: time, speed, distance, calories, speaker

Package Included:

  1*Foldable Treadmill

  1*Remote Controller

  1*Power cable

  1*Tool Kit

  1*User Manual+CE certificate

Warm Tips:

 1.Do NOT let children and pets around while the treadmill is working.

 2.At the beginning, the speed changed from slow to fast, and the warm-up exercise started first and gradually accelerated.

 3.When running, it is best to swing your arms and not to rest on the armrests. When the treadmill is stopped, the speed should also be from fast to slow, so that the body has a process of reflection.

 4.We provide excellent customer service, please contact us if you need any help (pre-sales or after-sales), we will respond to you within 24 hours.

From the brand

Product Description




Product Dimension

Citysports treadmill for home workout
  • Folding dimensions: 1390 * 676 * 120 mm
  • Operating area: 430 * 1080mm
  • Nominal function: 440 W
  • Speed ​​range: 1.0-8.0 KM / H
  • Maximum load: 110 KG
  • Net weight / Gross weight: 25/31 KG
  • Brand Name: ‎CITYSPORTS
  • Material: Plastic, Metal

Our Armrest Treadmill-Home Treadmill

The 430mm wide running belt makes it easy to train on it.

This treadmill boasts a compact footprint and speedy design with convenient transport wheels for hassle-free movement.

If you want to keep fit, build a perfect body shape, enjoy a sweat and protect your knees from injury, this folding treadmill brings you a comfortable and safe running experience.

You can get more Challenges and Start to Enjoy the Feeling of Sweating.

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The LCD screen

You can easily read your exercise data on the LCD screen equipped with the treadmill, and you can also control this treadmill via the remote control.

Large Running Area

43*108cm large-areawide belt, which suit for standard running, with shock-absorbing system and non-slip, reducing the impact of motion. Spacious running side belts provide enough space for users to enjoy a comfortable and safe running experience at home or office.

Easy to store

Thanks to its compact design, you can store this treadmill in your living room, office, small nook, under the bed or against a wall.


Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 52.76 × 26.61 × 40.08 cm




Product Dimensions

52.76D x 26.61W x 40.08H

Item Weight

24 Kilograms


Plastic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Metal Rubber

Maximum Speed

8 Kilometers per Hour

Maximum Horsepower

1.5 Horsepower

Assembly Required


Display Type


Included Components


Speed Rating

8 kilometers_per_hour

Package Weight

24.95 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

57.09 x 28.94 x 5.91 inches

Brand Name


Model Name


Suggested Users



One Size



Date First Available

August 5 2020



10 reviews for CITYSPORTS Treadmill for Home,Under Desk Treadmill Portable Walking Pad,Bluetooth Built-in Speakers, Adjustable Speed, LCD

  1. Lena H

    Harder to move, but easy to use.I put this under my desk when I work from home and when I am not working, I put it under my bed. It is a bit of a hassle to move around and to swing it to where it goes where it needs to go so its a pain to do it but it is easier than it could be and for a smaller unit, it is nice to be able to put it under my bed when I want to free up space in my room. I do wish it was able to be kept standing up where I could slide it in and out of a closet or next to my bookshelf. It is quiet and it comes with oil for maintenance. There is a weight limit, so make sure that is considered before buying.

  2. TOPAZ1100

    Good compact treadmillThe package arrived earlier than expected so shipping was good. It was packaged securely. Inside the box there was styrofoam surrounding the treadmill. I was able to take it out the box myself and unpack it. It was wrapped in plastic and comes with an instruction manual, allen wrench and oil. It also can with a remote that fits compactly in a cut on the bottom of the treadmill.I plugged it in and used it right away. It is nowhere near as sturdy as the treadmills at my local gym BUT it does the job all the same. I figure since I will be the only one using it that it should be fine. I am 172lbs and it doesn’t feel like I am going to break it. The motor is not loud. I can feel every step, but I don’t feel like it will break or wobble at all. In fact, I did a light jog, and it didn’t move or wobble.I am not a runner, so I don’t care that it only goes up to 6mph (I think is the max). So far so good.Reading the manual, you get a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty which is good. I did not purchase the extended warrant. I figure at the low price, if it lasts a long time then I have gotten my money’s worth. SO I will stick with the manufacturer’s warranty.I will post pics. Hope this helps.

  3. Skol5691

    Did not come prepped as advertised.EDIT: 8/1/22I have had this treadmill for about 5 weeks now.. I walk about 7 miles a day at a speed of 2.2 at my standing desk.All in all it works well. I do have concerns though.Nearly every time I turn it on it is making a newer and usually louder sound than the day before. It doesn’t look dirty and I cant imagine it needs oiled since its supposed to last 1000 miles, and as you can see from my initial review, I oiled it the first week I had it, since they didn’t. I have put less than 300 miles on it so far. The sound I am hearing reminds me of an old motor or something. I am worried that the treadmill is already on its last leg.Also, like clockwork, around the 4 mile mark (about 2 hours of run time), the treadmill shuts down from what I assume is it getting too hot. This has been happening since day 1.I really am worried that this will barely last outside of the Amazon return window.In my opinion, I would find a better quality treadmill and maybe spend a few extra bucks for it, if you can.Initial Review:I received the treadmill a day earlier than expected. That was really nice. The whole set up came as expected, except, the instructions state that the treadmill comes pre-oiled in the factory. However, this was not the case. And there is no way to check how much oil is in there. So, after a couple hours of use (about 4-5 miles) , I started to smell burning. I ended up having to use the ENTIRE bottle of oil that they sent for maintenance. I think that is super crappy. Now I am supposed to buy more oil from them to use on the machine for maintenance. Hmmm. Pretty convenient of them. This is the main reason for the two stars. I expect equipment like this to come in pristine working condition.The belt slips to one side A LOT. Even when just walking at a moderate pace. I have adjusted the belt 3-4 times now.Other than that, the treadmill is as expected. Basic controls. No pausing. Works well enough.

  4. Anglwing

    CompactSmall and compact. I’m 5’9 and you can not run iff you have a long stride. You will fall off the back. At 205lbs, speed 3.0 the belt slips. So if your using it for under the desk, I don’t suggest. You must step in stride, belt does slip causing an uneasy feeling. I don’t see myself reading or typing during duration of use. I use mine 4 times a week to just walk. So their is benefits to your health. Buy the one with the upright bar, belt slips you can catch yourself and adjust your step. Beginner treadmill great for starters with smaller spaces.

  5. Pearl

    I’m glad I made this purchaseI’m not one to exercise but I don’t mind walking so decided to invest in this treadmill. It’s perfect. Most importantly it’s quiet! I definitely recommend especially for those like me who aren’t that active. Perfect for making that transition to getting more active. I especially love that it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

  6. Lacey

    Does the job but not quiet!The media could not be loaded.

     I love how easy it was to use. No set up and not to heavy!However it is not quiet. Quite loud. Was hoping to use during work calls but not able to. It’s also a bit short so easy to fall off the back if you walk fast!It’ll do the job but hate it’s not quiet :(Now it’s squeezing VERY LOUDLY

  7. Zoe Isabel Pelletier

    Good For A MonthThis product worked great for a month before breaking. Not worth the money.

  8. Alf

    Remote does not workA bunch of the other reviews say that their remote didn’t work. I had the same issue. I’m going to buy a new battery for the remote in case that is the issue and then I’ll come back and update my review! *UPDATE* I bought new batteries for the remote and the treadmill still didn’t work.

  9. kim

    Just what I needed it…Loving my new treadmill 😊

  10. Anique

    Doesn’t even turn onI was really excited to try this out. I took this treadmill new from the box, followed all instructions and it won’t even turn on. Garbage. Thinking to try again or look at another one.

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