CITYSPORTS Treadmills for Home, Under Desk Treadmill Walking Pad Treadmill with Audio Speakers, Slim & Portable Treadmill with

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Color Black
Product Dimensions 52.8″D x 23.2″W x 4.9″H
Item Weight 27.67 Kilograms
Material Aluminum
Maximum Speed 4 Miles per Hour
Assembly Required No
Display Type LED
Maximum Weight Recommendation 120 Kilograms
Deck Length 43 Inches

  • REDEFINED WHISPER QUIET TREADMILLS FOR HOME: Revolutionary Cost-Effective, Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, only cost less 10 cent/d. Unique powerful mute motor. From novice to veteran can use in multi-scenes, enhancing physical, emotional health.
  • STURDY DURABLE & MAX SECURITY: Walking pad owns unibody Aerospace-Grade magnesium-aluminum alloy frame, meaning carry greater load upto 265 lb. Under desk treadmill equiping low profile deck for easy get on or down and wider side standing harness maximizes safety.
  • INNOVATIVE SMART WALKIBG MACHINE: What a amazing treadmill, sleek & slim design. Bright backlit Dual LED display, Controlled by handeld wireless remote cotroller, equipped Surround Stereo Bluetooth Integrated Speakers, Full of technology and fashion.
  • ADJUST SPEED SMOOTHLY & MULTI-LAYER RUNNING BELT: 2-in-1 walking & running machine is practical, 0.6 MPH – 4 MPH, monitor your distance, speed, time and calories in real time. The 7-layer noise reduction, non-slip and shock-absorbing running belt has a spacious space to ensure work out freely.
  • EASY TO STORE & MANEUVER: Compact, portable and solid design, NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, OUT OF THE BOX. One person can move freely. High-quality, local after-sales maintenance service, 7/24 online service.

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Still worried about running at night? Trouble running out in winter is too cold? Want to get a good way to exercise when you are bored at home?

At present, we bring you an ultra-thin design, high-end 2-in-1 walking pad treadmill with bluetooth speakers & wireless remote.

— Lightweight sleek design and durable frame. Max load up to 265 lb.

— Design with children lock, low profile deck for easy get on or down and wider side standing harness maximizes safety.

— Powerful and ultra-quiet brushless motor, CITYSPORTS treadmill under desk could work quietly without disturbing others, ideal choice for home and office.

— The 7-layer non-slip texture running belt features a spacious running area(43″ x17″), providing an effective cushion for your knees and muscles for a superior running experience, safer and more comfortable.

— Compact, space save design and built-in transport wheels make it easy to move and store. It’s out of the box & NO ASSEMBLY.

— Equipped with dual LED display shows time, speed, distance and calories. In addition, wireless remote controller allowed you to adjust speed easily.
What’s more, built-in bluetooth speaker plays the wonderful music anytime.

CITYSPORTS is a vital brand. It has been in the sports and fitness equipment industry for 35 years. Well-known sports brand in Europe, and its walking pad treadmill is at leading level.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact CITYSPORTS brand email: miniboss-us@outlook. serving 24/7 online.

Turn on the walking treadmill, long press the “ – ” button on remote to unlock the children lock.

Our suggestions:
1. Minors use the running treadmill should be under the supervision or guidance of the person responsible for their safety

Additional information

Weight 27.67 kg
Dimensions 52.8 × 23.2 × 4.9 cm




Product Dimensions

52.8D x 23.2W x 4.9H

Item Weight

27.67 Kilograms



Maximum Speed

4 Miles per Hour

Assembly Required


Display Type


Deck Length

43 Inches

Deck Width

17 Inches

Frame Material


Speed Rating

4 miles_per_hour

Package Weight

27.67 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

52.8 x 23.2 x 4.9 inches

Brand Name




Date First Available

April 1 2020



10 reviews for CITYSPORTS Treadmills for Home, Under Desk Treadmill Walking Pad Treadmill with Audio Speakers, Slim & Portable Treadmill with

  1. Kim

    Perfect Under Desk WalkingI have had this walking pad for about a month under my raised desk. The motor is quiet, although it still sounds like any other treadmill with sounds of walking in the belt. Not sure how it could be physically more quiet. The remote is handy, and it stops quickly if you feel it’s too loud to take a call. I have been able to be on the phone at a slow walk with no detection, however a faster pace would most likely be heard while on a call or meeting. It caps out at 3.8 speed, so definitely made for walking or slow jog. Well built and feels sturdy. For reference, I am 5’5” 155lbs. I went from sitting and standing in one spot to walking 5-10 miles a day. Easy to type and read while walking as your desk/keyboard stabilizes you. Using a mouse on a spreadsheet takes some practice. I am very happy with my purchase and wish I would have done it sooner! I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because there is no “pause” button and I feel it really needs one. Some commenters say they can’t find the master power button (underneath) but my machine came with two giant stickers pointing out where it was. I have had no issues with directions or use. My friend has had this same unit for about 6 months and is very happy as well. She is the reason I bought one after trying hers.

  2. Dissatisfied!!!

    Technical Help Needed for CS-WP2, Please!!!Purchased December 2020. Machine was running fine. No issues. Really like it.Just replaced battery in remote. Machine turned on but belt did not start. Tried increasing and decreasing speed. That did not help. Had to unplug machine to turn it off. Could not turn it off with remote.Get Error E01. Can’t reach Citysports and do not know what to do.Somebody please help!!!! Need to get machine working again. Thank you!!!

  3. Lola

    It’s an okay treadmillI used the treadmill to do one of the major virtual marathons this year. The only issue you may have with it if you’re a long distance runner is that it turns off automatically after 90 minutes of continuous use.If you’re not worried about the distance traveled or the time it took you to travel said distance the treadmill provides, but like to get 30 minutes of movement in or would like to move and the weather isn’t cooperating, this would be a good replacement for getting outside. It serves the basic purpose that it should.Things to note:- Will work pretty much right out of the box- It does come with a battery for the remote, just remove the plastic tab for it to slide into place- It does come with a small container of oil for the machine and states in the manual to add oil about every 65 miles- There is Bluetooth for the speaker on the machine, I hadn’t given that a try as I watched television and listened to music through my earbuds while in use, but it did appear from the manual that it should be a very easy set up for connecting to your phone- The cord for the machine isn’t very long (3-6 feet, would be my guess), so if the machine will be any distance away from the wall it may be plugged into for use, make sure to have an extension cord on hand- There are a number of speeds this can go, I started on the slowest and worked my way up as I felt I needed- There is a flip on and off under the machine, but the machine can also be switched off with the remote without extra switch depending on how often you may use it or if little kids/small pets would be present- If you’re not a tall person or someone who doesn’t have a lot of upper body strength, make sure to have a second person to help move the box into your house. Amazon had 2 guys in a truck drop it off at our house, it’s relatively heavy and can be awkward to try and move aloneI hope some of this can help if anyone is considering purchasing this. I don’t regret the purchase because it served the purpose I had for using it and wouldn’t deter anyone from buying, but wanted to provide honest feedback from my experience with it and to help make your own decision based on your financial availability for purchasing a treadmill and what your personal needs may be in deciding on a treadmill to purchase.I was between purchasing this and the Treadly treadmill, which appeared to be about the same. The only difference from what I’d read for the Treadly’s, is that they don’t necessarily turn off after 90 minutes of continuous use and they also have built-in sensors at the front and back of their machine to either speed up the belt (front) and slow down (at the back).

  4. Jeff

    Good value, but runs worryingly warmI purchased this when it was $350 minus coupon, and it was cheaper than smaller “under desk” alternatives. It has a wider and longer tread than alternatives as well. Others had a 220 lb weight limit, while this one has 265 lbs. I am 6’7″, 250 lbs, so this was on the edge of viability for walking, which was all I wanted to do. I go 2.8 MPH, about the fastest I could go and keep my stride length safely on the tread. Some others may have better balance than me, but otherwise you may want to have something to hold on to like a vacuum cleaner handle, or a railing or whatever. Some of these have a swing up handle when in use, which I think I’d prefer if the other size criteria were matched.Importantly, I have to note that at least with my treadmill, this thing runs pretty warm if you use it over 45 minutes in a session, so much so I would not recommend doing so. Break your walking time up into two sessions with hours in between instead. I put a pad from an old Nordictrack Elliptical I had, and some wood below the wheels and back legs, because placing it on carpet absent that meant the venting holes (they could and should have more holes underneath too) were buried into the floor. I also have a circular fan in front of it during use. It would be better if Citysports had better venting and fans in the front. Touch the top of the display area a few minutes after using it an hour, you’ll get a better idea how warm it gets.The remote control is required to control the device, you lose it or break it, you better hope Citysports is still in business and willing to assist. There’s an email in the manual, but no web site and as far as I know, no social media. I have the remote taped to my vacuum cleaner, because I’ve dropped it a couple times fumbling around for it to turn off. If it happens to you, lands on the treadmill, and you step on it, you’re in trouble.If this thing had a swing up handle with the controls, display and speakers at arm level, it would be preferable. That might allow more space up front to keep the motor cool with fans, airflow and ventilation, while being away from the display related electronics and speaker. The other treadmills in this category may have similar issues as they’re trying to cram more into a limited space. Another risk is if you are using this a while and working up a sweat, that sweat can land on the tread and if it survives the back end could fling off the enclosed with electronics and motor front end, so use a headband or towel off if you’re in danger of dripping.

  5. Tracy

    Didn’t get a good startI didn’t get a good start with this treadmill. No place does it show where the on off button is. Go figure that you have to reach your hand and feel under the right corner of the machine to turn it on. Why they didn’t put it on top, I don’t know.Once I found the on off button then it came on and starts in LOC. The instructions say to hold down the (-) and it will unlock the child lock feature. Mine did not work. Absolutely no response from the support. After messing with it for some time, I began to think the watch battery that came with the remote, was dead. Sure enough, I bought a new battery and it suddenly worked. Be sure to check your batteries. The company should be making sure those batteries are not bed before the ship these out. There are a lot of reviews that say they couldn’t get it to work and I will bet it was the battery in most cases.It took several months to get my treadmill. I live in Alaska and usually items like this are not available to ship to my location but this one did not have that restriction at the time and this was exactly the kind I wanted for my small space. The company sent me messages more than once encouraging me to cancel the order as I am sure they did not want to ship here. I finally got my treadmill and I don’t believe you can order it now if you live in Alaska.This is not a machine for hard core joggers. It works great for that individual that just needs to get some more exercise during the day and wants to do 15 to 20 minutes here and there. It works perfect for that. I have it in a location in my home that makes it easy to just step on it and walk while I am waiting for dinner to cook or while I am watching tv. It is light weight and will lean against the wall to save space. There isn’t really a stand for the lean feature which I wish they would have thought of. There isn’t really anything that holds it up accept to lean it against the wall. I am going to rig a strap for when I need to do that but most of the time it is on the floor for easy access when I feel like a quick 15 minute walk. So, if you are looking for something to just get a little extra exercises when you can’t get out to walk, this is the perfect machine for that.Some reviewers talk about a lag and mine does lag occasionally. Most of my use is just casual minutes here and there throughout the day so it hasn’t been as much of an issue. It shouldn’t lag for the price.All in all, I don’t regret my purchase. It is working for the type of use I needed it for. Just know it isn’t top of the line for serious joggers or runners.

  6. Alexander Holloway

    good so fari was nervous because of some of the reviews that i read. but so far I dont have any issues. It is easy to move and the remote and speakers work great. i think the distance might be a little off because i put my apple watch around my ankle to track distance and they are very different, but i am not sure which to believe. will update if i have any over heating issues, but i walked today for 75 minutes and it is not hot.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for what I needed to accomplish! (but don’t purchase the assembly!) 🙂I went from a fairly active job to a desk job; after a week, my calves were tight and sore so I didn’t hesitate to purchase this desk treadmill when it came up on the deal of the day list. The reviews were awesome for it too, and I have to agree!It’s easy to move on your own, easy to operate, and quiet. I don’t use the bluetooth feature and I don’t “run” on it (seeing as how it only gets up to 3.8 mph!) 🙂 Ultimately, I walk on it for the 99 minutes it allows before cutting off at about 2.0 mph while working at my computer; anywhere around this speed is perfect for me to feel comfortable without fear of falling off as I clack away at my keyboard. At 99 minutes, it automatically turns off which is a great reminder for me to take a break and then I rinse and repeat once or twice more throughout the day.There’s a little flap on the top left to add lubricating oil and that was easy too (just fill to the top! Which – lubricating oil was included). My fiance was afraid it would leave stains on the carpet but nope!The shipping and delivery was great – quick and fast, and I’ve had it for about two months now. I love it so far and am happy for the purchase.If you’re looking for something with incline and high speeds for challenging runs and workout, this is not for you. If you’re looking for something slow, steady, quiet, but comfortable and easy to use (especially with remote), this is your treadmill! Although – don’t purchase the assembly services Amazon tries to sell you. It literally is a matter of removing it from the box, removing any plastic wrapping, placing it where you want it, plug it in, flip the power switch, turn treadmill/belt on with remote, and increase/decrease speed. It really should say no assembly required! :)I’ve also crochet, read, watch TV and listened to music/podcasts (of course) and other activities while just casually walking. With the winter months and snow, it’s perfect for making up the missed outdoor physical activities and I love that I can multitask!

  8. Barby4321

    Compact, impressive machine, very happy!I purchased this treadmill because I live in a small apartment now working from home and in desperate need Of exercise!I decided on this one mainly because of the dimensions. It was the smallest one I could find in this price has surpassed my expectations and more! I am absolutely amazed by how sturdy and well-built it is. I weigh 170 pounds and Ithe handles me just fine.It’s well designed! And most importantly I feel very safe on it!Also this treadmill is extremely powerful for its size. it gets up to a wonderful speed and offers a tremendous workout experience!The Bluetooth speaker option with a very nice touch. paired with my iPhone 12 seamlessly and I can play music easily while I work out.It stores away under my bed effortlessly. It’s gotten a lot of use over the past 2 months between me and my 4 children.It’s holding up quite nice!This Treadmill was worth every penny! One of my best investments that I’ve made in a long time..Highly recommended!

  9. Tyanna Castellano

    Compact & portable but runs hot & has motor noisesThe media could not be loaded.

     I’ve had my treadmill for about 2 weeks now and have used it every day. It’s been fantastic up until now. Today I noticed a clicking noise coming from the motor and burning smell after about 45 minutes of walking (under 2mph speed). When I turned off the treadmill, I discovered how hot it was! This is very nerve wrecking considering I have mine on a carpeted floor which is flammable. It’s disappointing that the treadmill doesn’t have a better cooling/ventilation system. I’ve added oil to the treadmill hoping that lubrication might help but it seems like there’s an issue with the motor.

  10. Melissa Lutz

    Great for walking while workingI love this treadmill. It’s great to walk some extra miles while I work.Not great for running but you can maintain a nice fast walking pace.I’ve had it for over a year have put a couple hundred miles on it.The belt does slip occasionally but it’s easy to reposition.It’s compact and quiet. I

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