Condition 1 25″ XL Waterproof Protective Hard Case with Foam, Orange – 25″ x 20″ x 14″ 024 Watertight IP67 Rated Dust Proof and

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Brand Condition 1
Color Orange
Material plastic
Style Protective Case
Closure Type Button
  • MEASUREMENTS – Inner Dimensions: 22.12″ x 17.12″ x 12.70″- Outer Dimensions: 24.58″ x 19.58″ x 13.72″
  • PRESSURE EQUALIZATION VALVE – don’t think twice about catching a flight with your favorite airline with the TSA approved portable plastic hard case the next time you’re ready to travel thanks to the the patented premium watertight GORE-TEX valve.


Condition 1’s Airtight/Watertight family of cases are 100% Made in the USA. Made from Polypropylene Copolymer, these cases are crush resistant, and virtually indestructible. This rugged case features an O-ring seal, which makes it Airtight and Watertight up to 3 feet. (Tested for 30 minute period.) The automatic air pressure release valve will equalize the air pressure, which allows this case to be airline friendly! It is ATA/TSA approved. Our unique spring loaded latch system will keep this case tightly closed, while still allowing for an ease of opening. There is convoluted foam glued into the lid, and a removable pluckable foam set in the base will allow you to customize the fit to anything you would like to protect! Inner Dimensions (inches): 22.12 X 17.12 X 12.70.

From the manufacturer

Condition 1 Hard Plastic Protective Case with Pluckable Customizable Foam

Why Choose Condition 1 Cases?

dust dirt sand water proof resistant

crush proof protective case

custom fit for pistol gun firearms

IP67 Rated Watertight Protection

Condition 1 protective hard cases are IP67 rated waterproof and dust proof, providing ultimate protection against the elements. Nothing gets in!

Virtually Indestructible

Our injection molded CN-1 resin is specially formulated to be lightweight, yet extremely powerful and durable.

Ultimate Customization

Pluckable foam provides ultimate customization capabilities. Whether it’s camera gear, guns, or tools, we have you covered!

Why Are Condition 1 Cases Better?

pressure equalization valve

patented power grip tiger claw latch system

tongue and groove seal

comfort grip rubber handle

Pressure Equalization Valve

Premium GORE-TEX pressure equalization valve provides the ability to travel with on airplanes.

Watertight Seal

Tongue and groove watertight seal ensures nothing gets in.

Easy Snap Latching System

Patented locking system is impact resistant, yet snaps with ease.

Rubber Grip Handle

Rubber grip handle provides ultimate comfort while carrying.

made in the usa

Additional information

Weight 18.65 kg
Dimensions 24.58 × 19.58 × 13.72 cm
Product Dimensions

24.58 x 19.58 x 13.72 inches

Item Weight

18.65 pounds





Country of Origin


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Royal Case

10 reviews for Condition 1 25″ XL Waterproof Protective Hard Case with Foam, Orange – 25″ x 20″ x 14″ 024 Watertight IP67 Rated Dust Proof and

  1. Amazonjeepguy

    Yuneec q500 typhoon caseThe condition 1 case from amazon arrived yesterday and I got around to fitting the yuneec q500 typhoon into it.Notes:1. 6 layers of peel and pluck foam with 1 layer of standard foam on bottom and 1 layer on the top of the case2. obviously props had to come off3. rear motor guards barely touch the sides of the case. I tried different locations within the case and still had the issue. My solution was to put gaffers tape on the wall of the case to prevent scuffing. The only concern I would have with this is a huge horizontal side load (i.e. if you dropped the case on the side or if a baggage handler stuffed large items against it from both sides) That being said, I believe the case is quite rugged. I was able to stand on the case with only a couple millimeters of deflection (my weight 140lbs)4. Seems to be plenty of room for accessories. However I only put in my spare battery, controller, props and prop tool for now. But it appears it could accommodate the factory charger, cables, and etc.. .without issue.5. For now I only used the two bottom layers of pluck and peel foam for now to stabilize the skids and camera.6. I left the very top layer of peel and pluck foam intact. I used it to compress the radio and copter in the vertical plane and prevent any up/down movement.Overall I would say given it’s low price and excellent features, this was a great purchase.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Indestructible and well executed at a fair priceI ordered this box to safely store gear in my truck. When it arrived, I was surprised at how heavy it is – always a good sign. This case is an absolute beast. The latches are overbuilt as are the hinges. There is no play in the lid, handles or latches. This thing is definitely built to last. Very, very solid and lots of options for locking the box closed as well as securing it to a truck or job site.One feature I was not expecting is the case comes stuffed full of foam pads with innovative “perforations” that allowed me to easily shape the foam to hold specific tools.Great box at a fair (not cheap) price. Will buy again.

  3. David A. Barak

    The Foam Is Terrible, Stay Away!UPDATE: I contacted the manufacturer, Condition 1, a few days ago, an unsurprisingly never received a response. I would be highly suspicious of any warranty they offer.EDIT: I found replacement foam online, not for this specific case but pretty close. That foam is more than $80. And if you want replacement form for this specific case, good luck – I can’t find ANY online, so consider these Condition 1 cases as single-purpose cases. Once you’re plucked, you’re…I got the case about an hour ago and I already hate it. The plastic shell itself might be okay, I don’t know, but the pick and pluck foam is terrible.1. The dicing, or die-cut cubes, are not symmetrical. What this means is that if you turn one of the layers 180 degrees of you flip it upside-down, the die-cuts won’t align with the other layers. If you buy one of these, be sure you mark each one so you know the proper orientation.2. Some of the layers have an un-cut margin of about 3/8 of an inch or so. Some of the layers have that margin, but also have a think bit of the edge foam perforated so you can peel off about 1/8 an inch of foam (1/4 inch in each dimension). Some of the layers have TWO peel-off sections around the edge, so you can take off, in total about 1/2 inch in each dimension. These strips are held on with only a few attachment points on each side, so when you pull the foam out of the case and go to put it back in, those thin strips don’t go in smoothly. In addition, if you mix up the order of the foam layers, you face a poor fit as the case seems to have a slight inward taper.In short, working with the foam on these things is terrible. If you get any of the foam turned around, turned upside down, or out of the original sequence, you’re hosed.I now face a choice of using the case without foam*, buying another foam set**, or having custom foam cut for me***. I would post photos, but I want to deal with this stupid case as little as possible. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK.*What’s the point of buying a foam-filled case if you can’t use the foam?**There is no way I’d ever buy another foam set from this manufacturer. They don’t deserve my money.***Having custom foam cut would cost more than the price of the case.

  4. Julia C

    This thing was better than expected for the priceThis thing was better than expected for the price, I would give it 5 stars, but I have to go with 4 stars because even though the foam inside was very easy to work with if you are careful and actually measure from the bottom foam up to the top layer, and make sure to conform each layer to the depth and shape of whatever you are putting inside, I think it should have came with one more layer of foam. After getting it all cut out, there is about an inch or so between the last piece of foam, and the egg crate foam insert on the lid, so there will be a little bit of play, but if you do it right, it should still be snug enough to protect your gear, even with an inch or so of gap. Overall I’m very happy with this case.

  5. Lee Yokum Jr

    Not worth the moneyThe interior dimensions are off, you can tell they are close but they are off enough to cause issues packing things into the case. The pick foam is low quality and very poorly perforated and each sheet of foam doesn’t line up/match the other sheets.

  6. Jacob

    Fits the Korg MS20 MiniSeems to be pretty solid and the foam keeps stuff from flying around inside of it.I bought this for my Korg MS20 Mini, an analog synthesizer (meaning it has moving/electrical parts inside of it) that needs to be safe when travelling to shows. Got my synth to/from a show over a 4hr round trip while bumping around in the backseat of my old shaking car with all my other gear so it totally fits my needs. It’s also very lightweight which is a HUGE plus when you have to lug around a bunch of gear for every show.My only complain is that the foam loves to shock me. It hasn’t adversely affected the synth but it’s certainly annoying.

  7. StormRanger

    the only thing I didn’t like too much was that the perforated foam was not …Fits my 3D robotics IRIS+ quad perfectly and deep enough for a gimbal and go pro. radio and lcd monitor. battery and props (prop off the motors) only think is that it doesn’t have a pull out handle or wheels. but im still able to carry it to the field ( until I get a little older and less stronger) . the only thing I didn’t like too much was that the perforated foam was not as clean to tear off as say a pelican case. take your time and take out what you need to fit your equipment. the foam doesn’t tear off as easily or cleanly.copy my link to see a picture of the IRIS+ inside the case

  8. vkng

    QC issues cause this not to be a proper Pelican substitute.Keep in mind that the price point difference between this and a Pelican case should account for something, but it isn’t worth paying 20% less to get something that barely functions as a box much less a case. The cases would be worth it at $80-$100 (where they have been before).O-Ring seal doesn’t hold properly, there is excess flashing and poor finishing all around the edges, there are large patches of imperfections on the surface, the hinge pins all arrived half out, and most egregiously the front left post doesn’t align with the hole its supposed to register with (making it very hard to open or close it and preventing a proper seal).The foam disintegrates, shedding grey flakes everywhere. I’ll have to find a replacement before I can use it to store things.The overall shell seems okay, but the fit and finish is so bad I’m considering my options. The savings aren’t worth it when it won’t close properly. Accounting for the other quality defects helps makes sense how such serious issues got by QC. I’m going to see about a replacement or warranty, but until the seller corrects this, I advise against it.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for Camping and Excellent build quality!We use two of these for camping/overlanding. They are excellent build quality. We use one to hold all of our kitchen and cooking gear and the other to hold all our other camp accessories and tools. Works great!

  10. T.M.

    Awesome storage dry box !This is an amazing dry box! It is a “big” “otter box” type storage box! We are super pleased and excited to use this year’s to come!

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