DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser with Adjustable Leg – Mini Exercise Bike Desk Cycle, Leg Exerciser for Physical

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Product details

Brand DeskCycle
Special Feature Distance Travelled Monitor
Color White
Power Source Battery Operated
Item Weight 23 Pounds
  • Smooth & Silent: Our patented under desk bike uses premium magnetic resistance for an extra smooth pedal motion. This is easier on your joints and whisper-quiet, so you won’t bother those around you
  • Drop It Low: DeskCycle 2 mini exercise bike is adjustable. Drop it down to 9″ for the lowest max pedal height of any desk bike pedal exerciser on the market! Works with desks as low as 27″ for people 5’10” & under
  • Level-Up: With more than twice the resistance range of other mini exercise bikes, our 8 settings range from very easy to really hard. Great for using as physical therapy equipment.
  • Keep It Simple: Our desk bike is user friendly. The large 5-function LCD display tracks speed, distance & more. For easy reading, place the monitor on your table with the included display stand.
  • Great Gift: Looking for a thoughtful gift? Our under desk bike is ideal as desk exercise equipment, leg exercise bikes for seniors, and perfect for anyone who wants to get more active.


Improve your Health, Energy-Level and Productivity In addition to losing weight, improving their health, and extending their lifespan, people who exercise before or during work are happier, suffer less stress, and are more productive. This was discovered in a study performed by the University of Bristol. Free up More Time in Your Day, Use at Work or at Home Get safe and effective exercise while working at your desk, watching TV or any other time when you’re sitting and your legs are free. Sweating Is Not Required Pedaling the DeskCycle at one rotation per second on the lowest resistance setting doesn’t feel like exercise at all. Yet this will increase your energy expenditure more than using a standing desk. 8 Magnetic Resistance Levels The DeskCycle has more than twice the resistance range of the other pedal exercisers. The 8 calibrated resistance levels go from very easy to more than you need. Smooth Pedal Motion and Whisper-Quiet Operation Magnetic resistance and a precision flywheel make pedaling the DeskCycle an unconscious activity so you can focus on your work or other things. It’s also whisper quiet, which lets you to pedal away without distracting your coworkers. Keep the Resistance Low at Your Desk When using the DeskCycle at your desk you should set the resistance level to 3 or less. This low cardio zone increases your energy level and oxygen to your brain without distracting you from your work. Lowest Pedal Height of Any Under Desk Exercise Bike Because of the low pedal height, DeskCycles work at shorter desks than any other under desk bike. The DeskCycle can be used at a 27 inch desk by a person who is 5′ 8″ or shorter. The DeskCycle-2 can be used at a 27 inch desk by a person who is 5′ 10″ or shorter.

Product Description

DeskCycle 2

Deskcycle features

engineered for durability

Whisper silent

8 levels of resistance

removable LCD display

Thoughtful design and precision engineering translate into superior stability, whisper-silent operation, and durability that lasts.

Go from easy, subconscious pedaling to a calorie-burning workout. Pedal for minutes or pedal for hours. No sweating required!

See your progress without bending or straining with a large removable display that can be placed directly on your desk.

See your progress in 3 ways

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 10.24 × 24.02 × 20.08 cm


Special Feature

Distance Travelled Monitor



Power Source

Battery Operated

Item Weight

23 Pounds


Alloy Steel

Resistance Mechanism


Product Dimensions

10.24D x 24.02W x 20.08H

Maximum Height

10 Inches

Minimum Height

68.5 Centimeters

Number of Resistance Levels


Drive System


Package Weight

11.26 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

10.24 x 24.02 x 20.08 inches

Brand Name


Part Number


Model Year




Date First Available

May 10 2018


3D Innovations, DeskCycle

10 reviews for DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser with Adjustable Leg – Mini Exercise Bike Desk Cycle, Leg Exerciser for Physical

  1. Kitsa

    Low-to-no-impact, disability-friendly, excellent way to exercise in a chair.I ordered this because a) I’m disabled with few safe options for exercise, and b) I need to rebuild ankle and foot flexibility after an injury. I’ve had this for a little over a month, and it’s been exactly what I needed it to be. I’m incredibly pleased with this purchase. A few notes:- This assembles quite easily and you should be ready to go within 15-20 minutes. The instructions tell you that if you need more height, you can raise the front bar by removing the bolt and lifting it to the next notch. I gather that some people need theirs low to fit under desks. I use mine from a living room chair and don’t have to worry about bumping my knees, so after a week or so of pedals scraping the carpet, I went ahead and raised mine. Ease of pedaling immediately improved, and I feel much more of a workout in my thighs now. The bike comes with its own assembly wrench, which you’ll want to hang onto for adjustments like this. I labeled mine and set it aside in a safe place.- Other reviewers have mentioned that you will definitely want to follow the pamphlet instructions and build up your routine slowly. When you start pedaling at the lowest difficulty, it’s true that it seems ridiculous to waste time that way. It’s very tempting to crank it up higher. But as your workout goes on, it becomes a matter of endurance and will stop feeling like your feet are just flying in circles. From the first couple of days, I noticed a vast improvement in circulation to my lower legs on even the easiest setting. Swelling was down noticeably. I did the 1 setting for a week, and 2 felt like a challenge. Then I did 2 for a week, and 3 felt like a challenge. I’ve built up to the point where I alternate ten miles on 3 and five miles on 4, and after a while on 4, the 3 feels just as easy as the 1 did. I expect it will keep going this way (for the record, my dial goes up to 8). The pamphlet lists options for cardio training, endurance, and so on. You can tailor your own experience to exactly what you need.-Even at a 4 setting, it is very easy to exercise while watching tv, reading, and so forth. I wouldn’t try talking on the phone at work unless you’re on a lower setting where you won’t be out of breath. You can go for long stretches of time, but I advise wearing some sort of footwear to avoid pain from prolonged pressure on the pedals. This equipment makes it very, very easy to commit to a daily exercise routine. You can make excuses to avoid an outdoor run or walk or the tedium of basement gym equipment, but it’s hard to come up with a convincing reason that you can’t sit on a chair and pedal while watching tv or reading. After a while, your brain shifts to other things and your legs go on autopilot, and the next thing you know, you’ve reached your goal. This has been my experience, and this is coming from a previously paralyzed person with the exact opposite of autopilot legs. If I can do it, anyone can.- The only thing that annoyed me with this bike ended up being my own fault. I noticed that it was pushing away from me while I pedaled, especially at higher settings, and I would have to stop every few minutes to pull it back toward me. Upon closer inspection, the back feet (on the bar closest to me, near the difficulty dial) had been bumped during storage and were flipped upside down, so the back end had no traction on the carpet. Once flipped back into place (and now I check, every time I pull the bike down from where I store it on its side), there have been no further issues. They do include a velcro strap to help tether the bike to work chairs in settings where it might try to go walkies.- The maintenance on this bike is low to none. All of the workings are encased in a clear plastic shell and should perform well with no adjustments. The velcro loops over the pedals are stiff at first, but adjustable and tend to soften with time. I have also tripped and spilled coffee on this thing, and it wipes right off with no damage to the works. The display screen with the readouts for time, distance, and so on can either be mounted on the bike itself or on a separate little stand you can put on a table or desk, which is a nice touch.I was hesitant to buy this because of the price…I’ve had cheapie barebones pedal contraptions in the past, and always discontinued using them after a while. I’m so glad that I bought this one, which I use multiple times a day. I would absolutely do it again.

  2. patticake

    Silent, smooth action, perfect for knee rehabI have previously owned and used the original DeskCycle, and I liked it a lot, but ultimately replaced it with a Magnetrainer (taller version, longer cranks, same company, I owned one before and gave it to a friend), a recumbent and a rotating line of cheaper mini and full-sized exercise bikes. I’m back to needing some rehab, so I needed a smaller crank rotation, and this time I got the DeskCycle 2 so I could try the 1″ lower pedal adjustment.I’m a lot fitter than I was 2 years ago, but I can easily get my heart rate up to where I need it to be without raising the resistance much. Would this be an amazing workout for a bike racer or mountain bike rider? Probably not, but honestly it’s good for most people to get some real exercise, and if you use it at a slower speed to keep your legs moving, it’ll work for you.It’s worth mentioning that my prior experience with the manufacturer’s support is that it’s very good. Not only are they helpful, they seem to really know the product and seem to care about making customers satisfied. They were helpful this time, answering my questions about the differences between the DeskCycle and the DeskCycle 2.I’m loving the DeskCycle 2 so far. It’s extremely quiet, the action is extremely smooth, and it turns out I really like the lower position as it’s more comfortable to use with my knee issues. Read a book on your Kindle, and the time pedaling goes by without noticing. I use my DeskCycle 2 on a hardwood floor, and not only does it not move while pedaling, it’s very difficult to move further away when pushing it away with your feet. I imagine at high resistance it may move away, but I can only use it at lower resistances.I figure my calorie burn by heart rate, age, weight, etc, so I don’t mess with the online calorie counter. Basically I don’t need the monitor at all – my phone can time my rides, and my heart rate monitor tells me when to speed up or slow down. But I still enjoy checking the numbers, so I’m happy that the monitor comes off and lets me put it where I find it most useful. The online calorie calculator is very low compared to what literally every calculator and heart rate monitor I own reports, but it does show some other interesting data. I will continue to log my calories burned at MFP using other means. Not a problem.Regarding a few of the negative reviews, I’m puzzled. The people who got a used return from Amazon, why didn’t they exchange it? Amazon is great with returns and exchanges, and it makes no sense to give the product a lower review because someone at Amazon messed up. Some of the people who say this is noisy may have put the pedals on wrong, but I keep wondering why they don’t just contact customer service to have the issue fixed rather than feeling done to, keeping a bike they’re not happy with and writing a negative review. Nothing is perfect, no matter how much you spend – sometimes parts have issues, but this bike has a warranty and good customer service. I’ve owned 4 mini bikes from 3D Innovations, and every one was very quiet.If you’re like me – rehabbing your knees and ankles, and needing a smaller range of motion – or if you want to use an exercise bike under your desk or while watching TV, in my opinion, the DeskCycle 2 is a great option. If you don’t need the pedals to be at their very lowest setting, you can save a few bucks by getting the DeskCycle, but I’m glad I got the version 2. For my needs – and I realize everyone has different needs – the DeskCycle 2 is the best of the many underdesk, folding, recumbent and upright exercise bikes I’ve owned. It’s on the heavy side, but that helps keep it from sliding on the floor. I’m happy I got this, and my knees thank me 😉

  3. Marty Layne

    A high quality piece of equipment that functions exactly as described.Ordered this to get legs in shape before knee surgery. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this device. It was easy to assemble with provided tool and is nearly silent in operation. I know it’s really going to benefit me before and after surgery. Only wish it had a handle to move it around – but that’s a minor inconvenience. If you are on the fence about this one, just do it. You won’t be sorry!

  4. Kathy D.

    So impressed, happy with my purchaseI bought this for myself to help with my chronic illness and muscle loss, unable to get out much! That was June 20th, I started out on #1 tension lucky if I could pedal for 10 minutes! I use 3-4 times per week, now September 12th, I am pedaling #2 or 3 for 30-40 minutes 3-5 times per week! I have been able to get out more, stand longer, heart rate has improved and I feel mentally better! I searched and read so many reviews before I decided on this brand! Very impressed and very happy with my purchase! NOTE: after a month of use I started hearing an annoying clucking noise as I pedaled. Same noise I heard on so many other reviews! Well I tightened the pedals with the tool that’s included and the noise gone! I have had to do this twice now! NO big deal easy and understandable!

  5. Cass

    Game changerMy husband works in an office where he struggles to keep active. He initially looked at under desk treadmills but they were all too big for the desk and too small for his steps/width. He got this and had the equivalent of 4,000 steps in 25 minutes. All while working. He didn’t understand the complaints of assembly. He said it took all of five minutes. A few things to snap into place and then screwing in the pedals to the base.Husband: Everybody should own this machine. After a week I am now hitting over 12000 steps just while working at my desk. I have lost 5 lbs this week and that was on setting #2 out of 10 so it was incredibly easy. Took 5-10 minutes to set up and it barely makes a whisper of sound. Game changer for sure!

  6. Jessica S

    Great for adding a little activityMy kids and I are enjoying this for work and homework. Fits under desk well. Comfortable to pedal.

  7. Prime Keeper

    Meets My Needs.It’s what I need for post op knee surgery rehab exercises, in addition to other programs. I do not need a riding stationary bike. But this works for me to place under the desk while working on my computer or while watching tv.

  8. Bio 101

    Well-made and easy to useThis is a high quality exerciser that functions well. I use it daily, both while working at my desk, as well as streaming videos at the end of a day, as a way to keep circulation in my legs. The resistance range is what I need, and I use a low-mid setting, so I can increase it if I need to. Don’t expect a real workout; it’s not made for that. It’s a great way to increase movement throughout the day and supplement my regular focused exercise. Well worth it!

  9. Tyris Audronis

    I can finally keep up with my Peloton rides while I work!First one I ordered made noise, but Amazon sent me another, and it is flawless. Nice and quiet, and I can now ride while I work. Perfect item for someone who has to work long hours and doesn’t have time to hit the gym as often as they”d like. I still prefer riding my actual Peloton… but at least this way I can get work done.

  10. Stacey Smith

    Best IDEA EVER!!!This has made me feel SOOO much better! I spent over $2000 on an elliptical machine but I always go to my desk first thing in the morning without working out. This has changed everything! I love it and I can already tell a little bit of muscle development in my upper legs. I would buy it again even if it was three times the cost!

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