Down Under DUKCD-BRK The Down Under Bowie

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Brand Down Under Knives
Model Name DUKCD-BRK
Age Range (Description) Adult
Included Components See Description
Handle Material Brass
Blade Material Brass
  • 16 Inches Overall Length
  • 11 Inches Blade Length
  • 6mm Blade Thickness
  • 28.2 Ounce Weight
  • Dual Heat Treated


15 7/8″ overall. 10 7/8″ 440c stainless Bowie style hollow ground blade with blood groove. Dual heat treatment – HRc 58-59 and HRc 45-46. Genuine ebony, leather and brass handle. Bead blast finish solid brass finger guard and pommel. Genuine leather belt sheath with Crocodile skin pattern and sharpening spike.

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Check the legality of knives this size in your state for possession/carry/ect.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 18.8 × 4.7 × 2.2 cm

Down Under Knives

Model Name


Age Range Description


Included Components

See Description

Handle Material


Blade Material


Item Weight

4 pounds

Blade Shape

Clip Point

Blade Edge


Item Length

5 inches

Package Weight

3.12 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

5 x 5 x 5 inches

Brand Name

Down Under Knives

Country of Origin


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Date First Available

March 16 2010


Down Under Knives, Dreme Corp

10 reviews for Down Under DUKCD-BRK The Down Under Bowie

  1. Bjmwright

    Eat Your Heart Out, Rambo!! This Is The Knife You Shoulda Drew First Blood With!Hello, I needed to give an update on my experience with my Outback Bowie Knife as well as with World Knives, Down Under Knives, and North American Enterprises, which os one of their affiliates. Anyway, I bought and owned my Outback Bowie knife for over a year. However, a few months after owning/ using it I felt like I needed to refine the blade’s sharp edge. However, no matter how hard I tried to or what I used, the blade on the knife just would not sharpen. I mean, it would get a little sharp but would not get razor sharp like it claimed. I knew something was wrong because it was very sharp out of the box. But with owning it for many months, I figured that I was justs tuck with a defective knife. I read some online reports where some of the Outback Bowie knives had slipped through QC and had some quality issues. I knew my knife ha da lifetime warranty on it but like all other items we buy that claim that, I figured it would just be waste of time and I would just get nothing but the runaround. However, one day and after owning the knifr for almost two years, i at least felt the desire to contact World Knives and vent my unhappiness and frustrations about the knife to them. I was extremely surprised just a few days later when I opened my email and one was from World Knives who said they had contacted Down Under Knives to see what they could do for me, especially when I didn’t even buy my knife through World Knives. Anyway, then about two more days later I was contacted again by World Knives rep via email, and he said that he received a reply from Down Under Knives. He said that they wanted to send me a brand new replacement Outback Bowie knife and that I needed to contact North American Enterprises and give them my name and mailing address. He said Down Under had approved for my knife to be replaced Immediately. I contacted their store and gave them my name and mailing address, and within just two or 3 days, in my mail box, was a box with a brand new Outback Bowie Knife inside. I took it out right away and used the blade extensively for several days, purposely trying to get it used so i could test resharpening it. It did and the blade on the new one sharpens easy and gets razor sharp like nobody’s business. What fascinates me is that Down Under Knives is a company that still has embedded in them the old traditional method of replacing defective items. What I mean is that unlike SOG, Target, and many other supposedly awesome places of business that just give you the rude run-a-round or bunches of lame excuses and red-tape that you cannot possibly get past anytime quick, Down Under takes their customers’ word for it, and they send out replacements almost Immediately and they do not even request that you send the defective one back first. Nor do they use the Ole “We need to do some testing on yout item before we can decide to replace it or not” lame excuse. And the replacement Outback Bowie knife is Exceptionally Flawless!! Blade gets extremely razor sharp and it gets sharp easy, yet it has excellent edge retention! Down Under, World Knives, and North American all wasted No Time in handling my problem and providing a very fast solution/ replacement. And it didn’t cost me one cent! All other companies and stors out there should read this and then take a good look at how a real mature company and store does business. other stores should really model themselves after Down Under Knives, World Knives, and North American. I give them three wonderful places TWO THUMBS UP… And Then Some!!!! Also, I have read reviews on The Outback Bowie Knife and have read where one or two people are not happy with the sheath that comes with the knife. I happen to have two extra handmade sheaths for the Outback Bowie knife that I no longer need and use. One of them I have only had a couple of weeks and another one I have had for some time but never wore it or used it and it still looks brand new. One looks just like the sheath the knife is sold with Minus the crocodile skin design. It is dark burgundy color and has the sharpener pouch on the side of the sheath just like the one that comes with it. The other sheath is brown and has a 1/4″ round diamond sharpener pouch in the middle of it like a regular sheath. Each sheath is made by different makers and both are totally handmade and hand sewn. If you are interested in purchasing one or both of these sheaths, plesse feel free to email me at I am selling them because I bought a 3rd and much more expensive sheath for my Outback Bowie knife. Thanks and sorry my review here is so long.

  2. J. Ahlstrom

    Best knife I have?Knife collector for 10 years now, and I have some really cool ones. my one thing in the last few years is that the knife has to be fully functional.The qualifications for me are -1)has to be able to take and hold an edge.2)has to be able to withstand strain. – this is including throwing, chopping, dropping, slicing, wedging, prying, and the elements.3)it has to be able to stay together without being a “project” as i call it.So the question is this, Does this knife meet all three of my criteria for a “fully functional knife”?the answer is an overwhelming YES!YES YES YES!!!I drive semi trucks for a living and use knives big and small on a daily basis. and i can honestly say that out of the 100 + knives i have, this one is by far the best.Pro’sMinimal maintenance- rarely do i have to do upkeep to hold the edge, and ive taken this bad boy wading in lakes and heat ect. the only damage taken was to the sheath!Heavy duty- she’s a biggen, and because of the taper of the blade, she can machete through limbs as thick as 2 inches with a single slice.Grip- the grip is to doe for. its very comfortable, and because of the brass fittings, you really would feel comfortable trying to crocodile dundee it and try to pierce a croc skull.ConsOnly one con, and its not even with the knife, its the sharpening steel and lanyards. when moving about the lanyards can get in the way, and the sharpening steel can be pron to falling out if doing extreme stuff. this is easily countered though bt taking the lanyards and holding under the sheath 2 years time i’ll give an update to let you know if it still is kicken.Update- 9/10/2015It’s been more than two years, time for an update.After close to five years of using and abusing this knife, I can give a good “long term” review of the knife.First with the pros …1. After five years camping, trucking and swimming (you read right) the blade still maintains an awesome edge with minimal upkeep. For the blade, I keep it up with a “handy sharp” sharpener, and polish off with a leather belt. Works. Great.2. No fuss, no rust. Despite being used for gutting, yard work and even digging in a few cases, the blade is an easy clean. I’m not exaggerating when I say this – all I do is wipe and/or dry it off on my jeans, then put it in the sheath. That’s it. Only noticeable damage is cosmetic scratches and dings. No rust, no discoloration.3. I dropped the blade right on its tip, three feet up, onto concrete. Dented the tip… Not bent, not break… A dent. Two hours grinding it down with a small abrasive sharpening stone, and a few swipes of my handy sharp. Fixed like new.Cons-1. Sheath is barely holding together, had to make a new one as back up. But still holding in there.2. The included sharpening steel got lost quick. Not much to hold it in place.3. The strap that holds the knife in is in a counter intuitive location. Gets cut up by the knife every time you sheath / unsheathe it.So, after five years with this knife, my final say is…The price is all in the knife, and worth it. Sheath stinks, but easily remedied by making, a new sheath. (20 bucks and an hours work and you can rock a great sheath. Go to if you want some good ideas on making a quality sheath.)

  3. dpcinatlanta

    Impressive, heavy duty knifeI purchased this knife after reading everything I could find on it (and watching the videos). Most reviews were good, and few negative ones that I noted. Seems most negative ones were focused on the knife being manufactured in Asian – to be honest, that bothers me a bit as well on the surface, but ya know, Asian folks are excellent craftsman and they have a well established history of making blades so I let it go. Also, the steel is a variety of Stainless that I was unfamiliar with, but I am sure it is fine. Cold Steel goes into a lot of detail on the type of steel they us (heat treated, carbon steels, etc.), so I would imagine they might disapprove of what Down Under Knives chose for this knife – maybe the steel is cheaper, or softer, I don’t know – I wanted the knife anyway.I am hoping it is as functional and tough as the review suggest, I definitely was not looking for a cheap, “fantasy” knife, but one that I could use. Down Under Knives did a great job of marketing it with the video.The knife is very impressive – seems very well made. The knife arrived sharp, not as sharp as I expected, but with only a few swipes of the provided steel sharpener, very sharp. As expected from a bowie, very blade heavy, mirror polish on the blade, nice handle and I love the type of guard.The sheath was nice too, seem a little less tough than I expected, but more that acceptable. I spend some time breaking it in, rubbed it down with Saddle Butter, bent it up a bit. Will be interesting to see how it survives the elements. The care instructions recommended soaking the handle in Vegetable Oil – I decided not too, instead using the butter, the oil just seemed like it would be messy and I did not know if I should soak the entire knife or just the handle. Probably over thought this and I might eventually take their advice.Although a cool touch, I could already tell the leather straps on the sharping spike were going to get in the way, so I tied them in 4 or 5 knots – seems to solve the problem. The bone pieces are a creative touch as well.I’m going on a hiking/camping trip in a few months, and plan to really test this knife.My favorite knife in my collection is a SOG Specialty Knife, Navy Seal model. I have had it for years – is tough as hell, and I have really tested it. Including throwing it a thousand times – I know most knives are not necessarily designed for throwing, but I think one of the best torture tests. I think if I had to choose one knife in a survival situation, I would take the SOG. I’ll take as a back up on my trip.Very happy with the purchase. Great service by the merchant. I think you get what you pay for. Hope this review helps.

  4. pistols

    Best knife i own by far!!I own about 45 bowie knives and this is the best one by far! I would give this knife 10 stars if it was possible. It is a master piece. Just a beautiful , functional knife. There was not one flaw about the knife. The finish was perfect. The blade was razor sharp right out of the box. I ran the blade across my forearm and it shaved all the hair off it with ease. The point is straighter then an arrow. The handle was done really well and it felt good in my hand and looked awesome. Holds a really good edge under use. The knife in general felt sturdy, balanced and well constructed. Down Under did an magnificent job with this piece. The sheath was awesome too! Super nice thick leather. It was Stitched really well. It looks great with the imitation croc skin. The sharping rod was a nice touch, but I wouldn’t use it. I would get this beautiful knife professionally sharpened. After reading the reviews I could not believe there would be any bad reviews on this knife. Maybe I was just one was the lucky ones and got a flawless piece. I can’t believe people would compare this beautiful knife with ESEE Junglas, Ka-Bar Becker BK9, Ontario Raider or any of these style knives. Although these knives are functional and made with good steel. They are in a different class then the outback Knife. The outback is not only functional and made with good steel, it is also a show piece with an awesome attractive, intimidating and unique design. The other knives mentioned above do not have these qualities. They look more like yard tools/kitchen knives or knives you would find at a swap meet or hard ware store. They have no “WOW” factor as the Outback does and they look like little machetes. They definitely will not turn heads. I know because I own all the knives mentioned and people never looked twice at them. They are to plain in design with really no attractive features. Now the Outback people are amazed by it. First thing asked is, “WOW WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!”. with there mouths dropped and eyes wide open. It is definitely a show stopper. This knife is going to get front row display in my hutch. I am more then happy with my purchase. I am definitely going to order more Down Under products through Amazon again. Hope this review helped.

  5. debbe

    Excellent knife!I was a little leery of ordering a knife off Amazon. I was fully prepared to send it back if it was a cheap knockoff, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is a heavy duty, well built knife!

  6. joshnstuff

    Depends on what you want it for…I’m giving 2 stars, because I’m kind of torn on which way to go with my review.The knife is very handsome, and if you are sentimental about the Crocodile Dundeemovies and always dreamed of having one of these for your own, you will be especially happy.Its got a comfortable handle, and I can make mine “sing” with fast strikes as it cuts throughthe air.Its not a true full tang, and I have seen a video of one of these failing, but I think its moreof a rare occurrence. You can definitely use it for some serious work in the out of doors.Now for some negatives…The sheath is really gimmicky…imitation crocodile and not that great of quality, you will haveto make your own, if you intend to carry it with you on a lot of excursions. The sharpening toolprovided, is more of a honing rod, and quite frankly…..will not work on this knife at all…frommy experience anyway. In fact, I have found sharpening this thing to be fairly difficult….orperhaps I should say, time consuming. This is not something you are going to be able to easilysharpen in the field.As I stated previously, this does not have a full tang, which may limit some of the abuse you canput it through. Also, the handle, being leather and wood, does nick and indent quite easily, sothis requires maintenance with oil. Honestly, I have been thinking of taking off the handle alltogether and doing my own micarta wrap, wrapping up the blade a bit as well, so I would end upmaking it a full tang.The swedge on mine is pretty sharp, so if you intend to beat on this thing, you are probably goingto destroy your baton. You could try filing it off…but man…thats gonna take some work!All in all…..I think I would have been very pleased with this knife, at say…..around $80 to $100.For $200…..its just over priced, regardless what you bought it for.If you just wanted a Crocodile Dundee look alike for a movie knife collection, or a wall hanger,you should be able to find that for A LOT cheaper.If you just wanted a large bowie for wilderness use….honestly, you could do a lot better at a cheaperprice tag without having to modify, or put a lot of work into it.$200 for a manufactured, stainless steel knife, and in order for me to be truly happy with it I have tomake a sheath, file down the swedge and create a new handle. I can’t see more than 2 stars for that. 3stars if your happy without the mods.This blade is a nice balance between functionality and beauty…..I guess I’d rather just have one orthe other at 1/4 to 1/2 of the price….and the options ARE out there….Kershaw Camp 10 (under $40) Cold Steel Trailmaster (a little over $100) Thats just 2 examples at differentends of the spectrum…..there are lots and lots of better options in my opinion.If you want something that strikes a balance between beauty and functionality….you could go withthe Cold Steel Natchez bowie in carbon steel for less than the cost of the Outback….in my opinion,you would get more beauty, and more functionality.

  7. Franco

    What a Bowie knife!Well, I’seen several times the Crocodile Dundee movie, an I must admit that the knife that Paul Hogan was so easily handling impressed me a bit. I’m already the owner of some knives (Marttiini, Paul Chen, Buck and other less important brands), but each time I was reviewing the movie, the idea of a “Bowie” was even more roaring in my mind.Unfortunately, good knives in Italy (yes, I’m an italian 68 young guy, so don’t be too severe with my low english knowledge) are really expensive; but I get the opportunity to come to visit my daughter here in California: so, founding the knife while searching in Amazon and buying it has been one shot fast.Get the package from UPS, open it and…. wow, what a knife! In spite of its size (1.5 x 1 in thick in the max section, enclosed within solid brass handguard and pommel), the handle looks quite little in respect to the feeling of power that the 27 oz blade gives. The center of gravity fall decisely where the blade edge starts, giving the impression to handle quite a roman gladius; also if the blade of my Outback didn’t come with a razor sharp edge (to get it, some additional honing with a fine arkansas stone is required), the impression you get is that you can easily detach a coyote head from the body with one wack!The blade comes mirror polished, with a really needle point. The dual heat treated 440C stainless blade (edge 58-59 RC, back 45-46 RC) gives an undoubtedly advantage of long lasting against other single heat treatment blades. The leather sheat is heavy, while I agree with some other owners which are a little disappointed of the external thin skin patterned to resemble a crocodile skin. By the way, it’s a great and real sturdy “Bowie” knife, and I love it!

  8. kent isbell

    This knife is the real deal!

  9. Mark Baker

    NOW THAT’S A KNIFE!!!I have been a knife collector for the past 17 years and I have to say that this knife is the best knife I own! I have to say that I don’t use my knives a whole lot but the few times I have pulled out my outback bowie, I have been extremely satisfied with its performance. It also is a beautiful looking knife as well. I have searched for a knife similar to the iconic bowie knife used in the film Crocodile Dundee to add to my collection and this one is the closest I have found. The only issue I had was that the sheath it came with had a button snap that broke on me after a short while of having it in my possession. Other than that I have been extremely satisfied with my purchase. To sum up my review of this knife I would have to quote the famous Paul Hogan on Crocodile Dundee and say, “Now that’s a knife!!!” :)P.S. Down Under knives is soon coming out with the Walkabout bowie knife which is now the closest knife I’ve seen to the iconic Dundee bowie knife. 🙂 Definitely going to be purchasing that one once its available as well!

  10. Ibpincess

    no other knife neededI have seen many likes and dislikes to this knife, but it all depends on the person and the knifes’ intended use. The knife can chop, cut, and slash anything you need it to within reason. It is tough to resharpen when dulled, many stones needed for a honed edge. But returning the edge to a razor sharp surface is possible. I dont know about the type of 440C stainless used in the blades production, but I can tell you it is not a pakistani car bumper steel. I have used this knife in many hikes into some back country here in West Texas, where it was me and some mesquite brush. The knife did not fail in skinning small game nor did drop performance in obtaining firewood. If you are looking for a knife that your life depends on dont get a knife. If you are looking for a very good survival, hiking, back country, or hunting knife that is trust worthy. Then congratulations, you have found it. In closing, my brother picked up a cheap stainless hollow handled knife for around $20. To his anger and my amusement, I shaved the edge of his knife off with minimal damage to the outbacks edge. Many knives are made these days and all are good to a point, but if it has to be only one then I reccomend the outback.

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