Fizik R5 Artica Shoe, Black

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  • Upper Material: waterproof and breathable membrane, Microtex-reinforced shell
  • Lining: fleece upper, aluminum foil underside
  • Closure: speed lace with waterproof outer zipper
  • Footbed: Fizik Winter Edition cycling insole
  • Sole: carbon-reinforced nylon


For the worst winter conditions, many would opt for the indoor trainer rather than risking damp feet or cold toes midway through some deep winter base miles. Fortunately, Fizik makes a shoe that keeps your feet warm and dry even when snow is prevalent and the roads are particularly wet. The R5 Artica Cycling Shoe offers substantial protection from the elements without compromising anything you’d get from a performance-oriented road shoe. The Artica R5 is fully waterproof, using a membrane that blocks out water while maintaining breathability for more intense training sessions. The Microtex-reinforced uppers provide support, with a fleece-lined interior to keep your feet cozy and warm when the temperatures drop. The shoes use an internal speed-lacing system to quickly dial-in the fit, with a waterproof outer zipper to keep out precipitation and road spray. Lastly, a carbon composite outsole ensures efficient power transfer while keeping the overall weight of the shoe down.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 13.39 × 9.06 × 3.94 cm
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1.5 Kilograms

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3 Pounds

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Nylon Aluminum

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October 29 2018



10 reviews for Fizik R5 Artica Shoe, Black

  1. jlmtthws

    Keeps the cold out and my lil toe-sy’s dry!Great shoes, excellent fit, does the job and some.I rode for 1 hr and 45 minutes first trip out, and 25 miles later, no dampness and zero numbness down below. I am impressed to say the least. They’re also very comfortable.WELL DONE!

  2. S. Rut

    Almost prefect winter shoeIf you’re all year round rider, those shoes are for you. Not having to fumble with overshoes is is worth it alone. Yeah, overshoes are cheaper, but on the longer rides the water will seep into your shoes which makes for unpleasant ride especially at lower temps. Those shoes are 100% waterproof and unless its really pouring down they will keep your feet dry for hours. The only way for the water to get in is from the top, thru wet tights and socks. I love them. My only complaint is that they don’t have much isolation inside. Maybe I have weak circulation, but even with warmer socks after an hour at -15C/5F my feet starting to get cold. I wish there was a thicker thermal layer inside. Besides that, I would definitely recommend them.

  3. Ethan Meyer

    Good quality cycling boot for winter!Overall, this is a great winter shoe. At 20 degrees Fahrenheit, I rode for an hour. With the exception of my toes for the last ten minutes or so they stayed toasty warm. I attribute the coldness in my toes to the lack of general movement of my toes during the ride. There is plenty of room in the tow box, so I am going to pick up some neoprene toe warmers. Hopefully that will do the trick!One additional item of note, which will likely vary by person, the zipper can get caught on the tab that holds the pull lace when making the turn up the front of the boot. There is enough stretch to them to point your toes down and then lift the zipper over the tab.

  4. Happy Dad

    Pretty good but not perfect5 stars but no shoe is perfect. These are highly adjustable, and despite some concerns about them being too tight for big legs they fit fine. Their design does make them a bit stiffer around the ankle so if you flex your ankle a lot you may feel constrained vs summer shoes with booties. They are warm but not amazingly warm, so sock choice is still important. They have no vents, which is good on cold days. But if you’re caught in the rain be prepared for your tights to conduct some drainage past the Velcro/neoprene closure. On a recent ride that got very wet the shoes filled up with water and made me feel like I was wearing gravy boats. Maybe a bit of tactical drainage would have remedied that. But the bottom liner is thick and the insert will keep your feet out of the water until you get a few ounces inside (I poured out about a cup from each boot). On the whole a good addition to the equipment locker and it’s so nice to throw on these in 30 seconds instead of spending 5 minutes getting the while bootie assembly just right. I would suggest that every cyclist own a boot/glove drier machine, and if you do it’s east to dry these after a wet ride.

  5. stephlouise

    Narrow ankle opening, but well constructedThese shoes were warm and are well-made, however, the ankle shaft is very narrow. With my wool socks, I could barely zip these up (I’m female, athletic, ankles are fairly normal, most boots are loose). So I tried some ankle socks. It was a little bit better, but not enough. The neoprene band cut off circulation with wool socks and was tight with thin summer socks. Not terribly practical. The neoprene band does not have much – if any – stretch. Overall, the fit was good. Plenty of room in the toe box for thicker socks. I would just note that the shoe box says EU 40.5, UK 7, US 8. I purchased the 9.5 from Amazon. So the sizing on the sales site is strange, but the box is correct. I normally wear an EU 40 in cycling shoes and size up 1/2 for winter.

  6. P. Steyaert

    I don’t regret buying but………So far I’ve worn these shoes 4 time. Weather has been between 35F, 2C – 55F 13C and my feet have not been as warm as I would like. In fact on one occasion my feet were numb. I ride approximately 200 mile a week and I ride in in temps as low as 5F -15C, so I don’t expect for these shoes to get warmer. I wear a thick pair of sox with them and when it gets colder i imagine I’ll have to use toe warmers. In the end I don’t regret buying them because they’re more convenient to get on than two layers of neoprene booties, two layers of sox, and foot warmers, which i wore before. I should mention i’m 55 years old and it could be poor circulation with age.

  7. Brandon S.

    Great if they fitI got these and after trying on had to return. They are very well made and premium feeling but the bone structure in my feet made it extremely hard to zip closed. Definitely worth a shot and great for the money.Add the shoe to your cart to see the real sizing, they really botched the labeling.

  8. Jonathan D. Katz

    So far so good. Run a bit big. Look great.I bought these for my fall and winter riding. After getting them set up right with my cleats, which took a few rides, I can say these boots are warm and fit well and are comfortable. Easy to get on and off. Look great, and are clearly great in the rain. I usually were a 44 in Sidi shoes which are clearly narrower than these and I probably should have got these in 43 or 43.5. But with a nice pair of merino wool shoes they fit fine. The interior lacing and closure mechanism will not get the boots as tight as a good pair of road shoes with boa closures, but then these will keep my toes warm which my road shoes will not, even with toe covers or overshoes. Used these in temps from 30s F to 40s F so far and have had no problems.

  9. Ron Hucklns

    These are so cool.Such a great pair of bike shoe. Just love them.

  10. Anna Lyudvig

    Sizing is horribleMan I really wanted to love these shoes.Ordered 44.5, same as my Giro SLX Empires. They arrive, and by the look appear freaking HuGE!The insole was a solid 12+mm too long. Ok, so I look up the sizing on their website and order 43, which is 277mm insole. This too ended up being too long, not 277, but from memory a good +5mm.After 2 attempts, I realized that my size length wise would have probably started to feel too narrow, although I think I have pretty standard feet. I’m 5’9″ 160lb.Oh yeah, and on the size 43 which I could have probably ridden in since they did hold my foot snug enough despite the extra room in the toe area; however, go figure, I mount my Look cleats, and slam them to be about 14mm off from where my cleats need to be.I set my SLX so the ball of my foot is about 10-12mm fore of pedal axle. Slammed all the way these came in about 3-4mm aft, confirming that the sizing on these is absurd.Fizik, what is the deal?Otherwise the shoes looked awesome and warm despite me never being able to ride them, I wish =(

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