Folding Exercise Bikes DISPANK 3-in-1 X-Bike Indoor Portable Exercise Bikes, Sturdy Foldable Stationary Bike with Automatic

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Product details

Special Feature Foldable
Item Weight 42 Pounds
Material Alloy Steel
Resistance Mechanism Magnetic
  • 【3-in-1 Exercise Bike Mode】Get three kinds of indoor exercise bikes: Upright, Semi-recumbent and Recumbent foldable home fitness bikes for physical therapy and calorie burning of men, women and seniors.(Recumbent option is awesome for those of some with knee injury or seniors.)
  • 【Comfortable Sports Support】—1.Extra large and thickened padded seat (2.2inch thickness, 10.6inch width)—2. Backrest design with foam rear handlebar.—3. Non-slip peddals with safety straps for better pedalling experience. —4. No noise for quiet riding.
  • 【Resistance Bands Attached】Doing band exercises to also strengthen arm muscles while pedalling . CARDIO available both on arms and legs. Easily get in shape for your whole body.
  • 【LCD Monitor with iPad Holder】Integrated LCD monitor tracks your real time pulse, calory, distance and speed. Get your body information in time. A tablet device holder attached makes watching video on your iPad or phone available while exercising.
  • 【Multi-Adjustable Parts】—1.The whole bike can be adjusted to upright, recumbent or semi-recumbent bike mode. —2. Padded seat (7-level height adjustments) fits different people—men, women and seniors. —3. DISPANK 10-level adjustable resistance customizes your own workout intensity.
  • 【Customer Satisfaction】We offer over 12 months parts warranty and 24-hour afterservice email.


From the brand

Product Description


DISPANK Folding Exercise features

weight capacity

DISPANK folding exercise bike

workout exercise bike

Get to know us

Specialized in manufacturing and designing home and gym fitness equipment & attachments, DISPANK has been always working hard to earn and maintain the trust for all products.

Having studied large number of end-users’ experience and preference, we are committed to producing professional fitness equipment and attachments to every customers.

  • Folding Exercise Bike Manufacturer

DISPANK Foldable Exercise Bike

Enjoy your exercise bike journey at home

DISPANK 3-in-1 foldable exercise bike is especially designed for indoor fitness and physical therapy. (All family members can enjoy the pedaling.)

  • It offers three kinds of indoor exercise bikes: Upright, Semi-recumbent and Recumbent ( Especially awesome for those of some with knee injuries or seniors.)
  • Boasting premium steel and multi-adjustable parts, DISPANK X-bike is an ideal home-fitness choice for different bodybuilding or physical training.
  • Pre-inserted parts for 20-minute easy assembly.
  • √ Padded Backrest
  • √ 10-level Magnatic Resistance
  • √ 7-level Seat Height
  • √ LCD Monitor
  • √ Resistance Bands Available
  • √ Build-in Transportation Wheels
  • √ Anti-Slip Pedals with Straps
  • √ IPAD/Iphone Holder

inserted wheels

back exercise

recumbent mode

How to connect wires

DISPANK Exercise Home Fitness 1

  • Exercise arms with resistance bands

The arm resistance bands helps to tone your upper muscles. (physical training on both your arms and legs)

DISPANK Exercise Home Fitness 4

  • Exercise your back with the resistance bands

Pull the Resistance Bands on upright mode for strengthening and toning your back muscle.

DISPANK Exercise Home Fitness 3

  • Relax with recumbent mode

Put an Ipad or Iphone on the monitor holder then just relax yourself by watching a video on recumbent mode.

DISPANK LCD Monitor Connection

  • 1. Find the upper socket for L-shaped
  • 2. The rest two round plugs should be connected together

dispank exercise bike

DISPANK vovice

Additional information

Weight 42 kg
Dimensions 16 × 26 × 48 cm


Special Feature


Item Weight

42 Pounds


Alloy Steel

Resistance Mechanism


Product Dimensions

16D x 26W x 48H

Maximum Height

53 Inches

Minimum Height

42 Inches

Number of Resistance Levels


Drive System


Package Weight

20.84 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

48 x 25 x 16 inches

Brand Name




Date First Available

January 28 2021



10 reviews for Folding Exercise Bikes DISPANK 3-in-1 X-Bike Indoor Portable Exercise Bikes, Sturdy Foldable Stationary Bike with Automatic

  1. Lord Dimwit Flathead

    For the money, hard to beat.Pros: – Inexpensive. Good starter bike for those that fear they might not stick with an exercise regimen. – Pedal resistance is smooth and quiet. – Good workout. Resistance “bands” (actually shock cord) let you work the upper body while peddling. – Portable. Folds and rolls away if you need the floor space. – Sturdy frame. I am pretty rough on equipment and mine is still standing.Cons: – Badly designed pulley system: Resistance bands fray and have to be replaced regularly. – Petal tension adjustment is clunky. – Tablet holder covers the digital display. – No cup holder! – Display is pretty crude; one stat at a time – Heart rate monitor is very inaccurate.The DISPANK’s best feature (IMHO) – what sets it apart from other exercise bikes – is the resistance “bands”. These are actually 5/16″ shock cords strung through a pulley system to allow you to do “pulling” upper body exercises (rowing, lifts, etc.) while you pedal. Sadly, the pulley system is badly flawed (see photo): the upper pulley allows scraping and the shock cord soon frays and has to be replaced. Replacing the worn shock cord is little more difficult than assembling the bike. And you can purchase suitable shock cord here on Amazon. But this is a pretty serious flaw if you are not inclined to be “handy”.Although the DISPANK’s pedal device is very smooth and quiet, adjusting tension is troublesome. Adjusting up works ok but down “sticks”. To turn the tension down one increment you must go down 3 and up 2. A little annoying.In addition, my bike came with a “flat” bearing on the right pedal that knocks with every down-stroke. DISPANK’s advert (see photo) claims of customer service are unrealized – I can find no warranty service contacts or replacement parts info.The electronics are pretty primitive. I had better in the 1980s. The heart monitor is REALLY poor but, to be fair, I have yet to find any hand/wrist worn device that can accurately track your heart rate while highly active.And NO CUP HOLDER??? Wow. Big miss! Well, the good news is, Clicgear makes a nice one for golf carts that will do nicely (see photo).I have had my DISPANK for 3 months now. I do a 25 minute workout every morning on it. I hope to find a replacement right pedal, someday. And engineer a solution for the fraying shock cord so I don’t have to replace it every couple months. But I doubt that I will “buy up” until I pedal this thing to pieces.Despite it’s many deficiencies, the DISPANK is solid where it counts, and an effective work-out platform. And the price makes it a low risk investment. If you are considering starting a fitness regimen, this is a good start.

  2. Danielle

    Great deviceMy legs are a little too short for comfort (5’2″). Spouse lives it (5’7″).

  3. Aaron Whiteman

    Great for the price, not perfectFirst off, assembly was a breeze. Some reviews indicated it was tough to set up but I followed the pictures vs the words and everything came together. The words were sometimes misleading or incomplete, and the only part that was skipped over was attaching the straps to the pedals which again the images helped with a lot. The unit wobbles quite a bit on a stable floor but not so much it feels unsafe, and I may need to tighten a few screws still. The main drawback I have with this is the flywheel feels extremely choppy on resistances 9 and 10, to where I prefer to keep it on 8 and pedal faster vs going with the resistance I want. It’s stop and go and messes with the rhythm quite a lot. Overall for the price I’m quite happy with it and I should mention the seller rapidly got back to me about a price match after it went on sale a couple days after purchase.

  4. Susan

    Not bad for the price!I assembled this on my own. Not too bad. It’s pretty sturdy. Not easy for me to fold down. It’s pretty quiet, too.

  5. Family

    It is great for me at 75; 5’5’ @ 147 lbs.The only thing that is a slight problem is getting on the bike. It rides very smoothly, and I can go as fast or slow as I need to. It is great for me.

  6. bonnie erbe

    Not really a recumbent exercycleGreat as an upright cycle and I love the built-in arm bands. But the seat doesnt go back and down nearly enough to get a flavor for what recumbent cycling is all about.

  7. vb1

    Good bike and customer serviceThe bike is nice, compact and quiet. However, the digital screen stopped working about 4 months in (replacing the battery did not help). Would not recommend if you like to track your exercise progress.[UPDATE] added a star because after reading this review, the seller promptly contacted me and sent me a replacement monitor which works perfectly. However, only 4 stars due to original lifespan of the monitor.

  8. Eric R. Braxton

    appealing lookI don’t like not being able to position the height of the seat to an ideal level for me!

  9. John A. Miles

    I like itIt’s a good product. I’m 6’4, so it’s a little small for me, but so is most everything else. I can still use it and it is helping. My mom, wife and grandson also use and like it.

  10. Josh

    Great bikeThe exercise bike is surprisingly durable given how light and how easily maneuverable it is. We bought it in November 2021 and have used it intensively (about 2 hours each day, almost daily). It is still performing very well. My wife and I love it, and have ended up spending less time on our treadmill and elliptical because we wanted to spend more time on this bike. The seller was super reliable in terms of delivery and customer service. Highly recommend it.

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