FYC Folding Treadmill for Home – Foldable Treadmill Slim Compact Running Machine Portable Electric Treadmill Workout Exercise

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Brand FYC
Color grey1
Product Dimensions 49.2″D x 20.4″W x 45.6″H
Item Weight 59.4 Pounds
Material Alloy Steel
Maximum Speed 6.5 Miles per Hour
  • 👍【Multi-functional LED Display】It tracks your performance in time, speed, distance and step, promising a superior and effective home treadmill workout. You could put your mobile phone or pad on the holder and talk with your friends or watch movies when you work out on this compact treadmill.
  • 👍【Shock-absorbing & Non-slip Running Belt】14.9” x 41.3” large-area rubber running belt of foldable treadmill is shock-absorbing and non-slip running belt, provides you more comfortable and more sturdy workout experience.
  • 👍【12 Preset Training Plans & Safety Emergency】To burn calories more effectively, we specially programmed 12 different running setting, with the help of these preset training plans, you can choose the best plan to suits your need. A safety key with a clip connects you with treadmill, stops it immediately in an emergency, and protects you during exercise.
  • 👍【Low Noise & Smooth Motor】This electric treadmill with low noise motor is designed for a home/office environment. When you use the treadmill, it’s the same volume as the conversation, so don’t worry it will bother your family and neighbors. The 1.5HP motor ensures perfect performance for running, jogging or walking in the comfort of your home/office.
  • 👍【Simple & Spacesaver Design】This folding treadmill for home does not require any screws when you install it. It will be very convenient that you just need to rotate the knob. It can be placed under the sofa, corner or under the bed, reducing the floor space and making it ideal for any room.
SKU: B088H94L3D


Product Description






FYC Folding Treadmill for Home


FYC is a professional large-scale manufacturer of all types of treadmills with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force. We have over 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing on treadmills.


The treadmill is specifically designed for the home/office environment, considering your performance and comfort, incorporating many thoughtful features, combining the quality and performance you desire with the flexibility of a treadmill, it can be easily folded and stored.

  • Running Surface: 41.3″ x 14.9″ (L x W)
  • Unfolded Size: 49.2″ x 25.5″ x 45.6″ (L x W x H)
  • Folded Size: 51.1″ x 25.5″ x 7.9″ (L x W x H)
  • Speed: 0.5-6.5mph (1-10km/h)
  • User Capacity: 220LBS
  • Display: Distance, Time, Speed, Calorie, Step
  • Motor Power: 1.5HP
  • Rated Voltage: 110V / 50Hz

Additional information

Weight 59.4 kg
Dimensions 49.2 × 20.4 × 45.6 cm




Product Dimensions

49.2D x 20.4W x 45.6H

Item Weight

59.4 Pounds


Alloy Steel

Maximum Speed

6.5 Miles per Hour

Maximum Horsepower

1.5 Horsepower

Display Type


Power Source


Number of Programs


Speed Rating


Folded Size

51.1 x 25.5 x 7.9 L x W x H

Package Weight

27.22 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

49.2 x 25.5 x 45.6 inches

Brand Name


Part Number


Sport Type




Date First Available

May 12 2020



5 reviews for FYC Folding Treadmill for Home – Foldable Treadmill Slim Compact Running Machine Portable Electric Treadmill Workout Exercise

  1. Amazon Customer

    Good Treadmill and Great Customer ServiceReceived the treadmill about a month ago. Well packed. All you need to do is raise the handle, attach the bolts and you’re done. Unfortunately for us we had problems. When we attached the bolts the right side would not catch. It seemed the bolt was stripped. This meant the handle was not secure and would move which is not safe. We contacted the manufacturer through Amazon and they were quick to reply. They suggested we try to repair the handle ourselves using a tapping tool. No, we were not capable to try and fix this ourselves nor did we feel we should have to. Then we were offered a new treadmill replacement which we were happy to accept.We received the new treadmill and again, one of the bolts seemed to be stripped as it would not tighten which resulted in movement of the handle causing an unsafe situation. Again we wrote to the company. They suggested we hit the handle with a hammer forcing the teeth at the base of the handle to move together thus gripping to prevent the handle from moving. We hit it very hard several times and it was not going together. They even sent us a video but of course when we followed their instructions it did not work. They offered us another new treadmill. Wait, this is crazy we thought. So my husband went to the hardware store and bought new bolts and used those and now the treadmill is secure. The problem seemed to be their bolts were not catching to force the teeth to go together and secure the handle. The new bolts we bought worked perfectly. The teeth came together and secured the handle. Unfortunately the hardware they supply is cheap and not doing the job. They did read our comments and said they were going to improve the situation. I hope so. For us it was a lot of back and forth correspondence and aggravation until we got it right. But the good news is they responded quickly and were willing to send a new treadmill only to have the situation repeat itself. That being said, we are very pleased with this treadmill for several reasons. It is compact but still comfortable to walk on. It is simple to use. We do not use the preset programs. We just press the start button and we move up the speed as we want gradually. It is sturdy but we do not plan on jogging or running. Walking is all we do. The handle has all the controls on it, very simple which is what we wanted. It has a removable rack to attach your phone or iPad and that holds it very securely . We did place an old yoga mat underneath the treadmill to protect the floor but that may not be necessary. It really is super quiet. It makes a low whirring sound when on, but you can still listen to the TV without raising the volume. One of the best things is how compact it is when folded. I have attached some photos. Right now we have the treadmill set in the living room in front of the TV. Since Covid we do not plan on going to the gym anytime soon or have company come over. With the cold weather fast approaching we wanted to stay safe in the house but still get a workout. In the other photo attached you can see how flat it folds up. That wall next to the window measures 9.5 inches. It hardly takes up any space at all and it is barely noticeable. I would of loved to give this treadmill 5 stars but we had too much aggravation with the handle. I would definitely recommend this product. If you do buy it and have trouble with the bolts and a loose handle, do yourself a favor and just go to the hardware store first. The only drawback from using your own bolts is you’ll have to use a wrench to loosen them to fold the handle down. It won’t be as quick as using their bolts that have a handle on them. But you’ll be happy with the treadmill otherwise.

  2. Matthew Valancy

    200lb & 3.2MPH works great, no it is not for full size men running.If you’re gonna yank on the handle bar or try to run 6MPH this is not for you. It is what it is, a brisk walk treadmill. If I go higher than 3.2MPH the belt starts to slip, which is kind of nice because it doesn’t have the power to kill you…the belt just slips. Pretty easy to move around and very thin so it doesn’t take lots of space which is what I wanted.

  3. Brena

    Important for users to understand how treadmills work so please read!The media could not be loaded.

     !!!!Please read!!!!This is mostly user error and not well known knowledge for most people so please read- especially if you live in an apartment.First off I wanna say with EVERY treadmill no matter what or where you live please get a surge protector and unplug your treadmill when not in use. This will help keep the treadmill from damage over time and is recommended online from numerous people/articles. In the second photo you see I use an extension cord type of surge protector. That is the ONLY type of extension cord recommended for use with machines like a treadmill. Also note that the cord is a thicker gauge than the treadmill cord and about 3 feet long in total. That is also recommended for extension cords when using them with machines. Less than 6 feet and about 14 gauge of thickness. Now onto the electoral part. In the third photo you see me pointing at numbers on the breaker switches. This is important as you DO NOT want to plug a treadmill into an outlet that’s not at least labeled with the number “20”. I would even suggest unplugging all outlets as well that is used in that one strip labeled with “20”. This is important because if you don’t you can cause multiple breaker trips and the treadmill may damage over time by this and suddenly stop. Sudden stops on any treadmill can cause an accident so be careful! This is all user error and not on the company. Now onto the treadmill it’s self.This is a cheaper treadmill so you get what you pay for. I use it everyday for walking because I work from home so I don’t get enough steps in. It’s perfect JUST for walking. It’s not the most durable treadmill so it’s not good for running and jogging. It will also NOT go over 4 for the speed. I also don’t recommend this treadmill for people over a certain weight. I’m 5’2 and 130lbs and it creeks a lot. I’m afraid if I jog or run on it I’ll break it. It also wasn’t the easiest to assemble. As I started to assemble it the tray was not perfectly flush with tray holder. So my partner had to force the holders in a way so the tray could get screwed on. The tray holder is sturdy enough for a lab top and that’s about it. I have a smaller laptop so I’m not sure how a bigger one will do on it but I’m sure it’ll be fine for the most part. I also don’t use it at a time for more than 30 minutes. I’m not sure how long it can go for but other reviews can probably tell you. Overall it’s a good treadmill to get steps in when you work at home. I like it and I ONLY recommend it for walking. I hope this helps 🙂

  4. Malissa Schreiber

    Good product for a good priceThis arrived very quickly and was simple to put together. The treadmill runs great and is great for smaller spaces such as apartments or offices. I do wish that it had the capability to incline, but unfortunately it does not.

  5. Christopher Currier

    Great value and compact size! Customer service is easy to deal with once you know how to reach them!3rd UPDATE:increasing by 2 stars for more + interaction with them.Customer service definitely came through. They shipped me a brand new that arrived fairly quickly. Opened it and have used it a couple of times with no issues. I’m happy with it at this point and hoping that continues. Great little treadmill to escape that bad weather days!2nd UPDATE: increasing by 1 star for + interaction with them.Heard from customer service and things seem to be headed in the right direction. After a few quick pix and vids showing the error code, they’ve determined that they are sending me a new treadmill. Fingers crossed that this is a good one!1st UPDATE:This is my 2nd inquiry. My machine was not working upon delivery. The more I think about, I believe I may have received a treadmill that had already been returned! The box was sealed with duct tape and the parts were in a Ziplock branded bag. Which is pretty unacceptable in and of itself and compounded on the fact that it was not discounted AND I can’t get in touch with anyone for customer service.ORIG:So this is interesting (and frustrating)! I bought this to run inside during the cold winter months. The compact size is perfect for my small place – although unsure of my stride yet since I can’t try it out. I’m 6’3”.I turn it on, it starts moving and then stops about 6 seconds into it. Flashes an E. Which I have no idea what it means because the instructions are so basic. I’ve tried different surfaces, different outlets, different presets. All the same.There isn’t even a phone number or website given for customer service! Yet – there are several reviews touting what great CS they have. And here I am…I can’t even find a website for them!Help needed ASAP! I SO want to like this product but have done little than put it together and hear that error beep about 20 times.

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