Gazelle Fitness Glider Cardio Home Fitness Training Exercise Machine

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Product details

Brand Gazelle
Color Silver
Product Dimensions 44″D x 33.5″W x 53.5″H
Material Steel
Maximum Weight Recommendation 300 Pounds
  • HOME WORKOUT: Offering 10 great exercises in a single machine, tighten and tone every major muscle group in your body with this high-performance exercise glider for improved cardiovascular performance making it great for all fitness levels
  • RANGE OF MOTION: Patented, dual-action split suspension provides a complete range of motion that goes from slow walk to full run with no sudden stops. The low impact workout helps with less stress and strain on your body
  • TRACK WORKOUTS: Easy-to-use, grip pulse that can track your heart rate and workout computer that keeps track of speed, distance, time, and calories burnt; The glider folds quickly and easily for easy storage and includes 2 workout DVDs, exercise manual, and nutrition guide
  • SAFE & COMFORTABLE: The extra-wide and non-skid foot platforms help with keeping your feet secure during workouts for added stability. The high-density foam handlebars provide for extra comfort
  • PRODUCT INFO: The glider has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and the durable steel frame is built from 2-inch diameter tubing; Unfolded Dimensions: 44″ L x 33.5″ W x 53.5″ H; Folded Dimensions: 66″ L x 33.5″ W x 10.5″ H


Additional information

Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 56 × 18.6 × 5 cm
Package Weight

55 Pounds

Brand Name






Part Number






Date First Available

November 13 2020


Gazelle Home LLC

10 reviews for Gazelle Fitness Glider Cardio Home Fitness Training Exercise Machine

  1. Jojoleb

    A great little machine (no pun intended)After trying out about a dozen different elliptical exercisers in sporting stores, I eventually bought the Gazelle Edge. It is a great little excercise machine but does have some short comings.I opted for this one because:1. PRICE: After trying out the ellipticals it became very clear that cheap ellipticals are incredibly uncomfortable to use. The motion on machines under $750 was either jerky or the short stride lead to the machine feeling more like a stepper than an elliptical. Many of the low line models were not all that stable. Of the mid-range steppers, I almost bought the Horizons E70 on sale for about $550 (marked down from the mid-$700s). This machine lacked a lot of options but did have the most natural motion I could find in a stepper in this range. Nevertheless, the motion on the Gazelle (they had the souped up Freestyle with thumb-pulse) was at least as good. The price on the Freestyle is about $200 on and the basic model is less than $1002. REVIEWS: Canvassing the internet, the Gazelle had a high satisfaction rates on a number of websites, including Amazon reviews. The low to mid-range ellipticals appeared to have poor reliability ratings and most reviews showed low satisfaction.3. BASIC MACHINE: It appeared to be a basic no-frills machine. If I was going to buy something at a low price range with few options, this one was as good as any other and far cheaper. It is also more light-weight and portable than any of the ellipticals I tried.After purchasing, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. The machine was easy to assemble, given its simple mechanism and few working parts. It offers a reasonable, comfortable workout and is remarkably stable. It also folds down flat for storage and weighs only about 40 lbs. It also requires little room to use. The manual recommends 3 feet in front and behind the machine, but 2 ? seemed to suffice for me. So far my machine is remarkably smooth and silent. There have been reports of squeaking, but I have not experienced this. The manual suggests lubing the machine with vasoline if this occurs… Despite the fact that Tony Little makes annoying infomercials, I think he has a winner in this machine.Nevertheless, it is important to realize that the machine has certain limitations:1. This is NOT a $1,500 Nordic Track Elliptical. It doesn’t have the programs, options, and fluid movement of a high-line elliptical trainer. If you want such a model, you will have to spend the money to buy one. That being said, this machine will not approach the smoothness/comfort of the expensive ellipticals and is really not comparable.2. This is NOT an elliptical trainer. The motion is different, pleasant though it may be.3. The machine has NO built-in training programs. You have to either buy Tony Little’s exercise tapes or make up a program as you go along. I did not opt to buy these, so I can’t comment on them. There are purportedly 7 different exercises that you can do on the Gazelle, but in reality there are only three that I can discern: You can `Gazelle in the neutral position, leaning back, or leaning forward. The other `exercises’ involve different grip heights, letting go/swinging your arms at your sides, bending your knees for a lower/longer stride, and `gazelling’ on your toes. The latter variations don’t really count for me as different exercises, but that’s only my opinion.4. The basic machine has NO resistance adjustment. The `Freestyle’ and `Pro’ models appear to have hydraulic resistance that is adjustable to three levels. Having tried the Freestyle in the store, the hydraulic pistons did add resistance but seemed to make the motion a little less natural for me. Additionally, there was no way to adjust these while exercising. One would have to stop. Get off the machine. Adjust the resistance and resume exercising. Lower line ellipticals can be adjusted while exercising, the Gazelle cannot. Despite the lack of resistance, you can still get a good beginner to intermediate workout on this machine. It is certainly good for people just beginning a fitness program. I alternate aerobic and exercise training for 30 to 40 minutes, 6 days a week and have been doing so for over two years. I would consider myself to be an intermediate to advanced level and was able to raise my heart rate to the target range on this machine.5. It has an INADEQUATE fitness computer. The fitness computer tell you your speed, how far you have `travelled’, the number of calories burned, and the time on the machine. Being a skeptic, I think the only reliable feature would be the time and possibly `distance’. I’m not knocking the company. Knowing how much time you have spent on the device is my most important issue. I could imagine using the `distance’ counter as a measure of when to stop the workout. I just don’t know exactly what `speed’ means or howe exactly it calculates `distance’ traveled or how the device calculates the number of calories when it doesn’t know your weight or the exact amount of applied resistance.Having demoed the Freestyle, I don’t think that the hydraulic pistons are worth the extra $100+ for the inexperienced Gazeller. (After a few months, I might change my mind about this but I don’t think so.) You can also buy a number of other models which appear to have more heavy-duty tubing and extra’s like water bottle holders. For my purposes, the basic machine appears to be just right. I wasn’t about to plunk down more money for a cupholder or an advanced computer. The thumb pulse feature might be helpful to see if you achieve your target heart rate, but you can buy an inexpensive wrist monitor separately and use it when walking, jogging, or when you are one other equipment.To my mind, the way to make this machine better would be to add a magnetic (or even friction) resistance feature that could be adjusted during exercise. It could be made even better by adding fitness programs that could adjust the resistance for you.6. Despite the title ‘Fitness System’ the Gazelle is NOT a complete workout. This is aerobic exercise only and most professionals recommend some weight training to supplement aerobic exercise to maximize weight loss. Tony Little implies on his infomercial that the Gazelle incorporates strength training as well as aerobic training. Unless he is doing something different than is described in the manual, this is really only aerobic training.I don’t think there is a better machine at this price. The midrange ellipticals were very uncomfortable to ride and appear to have a lot of mechanical problems. I would strongly recommend actually trying out the machines in a store before you buy on line. The only way to know if a machine is comfortable is to actually try it. If you are a more advanced exerciser, you might want to opt to invest in the bigger/expensive machines of the type that are used in gyms or by physical therapists. But if you are like me and want just a basic machine at a bargain price, this could be the one for you.

  2. Pinkballoon

    Best low impact exercise machineI’ve been looking for exercise machine for myself with the condition of not worsening my bad knees. This is the one that meets my need. I am not the person who always go to the gym and I knew that if I was a member I would go only few times which wasted my money. This machine doesn’t make my knees hurt. It just likes you are walking in the air, easy to assemble, like weight but steady and stable. If you expect to burn a lot of calories, this isn’t the one for you. You still can burn some but slowly. The only thing that I would mention is the model that I bought did not have pulse monitor on the handle of the bar I hold even though it has small screen to look at but very old fashioned and not convenient. Other than that this is one of the best low impact machine for me.

  3. K.H.

    Can be an incredible low impact machine with some flawsI have had the standard edition for years. I actually found it at someone’s curb for trash pickup, took it home and it worked fine. I have no idea how long they used it for, but I recently started using it again every other day and then daily for 6 months and lost 40 lbs. Having chronic pain, I first kind of glided on it. It is perfect for anyone that just needs to get moving or loosening up the joints and muscles easily. Eventually, I started getting comfortable and running on it. If you are looking for a high cardio full out run, you can certainly do that too (see fitbit stat). But running hands free takes time and requires a lot of balance and focus. I can easily see someone getting hurt if not careful. The only issue I have is that after a few songs, I am 6ft away from where I started, and I have to hope off and push it back. (Also, be careful doing this, big shin bruises) I use it on a painted concrete floor and the paint layers have completely worn off. I just kind of delt with it until

  4. Gabweb9

    I love this machine!I usually don’t take time to write reviews, but this machine is too good to not encourage people to try it. I have been looking for a machine that will give me a decent workout without being to hard on my joints. This fits the bill and it’s actually fun to do. I get my heart rate up, I sweat, and I feel it all of my muscles. Best of all, I enjoy doing it and just want to keep going.I put it together by myself( I’m 58 female). It took me about 30 minutes. Oh and it’s almost silent when using.I’ve only been using this a week, but so far, combined with walking and watching what I eat, I’ve lost almost three pounds.I figure when I get really proficient I can add resistance bands to make it harder.

  5. Dawn

    Glider is my go to for FitnessI run or train for runs and also work where in on my feet 50 hours a week. The glider is the best use for cardio, exercise while I’m rehab plantar foot problem. Hamstrings or anything to getting circulation and movement health wise. I can exercise like i need to even with an an injury or in process healing. I can still get my miles in. Easy assembly, sturdy frame. Feel secure in motion. Computer is accurate for calories miles speed timing. Helpful to set glider goals and meet.

  6. Jennie Sweeney

    Gets the job doneWith Autumn/Winter approaching in the Midwest, outside walking is not always an option and this is so much quieter than a treadmill plus folds up so it’s not taking up space.

  7. alaa a alrabbat

    ExerciseEasy to install and useMakes exercise fun

  8. Cintia

    Easy to useI used to have one but I moved to Florida and I need one, and finally I got it, I love that my kids can use it and I don’t have to worry about them getting hurt, its safe and we enjoy using it, thank you.

  9. Shawn

    Great machineThis is my second gazelle. So very easy to assemble. Low impact, fun and it works! I actually do not mind working out.

  10. A. L. Lewis

    LoveWatch the video. Great low impact full body work out.

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