Gonex Portable Home Gym Workout Equipment with 14 Exercise Accessories Ab Roller Wheel,Elastic Resistance Bands,Push-up

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Product details

Brand Gonex
Material Nylon
Color Grey
Sport Type Exercise and Fitness
Style C:Grey Portable Home Gym Equipment (with 14 Exercise Accessories)
Tension Level 50 pounds
  • ALL-IN-ONE HOME GYM EQUIPMENT SYSTEM: Gonex Training Base is used with various workout equipment attachments: Post Landmine Sleeve, Push-up Handle Bar, Ab Roller,3-section Bar and 30lbs/50lbs Resistance Bands, which can fulfill most of your workout needs for the bulky equipment and machines in the gym. Gonex portable gym makes fitness more affordable and ‎lived anywhere.
  • ANTI-SLIP AND SAFE HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE BASE: UPGRADED MATERIALS of Training Base can withstand Max.300 lbs pressure and Max. 250 lbs tension. Gonex home exercise equipment is great stability and safety and is with non-slip bottom and multiple buckles to help adjust the direction. Gonex R&D Team based on the needs of fitness people and is equipped with Foam Bar Pad with safety Straps which will relieve your pain of the bar pressure and prevent sliding on the shoulder and back
  • YOUR EXCLUSIVE FITNESS COACH: Professional Fitness INSTRUCTION MANUAL and VIDEO: According to our home gym workout equipment, Professional fitness COACH specially designed 43-Page full-body muscle workouts fitness instruction manual and more than 70 movements video and includes different workout levels, action steps introduction, and training courses for 5 major muscle groups, so you don’t need to find professionals coach and you can effectively and correctly train whenever and wherever.
  • DIFFERENT WORKOUT LEVELS FOR BEGINNER,INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED: Gonex Portable Trainer Kit is equipped with 30 lbs/50 lbs Resistance Bands,Ab Rollers,Push-up Handle Bar,Post Landmine Sleeve and 3-section Bar,which have different training levels for full-body muscle exercise. Gonex Fitness Teaching Video can met the needs of fitness professionals with different experiences and efficiently help you become a professional fitness enthusiast.
  • INDOOR FITNESS SYSTEM FOR WHENEVER AND WHEREVER: Gonex workout equipment is Foldable and Portable, and is equipped with a large-capacity storage bag. Gonex home gym equipment can build your muscle and burn your fat when you are at home, office, hotel during business trips. You no longer have to be unable to exercise because of insufficient space at home or pay expensive gym equipment fees.


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Product Description

Home gym

Gonex Home Gym System, portable home workout equipment

Portable Home Gym System

Gonex Home Gym System, portable home workout equipment

portable home gym system

portable home gym system

Additional information

Weight 8.89 kg
Dimensions 25.4 × 20.4 × 4.9 cm






Sport Type

Exercise and Fitness


C:Grey Portable Home Gym Equipment with 14 Exercise Accessories

Tension Level

50 pounds

Number of Resistance Levels


Package Weight

8.89 Kilograms

Brand Name


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Date First Available

May 14 2021



10 reviews for Gonex Portable Home Gym Workout Equipment with 14 Exercise Accessories Ab Roller Wheel,Elastic Resistance Bands,Push-up

  1. HRisario

    There is nothing like this.They most watch over their patents well. If you study other similar fitness equipments out there, they don’t offer the same things. This one is perfect for squats and other leg exercises if you don’t want to buy a lot of weights. I can easily attach and detach all kinds of ropes and bands here to target specific muscles. I combine with my climber belt to attach high resistance bands to its loops. It doesn’t scratch the wood floor and it is easy to fold put away when done. I am usually reluctant to pay this much for fitness equipment because it usually doesn’t do that much for me but this one is a keeper and already beating it to the pulp.

  2. Marco

    Would have given it 5 stars if it didn’t breakI was really satisfied with this product until one day the base broke when I was doing one of my back exercises. I saw on another Amazon review that someone had broken their base and then they received a replacement base shortly after. I decided to contact their customer support through email and through facebook and I never received anything, they would just say they would give me a response as soon as possible and it’s been weeks and still no reply. If I receive my replacement base then I’ll happily change this review as I was really satisfied with this product.———-*UPDATE*I received a whole new replacement base plus the ropes shortly after writing this review! Which is why I changed it to 4 stars now

  3. Atley

    Good, but be carefulThe weight limit is a little off, I am about 200lbs and I can feel/hear the base breaking under my feet when I use the green bands.But the amount of different exercises you can do on this is very nice! I’ll continue to use it, just will stay away from the higher weighted resistant band until I drop under 200 I guess

  4. Henry K

    FunctionalI have been using this thing. It works. The resistance is no substitute for actual weights (in my opinion), but with some practice it is effective. The only other con is the time and effort it takes to shift to various exercise positions. There is a learning curve. I would recommend starting with some simple ones that you can easily adjust to and moving up from there. Otherwise, it’s worth the money.

  5. Raj H

    It’s not what I was looking for BUT it is as advertised. Great for toning!I have questions about durability over the repetitive use of the equipment but that’s just conjecture at this point.It seems like it’s great quality at the outset.My only complaint is there is only two sets of bands very light resistance and regular resistance. Depending on how you hook it up on the foot board you can increase the resistance to a degree but this isn’t true if you have to use the door hinge anchor because there is no way to control the length of bands this way. Well that’s not completely true. You can actually do the exercise farther from the anchor for heavier resistance but at some point it feels like you’re putting to much strain on the bands.All that being said, this system is made for toning and range of motion more than resistance training for strength. I didn’t realize this when I ordered it. So for what it is, it’s worth it’s price tag for sure.

  6. joyes

    Plastic but a lot of optionsIt is working perfectlyCon, you must get multiple attachments to take the pressure off.The reason is your strength to one point is maybe not so perfect for taking the pressure off using multiple attachments to the board to avoid breaking the hooks.I am pleased with the results of making from the board. I prefer wood with some tricks to take the force of one point, but I hooked it up two points.So far, much equipment and various types of things you can do. I will make a bag for the board. And your feet must be near to your hooked attach to prevent breaking.Otherwise, be advised of the force you put on.Plastic… Newton law

  7. Amazon Customer

    Flexible systemThis is a really nice enhancement to a traditional band set. Versatile is a perfect description. The platform provides some cool options for push-ups and a great alternative for squats. Good booklet to provide ideas about different moves that can give you a total body workout. And the bar+handles provide a nice variability to keep your muscles guessing.I would say this is a great for those who are in-shape and want to stay there, but don’t want the hassle of a gym. Good for beginners as well, probably a rest day option for high performance athletes.Finally, really solid customer support. I had an issue with a band and they took care of it and were extremely responsive.

  8. Lindsay

    It’s almost perfectWe bought this and absolutely loved it until one of the straps broke and came back and hit my husband in the elbow. Unfortunately it was still pretty new when this happened so we were a little bummed. We still use it just use extra caution.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Nice, Portable GymI had wanted this type of equipment for versatility and storage convenience. I really like the workout booklet. There are a lot of different ways to use the bands with the training base. I feel it is very secure with the carabiner attached.I will say, being able to attach the bands in the exact position as noted to do an exercise did call for some repositioning to get the resistance needed to do several of the exercises. I am 5’1″ and the model in the pictures was clearly taller (as they usually are), so I either had to run the carabiner through one or two extra buckles on the base to be able to get the resistance needed. It would be nice if there was an option to purchase some different lengths other than the two that came with the system. The black bands were too short for me to comfortably use them for the seated “good morning” exercise and the orange ones were too long. Also, to do the chair exercises, you need to find a seat with a smaller footprint to fit on the base. I used a step stool which “just” straddled the base so it would not pull up.As with all new things, it definitely takes a bit of time to learn the setups for the exercises and to do them. Don’t expect to have only 30-min to get through 3 or more positions right out of the “bag”. I have found at least 3 or 4 exercises I like and the setup is a bit faster. The bands are a bit uncomfortable on the shoulders doing the ab crunches and the “wood chopper”. It would be nice if they included the foam for the bands where they cross your body.Overall, I am very happy with the gym. I love that it is portable and the bands offer good resistance. The unit feels very sturdy.

  10. Ronny Acosta

    SturdyI wasn’t sure how sturdy the platform was going to be but turns out, it’s a lot more sturdier than I gave it credit. I love that I can either does these workouts standing or even sitting down. What I like is that it gives you an informative guide on how to do different workouts so you’re not just pulling and doing what you think it should be. The elastic straps are really strong and when incorporating the wheel, I thought it might pull the platform but with the amount of weight you put on it, there’s no way it moves. There is some padding on the platform but since I have bad knees, I was able to put an old yoga mat I cut up on it to help cushion it more. That was really the only issue I personally had but again, I have bad knees. The hooks that hook to the platform and accessories are really strong and don’t bend easily or pop open. All of the equipment that comes with this workout station is practically everything I use at the gym, minus a treadmill or bike. You get a full workout with this setup and really does workout your whole body. I should also mention that the padding on the platform itself does help prevent you from sliding while working out but it is best not to use this barefoot or with just socks. I do recommend still wearing tennis shoes when using this to prevent any sort of accidental injuries. comes with a carrying case for easy storage.

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