HouseFit Rowing Machine 300Lbs Weight Capacity for Home use 15-Level Magnetic Resistance Row Machine Exercise with LCD Display

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Brand HouseFit
Color Black
Resistance Mechanism Magnetic
Product Dimensions 12.8″D x 48.2″W x 25.6″H
Maximum Weight Recommendation 300 Pounds
Model Name SKYLINE R50
  • ✅SOLID BUILD – The humanized designed, 300 Lbs weight capacity give this rowing machine a rock-solid build. under the special rear stabilizer to keep the rowing machine stable on different surfaces, it provides you safe rowing.
  • ✅SUPER QUIET – This rowing machine is designed with a High-quality Solid aluminum slide rail, and no-touch magnetic resistance, which will make the workout super quiet and more smooth. It will be the best choice of rowing machine machine for home use.
  • ✅FULLY ADJUSTABLE – With 15 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance, the machine will fit for the different workout plans for beginner or experts; With adjustable non-slip pedals, it can fit different sizes of feet; The angle of the digital monitor can be adjusted to the most comfortable angle to read the display for the users with different height.
  • ✅DIGITAL MONITOR – With a digital monitor, the user will be able to track the time, count, total count, and calories data to keep you motivated and on pace. It also comes with a phone holder on the monitor, the user can watch workout class or movies while doing rowing workout.
  • ✅SAVE SPACE & EASY TO MOVE – With the special design, you can put this rowing machine in standing position for storage, it occupies less than you use it. It also designs with dual caster wheels, so we can move it easily to anywhere you want it to be. Please keep the children and pets away from a standing rowing machine.
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Product Description





Our Brand:

HouseFit is originated in 1991, well recognized and renowned throughout Middle East and Europe, across mainly to East Europe, Russia and other Gulf States, our customers appreciate the versatility of our medium-high level products with affordable prices, ranging from convenient home-use fitness to light commercial and commercial, continues with the cardio, strength and group training products.

HouseFit Rowing Machine 300Lbs Weight Capacity for Home use 15-Level Magnetic Resistance Row Machine Exercise with LCD Display

This rowing is designed with a High-quality Solid aluminum slide railWith 15 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance the machine will fit for the different workout plans for beginner or experts

· Magnetic tension system; 15 Levels of adjustable resistance

· LCD console displays Time, Count, Calories, Total Count, Scan

· Non-slip grip handlebars and Fully padded seat for comfort

· Under the special rear stabilizer to keep the rowing machine stable on different surfaces, it provides you safe rowing

· This rowing machine is designed with a High-quality Solid aluminum slide rail

· Maximum user weight: 300 Lbs

· Assembled Dims: 65*22*32 in ; Folded Dims: 29*22*65 in





Non-slip handlebars

Durable foamed-covered handle designed with comfortable anti-slip grip for consistent use.Increase endurance with the rower’s feature magnetic 12 Lbs flywheel that offers a smooth and efficient workout.

Solid aluminum slide rail

The humanized designed, 300 Lbs weight capacity give this rowing machine a rock-solid build. under the special rear stabilizer to keep the rowing machine stable on different surfaces, it provides you safe rowing

Shock absorption

Reduce the impact of reaction force and distribute pressure evenly to protect your body while rowing the machine

Special design

With the special design, you can put this rowing machine in standing position for storage, it occupies less than you use it.





LCD Digital Monitor

Electronic watch: LED display High efficiency Easy to operate Easy to read. Display:Time,Speed,Scan,Calories ,Distance.

15 Level Magnetic Resistance

With a simple twist, you can increase or decrease resistance so your rowing machine workout can remain challenging and effective throughout your fitness journey.

Adjustable Pedals

The pedals placed offer customized foot straps and a slip-resistant design for comfort and safety.the stability of this rowing machine will never be compromised.

Ergonomic seat cushion

The ergonomic seat cushion supports your hips and back, also ensure proper workout.

Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 12.8 × 48.2 × 25.6 cm




Resistance Mechanism


Product Dimensions

12.8D x 48.2W x 25.6H

Model Name


Frame Material


Item Weight

62 Pounds

Tension Level




Power Source

Corded Electric

Number of Batteries

2 AAA batteries required. included

Display Type


Package Weight

32.21 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

48.2 x 12.8 x 25.6 inches

Brand Name




Date First Available

April 9 2020



10 reviews for HouseFit Rowing Machine 300Lbs Weight Capacity for Home use 15-Level Magnetic Resistance Row Machine Exercise with LCD Display

  1. Allison

    Overall a great buy for a lower price rowerUpdate more than a year later:I still love this rower and still agree with everything I previously wrote. Some things I have found in the last year:• I have used old washcloths and some rubber bands to give the handles more padding because I was getting blisters, and for good measure I also wear my weight gloves.• I sprayed some WD40 on the track once to cut down on some squeaking.• It’s extremely easy to move. I keep it stored upright in a corner, and all I do is pull it back a bit, roll it around a corner (on carpet) and lay it down. Simple, no excuses not to use it. It is a bit heavy but not unmanageable at all. The computer folds down and that really helps it fit better into its storage area.• I had some back pain but learned the issue was my form, not the machine. It’s performed perfectly and improved form has helped my back.• I rarely pay attention to the data screen anymore since starting the Holofit program on my VR headset, but I have noticed the data on the screen and the data tracked by the headset can be very different.The reason I’m writing this update has only become clear to me recently. I’ve gone from using it sporadically to using it daily (thanks Holofit!) and my rowing has improved. As I improve, the machine isn’t quite meeting my increased demand. The biggest issue I have, and what will probably drive me to eventually buy a different rower, is that the handlebar is roughly right above your feet. This means that the extension available to you on the catch (when your knees are bent and you are forward on the machine) is limited. I’ve reached a point where I would like to lean forward a bit and extend more in the catch position without scrunching myself onto the front handlebar. This just isn’t possible with this compact design. If you look at more expensive rowers, they are much longer and the handlebars rest much farther forward than your feet, giving you that extra room.To be clear, this is no fault of the rower – it is meant to be a lower cost, entry-level rower, and it does that perfectly. I’ve just leveled up enough that I’m starting to need a little more out of my machine, which I think means that this rower has done its job. So if you’re an entry-level newbie rower who doesn’t want to spend $1k on a Concept 2, this is a great choice. Just know that one day you might need a little more.Original review:If I wasn’t going to use my treadmill during quarantine, then I’m not going to use it at all. It was time to do something else for at-home fitness, and I discovered a few years ago that I really love rowing. With the pandemic and the gym closed, I started looking around for a home rower. I settled on this one after doing a lot of research.Why I picked this rower:• Good price• Good reviews• High weight limit as we are both heavier. My husband, who is over 300 lbs, tried it and was surprised how sturdy it felt.• The magnetic type of rower is the quietest, and I knew I’d be using it in the early morning in the room next to my sleeping husband. Having used it a few times now, it is indeed extremely quiet and does not wake him.• We are in a third floor apartment with neighbors below us. The treadmill always had an impact on the floor, so I was always uncomfortable using it above their heads. This has no impact and does not affect any neighbors. I don’t feel bad about using it in the early morning before work.• It does not fold, it stands upright. This is a small thing, but when it comes to using home fitness equipment, it has to be easy to set up. The old treadmill had to be moved out of its storage place, unfolded, and I had to crawl under the TV stand to plug it in. If you’re looking for an excuse not to work out, this was a good one, and so I’d end up not using it. With the rower there’s no plugging it in and no unfolding, I just lay it down from its storage area and use it right there. It is easy to stand up, but it is heavier than I expected (heavier than folding up the treadmill deck). Other rowers had a folding option, and you’d have to do a small re-assembly to use it. I was worried this would give me another excuse not to use it like the treadmill.• A silly thing, but the design looks modern and different than other rowers (the back legs especially). The back feet and the support in the middle are adjustable to your floor, which is nice.• Some reviews complained about the large foot rests, but I saw this as a bonus since my husband has wide feet.• It has wheels for easy moving.• Takes up less storage space than the old treadmill.It arrived a full 3 days earlier than expected. It was well packaged and easy to get out of the packaging. I did assembly by myself with no problem at all. Instructions were reasonable and all bolts and tools were included. I did use a better screwdriver of my own just for ease of use. I was pleasantly surprised at how sturdy it feels. It’s more solid than I had expected. My iPad fits snugly onto the phone rest and does not shift during use. It is a very smooth, solid, quiet motion.Could be improved:• Seat padding. I’ll probably make a pad myself. It’s nice and wide, though.• Hand grip padding is just OK. Better than nothing. I’ll probably add pads myself or wear my weight gloves.• The computer plastic feels cheap, and for some reason has one button in the middle with 4 decorative buttons around it. It works just fine though, and I like that it scans through the different analytics.• The Velcro straps around the feet close inwards, towards the machine. This makes it harder to strap closed because you’re squeezing your hand between the foot rest and the machine. A small issue, but I may try to flip the Velcro around so it closes to the outside of the machine.• Another small issue, but the plastic cover at the end of the rail was really hard to screw on. The screws did not want to find the metal holes to attach the cover to the rail end. This was the hardest part of assembly (which isn’t saying much).Overall, a good purchase, especially for the price, and so far pleased with it. Recommend.

  2. john

    Don’t do it. Your time and money is more valuable than this.The media could not be loaded.

     UPDATE (08-19-22): After dealing with the manufacturer, I’ve had to reduce this to a one star. Amazon is not at fault; they did everything they could.The product itself isn’t very good. I realized this once I tried out a higher-end product. The computer is nowhere near accurate. Not only is the clock off by almost 2 minutes for every 30, the distance is off and so is the calorie count. The resistance on my machine was garbage, with little difference between the low and high settings. Where I had it (8) was equal to 2 on a higher-end machine. There are only 4 rollers on the seat (2 per side), so weight shifting eats up the cheaply made things quickly. The better machines have 4 per side, or different rollers altogether.Dealing with the manufacturer was worse than I expected, and I didn’t expect much. I had to download an app to contact them. It took them a week to respond. Once they responded the first time, it was days between responses. After sending them screenshots of my receipts, they decided not to warranty the rollers because I had already received a refund. Although I can see their point, the second rollers lasted 2 days. Literally an hour and a half, total. I expect a manufacturer to stand behind their product. Had they not been rude about it, I would have asked to purchase the parts (which was my intent anyway.) I had professional repair companies looking to source the rollers. They are an odd size and cannot be sourced in the US (none of us could find them, anyway.) The manufacturer didn’t even make the offer to sell me the parts, just stopped communicating altogether. By this time it had been a couple weeks time. So now I’m a proud owner of a WaterRower, made in USA by hand, and am MUCH happier with the 2 yr warranty (parts and labor) and the quality (10000% better) machine.UPDATE (07-31-22): I’ve had to degrade my review to 2 stars. After 6 weeks one of the bearings in the seat roller wore out. This is with regular use (not over-use.) These are non-serviceable bearings, meaning there’s nothing you can really do to fix them. After the first week it started squeaking. After 6 weeks it gave out completely. Amazon customer service was great, and replaced the entire unit since they don’t have the seat rollers as a separate item. The replacement gave out completely on day 2. Guess what? If you said 44mm x 8mm x 11mm nylon rollers are nearly impossible to find, you’d be correct. Unfortunately, Amazon had a system glitch that prevented a replacement for the replacement from being sent. They DID do a refund, but it doesn’t fix the problem. I am awaiting a response from the manufacturer (which is located somewhere in Taiwan) for a replacement. I’m not holding my breath.While searching for rollers, I stopped by a Fitness Equipment/Repair store in my area. Although I failed to find replacement rollers, I DID get to play with another “top tier” unit, and let me say, rhe resistance on THAT is what I expected. This one is WEAK by comparison. Seriously. That one had 8 settings and setting 2 was comparable to 13 or more on this machine. Setting 8 was more than I’d be able to handle in a 45 min workout. While I was there, I got to check out a water machine while I was there. Oooooo….I WANT!Original review: I’ve owned this unit for a week now, and have put a hair over 4000 strokes in it, at a usage of about 30 min a day for 5 days.For the price, this is a good buy. It’s smooth, quiet, and you get the cardio. In my opinion, it could have a better computer running the display. It’s really a low level calculator; it could also have more resistance at the top end of the resistance scale. It does NOT fold for storage. It stands upright, and the display unit pushes down a couple inches so it sticks out less.It’s quiet enough nobody wakes at 6AM when I’m using it, unlike when I was doing the Insanity workout routine.The computer does count your strokes, time of workout, calories burned, etc. However, the calories burned are a rough estimate based on your number of rows (I think.) It doesn’t take gender and weight into effect doing the calculations. You’re better off using a heart rate sensor and your phone if this info needs to be accurate.The clock is off. I haven’t figured out exactly why, but it seems to be active ONLY when pulling the rope, or maybe when the flywheel is turning. I used my phone and a kitchen timer both to verify and in a 30 minute workout, the timer on the machine said 26 min and change. It varied over the course of the week with how fast I rowed, becoming more closer to my phone timer the faster I rowed. Not critical. But certainly something to take into account when planning your workouts. If you’re on a schedule, don’t rely on the machine computer.Also, watch your fingers when moving the unit. I found unfinished areas inside the frame, as shown in the photo, where I ended up with a steel splinter in my hand. These are natural handholds when lifting it for storage. Be aware.Pros: very quiet, reliable, sturdyCons: Clock off, unfinished steel, not enough resistanceThis is a good machine for home use. For the price, I got what I needed and expected. If you’re looking for a fancy pro machine, go pay $2000 for it. This isn’t it. It could use some improvements, but it does the job and overall I’m satisifed.

  3. Spencer

    Great product but after a few months it began to squeak loudly.It works perfectly but I have to blast music while I use it to drowned out the loud squeaking each time I pull out the bar. Didn’t start doing this until a few weeks after and seems to be getting a little worse. Hopefully there’s a way to fix it without having to return it or fully disassemble it!Otherwise it is a great product.

  4. M.M.

    Good while it lastedFailed after a couple of months of light use (~2 times per week for half hour). One of the seat wheels started to wobble and is making a lot of noise. The bolt/nut holding it seems to be secure. Can’t find how to get warranty service, and can’t find any replacement wheels online.UPDATE: After I was able to contact the manufacturer’s customer support via Amazon, they shipped replacement wheels, which I’ll be installing shortly. Changing rating to 4 stars.

  5. Amazon Customer

    that have knee surgeries. Easy to use and fun. Easy to put together not that hard.I like this product because it doesn’t force me to use my legs and knees I have had several surgeries on my knees and I cannot longer ride elliptical. I really enjoy the rower gets a good cardiovascular exercise and it helps tone me up.

  6. Mike Hughes

    Worked great, at firstWorked great for the first few months. Even though I’m about 270, the rail that the seat glides on started to warp at around 3mos in (using 20-30mins, 3x a week), now the wheels pop off the track mid row due to the rail being warped. No real good way to fix or tighten to ensure it stays on the track without replacing the rail. Take that for what you will.

  7. Poupee Folle

    Quiet and compact with nice featuresEasy to build. Feels sturdy. I was looking for something that could be stored in the smallest footprint possible. This one tips right up into a corner or against a wall without any complicated folding in about a 2×2 foot space. I also like the little lip that holds iPads and phones. It’s placed above the rowing handle (not sure why some have it placed below–makes no sense) and my iPad fits pretty securely in it. That being said, the monitor (operation and info) is kind of a headscratcher, but I’m usually watching TV on my iPad anyway, so I don’t look at it much. The resistance settings offer a great range for me and as advertised, it’s super quiet. However, like some other reviewers, I found the foot straps a bit wonky. I ended up installing them “backwards” so I could pull the straps out instead of in to tighten. They’re clearly not meant to be used that way and I might end up wearing the straps out sooner, but it’s worth it to me. Overall, great price for all the features I was looking for.

  8. GadgetFanatic

    Very Solid RowerMy first impressions after setting this up is that it is a solid machine. I was looking for a rowing machine that was built to last. After doing a little research it was recommended to get something rated for 300 lbs. or more. This one caught my eye. The price was right, looked solid plus was more compact then most.At this price-point I knew the electronics would be basic but that was what I was wanted. With a little modification (adding a some rubber spacers) it can hold a iPad securely. There are plenty of YouTube videos for rowing.The rower came earlier than expected. It was boxed well, no issues found. The assembly was pretty straight forward, took about 30-40 minutes to put it together. I was able to slap it together myself but having an extra set of hands may be useful.The only minor issues I can see are the velcro foot straps (they are a little cheap) and I wish the LCD display would hold a tablet a little snugger. Those are minor and can be resolved.Overall I am very happy with the purchase and would recommend this rower to someone that wants something basic yet solid.

  9. Tom

    Good, but with one major caveat.Let me preface this by saying I’m 265 lbs. 6,1 and used to row on my high school team as well as compete in indoor rowing machine competitions. Now on to the erg itself, for the price all the major components are great, the resistence is good, the slide feels smooth, the overall build feels sturdy, but there is unfortunately one major flaw. the foot-straps are absolute rubbish. Despite being an erg designed for at home rowers you can forget about trying to use this barefoot or with socks like I intended, yet even with my size 12/13 sneakers these straps just didn’t feel adequately tight. This may seem like a nitpick, but without having your feet firmly tied in you’re losing a great deal of pushing power, rendering the machine useless frankly. The computer is nothing to write home about, but unlike the straps the computer is what I’d expect for the price. The unfortunate thing is that I’d imagine foot-straps are the cheapest component to get right, but that ends up being the killing blow to this product. Overall the product is seemingly great aside from the glaring issue of the foot-straps, I hope to remedy this myself with some new velcro straps and epoxy(I broke one of the foot rests while trying to tighten straps.), but I wouldn’t recommend this product as is.

  10. Richard

    Quiet, quality machine for the priceAside from just a few cosmetic blemishes with the powder coat and a squeak from one of the seat rollers (fixed with just a touch of silicone grease), the machine works flawlessly. Much quieter than my Concept 2, though the rowing motion isn’t quite as full. I did have to remove the seat stops so I could extend my legs fully, but I’m 6’5″. The minutes is also not the best, but I track my stroke count independently. I’ve put almost 25k kilometers on it so far and it’s performing just fine.Edit: I’ve seen quite a few reviews complaining about the foot straps. I’ve never had any issue with them, but I wear a size 16. I also don’t work out barefoot, but decided to give it a try. The straps kind of rubbed into the top of my foot, but my drive was still fine. I only did a quick 100m, but the top and bottom of my feet were a bit chafed and started to slip. I’ve decided that it’s probably not the best idea to use any exercise equipment without proper footwear.After almost a year of daily use, the rower is holding up just fine. I’ve had to grease one of the rollers yet again to silence a squeak, but aside from that it’s performing perfectly.

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