INNOVA HEALTH AND FITNESS ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Table

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  • Isolated heat and vibration therapeutic massage inversion with adjustable lumbar pad
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 46″ L x 28 W” x 63″ H
  • Six (6) position Adjustable pin system with added Patent Pending Protective Cover for easy positioning and safer inverting over strap systems
  • Adjustable headrest pad with large and comfortable padded backrest
  • Accommodates users 4ft-10″ to 6ft-6″ with a 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • One Year Warranty
SKU: B00F950N2G


Let your body experience the latest in inversion comfort with the Innova Fitness ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion System with large energy foam padded back pad and adjustable headrest pad. The lumbar pad can adjust for isolated heat and massage therapy. Multiple mode massage settings with auto and manual selections allow for a more complete massage experience. Combining a relaxing soft vibration massage with heat makes this Inversion table one of the most therapeutic and advanced tables on the market to date. Our unique 6-position side inversion pin replaces the old style strap and easily adjusts, making varying degrees of inversion simple. Just position the pin in the desired decline position and know that your inversion position will be safe, comfortable and consistent each and every time. Our new heel/ankle u-shape holders make for comfortable inversion and the soft touch foam handlebars assists while returning to an upright position. The frame design can be folded for easy storage. Accommodates users 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in. Order with confidence as this unit includes a one year . Safety Information: Consult with a licensed physician before using this inversion table. Some medical conditions may not be suitable for use with this product. Disclaimer: Although we strive to ensure all product details and information is accurate, there may be slight variations by the manufacturer. Actual product packaging and materials may vary and may contain different information than shown on our product page or website. Please do not rely solely on the information presented and be sure to read all labels, warnings, and instructions before using the product. For additional information on the product, please do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer. Length 2. 50 inch, Width 44. 50 inch, Height 30 inch, Weight 63 Pounds.

From the manufacturer


Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table

The Innova ITM4800 is a heavy-duty inversion table that comes with many features that set it apart from other inversion tables. Starting with its adjustable Massage Pad that provides isolated Heat and Vibration with multi-mode settings for a complete massage experience.

This model also features a large backrest pad and soft touch foam handlebars to allow for a comfortable, easy inversion. But these features are just the basics. The ITM4800’s True Balance System allows each user to find their own unique center of gravity. The Six Angle Pin System allows users to trust that the ITM4800 will easily, safely, and consistently deliver on the finest inversion experience.

True Balance System – Double Adjustment Structure

Unlike other inversion tables, which only have one adjustable part, the ITM4800’s True Balance System has two adjustable features, to help each individual user find the smoothest and most comfortable inversion experience for them. The True Balance Structure allows users to adjust the headrest and the height to micromanage the center of gravity.

6-Angle Pin System With Protective Cover

The ITM4800 also features a patented protective cover for the easy to adjust six angle pin system. Just position the pin in the desired slope and know that your inversion position will be safe, comfortable, and consistent every time. Old tether strap systems require the user to dismount entirely and climb underneath the table in order to adjust and can loosen after repeated use.

  • Assembly Required
  • 300 lb User Weight Capacity
  • Horizontal Heat & Massage Lumbar Pad
  • Longer Ankle Holding Knob for Easier Release with Ergonomic Ankle Holding System
  • True Balance System for Easy Inverting
  • Six (6) Position Adjustable Pin System with added Patented Protective Cover for easy positioning
  • Large, Comfortable Backrest Pad with Adjustable Headrest Pad
  • Consult with a licensed physician before starting any new exercise regime.

Disclaimer: inversion tables are intended to provide immediate and lasting back relief, but may not work for all customers, results may vary

Safety Information: Consult with a licensed physician before using this inversion table. Some medical conditions may not be suitable for use with this product.

Disclaimer: Although we strive to ensure all product details and information is accurate, there may be slight variations by the manufacturer. Actual product packaging and materials may vary and may contain different information than shown on our product page or website. Please do not rely solely on the information presented and be sure to read all labels, warnings, and instructions before using the product. For additional information on the product, please do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer.

Innova Health & Fitness

4800 Massage

4800 HAT


Advanced Heat and Massage Lumbar Pad

Multi-mode massage (auto & manual) settings with therapeutic isolated heat and vibrations.

Six Angle Pin Slot System with Protective Cover

For a safer and more consistent inversion.

Height Adjustment Tube

Easy to adjust to accommodate each individual’s body type (height/weight distribution).

Ergonomic Ankle Holding System

Features a longer Ankle Locking System with Front and Rear U-Shaped Holders for a secure, relaxed inversion.

4800 Frame

4800 Headrest

4800 Handlebars


Heavy Duty Steel Frame

User Settings: 4’10” to 6’6″.

Weight Capacity: 300 lb.

This equipment is for consumer, indoor home use only.

Adjustable Headrest & Thick Backrest Pad

Headrest: Three positions to help find a more relaxing inversion.

Backrest: Padded for comfort and large to accommodate all body sizes.

Soft, Foam Handlebars

For a more comfortable grip.

True Balance System

For easy inversion.

Additional information

Weight 29.48 kg
Dimensions 51 × 23 × 6.6 cm
Package Weight

29.48 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

46 x 28 x 63 inches

Item Weight

57 Pounds

Brand Name

Innova Health and Fitness

Warranty Description

One year warranty

Model Name



black blue and gray



Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number


Included Components

parts to install inversion table



Date First Available

October 31 2013


Innova Products Inc.

10 reviews for INNOVA HEALTH AND FITNESS ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Inversion Table

  1. Noojin3

    Impressive Inversion Table / Electronic Heat & MassageFirst, I researched the heck out of these inversion tables. Teeter makes an argument that a padded back inhibits the effects of inversion. I found this statement to be false. The Inova Inversion Table with its padded back and head rest is not only comfortable, but the inversion is quite effective. I started with just a 35-degree inversion, and it really felt great. For people who have never tried it, you have a feeling of “supported weightlessness”. It is a good stretch but very relaxing. The electronic and/or heated massage is exceptional. I had low expectations for it, but it works really well. It reminded me of these $250 massages I have gotten in these high-end hotels or resorts–complete relaxation when done. So, 5 stars on the inversion experience and 5 stars on the electronic and heated massage. Now, let’s talk about the assembly and build quality. I was super, super impressed with the quality of the parts and workmanship. The machine is constructed with solid high-grade steel and metal, polished and finished beautifully. The welds are strong, solid and smooth. All high grade and quality parts. I inspected mine thoroughly and all quality workmanship throughout. The machine comes boxed with a written manual of instructions with diagrams that are very good. I read each step several times and studied the diagrams, and they even provide all the tools needed which included 2 wrenches, a screwdriver and a hex screwdriver. (If you have a socket set, you can speed the assembly. However, I didn’t and used the provided wrenches and it took me a couple of hours to assemble it. A socket set would cut that time in half). One person can assemble it except for when it is time to mount the back rest. You will need one person to hold it in place while the other attaches the bolts and nuts. Otherwise, it is not too taxing or time consuming. Also, I was very impressed with the packaging. Internally, each piece was meticulously and individually professionally wrapped. No expense was spared to protect the parts and their finish. Again, very high-quality parts. Plastic was ONLY used where it was non-load bearing and cosmetic. How many times have we seen in other products key components made of plastic that shortly failed? Not so here. (I work out with weights and have assembled many weight machines and benches, and I was super impressed with the quality and workmanship of this Inova Inversion Table. The parts and workmanship could have easily priced this product at $800-$900. I don’t see how they can make a profit at this price point while using such high-quality materials. it is truly amazing. Nothing was skimped on, and no short cuts were taken in the workmanship, design, assembly or use of the product. The Inversion table is built with several safety features. Also, the ankle system used to support the body during inversion is excellent. I did not know what to expect and was thinking it might not be comfortable, but I found it to be very secure and very comfortable. I am 6 foot and 1 inch tall. Just follow the instructions exactly and I believe you will find it works well for you too. Also, Inova gives very good instructions and guidance for how to use the Inversion Table and Settings (inside the written instruction manual) which I appreciate very much as I can quickly use it as a handy reference in future uses. (They also have online videos that are helpful, but I used only the written manual). So, for Quality Parts and Workmanship, I rate 5 stars. For Assembly, I also rate 5 stars. I really have no complaints. This is nearly a perfect product. I can’t attest to its pain treatment effects as I got mine for “preventive” as I want to maintain my back into my upper years. Lifting weights, even correctly, puts a lot of strain on the back. The Table can be partly folded for storage in a closet. The instruction manual says there are “other storage options” and to call them if you want to learn more. Well, that is my only but minor annoyance. I say, tell us in the provided instruction manual–how much more space would that take–a half a page. Assembled it is a bit bulky and unless you have a dedicated fitness room or a super huge master bedroom, likely you will be stumping your toe one morning. Still, very much worth the risk and I will take my chances with the toe. Hahaha. Anyhow, I highly recommend this Inova Inversion Table! I see myself using this product a few minutes every day. I am glad I made the purchase. A++

  2. FloridaTech

    Great Inversion Table – High Quality!I should have bought one of these 30 years ago!I have had 23 major trauma and reconstructive surgeries. Spent 2 Christmases and 2 New Years in our Trauma 1 hoslital. I have been rebuilt with titanium. Broken rt ankle, tibia (titanium rod inside from knee to ankle), broke pelvis in 4 pieces (rebuilt with titanium plates, wires, and screws), compression fracture L1 vertebrate, fractured scapula, Pec flap that took chest muscle to replace my neck muscle. I have 14 herniated disks. I also have Degenerative Disk Disease, so inversion therapy really helps the pain. Just FYI, I took a couple rounds in the neck and thigh, blew off 1/3rd of my neck and chunk of the back skull. I got this inversion table and the pain from the pinched nerves in my neck and back were immediately relieved upon inversion. My pain is severe and chronic.I absolutely love this thing. If you’re hurt and don’t have any aneurysms, etc. you really need to try one of these.WARNING: The manual says talk to your physician before use. Just in case you have a medical condition where inversion may cause you a serious problem.The pain comes back, but not as bad. I can’t wait to see what a couple weeks does for the pain. I will try and update the review in a couple of weeks.The inversion table is very well built. I would recommend turning the heat on maybe 3 or 4 minutes before use as it takes a while for the heat to build up. It uses a power adapter, so it isn’t as fast as a 120v heating pad warms up. I actually take it off (attached with velcro strips) and use it in my recliner afterwards and it does get hot. It just takes time.Also, I am 6′ 1″ 230lbs. The height adjustment in my opinion is off a little bit. Set at my height it was a bit difficult to pull myself back up. I dropped it an additional 2″ and it is very easy to pull myself up. Almost effortlessly. So you may want to add 2 or 3 inches if you find it hard to return upright.The plastic caps at the end of the tubes don’t fit very well. I have them pop off if I move it. That is the only problem I have with this table. Otherwise it is great and I would buy it again.

  3. Nick

    Works great. If you use it twice, it covers the cost of a chiropractor.Assembled easily. Once the positions are set to me, it inverts with ease. You don’t even need to use the handles, you can pivot up and down just by shifting the position of your arms. I am 6‘3“ tall and 190 pounds. The massaging feature is nice, although I think it sticks up a little bit too high for me, but I don’t have much for curves (I’m a guy) but it is still nice. For the most part I have used it without this feature, but it could be used separately if desired. I added a piece of wax paper so that my upper body slides down easier when inverted. I think that this gives a little more pull down without needing to go at as steep of an angle, but the material used slides fine and seams durable. Easy to adjust angle. The clamps that hold on your ankles are relatively comfortable considering you are dangling from your ankles. They are easy to adjust and set as well. Overall, it seems to work great, especially for the price.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Excellent value for priceI expected cheaply made because of the price but it’s really sturdy and pretty easy to piece together. Tall enough for my husband who’s 6′ 5″ and after a couple of weeks of use I can say it does help with back pain.

  5. Raj Dhawan

    A very good deal & value!Got this Innova Inversion Table over the wknd. While the table is fantastic, installation is best if it’s done professionally, which is what I did. The table comes with a nice massage add on, the table has good padded cushions, and you can set the length of the table to suit your height, as well as the degree of inversion. I like to use it multiple times in a day, and only for 5 minutes or so. Greatly reduces stress, improves blood flow to the brain, and stretches all the ligaments and the spine really well. Inverting daily prevents both hunching, as well as loss of height as you get older. I really look forward to getting on my Inversion Table; just a few minutes on it gives me not just a relaxing back massage, but a very refreshing stretch that totally energizes me. One of my best lifelong investments. Definitely worth having!

  6. B. Buffington

    Great valueThis is my third inversion table. I’ve had cheap ones and very expensive ones. This one was worth the price and does everything I needed to do. Quite a number of pieces, just be patient. Photographs for assembly are not adequate.

  7. Dschwanee

    LOVE ITIt was a pain to put together. BUT worth it. We love the inversion table. It helps the back, hips, and stretches all your muscles and and internal organs. We use it every day for about 2-5 minutes.

  8. Jena

    It’s niceI got this for my 275lbs 6ft2 blue collar man and he enjoys it. His coworker who is also our roommates uses it as well haha

  9. AngelsDiamonds

    Great table just heavy to invertTook about 2 hours to out together. The quality is outstanding however I’m 5’6 and weigh 125lbs and it’s just way too hard for me by myself to invert, that’s why I returned it. Very disappointed that it’s now been almost a month since the return and my card still hasn’t been refunded. Very disappointing!!

  10. AceInTheX

    Needs padding on foot bars.The foot bars are set too low so you have to wrap them to get your foot up higher otherwise, the “ankle clamp* slides lower on your feet, holding you less securely. If you wrap the bars, lifting your feet an inch or two, then the clamps actually clamp your ankles… Wished it folded flatter, other than that, no complaints.

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