Invacare Tracer SX5 Wheelchair for Adults | Everyday Folding | 16 Inch Seat | Desk Arms

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  • FEATURING: A carbon steel frame, a seat and back with heavy-duty inner liner, and urethane rear tires mounted on “no flex” wheels, the Tracer SX5 Wheelchair is built to last. Dual-axle allows for conversion from 19.5″ to hemi seat to floor height of 17.5″.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Built with 14-gauge cross braces for added durability and strength. Seats are made of comfortable. dual-embossed nylon with heavy-duty inner liners that keep the seat and back from stretching.
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 250 lbs.
  • DIMENSIONS: Adjustable seat to floor height 17.5″ or 19.5″, seat width 16″, seat depth 16″.
  • ARMREST AND LEGREST DETAILS: Flip back, desk-length arms allow individuals to pull close to a table, desk, or surface. Front riggings, such as T94HEP / T94HAP / T94HCP / T93HAP / T93HCP / T94HEP, leg rests and foot rests, are sold separately.


Product Description

The Invacare Tracer SX5 Wheelchair, With Desk Length Arms, 16″ Seat Width, TRSX56FBP features a carbon steel frame, a heavy-duty inner liner to keep the seat and back from stretching and urethane rear tires mounted on “no flex” wheels, the Tracer SX5 Wheelchair is built to last. A dual-axle allows for conversion from 19.5″ to hemi seat to floor height of 17.5″. Flip back, desk-length, padded arms allow the wheelchair user to pull closer to a desk or table with ease. 14-gauge cross braces add durability and strength. Dual-embossed upholstery adds reinforcement.

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1 (800) 333-6900

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About Us

Invacare manufactures and distributes a comprehensive range of personal assistance products to help our users enjoy a comfortable, safe and active lifestyle. Our mission is embodied in our company motto to “Make Life’s Experiences Possible” and to ensure that users are given the same freedom of choice and access to precision engineered products, as more able-bodied people

We listen closely to the needs of our users and have continuously developed our range with superior design, performance, functionality, reliability, endurance and safety. Where possible, we even provide our users with the option to fully customize their devices, using an online visualizer so they never have to leave their home

This customer centric approach has enabled us to grow from humble beginnings in 1885, into the global leader in home and long-term care medical products, listed on the New York Stock Exchange. For many, we are the preferred supplier in healthcare, both in terms of customer support and innovation

Additional information

Weight 44.1 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 26.5 × 35.5 cm
Product Dimensions

30.5 x 26.5 x 35.5 inches; 44.1 Pounds

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Date First Available

February 1 2021



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10 reviews for Invacare Tracer SX5 Wheelchair for Adults | Everyday Folding | 16 Inch Seat | Desk Arms

  1. Colette

    Quality product‘ Once I realized I world be stack in w/e or walker due to chronic pain I took the plunge and purchased this.being quite aware of the poor quality of devices offered by Medicare, i uses savings to purchase on my own. Best thing I ever did. Small condo built before ADA and being quite skinny I got smallest available. With some rearranging I can manipulate into any area.

  2. The Worth a Buy Show

    Worth a buy? – YesMore than adequate and not as expensive as other products out there although bear in mind, this is because it does not come with footrests and those need to be purchased separately and they are not cheap, rather an extra $20-$30.Chair is comfortable and foldable and easy to set up right out of the box. We needed it quick and with prime delivery it came in 3 days.

  3. Rue23

    Great quality wheelchair, affordable priceThis is actually my second wheelchair. I bought the Drive Blue Streak wheelchair 7 months ago, but it broke (apparently it’s common for that design to get stuck and not be able to open/close), so I did a lot more research before choosing this wheelchair. One of my friends who works with mobility aids recommended this brand as he said they are usually better quality for the price range. I could tell the difference in quality immediately!Positives: This chair is super easy to open and close! My husband had to open my other chair for me as it was very difficult to get to open/close. But this chair opens very smoothly and easily. It’s reasonably comfortable. I do have a memory foam cushion that makes it more comfortable. It’s really easy to self-propel! My other chair felt more heavy and I usually needed my husband to push me when I used it. This chair feels a lot lighter to propel, and I can self-propel much longer than I could before. (The over-all weight of the chair is pretty heavy though, so getting it in and out of a car could be difficult, it’s similar to the weight of my first wheelchair though. I usually need my husband to lift it in and out of the car for me.) The arm rest design is fantastic. The placement of the arm rests is comfortable, and it is still easy to reach the wheels to self-propel without the arm rests getting in my way.Negative: My only negative comment is sort of a half negative, half positive. Be aware that the footrests ship separately from the wheelchair. I was concerned when my wheelchair arrived and was missing the footrests, so I contacted the seller and they mentioned that the footrests ship separately. SO I checked to see if there was tracking info for my footrests, there wasn’t. So I contacted them a second time. This time they mentioned that my footrests (the ones with loops) were on back order, but that they could ship an alternate version. I actually didn’t love the loop design, so I said an alternate option would be fine. They shipped out a different set of footrests, and those arrived today. They fit my chair great and seem to be great quality. Thankfully, I had spare footrests from my old chair, so having to wait for my footrests wasn’t a huge issue for me, but I was a bit frustrated that they didn’t communicate the delay sooner, if I hadn’t had a spare set of footrests then I really wouldn’t have been able to use the chair for an extra week while I waited for them to be delivered. But I was pleased that the seller at least responded quickly.TL;DR: This chair is excellent quality. I would highly recommend it!

  4. Kevyne Kicklighter

    Heavy Duty Wheelchair with A lot of OptionsI specifically got an Invacare wheelchair from my experience in hospitals. Also because of all the optional equipment it can use to fit specific needs — like ONE HANDED use (Invacare has a one hand operating kit for this wheelchair you can order from them).It’s not light (43lbs!).It’s designed for heavy duty 5 years of use.Hospitals have used Invacare wheelchairs for decades. Nurses comment about the quality compared to others (why I searched for it, too).What you get is a base wheelchair (mine came with no leg accessories, but it did have the fat grey pneumatic front wheels). It came fully assembled in a HUGE box. Had to open the box and pull the wheelchair out of it, then roll it indoors.It’s build like a tank. It folds. It will take a beating and the wear and tear be it in rural or suburbia terrains. Really solid and strong.My advice is when getting the leg plates is to get a lap belt, too. A hard bump it’s easy to be pushed forward. The nylon cloth is smooth so it’s easy to slide in the seat. The lap belt helps to prevent needing to scoot back into the chair.Another note: when trying to figure width size, sit in a dining room chair and measure it to see if there’s any wood/cushion/mesh left around your thighs. Inch seating around your thighs is a perfect fit.Everything is industrial heavy — even the leg plates. The ones I got off of Amazon have to be at least 3lbs each (I have the chrome steel hemi articulating leg plates). Did I say HEAVY DUTY? The steel frames will last for over a decade!

  5. M. Cordoba

    SatisfiedI bought this chair to use at work. I work at a doctors office and so far it carries heavy and not so heavy patients. The front wheels are squeaking a little bit but, I am sure with time that will be gone.Easy to push, patients don’t complain.

  6. David Gruesbeck

    SX5 – Yes much betterIt is Light, much lighter than other chairs (without leg supports – 41.1 lbs) Cheaply made —-> * see update below

  7. follow suit

    Big front wheelsThe large front wheels make for easy maneuverability.

  8. Ethan

    Does not come with leg restsThe photos show the leg rests but they are not included. Chair seems pretty sturdy and well made.

  9. klacy

    Invacare wheelchairthis is good structure, but it is cut really close to the size.if any doubt on size if thinking about this go to next measurement.

  10. Brea

    Sturdy, comfortable seatThis chair made it a lot easier for me to enjoy a weekend-long convention, when I wasn’t sure how far I’d need to walk between hotel program rooms. My companion was able to push me around AND drag my portable oxygen generator at the same time (although it was tiring, and difficult to go up a wheelchair ramp – and then slow down and stop at the bottom again). The seat was comfortable enough to sit morning until night. The hardest part was picking it up to put on top of the suitcases in the back of the SUV; with more practice at learning which way to put it in, it should get easier.

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