Stamina Precision Rower

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Product details

Brand Stamina
Special Feature Stroke Rate;Distance;Calories
Color White
Resistance Mechanism Hydraulic
Maximum Weight Recommendation 250 Pounds
Model Name 1205 Precision Rower
  • TOTAL-BODY WORKOUT: Burn calories, tone the upper and lower body, and improve heart health with the Stamina 1205 Precision Rower. This all-in-one workout piece combines versatile performance with comfort.
  • ADJUSTABLE HYDRAULIC TENSION: Turn the built-in dial to adjust the smooth, hydraulic resistance to your desired intensity level.
  • TRACK YOUR METRICS: The large, easy-to-read LCD monitor displays workout time, distance, stroke count and calories burned. SCAN mode cycles through each of these statistics in real time during workouts.
  • SUPPORTED BY SMART AUDIO COACHING: This product is fully supported by müüv, the all-in-one app that provides smart audio coaching, a follow-along assembly video, personalized workouts tailored to the equipment you own, and more.
  • ENGINEERED FOR YOUR COMFORT: Includes smooth ball-bearing rollers, a cushioned seat, padded handlebars, pivoting foot plates with adjustable straps, and floor-protecting end caps.


Product Description

A Big Workout in a Small Package If you’re looking for a total body strengthening, cardiovascular workout that doesn’t take up a lot of space, then the Stamina 1205 Precision Rower is the way to go. With a footprint of 48″ by 32.5″, you don’t need a dedicated workout area to get the rowing session you deserve. And with adjustable, hydraulic tension and a full-range-of-motion rowing stroke, you’ll definitely get results with this rowing machine. Track your Progress Staying motivated and tracking your progress is easy with the single-button multi-function monitor. The monitor displays your speed, distance, time, stroke count and calories burned. Convenient, Comfortable Rowing The Precision Rower isn’t just convenient; it’s comfortable. Every stroke will be smooth with the extruded aluminum rowing beam and deluxe ball-bearing rollers. Plus, the thick, padded seat and pivoting footplates will make your rowing workout even more comfortable. Supported by müüv This product also includes free access to müüv, the smart audio coaching app. müüv helps you move 500+ minutes per month with the right mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. You’ll get smart audio coaching that is personalized to you, progresses for you, and is fun to do. The all-in-one app comes with a follow-along assembly video, personalized workouts tailored to the equipment you own, and an ad-free music listening experience from iHeartRadio. Download the müüv app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.

Do you have limited workout space but plenty of motivation? Turn to the Stamina 1205 precision rowing machine, which offers a compact footprint of only 32.5 inches wide by 48 inches long, but offers the same terrific workout as machines twice its size. The Stamina 1205 mimics the smooth motion of rowing on the water, with a padded seat that glides on a ball-bearing roller system, rowing arms whose resistance is adjusted by hydraulic cylinders, and foam grips that keep your hands stable and comfortable. The multifunction fitness monitor, meanwhile, keeps you motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals, showing your speed, distance, time, stroke count, and calories burned. And users will love the thick padded seat and pivoting footplates, which combine to provide comfort and support during your workout. Other features include a precision extruded aluminum beam, a silver steel frame, a five-year warranty on the frame, and a 90-day warranty on parts.

About Rowing
Rowing provides an efficient, effective, low-impact workout that utilizes all the major muscle groups, including the back, legs, arms, abdominals and buttocks. It is also one of the best exercises for building a strong back, as well as one of the most effective low-impact aerobic exercises for increasing your metabolism. As a result, you can efficiently burn calories and fat without impacting your joints.

The continuous, non-impact movement of rowing can be broken down into three phases: the starting point is called the catch phase, followed by the drive phase, the finish, and the recovery. In the catch phase, knees are bent with shins vertical and shoulders and arms reaching forward. This phase mimics the point where the oars are being placed in the water. The drive phase is initiated by the legs. As the legs extend, your arms remain straight until the knees are mostly extended. Then the elbows flex bringing the oar handles into the upper stomach. In the finish, the legs are fully extended, your shoulders are back, your elbows are flexed, and the oar handle is against the upper stomach. For the recovery, your knees don’t flex until after your hands pass over your knees and your arms and shoulders reach forward to begin the catch phase again.

Because rowing is an impact-free activity, it can be a lifelong form of exercise. It is always best to exercise in your target heart rate zone (70 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate).

From the manufacturer

Row Your Way to Fit Living

The fitness community’s migration back to the former king of cardio, the high-quality rowing machine, continues to gain support—for good reason. After trying any Stamina Rowing Machine, you’ll understand why our line of rowers is so popular.

Combined with Stamina’s commitment to engineering excellent products, advances in rowing machine technology have resulted in comfortable, easy-to-use rowers that perform reliably and provide the low-impact, full-body cardio fitness workout your body craves. While weighing the value of a Stamina rower, you’re naturally wondering if it will let you shed those extra pounds and work your way toward a chiseled body—and the mental & emotional benefits that stem from a stronger, healthier you.

You’re asking yourself smart questions about Stamina’s quality rowing machines:

Can I really sculpt my body without going to the gym?

Will I get condition both my upper and lower body at once?

Will I get an efficient, effective aerobic workout that burns calories?

Can I get the benefits of a challenging cardio workout without hurting myself?

The answer is yes. With an in-home rower, you’ve got all you need to shape a beautiful body. Rowers work all major muscle groups in both the lower and upper body, pushing your heart rate and burning more calories per hour than other residential exercise equipment. Finally, the low-impact motion minimizes joint stress, reducing injury risks.

With clear benefits and value, it seems your final question should be which Stamina rowing machine is the perfect choice?

Stamina 1205 Precision Rowe


-Precision extruded aluminum beam

-Deluxe ball bearing roller system

-Smooth hydraulic cylinder action

-Adjustable tension controls

-Single button multi-function monitor shows speed, distance, time, row count, calories burned, and miles rowed

-Comfortable, thick padded seat

-Pivoting foot plates for added comfort

-Assembled size: 48 inch long x 32.5 inch wide x 27.75 inch high

-Weight: 47 lbs.

Important information

Safety Information

As with any exercise program, consult your physician before you begin.

Legal Disclaimer


Additional information

Weight 250 kg
Dimensions 48.75 × 14.25 × 7.25 cm


Special Feature

Stroke Rate;Distance;Calories



Resistance Mechanism


Model Name

1205 Precision Rower

Frame Material

Carbon Steel

Item Weight

45 Pounds

Tension Level

Adjustable Tension


Aluminum Carbon Steel

Power Source


Number of Batteries

1 AA batteries required.

Display Type


Package Weight

20.71 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

48 x 32.5 x 27.75 inches

Brand Name


Warranty Description

90 days parts; 3 years frame

Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number


Included Components

Stamina 1205 Precision Rower



Sport Type

rowing Exercise & Fitness



Date First Available

April 28 2004


Stamina, Stamina Products Inc.

10 reviews for Stamina Precision Rower

  1. D. Applegate

    Great rowerI bought a used rower years ago and came to work it several times a week. I’m a busy person, so I don’t have time for a sophisticated work out routine. I just want to work one machine for both strength and aerobic training. Rowing is great for this purpose. When I broke my rower, I started shopping. Unfortunately, even used rowers are over $100. I struggled with this model versus the smaller ones that stand up vertically for easy storage. I couldn’t find any reviews on this that addressed the storage question. Finally, I chose it because it didn’t look like I could break it from normal usage, whereas the kind that fold nicely seem flimsy.Pros:- This machine is very sturdy. It’s solid, stable, and does not rock at all when in use.- It is amazingly quiet. The only sound is the whisper of the pistons. I can use it with the TV on normal volume.- The seat is very comfortable. I sat on it for 30 minutes the first time with no discomfort.Cons:- It does not fold, collapse, or stand up vertically. It just sits on the floor. It would be very awkward to try to store it under a bed. Don’t lift the back end too far or the plug for the timer will bend. This is why it only has 4 stars.- The front bumper pads are just stuck on. You can’t drag it backwards without them popping off. The back ones also just sit on there, but they face sideways, so they won’t come off.- The instructions were difficult. My wife and I kept flipping back and forth in the manual to figure out to which bolt each step of the direction referred.The work out was great. I really like using this machine. I only wish I had a better place to put it when I’m not using it.

  2. Patrick O

    High quality low end rowerI got this a couple of years ago, and I’ll admit I’ve been very erratic in my use. That being said, I’ve finally gotten into a solid rhythm with using this and want to add my thoughts to using it over time.First, it’s built pretty solid. No problem there. The overall construction at least. The hand grips are a little less solid, with the left one now half off. I suspect it might be the heat from the cylinders, which get very warm after a 30+ minute workout. Then the hand rest go back down, rest on them, and that’s not good. So, I’ve learned to keep them raised a bit.The seat slides well, and the tension is easy to adjust. I’ve not had great consistency with the display. It seems to be a bit finicky. More so since I accidentally rested this vertically, and forgot to unplug the monitor, which put all the weight on the plug. Even still, before this, it was more of a relative guide than an absolute help. But, this isn’t a high quality model. Really, it’s a solid quality version of the low end rowing machines. The pistons are what puts it in this category. Higher quality rowers use magnetic (for instance the 

    Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower

     ) or a flywheel (for instance the 

    Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

     ). But those are quite a bit more expensive.This one provides a solid workout, with less frills or “on the water” feel to be sure, but it gets your body moving and does so in a way that makes a real difference in strength and overall fitness. Tension is adjusted with knobs on each of the pistons, a very mechanical and easily done approach. Again, no frills, just the basics. But it does the basics well.I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a first rowing machine or if your budget doesn’t quite allow for a nicer one. It works and it has worked well as long as I’ve had it, though like with any exercise machine it works best for fitness if you’re actually using it.

  3. rider33

    stoutthe basic frame (steel) and the center rail (aluminum) are very stout. The electronics are best forgotten as the plug for them prevents you from standing it up on its end for storage (use you watch or fit-whatever, ‘works better& gives you more information anyway). What I wanted to call out, however, is 2-3 months into it one of the wheels below the seat seemed to have developed a divot which made for a slightly bumpy ride. So I called the 800# and miracle of miracles, I actually got thru to someone, with whom I shared a common language even. So I tried to order the wheels. When I gave her the serial number she asked how old was it. I said only a few months old. She then said they nail nail out a set for free (which they did). Actually customer support, ‘amazing (and commendable). ‘Nice.

  4. simple as that

    A lot of rower for the moneyI’ve had my Stamina Precision Rower for a year now. I love it! Unlike the treadmill, which requires regular maintenance (lubricate the belt, etc.), the rower requires no maintenance. No parts will ever wear out that will need to be replaced. The seat is very comfortable, the glide of the seat is extremely smooth. The arms row great. The total construction is excellent. Now, there’s just one thing that’s incredibly stupid about this rower, and it’s not that difficult to fix. When not using it, of course you will want to stand it up and lean it against the wall. Well, unbelievably, the wire to the computer goes in dead center right in the bottom where you would stand it up. So, you want to make a small modification to the unit. You want to take off the cover of the computer (just as if you were changing the battery) and drill maybe a 1/4″ hole straight into the aluminum body of the rower. Then, you want to run the computer wire down into that hole. Then, find the other end of the wire coming from the internal magnetic switch and solder the wires together. (You can then throw away the metal connector which previously joined the two.) When you’re done, the computer/magnet sensor wire is completely INSIDE the rower. Then, you can stand the rower up on it’s pedal-end with the seat-end up in the air, and lean it against the wall. But, for burning calories at home this thing is great. One thing I love about it is that the computer STOPS when you stop. Meaning, if you stop rowing, THE CLOCK STOPS. The clock doesn’t resume again until YOU RESUME ROWING. So, it shows you the number of actual minutes you were rowing, not the number of minutes you were just sitting in the seat! With a very reasonable/low price, all in all (since nothing is perfect) I would recommend this rower pretty highly to anyone.

  5. #AskMissPatience

    Still working since 2011Bought this machine ten years ago in 2011. Following my previous row machine of similar style wearing out from lots of use.Still using this one regularly. The only mistake I made moving across the country was allowing the wire to dislodge from the plug. The company doesn’t have a means of repair for this. Or replacement parts.I’ve replaced the digital tracker years ago. Very inexpensive replacement part.I could rewire the system but haven’t yet. Usually either set a timer or row to a show.For a home gym, this is a fantastic piece of equipment. It fits neatly under the weight bench between uses.Highly recommend this rowing machine⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💯


    Unit is very well built.Looks like it should last a long time.I like that the unit is built very well. Right now I am using the unit on the easiest setting and it is still giving me a good challenge or workout. Started out at 15 min. session about 40 days ago and now am at 40 min session. Got the unit to try and put some low impact exercise into my wife’s life and try and lower blood pressure.I found that it is also good to exercise your lungs. By deep inhale as you move forward and complete exhale as you pull and move backwards. The unit is very quite which makes it good to use while watching tv. Have it in the family room about 7 feet from the tv. Makes the time go by much faster and is not so boring. Music can be used in place of tv. also. My wife likes doing the rowing and is pushing me to do longer sessions. The digital readout is good. You can see the amount of time you are rowing to give you a feel for where you are in the session.We have been keeping a record of distance,time of session,count,and calories spent. Think it will give motivation to do more.Would recommend this unit Stamina 1205.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Glad I Chose This RowerThere are lots of different styles and brands of rowing machines out there. Because I was seeking a rower for under two hundred dollars, I did a lot of shopping around before settling on the Stamina 1205. I read a lot about different types of rowers, and decided that I would prefer something that was silent and that would not lose tension after a few minutes of rowing. While some of the reviews for the Stamina 1205 I read were less than stellar, there were several that were quite positive.It took me about two hours to assemble the rower; although the enclosed instructions suggested that two people be present during assembly, I had no trouble on my own. NOTE: you will need TWO adjustable wrenches to assemble this rower, especially if you are doing it by yourself. A Philips head screwdriver is needed to assemble the monitor console, but this piece is not essential to operating the rower.The Stamina 1205 is whisper-quiet, has adjustable tension, and a comfortable seat. The only thing that irritated me was that I found the foot pedals to be rough on my heels; when wearing shoes, however, this problem disappears. I couldn’t be happier with my choice: the price was right, assembly easy (if a bit time-consuming), and the workout is fantastic. Because Amazon offers free shipping on many items, this was the absolute best choice for the price. The Stamina 1205 is sturdy, yet not too heavy for me to move by myself. It does not collapse, but if space isn’t an issue for you, I say go for it. Highly recommended for anyone who, like me, is seeking a full-body workout that allows one to escape putting pressure on the ankles or knees. Glad I chose the Stamina 1205!!P.S. I find the seat and range of motion very comfortable; I am 5’8”. I would imagine that most people between 5′-6′ in height would find it comfortable as well.

  8. JerzeyBird

    Great little rowerI wanted a small rower because I have limited space and really couldn’t accommodate an airdyne type rower. I took a chance on this one because of the reviews here and on other online forums.The assembly was easy. I organized all the parts and hardware, and then my brother-in-law stopped by and we assembled it in about 20 minutes.I’m an exercise physiologist and so the most important thing to me was smooth, consistent resistance equal on both sides, and the ability to vary the resistance. My greatest concern in buying an inexpensive machine was that the resistance would be sloppy or uneven. The five resistance levels allow for a good deal of progressive overload and intervals. The resistance is smooth throughout. It’s the perfect balance of lower and upper body resistance when you drive through the legs. It’s very quiet, and all the moving parts are smooth. I’m getting great workouts. I’m a small female and I don’t find any issues with the fit of the feet stirrups, or the fit of anything else and this is a pleasure because the levers on most exercise equipment are too long for me. A tall person should not have any issues either as far as I can tell.I have an area for it where I don’t have to move it, so I can’t comment on any issues with standing it up. It’s not too terribly heavy to push or pull around, which I did to get it on a mat. It’s pretty compact and if you have more than 8 inches of clearance under a bed, it would definitely fit under it.I’ll check back in a few months and report how it’s holding up mechanically.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Great low impact workoutsI’ve had the rower for about two months and am totally satisfied with it. The morning after it arrived, I spent less than two hours assembling it, including reading the instructions, which were very clear. At this point, I’m up to a 30 minute set every morning and can tell I’m getting results in feeling better and even a little bit of weight loss. I’ve seen questions about whether it is big enough for a tall person – I’m 6′ 2″ and never hit the back stop. I also saw a comment from an owner who wanted to be able to store the rower standing on end but the connector from the fitness meter protruded when plugged in to the socket in the end of the center beam. The solution was to drill a hole in the housing, feed the wire through the housing, and solder the wires together, bypassing the socket. That works, but if it’s too much trouble, an easier way is to just unplug the connector from the socket, move the wire out of the way, and stand the rower on end. A huge advantage of the exercise from the rower is that it is low impact – I’m 74 years young and my knees, ankles, etc won’t take the pounding they once did.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Excellent all around rower!This is the second time I’ve purchased this exact rower. My first one lasted almost 12 years (using it once a week) and the only replacements I made on it were new cylinders at about the 8 year mark. My normal rowing session is 30-45 minutes. I replaced it because of overall wear and tear on the seat, bearings (became loud), arm grips and digital display. After 12 years who can complain? I researched and tried out several other types and brands of rowers prior to purchasing another Stamina. The new one I bought is quieter than my first one and the resistance is easier to dial in. It slides underneath my weight bench and saves space. After about four months the left grip started to wear. One quick phone call to Stamina and a super helpful lady on the phone sent me a new grip for free and explained to me exactly how to remove the old one and replace the new one. I’ve rowed with fancier models at gyms when I’m traveling and always miss my Stamina rower back home. You do have to assemble it yourself and that takes about an hour. You can’t go wrong purchasing this product. It’s an excellent cardio and resistance machine to supplement your weekly workout routine.

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