Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415 & New York Disc Lock

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Product details

Brand Kryptonite
Special Feature Dishwasher Safe
Lock Type U-lock
Item Dimensions LxWxH 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
Material MAXPerformance steel shackle; 3t manganese steel; nylon
  • 14mm six-sided chain links made of 3t HARDENED MANGANESE STEEL for ultimate strength
  • Durable, protective nylon cover with hook-n-loop fasteners to hold in place
  • Includes maximum security New York Disc Lock with 15mm MAX-PERFORMANCE STEEL SHACKLE
  • Patented*, oval hardened STEEL CROSSBAR for extra security
  • Hardened DOUBLE DEADBOLT locking for extensive holding power
  • HIGH SECURITY DISC-STYLE CYLINDER with reinforced anti-drill, anti-pull protection system
  • SLIDING DUSTCOVER protects and extends cylinder life
  • 3 STAINLESS STEEL KEYS – one lighted with high intensity bulb and replaceable battery
  • Key Safe Program
  • Product dimensions: 5’ (150cm) chain length, 15mm shackle diameter


From the manufacturer


  • Rated 10/10 on Kryptonite’s security scale
  • Ultimate security lock
  • Eligible for the optional Anti-theft Protection

New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and New York Disc Lock (1410 and 1415)

Ultimate Security

  • 14mm six-sided chain links made of 3T manganese steel.
  • 15mm hardened max-performance steel shackle.
  • 3 stainless steel keys — including new key design and one LED replaceable key fob.
  • Hardened double deadbolt design gives additional protection against twist attacks.
  • Hardened oval crossbar design is stronger than a typical round tube.
  • Highest security disc-style cylinder is pick and drill resistant.
  • Sliding Dust Cover to protect from dirt and debris.
  • 1410 Version – Length: 3.25′ (100cm). Weight: 15.25 lbs (6.92 kg’s). 1415 Version – Length 5′ (150cm). Weight: 10.80 lbs (4.91 kg’s).





Chain Size

14mm six sided chain links made of 3T manganese steel.

Anti-theft Protection

Register your product online to activate the optional Anti-theft Protection. In the unlikely event the product is defeated when used properly Kryptonite will pay out up to a certain value depending on the security value of the product. Visit our official website for further information. T&C’s apply.

Key Safe Program

Register your keys online and Kryptonite will ship you 2 keys, globally, in the event you lose them.

Stainless Steel Keys

3 stainless steel keys — including new key design and one LED replaceable key fob.

Important information

Legal Disclaimer

Must be at least 18 to purchase

Additional information

Weight 15.25 kg
Dimensions 0.39 × 0.39 × 0.39 cm


Special Feature

Dishwasher Safe

Lock Type


Item Dimensions LxWxH

0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches


MAXPerformance steel shackle; 3t manganese steel; nylon



Finish Type


Included Components

Chain Disc Lock 3 Keys

Controller Type

Wimoto Nexia B 180



Item Weight

15.25 Pounds

Control Method


Package Weight

7.01 Kilograms

Brand Name


Country of Origin

United States

Warranty Description

Lifetime Warranty

Model Name

Kryptonite 999492

Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number


Model Year


Outer Material



1410 14mm x 60

Sport Type




Date First Available

February 11 2009



10 reviews for Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain 1415 & New York Disc Lock

  1. Bikeman

    Thats a big a@* chain!4 stars and fully expect to upgrade it to 5 within 3 months. People said it was huge. Huge is not a big enough word to describe this product. You need more letters. 3 keys, one has a light and its a bright blues color, thats a nice thoughtful gesture. I dont know if its just to stand out from the crowd or if they did it on purpose, because blue and green light is a far superior light to see by at night time compared to red. Its also more visible to others, not that you would really use this as a signal but you could if it was all you had. Red gets used so much because it doesnt effect your night vision as much, and its not as persistent as other colors. So its stealthier, but thats not the point with this light, so it was done right. The chain is freaking scary. Im glad this was for a motorized bicycle, this would be too much on an unpowered bike. I dont think you will even have to lock it to anything. Just lock it around the back wheel and toss it onto the ground, you bike will be there in an hour, tomorrow, next week, two years from now, and 10000 years from now, long after your bike has rotted away, the chain will still be there. Actually though, dont toss the chain anywhere, lay it down gently, if you toss it, it might damage the surface it lands on, concrete, steel, rock, whatever, just be gentle. All kidding aside, im sure this chain can be defeated, but its gonna take a dedicated and properly equipped thief to do it if you do your part and lock it right. Love the independent security rating, i wish we had an american version of that. The cover for the chain has velcro straps on the ends to keep its pants pulled up which is nice, the last kryptonite chain i bought had rivets going throug the nylon cover. They ripped and the cover wpuldnt stay in place. If these fail i will use grommets to hold it in place through a link. One complaint about the chain, it doesnt interlink, in the future, i may want to use this chain with a different lock and my choices are limited by having to have both end links through a shackle rather than one. They dont have to make all the links bigger, just the end links. This chain would not work with the abus granit insurance lock or many other high security guarded shackle locks. So a n interlink or noose feature would be good. Also at the price, a carry bag would be nice. Peerless makes a set with a comparable chain, a lock and a carry bag for this price point. So, onto the lock. It feels right, its smooth in its mechanism as long as you push the key in all the way, if you practice, you wilk get it, i was used to kryptonite disc detainer locks so this was no different for me. If you dont get the key all the way in, it will feel chrunchy or gritty, this means you are doing it wrong, back out and start again. Ive heard so many people review kryptonite disc detainer products saying that the lock jammed up on them and i think the majority of them are just not pushing the key all the way feels very solid, and the sliding cpver for the keyway is a great touch. The locking mech looks like ball bearing from the shackle cutouts, but its not. Still looks solid, but it might be shimmable of one had enough time and inclination. I might try this and see what happens. Im not a huge fan of u locks as primary locks, but this one seems like its pretty competent. Its heavy too and the shackle runs de, helping to defeat prying attacls, everything succubs to a grinder, but i think it will take a grinder or a portable electrohydraulic cutter to brute force this open quickly. Picking remains an option as it does for most any lock, but it not a very likely scenario. Disc locks take a pretty specialized pick set to do quickly and they take practice. Dont get scared about a video you watcjed in which someone used a specialized or even custom made tool that allowed them to pick the lock. They might have spemt 3 weeks or 3 months before they got it. Then they dpubled down amd figutred THAT locks algorithm so to speak. Just because they picked a similar lock doesnt mean they could cold pick your lock or that there are armies of lock picking bike thieves out there. Definitely not something you wamt to ride with all the time, as it is heavy, unless you just want to build leg muscles. Get a basket and a tool bag to carry it in. Also im pairing this with another kryptonite chain (smaller thankfully) and a bully alarmed u lock, which i something i recommend for securing bikes of moderate to high value. I will have 1000 just in the bike and motor just about 20% of the value again in locks isnt bad. Dont use this chain to secure a standard bicycle wheel, its heavy enough to damage spokes, only through the main triangle or the stays if you have nonother choice, but be careful as its heave enough to damage delicate things. 16lbs shipping and i bet the chain is 15 of those. Also, got the chain in two days. Super fast shipping even without prime. Also, i tested to see if its shimmable and its not. I did this by taking the shackle out, then locking the lock and trying to push the shackle in and the shackle will not push past the locking pawls. So if the shackle will not push past them the me bearing down on it no one is getting a thin aluminum, or even steel shim between the pawls and the shackle and then getting the shackle out pf the lock body. Plus the gap on the pawl side of the shackle hole is really tiny, even if you started from a side and worked it around, i doubt you could get anything in there. Its a prettt secure lock. Sold secure gold. Yes, i love this lock and chain. The lock still functions smoothly if you do your part and PUT the key in all the way. Look up a couple of videos about this. One is by wayne winton he is a locksmith and he has to break stuff for a living sometimes and he does product reviews on his ypu tube channel. He bolt cutter tested this chain and he couldnt get through it with 42″ bolt cutters. Theres another video showing a mobile locksmith just wailing on this chain with all sorts of stuff and just getting nowhere. So pros, Just about totally secure with the right lock and habits. Weather proof for the most part. The cover works both the one on the chain and the one on the lock. The lock is unshimmable at least by me and my efforts, the dead bolts seem to be secure. I have not hammer tested it yet, if i do i will post results. Just looking at it will probably deter most people who do not have a grinder as the chain is so thick smaller croppers probably cant even fit on it. Lock is smooth and very heavy duty, may not be unpickable, but its virtually so. Good luck cropping this shackle. I dont see cons to this as in it fails to do what it is supposed to do or it does something it shouldn’t and doest have to, so im going to replace cons with “things you should know” Think of the biggest longest most unusual word for heavy, this chain is that. Its probably too much for most commuters, unless you just want the weight. Its reall no safe to wrap around your bike frame amd ride with, if it shifts during a turn, its enough to cause a crash. If it falls into the wheel somehow, you are hosed, its gonna destroy a wheel. You need a basket or pannier or bag. It will fit in the rothco small mechanics tool bag with room to spare for tools and a flat kit easily. Thats how i carry mine. That will strap to a rear basket easily and can be carried with you when you lock your bike up. Its not something you want to be careless with. If you put it around your neck, be careful not to hit yourself in the head with it. If you drop this on your foot, expect some severe bruising and maybe an xray. If you swing this around and you hit yourself with it, its gonna f*^k you up. If you swing this in anger or defense, and it hits your target, you should be ready to explain to authorities why you felt you needed that level of force to protect yourself, because theres a good chance that the person you hit will need an ambulace. It can be awkward to use because of its weight it will not rest in a spot easily, it tends to pulls itself back down to the lowest level it can, so it sometimes takes a couple tries to get the lock on. Sometimes it might be easier to leave this at a regularly used location that is a high theft risk and just use it when you are there, but doing so might allow someone to cut a link that is covered by the sheath and install a quick link to let them steal your bike or asset. You could carry a smaller chain and lock for quick lock ups where you will be in sight. If you have more than one high risk area you spend lots of time in get more than one, remove the covers, spray them with silicone protectant and leave one in each place. You can carry the covers with you and put them on when you need to use it, or get some pipe insulation to use as a pad on your bike.Cant get a more secure chain and lock that isnt bigger and bulkier and rated as well for the price.Update 12/23/16As for weather resistance , its been excellent so far. It has been kept outside almost everyday since receiving. Either in use or stored in a small canvas tool bag i hold all my locks in, its the rothco small tool bag and it holds: this chain and lock, the bully alarm lock, a smaller integrated kryptonite chain lock, a cable from anpther another lock i had for a while. So while it is heavy and long it compacts very well. When the bag is fully loaded, it traps birds and small pets in its gravity well. As i was saying though, the chain and lock have both been outside since i recieved it in june. I didn’t notice any degredation of the sleeve or rust on the links, and the lock still works smooth every time, no hang ups. But that wasnt good enough for me. I wanted to make sure for the review and the cost that i really simulated heavy neglect. So we had a wimter storm coming up and i locked the chain around a stair rail outside and left it for a month. I left the keyway cover open but the keyway was pointed down. When the storm, came we had negative temps, freezing rain amd extreme windchill. After the thaw, i checked the chain amd sleeve for damage, none. The lock was still as smooth as butter but there was some light rusting in the holes where the shackle goes, thats to be expected moisture can get trapped there and that will do it. It wiped right away. Maybe just a few drops of oil or wd40 will protect it. So i don’t know what other people are experiencing, but my lock and chain are rock solid and weather resistant.11-3-20 update on weather resistance and durability. Have had this a few years now and it has spent most of that time outside and in the past couple years due to various reasons, its been sitting in same place and position, unused and uprotected at all. No lube or other slipricity preserving measures were taken. Ive had the lock taken completely apart and a couple occasions over the years because im a curious sort and i do that sort of thing. Which means that if one only kinda knows what what one is doing, this thing handles disassembly and reassembly fairly well. I told you that to tell you this, the keyway cover isnt all that skookum and hasnt survived the various things ive done to this lock and is no longer of this world, the lock has suffered none the worse for this and during the aformentioned period of time outside, the lock was positioned such the the keyway was straight upward facing to the sky meaning that all of the stuff falling out of the sky in the general vicinity of the keyway would as nature would have it, fall straight into it. For a couple years. Im sure the lock mech isnt pristine as the day i bought it, but i went outside today for the purpose of removing the chain and lock from the asset it was attached to so that i could rid myself of that particular asset, but keep the chain and lock for future use.The key is still on my keychain and i want to tell you that even after sitting straight upward and wide open through sun and rain and snow and squirrel turds falling in it, the key went in with nary a complaint and turned smooth as butter on a bald monkey and the shackle fell smoothly as well right the frig out of the lock. No preparatory slipricity addatives or precussive persuasion needed. There were signs of surface rusting on the lock and the chain as well but not what one would expect for have been in the wild that long.So again, im not sure what other people are experiencing, or why they ecperience it, but for me this product has far exceeded my expectations of durability. Im expecting many more years of service from this.

  2. Isaac Terrell

    What you need for rural areas without bike parkingIf you live in a rural or exurban area where businesses mostly don’t have bike racks, this is what you need. The length gives you a lot of flexibility to use anchor points that a U-lock or a shorter chain wouldn’t fit around (for example, power poles). This enables me to use my bike for a much wider range of errands when not being able to lock it might otherwise keep me home.The lock mechanism is smooth and a sliding cover is provided to keep the keyhole clean. The chain jacket seems more durable than the one on my last bike chain (a Bontrager model, whose jacket ripped), and the Velcro stays attached during normal use.The chain is extremely heavy at around 15 pounds. There isn’t any way around this and it’s not Kryptonite’s fault. My bike has an MIK HD rear rack, so I carry the chain in a rear basket and still have about 40 pounds of cargo capacity left over in my panniers.

  3. Seanvplayer

    They Tried… They FAILED!!! This Product WORKS!!Someone Tried to cut my Kryptonite lock off… All they managed to do was melt the outer covering… LOLLock still works. It’s a little messy from the part they melted, but they were Nowhere Near to getting my bike! If you have an E-bike and you want to keep it, get a Kryptonite lock, It’s worth it!!UPDATE: They couldn’t defeat the lock, so they came again and took the Entire bike rack, (which was bolted into the concrete in the carport). Some of these thieves are so determined, imagine if they would only get a JOB! Anyway, the Lock did its job. (I also had an air tag hidden on the bike, so we tracked it down and I got my bike back!

  4. Kyle E Suzenski

    Updating reviewThis works fine, the problem is you are paying premium prices for a company that treats you as a bargain basement customer. I have a whole review on their ground anchor if you want to read why you’re not worth $0.87 to them.Still annoyed with Kryptonie. Their cable lock was useless and they didn’t include spare hardware on their ground anchor which is VERY specific stuff that’s impossible to find elsewhere. But this chain does its job. Local thief that had a backback with tools caught on camera, looking at that and just walking away. Side note I think the cops got him and if you are looking for cheap security that blink camera has saved me quite a bit (including when the cable lock got cut cause then they noticed they were on film) and building a tile or gps tracker into a bike is pretty easy.

  5. Michael Hamori

    SAVED MY PRECIOUS BABYMy bike cost me $2300, and I am constantly getting people asking me questions about it that make me uncomfortable. Asking me how much I paid for it (which is asking me what it’s worth, as far as I’m concerned) in weird places: like through the windows at stop lights, from people on the street who are crossing the cross walk, or, else, on the sidewalk… one time, I had this crazy dude honk at me a bunch from his vehicle, waving his arms around like a lunatic, telling me to pull over. Well, I think that something’s wrong, since, the day before, I arrived at my destination, only to discover that my backpack had been open. So, I listen… The butthead starts asking me about my freaking bike. Let me repeat: he tricked me into pulling over, and got out of his car… to ask me about my bike. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. You can’t just pull people over without a good reason, you aren’t a police officer.At a stoplight, later that same night, people were asking me about it from the corner. People who I definitely did not need to be speaking with, since I was thrown off by the first guy and ended up driving through a bad area by mistake. AND, THEN, SOMEONE HAD THE GALL TO ASK ME ABOUT IT IN THE PARKING LOT, AS SOON AS I ARRIVED. I was SO stressed by the end of this. How dare you speak to me, you peasants. I mean, honestly…I mention this to emphasis that my bike is VERY steal-able. I know it, they know it– that’s where the tension comes from.One time, I had a guy with his hood up, like… make a weird noise, turn abruptly, and start running in my direction… and… l o l… I never did figure out if he was trying to mug me or if he was just super weird, ’cause I drove around him. Laugh with me. It’s OK.My bike is my baby. It makes me nervous when you ask me how much it costs. “Don’t make it cost you your life,” I say– JOKINGLY, OF COURSE. IT’S ALL IN GOOD FUN. I’M A FUN PERSON. *twitch*My bike folds, and, when I got my new job, I was told that I could bring it inside. I work graveyards in a truck depo, where people have serious tools in their garage, and there have been numerous car break ins and thefts, and, yes, the hecking truckers ask me about my darn bike, too… not long after, one boss starts making me chain it– my $2300 bike– OUTSIDE. OUT OF VIEW.Lo, and behold: someone tried to steal my bike. I noticed when I got off of work that… well, it looked like they’d tried to saw through the chain with one of them “serious tools in the garage,” and they even removed a few of the bars that I chain it to… but I chain it to several.Hehe. It looks like whoever it was… they fahgettabout it.I’ve since found a safer place to chain my bike where I can regularly see it, but PEOPLE STEAL CARS where I work….. and… this chain… it saved my baby.The only complaints I have:1)the chain could be longer, but I got the hang of it. You might want a longer chain, they probably offer one.2)sometimes, I can’t get it to freaking unlock– because of the dual action thing, probably. I try to turn it and take it out and turn it and second guess myself and try turning it the other way and I myself get turned around… one time, I thought I was gonna have to phone a friend, but … it finally unlocked, in the end. And this rarely happens. Overall, completely worth it. I would have lost my baby that night, if not for Kryptonite.

  6. SF Native

    Strong. Heavy. Big. Like the Protective Sleave!It’s strong, durable and well made. The protective sleeve protects my bike paint from the chain and is VERY much appreciated.Weight: Too large and heavy for me to use with ease. I find it difficult to hold all the parts in one hand in the correct position while also turning the key. I try to find a position where I can rest the parts on something—I usually a bike tire. Sometimes my knee.So, I don’t carry it daily.Otherwise, since my employers garage is secure and private, and I only take my bike to work, I leave the chain at home in my garage attached to a bike rack.However, if I ever need to park in a public lot or on the street, I’ll take this lock with me. Despite the weight and cumbersome mechanics, this is the price of security. It’s a good, strong lock

  7. Davis

    Very robust, sturdy, heavy chain and lock.This device will weigh your payload down with its heavy bulky gravitas. A price you’ll pay for a little extra security.

  8. stanfield270

    If you want heavy duty and security, you have it with this lock!It may be heavy but peace of mind is worth it.

  9. martin

    Heavy dutyChains are solid and heavy will need grinder to cut off for sure.

  10. Rain Redfield

    Holy Hell is this heavy and largeBefore you order this, if you plan to carry it with you for locking up while riding… Make sure you have a pack that will carry the equivalent of a heavy bowling ball. I had to purchase one just so I didn’t try to carry it in a backpack.

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