Park Tool PB-1 Portable Workbench

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Product details

Material Plastic
Brand Park Tool
Item Dimensions LxWxH 22.5 x 5 x 44 inches
Color Blue
Item Weight 123 Grams
  • Dimensions:folded- 108cm x 58.5cm x 18cm, set up- 91.5cm x 58.5cm x 82.5cm
  • The PB-1 is a workbench that folds for easy transport and storage
  • Features a large work surface (91.5cm x 58.5cm)
  • Folding steel legs provide a solid base for a toolbox and supplies


Tweak your bike before you ride with a portable shop consisting of a toolbox and the Park Tool Portable Workbench. The PB-1 folds out like a card table and locks in place for a sturdy, clean work surface that measures 36 x 20 inches. Different sized slots, holes, and recesses fit your tools, nuts, lube, and even a drink, so you can have the grungy garage feel only a few pedal strokes from the trailhead. Locking straps attach the folded table together so you can carry it to the starting line on race days.

Additional information

Weight 9.18 kg
Dimensions 43.62 × 23.31 × 5.12 cm
Package Weight

9.18 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

22.5 x 5 x 44 inches

Item Weight

123 Grams

Brand Name

Park Tool

Model Name

Pb-1 Portable Workbench





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Pb-1 Portable Workbench

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One Size

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Date First Available

September 2 2003


Park Tool

10 reviews for Park Tool PB-1 Portable Workbench

  1. raj from chicago

    Handy Utility BenchThe media could not be loaded.

     The Park PB-1 portable work bench is a solid folding table designed for the bicycle mechanic who has limited space and needs the portability. It measures 32″ high, and the top working surface is 36″ X 23″. It has various cutouts and impressions for tools, bottles, and loose nuts/bolts.I use the workbench for repairing bicycles however since the height is 32″, it is taller than the average table and shorter than a workbench. Too tall to pull a chair up to and too short to stand and overhaul a hub for instance. The reason for this is its primary purpose was to mount a Park work stand, see, Park Tool PB-7 Repair Stand and Truing Stand For PB-1. This costs $801.00! But it also includes a wheel truing stand besides the stand which clamps the front fork and bottom bracket.Even without the optional Repair stand accessory it’s nice to work with the table because it has raised edges that keep tools, bearings and other things from rolling off and It allows you to keep tools handy. In my opinion though its a little high in price for the average home mechanic. Especially if the repair stand accessory is purchased. Bench and all the accessories will be close to $1000! Since I purchased this bench in September of 2014 for $115.95 it has gone up to $125.95.Update 01-04-18:At some point the bench top warped. The warp was not caused by any loading as it spent most of it’s existence folded up. I never used it for mounting a bicycle (as it was designed to do) or loading it with anything heavy. So I subtracted one star.

  2. Tomas

    Excelente 👍👍Excelente inversión, muy util en el taller ..

  3. Mark Pratt

    Pricy but functionalIt’s a little pricey for what it is, that being said it is stable and very functional. Wish it was $50 cheaper but I would buy it again at its listed price.

  4. Joe

    Good Bicycle Workbench!I just received my PB-1 Portable workbench! This stand is perfect for my needs, I have it set up in my shed/workshop!this stand folds up easily and is easily cleanable! Depending on your space availability this stand might be good for you!it is fairly small but perfect in hight. I give this product 4 stars just simply because of the price! even though i really like this stand and i find it useful for what i need it for, I just dont think it is worth that much, but then again im not sure!I do highly recommend this to anyone who likes too work on there own bikes!

  5. Brian from Ohio

    Park Tool hits another home runThis is a great workbench and Park Tool hit a home run with this one. This unit folds up very nicely and is very quick and simple to set up when closed. This is very sturdy and the organizers on top come in really handy not only for bicycle repairs, but any project where a portable table is needed. I find myself using it a lot when I am washing the car. It is nice to use to hold the car care products in the driveway to have them close by. The surface is easy to clean up if it gets greasy or dirty.Anything. Park Tool makes is high quality and can’t be beat!

  6. K. Chan

    Great StandUnlike clamp-based stands, this one clamps the front fork and supports the bottom bracket. Almost all high-end frames nowadays are carbon, and even lightweight seat posts are fragile enough so that I’m not comfortable clamping them. The other great thing about this stand is the bench is designed to catch grease and liquids, so when you clean or lube your bike you can wipe up quickly and neatly. It also puts the bike’s drive train right at working level. I can sit on a bar stool and use the truing stand to true wheels or adjust the dérailleurs without getting my lazy butt off the stool. The stand is very stable, and it folds so you can take it with you to events. I was going to buy a Park with a heavy aluminum plate, but am really glad i got this instead. The only thing it doesn’t do is make me faster.

  7. Pat

    Perfect designFor me this is an excellent size and style. It’s stable. I’ll be using it on gravel mostly.It’s more complicated to set up that it needs to be, with those cloth braces and all. But it’s fine.Love the rim around the edge to keep things off the floor. The whole table is light enough for me to handle; although, it’s heavier than I expected.Park Tool has always been the best quality.

  8. Douglas C. Mayer

    Great seller! Great product!Very fast shipment! I received it much sooner than I expected. I use Park Tool products for all my bike maintenance needs. Great stuff and great how to videos on YouTube.

  9. Tim Summers

    Saggy but OK.Table surface warps easily in summer sunlight (I can’t imagine how much it would bend/sag if you approached the 100-pound weight limit as I’ve gotten nowhere near that) – now trying to figure out a way to reinforce it with metal and straighten it out. Also, the T-clips and straps which do little to hold it together when upright just flop around when folded – not really sure what the value add is there. Other than those two issues, it’s a perfectly useful workstand and I love the cupholders 🙂

  10. Rafael Cardenas

    Works great. Easy to store.At first it’s just a work table. As you use it, you see the advantages of the design. I also have the Paper Towel holder on it. The slots, holes, and different impressions in the plastic top allow it to hold all types of tools and gear. Fluids don’t drip off either because of the design. Also folds up into one flat unit. Much better than a “regular table”.

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