PLENY Folding Exercise Stationary Bike | 3-in-1 Foldable Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike | Magnetic Upright Workout Bike with Arm

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Product details

Special Feature Arm/Leg Resistance Bands, Adjustable Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike
Color Pink
Power Source Battery Operated
Material Alloy Steel
  • 【3 in 1 full body workout】: You can exercise in an upright position, semi-reclining position or inclined position according to your habit and training purpose. Two adjustable arm resistance bands help to exercise arm muscles and upper body while riding. In addition, the leg resistance bands help to better improve leg and hip strength. In any case, I believe this pink exercise bike will become the best home folding exercise bike for you.
  • 【16 Resistance Levels】You can adjust the resistance from Level 1 to Level 16. Different intensity levels allow you challenge yourself and change up your routine workout with a simple adjustment of the tension knob. This excersize bike can hold up to 300 lbs.
  • 【LCD DISPLAY & PHONE HOLDER】 LCD monitor tracks your time, speed, calories burned, odometer, and pulse while you are cycling–to give you a more scientific exercise plan. You can place your phone or tablet on the holder to watch your favorite shows while exercising.
  • 【EASY ASSEMBLY: 30 Min】 For different groups of people, such as adults, seniors, and people who are good or not good at using tools, the average time from unpacking to completion of assembly is 30 minutes. The product structure design is easy to assemble and comes with detailed installation instructions. Please enjoy the assembly process.
  • 【Great Value Gift for Seniors, Parents】: Compared with stationary bike, PLENY folding exercise bike is the more suitable gift for parents’health. This exercise bike has more adjustments, less noise, takes up less space, is easier to move, has simpler installation methods, more portable folding storage functions, and has a more stable support structure.
  • ❤️【Fast response service】: PLENY provides excellent service, we answer all buyers’ questions as fast as possible and offer 1 year warranty, please contact us directly if you have any questions.


Looking or a bike that offers a complete cardio workout but limited by the amount of living space? This is the perfect space-saving exercise machine. Key Features: ★The exercise bike can easily adjust between Upright, Semi-Recumbent and Real Recumbent type, offer a wide muscle workout and save you a lot of money with budget choice. ★New exercise monitor is upgraded with backlit screen, you can easily see the exercise data without turning on the light and disturb others. Also the big screen can shows Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Pulse in one screen and save your time to switch different functions. ★16 level magnetic resistance offer easy to hard mode and precisely adjustment. ★Wide seat is comfortable, high backrest can support your whole back to decrease potential pain. Back handle bar can help you keep balance ★Arm/Leg Resistance bands for stretch your arm/chest/leg, and Leg Bands has 3 levels adjustments. ★High-end curved crank arm can keep you kicking the bike under high speed cycling; ★Anti-slip pedal with soft shoe strap makes the cycling course comfortable and safety ★Easy folded and transportation wheels for moving and hassle-free storage Specification: ★Shipping Weight: 48 LBS ★Carton Dimension: 48 inches (L) x 15.5 inches (W) x 8.5 inches (H) Warranty & Customer Service ★Free Spare Parts for Missing or Damage ★Online Assembly Video ★24 Hours Stand by Customer Service, any missing or damaged parts, fell free to contact customer service.

Product Description

PLENY Fitness Exercise Machine

folding exercise bike

stationary bikes for home

exercise bikes for home

exercise bike

PLENY was founded in 2001, we want you to be full of energy every day and have a happy and healthy life.

PLENY is a professional sports and fitness brand. We offer a wide range of sports and fitness products worldwide.

The brand is designed for customers from 3 years old to 80 years old. Whether it’s an indoor activity or an outdoor activity, each member of your family can find a lovely product to enjoy.

We also offer prompt and professional customer support. So, shop with confidence at PLENY.

Looking for a indoor bike that can build up your body and didn’t take up too much space?

PLENY Folding Exercise Bike can transform from an upright exercise bike (32.3*22.6*50.4 inches) for an intense workout to a semi-recumbent (36*22.6*47.8 inches) or a recumbent exercise bike (47.6*22.6*39.8 inches) for a low-impact routine.

  • Folding and portable for easy storage and move with built-in transportation wheels.
  • It is suitable for people of different ages and maybe it will be the best exercise machine that you ever had.
  • Build your home gym with PLENY indoor cycling bike today!

exercise bike 300 lb capacity

foldable exercise bike

Additional information

Weight 330 kg
Dimensions 48 × 16.5 × 10 cm


Special Feature

ArmLeg Resistance Bands Adjustable Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike



Power Source

Battery Operated


Alloy Steel

Resistance Mechanism


Handle Material


Maximum Height

48 Inches

Minimum Height

42 Inches

Number of Resistance Levels


Drive System


Package Weight

23.79 Kilograms

Brand Name


Country of Origin


Skill Level




Date First Available

July 30 2018



10 reviews for PLENY Folding Exercise Stationary Bike | 3-in-1 Foldable Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike | Magnetic Upright Workout Bike with Arm

  1. Doris

    Simple, But Good, Inexpensive BikeI have 2 of these bikes in my home, and my daughter also purchased the same bike the day before I purchased this one. Of the 2 PLENY bikes I personally bought, the first one the belt broke within a few months and PLENY did replace the bike for free for me. That is the bike I am still using today. It’s been working for almost 2 years, I think and doing well. Though I ride it often, I am not using it at a high resistance usually. I’m usually between Resistance Levels 3-9. The max is Level 14.When my husband used it for a couple weeks, he used it at high Resistance Levels and it started to make some funny sounds, but since then, he hasn’t used it and it doesn’t make funny sounds.My daughter purchased this same bike back in June on Amazon Prime Day and hers immediately began making noises maybe less than 10 minutes into riding it. I took out part of the cover and it seems the flywheel is crooked. Since it was still within the return period, we returned it for a replacement, which my daughter just got yesterday. She has yet to assemble it.After having my 2nd new bike that I also bought on Amazon Prime Day, which will be used as a backup, I did just assemble it a few days ago and it seems to be riding smoothly, but I did not ride it very long.My suggestion is if you have to return the bike within the period (usually 30 days, but somehow we got 3 months by purchasing on Amazon Prime Day), make sure you save the box, take pictures of how everything is laid in the box BEFORE you take things out. In fact, it’s best to label the bigger Styrofoam pieces with the part that goes in it, because Amazon will not pick it up assembled. You must have the bike disassembled and placed in a box.Save your original box because if you don’t, you’ll have to find a box big enough to hold the bike, or 2 boxes and then call Amazon to get an extra shipping label to ship both boxes. Thankfully, we had my new bike to use as a guide to return my daughter’s first bike back to Amazon. We got everything to fit perfectly. Praise God! Taped everything back and I had my son help me carry the box to the UPS store – it is a bit heavy and very bulky.So the reality is out of 3 original PLENY bikes we got, 2 had to be returned because they were defective. But, if you get a good bike, and you’re not using it regularly at high resistance levels and cycling for a long time, it should last you quite awhile. My husband tends to tax the indoor cycles and we’ve gone through MANY cycles. We probably should purchase one that is over $1K because he’s a total beast when riding the cycles.I cycle more for leisure and movement, to keep my blood sugars low.I do love that it doesn’t take up much floor space as it does fold up. You have 2 different seat positions. The main thing I don’t like is the Reset button. I wish it were recessed because anything you place on top, like an iPad, it will Reset it. It’s really a lame design. However, I found a way around this. I use a bathtub caddy over the console. It allows me to hold my iPad, and the caddy fits over it without touching the Reset button. It looks strange, but it works.

  2. G. Barraza

    I really really wanted to like this product. In some ways I do/did, but there are fatal flaws.Before I begin my review there are a few of things you need to know about me. 1. Before I buy anything, I do a ton of research. Drives my wife crazy sometimes, but I want to make sure to avoid situations like this. 2. I do not like conflict or giving negative feedback. 3. I try not to allow my emotions to take over. 4. I always start problem solving by looking at my role in the problem. Okay, that said on to my review of the Pleny 3 in 1 folding exercise bike.First, I will give the positives. It is easy to put together. Pleny provides a link to a video about the assembly of the product. Even though the product in the video is not the same, there is enough similarity that anyone with decent ability to follow directions and extrapolate, will find putting it together pretty easy. The tools they provide are the standard, dinky tools. My 12 year old son and I made it a father/son bonding experience. The product is light weight and easy to move regardless of whether it is folded up or not. It also feels sturdy and not likely to tip over. The pedals are solid and the flywheel is very smooth and quiet.The minor negatives are as follows: The screen is not adjustable, so you cannot see the readout while you are in recumbent mode. Not a huge deal as you might be watching television or listening to music as you work out. More like a nuisance issue. Adjusting the bike can be tricky. You have to unscrew the locking pin far enough to be able to disengage the locking pin, then you have to make sure it doesn’t splay out flat, which is its natural tendency based on the center of mass. You have to keep the locking in pulled out so as to not engage each and ever level causing a repeat of the problem above. An Adult can manage it, but if you have younger adolescents who want to do it, it might be frustrating.So, here are the things that contributed to the one star review. I am a big guy, I will not lie. I am currently between 270 and 280 pounds (the reason for wanting a recumbent bike to ease tension on the knee and ankle joints) I have been walking on my treadmill and in the community but my foot started to hurt (probably a combination of old sports injuries, my weight, and repetitive stress, even from just walking). The doctor said to try to do something less weight bearing for a bit so my foot can heal. Reading the reviews and noting the 300lb weight limit, I thought that the Pleny would be okay. I was wrong in this case. Perhaps I just got a defective product (as can happen) but the design has a significant drawback. The seat assembly is adjustable, which is an awesome idea. It means that when you convert from upright cycling to recumbent and vice versa, you can adjust the seat to make sure it is level and you aren’t tilted forward on the recumbent or backward on the upright. There is a locking pin on the rear of the seat assembly that engages in two holes in the assembly which controls the tilt. The problem is, that when you are in recumbent mode your full weight is on that one pin, which is about a quarter to half inch in diameter and partially hollowed out for the locking pin to engage on a spring action. So, that part bent, which in turn froze the mechanism and made it impossible to adjust the seat. Being a tinkerer, I looked at it, figured out the problem, took the seat apart, pulled out the pin, and hammered it back into shape. It worked, for about one and a half sessions, then bent again. I immediately, like the first day I had it, contacted Pleny, who had said to contact them and give them 24 hours to respond. I got the cycle on a Thursday, contacted them that night, waited for Friday, then on Saturday, not having heard anything, I sent a second email requesting help. Monday came, then Tuesday. No response. I contacted Amazon who got on it quick and offered me a refund, but I didn’t want a refund, I just wanted one replacement part. I was actually thinking about taking the bolt to a machine shop and asking them to manufacture me a new part but way beefier, but then I though “WHY”, why give my money to a company that can’t even take the time to respond? I sent a third email on Tuesday night giving the company till the 26th of August to respond. I checked my email, checked my spam folder, and nothing. I have had defective products before. In some, the defect was so small that I was able to tinker around it and have a great product. In others, the company, or Amazon responded quickly and resolved the issue. I have not, at least in recent memory, had a problem where the defect was so fundamental to the functioning of the product, and where the manufacturer was so unresponsive.I see that this product has over 2600 review and averages 4.4 stars, which is why I bought it. I guess all I can say is that if you are anywhere near the maximum weight limit, that this product may not be for you. Again, I may have just received a defective bolt, but the lack of response from the company was a bridge too far for me. If a company truly stands behind their product, then they will do what they can to make a satisfied customer. Shipping out a half pound 8 inch long bolt with locking pin, does not seem too tall an order, nor does answering an email. I really wanted to like this product and give it a glowing review, but that was not my experience with the product or the manufacturer. Now I have to take it apart, pack it up, and have it shipped back for my refund. At least Amazon is on top of it.Hope you found the review honest and helpful. I often see angry reviews because a product came broken. I know that things happen in packing, shipping, delivery, etc… and I will often think, “that person is just frustrated” as I don’t see whether they asked the company for any redress. Well, I did, and to this day, no response. I cannot recommend this product, especially to larger people, based on what I think is possibly a defect, but also likely a serious design flaw. If you are in the 200 pound or below range, then this may work for you.

  3. Kelsey Olson

    You get your moneys worthThis is a great bike for somebody who is starting to try to get back into excising. It’s definitely not a permanent, or perfect bike. I am currently struggling with not really being able to stand cycle on it, which is a bummer. And the handle bars do not match in size which is strange. Other than that, it’s not bad it’s just not exactly awesome!

  4. Alteredlover

    Holding up pretty well after a yearI’ve had this bike for about a year and a half and while it’s not very glamorous, it does what it needs to do. It’s holding up decently well aside from a little bit of noise sometimes. It was pretty easy to set up on my own, and came with all the tools needed to do that job.Recently, my cat chewed through the wire that connects the display to the internal stuff for tracking, and the seller quickly replaced the part for me for free with no questions asked, even though I’ve had the bike for over a year now. Very nice customer service!

  5. James Munshower

    Exercise bikeVery good for my need. Doesn’t take up much room. Used everyday for the first 4 months for my back problems instead of paying for P.T. Just need to be more proactive in using it more lately. I recommend it to anyone that prefers not going to a gym and/or with similar physical problems.

  6. NC User

    Update:*** Do Not Buy unless you are ready to repair yourself or want practice repacking to returnUpdate: After multiple attempts to contact the seller over more than 2 weeks I finally heard from the seller. Was very apologetic stating procedural and staffing issues caused the missing of the customer support request. After some back and forth communication a replacement part was sent, without cost to me. With the new part the bike is now working as intended and I now view the unit as a very good $200 purchase.The overall process from first attempt to contact customer service to receipt of replacement part was more than 5 weeks but the unit is now working as I should be and I am satisfied.************************************************************************************************************************Did not have high expectations for a $200 folding bike. This looked like it would fit the bill.All parts were in the package, none missing. Assembly was touchy. If felt like you needed to be very careful not to cross thread components, seems like it could be very easy to do. The adjustment from up right bike to recumbent to folding for storage are all threaded knobs that you really need to be careful on fitting and controlling pressure on the connection until the knob is firmly in place. But it is a $200 bike. Better adjusting components would be more money. And once assembled properly it is not a bad unit.The kicker was the seat angle adjustment pin when changing from upright to recumbent. The control pin was bent from the beginning not allowing seat adjustment. Must be a standard issue because the assembly instructions make note of this problem and to immediately call for a replacement pin to be sent.Well, the is no phone number to call even though “Call” is stated. Only a service email address. I have been repeatedly emailing for a week without ANY return contact. Customer service is non-existent. I did disassemble the entire seat assembly and managed to straighten the pin enough to work using an anvil and a 4 lb hand sledge hammer. Hopefully I was forcefully gentle enough to straighten and not weaken the pin so that it will eventually fail.This process was easier for me than trying to repack and return the unit. But if you are not up to repairing or repacking this large package—–Stay Very Far Away from Pleny and chose another manufacturer.

  7. Olivia

    Decent bike for casual fitness needsPRO: Easy overall assembly, about an hour or so to put together. It’s fairly easy to do if the directions are followed.CON: Ran into quality control two issues with assembly but doesn’t affect ability to use the bike as intended. The first issue is that the bolts that secure the foot pedals to the pedal shafts were impossible to tighten all the way down so the bolts are only tightened partially but since the shaft and pedal itself are both threaded, they stay secure on their own. The second issue is that the two right side bolt holes missing from the shaft where it connects to the screen/handlebar assembly so the handlebar frame is only connected to the shaft by the two left side bolts. It did tighten securely on the left side and doesn’t wobble but I wouldn’t want to lean hard into it.PRO: The bike operates well and the screen shows speed/time/distance/calories/heart rate. No clue about the screen’s accuracy though. It said I burned 300+ calories in a half hour going about 13mph. It’s a little bit clunky to adjust from recumbent to semi to upright but it does adjust through the four positions (upright, semi upright, recumbent, upright for storage) and it’s nice to have the option to use the different positions. It adjust similar to a gym bench with a hole/pin locking system and honestly I always struggle with those so it might be me.CON: Shortly after first use, the flywheel started to make a knocking noise when pedaling forward, it doesn’t make any noise when pedaling backward, that way is whisper quiet. It’s annoying but doesn’t affect the performance, probably wouldn’t notice with headphones onCON: The stop button for the screen is right above the little phone tray so there’s no way to set your phone down without screwing up/resetting the monitor screen. I was looking forward to having a way to watch shows while biking so it’s a bummer that doing so resets the stats screenPRO: The resistance goes up to level 16 and at highest resistance in upright position, you will feel a little burn, especially if you’re low to moderate fitness levels. It’s nothing like a real gym style bike but from level one to eight to sixteen there is a noticeable difference.PRO: The resistance bands attached to the machine are a nice addition, I find myself using them towards the end of my workout when I start to get bored of straight cardio. The bands won’t make you jacked or probably not even toned, but it’s a nice distraction and does give a good little burn if you do high reps.CONCLUSION: All in all, this is a good bike for the money. It’s not going to win any awards and it isn’t going to replace a gym but if you just want an easy, cheap bike to hop on for an hour in the morning/evening to burn a couple extra calories (and have a low bar of expectations) this will be fine for you.

  8. Kindle Customer

    Very happy with purchase7/17/22 -I am a 60 yr old woman 5’7″ 150 lbs. I needed help moving the box but had no problems assembling it by myself in an hour. Once it was assembled it was easy to roll it where I wanted. It has a nice compact footprint that makes placement very versatile. The seat positions and resistance band tension are easy to adjust. I had a little trouble converting it to the recumbent position as it kept dropping all the way down but that was just operator error on my part. I did a 20 min workout in the recumbent position and it was totally silent. The seat was fairly comfortable. The resistance bands added some nice arm training. In the upright position it felt sturdy and didn’t wobble at all. Having 16 levels to aspire to should keep me challenged for a long long time. 8/24/22 update – I have lost 11 lbs so far riding at least 5 miles and half an hour every day at level 6 in the recumbent position. Easy and fun!

  9. Cassondra

    Nice!So this just arrived today. It took me about 45 minutes by myself to put together. It is great! Sturdy! Easy to adjust. However, and this my only complaint. I am 5’1 and 140lbs. I feel like a little kid on it. I wish it had one more level down. I can reach the pedals okay but to really not feel like I am reaching I have to sit on the edge of the seat.With that being said, it I a fun piece and at this price it is well worth the purchase.

  10. A N

    Sturdy Bike, Very QuietPROS: I put this bike together in 1 hour…..following both the instructions and assembly video. Bike seems very sturdy, and easy to pedal. The seat wobbles a bit, and the front part of the seat is not comfortable. I am using a pillow to resolve that.CONS: After only 2 weeks, I noticed a squeak that seemed to come from the right pedal area. I re-attached and tightened the nuts for the pedals, and it was still there. I am in contact with the manufacturing company in China ~ (they were VERY helpful) They decided it is defective. They will send me a new bike, and I’m not sure what I need to do with the old bike. After 4 days with no email from Pleny, I called Amazon to start the return process. I had to dis-assemble the old bike, and try to fit in into the styrofoam packaging. That was fun! NOT!! Amazon did pay for the return. I was not able to get the exact bike as a replacement, as Pleny was not available. I got a Merax brand from Amazon. It looks exactly like the Pleny bike….. We shall see how that bike preforms! Another complaint I have about this bike, is the seat back is stationary. It would be nice if it slid back further, so there is more room on the seat. I have found a remedy with a pillow. When I looked for my original purchase on Amazon, it was not longer available. Pleny’s products are back on Amazon, but I recommend buying the extended warranty, as most bikes are only 90 days.UPDATE: The Merax bike I bought as a replacement for this one, does not work for me at all. I’m returning it, and now that Pleny is available on Amazon, I will purchase another one….. I was happy with the Pleny bike, so Please send me a new one!10/11/2020 UPDATE: my 3rd bike is up and running! I do like this bike! After riding for a bit, it started clicking as I rode it. It got worse, so I discovered a loose bolt. Also the monitor did not work. I got brave and took a plastic cover off, and tightened the bolt. The clicking stopped, and the monitor started to work! I’m happy with the bike, and hope it continues to work for me.

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