ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill with 2 Level Incline and Twin Flywheels

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Product details

Brand ProGear
Color black
Product Dimensions 47″D x 23″W x 51″H
Item Weight 49 Pounds
Material Alloy Steel
Maximum Speed 0.01 Miles per Hour
  • Tested up to 230lbs of user weight
  • Steel Frame with powder coated finish, Wide side rails for safety
  • Oversized belt rollers provide a very smooth and consistent walking experience
  • Incline adjustments feature quick and easy 2 position incline levels of 6 and 10 degrees
  • Longer handles with foam grips provide for walking security and loss of balance


The ProGear 190 Space Saver and treadmill fitness walking is an effective way to burn extra calories and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Walking on a manual treadmill is one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve a regimen of regular exercise. Fitness walking can help you lose body fat, tone muscles and is a great way to stay in shape. The ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill gives you benefits of minimal assembly out of the box, uses no electrical power and is maintenance free. Tested up to 230lbs of user weight. Steel Frame with powder coated finish. Wide side rails for safety. Oversized belt rollers provide a very smooth and consistent walking experience. Longer handles with foam grips provide for walking security and loss of balance. Incline adjustments feature quick and easy 2 position incline levels of 6 and 10 degrees. Some assembly required. Twin cast iron flywheels for smooth and quiet walking. Transportation wheels allow the treadmill to be moved easily from room to room. Treadmill Belt size 43″L x 13 1/4″ W. Folds up easily for storage. Folded Dimensions 21″L x 23″W x 51″H. Computer has an LCD display featuring elapsed time, distance walked, calories burned, speed and scan.

From the manufacturer


Smooth Walking Experience

Oversized belt rollers provide a very smooth and consistent walking experience



LCD Display with Long Handles for Stability

Longer handles with foam grips provide for walking security and loss of balance. Console has an LCD display featuring elapsed time, distance walked, calories burned, speed and scan. All batteries are included

2 Position Incline Adjustments

Incline adjustments feature quick and easy 2 position incline levels of 6 and 10 degrees



Steel Frame and Wide Side Rails

Steel Frame with powder coated finish, wide side rails for safety. Tested up to 230lbs of user weight.

Easy Storage and Transportation

Folds up easily for storage. Folded dimensions is 21 L x 23 W x 51 H (inches). Transportation wheels allow the treadmill to be moved easily from room to room.


Additional information

Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 47 × 23 × 51 cm




Product Dimensions

47D x 23W x 51H

Item Weight

49 Pounds


Alloy Steel

Maximum Speed

0.01 Miles per Hour

Special Feature

Monitor Not Included

Maximum Incline Percentage


Assembly Required


Display Type


Included Components

Treadmill Tools Manual

Frame Material

Steel Frame

Package Weight

28.12 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

47 x 23 x 51 inches

Brand Name


Warranty Description

1 Year Limited Warranty

Model Name

The ProGear 190

Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number




Date First Available

July 2 2014


Paradigm Health & Wellness Inc. — DROPSHIP, ProGear

10 reviews for ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill with 2 Level Incline and Twin Flywheels

  1. Frisco Moses

    NOTHING FANCY BUT COMPLETELY ADEQUATEI have to say that I didn’t expect much due to the price of this treadmill and the fact that it was manually operated. After having used it for 20+ miles, I must say this is a quality product. True it is a no frills piece of equipment but it delivers just fine. I like the information that the readout provides and the easy adjustment for the angle of the treadmill. I didn’t think it would be all that sturdy but it stays where you put it and feels very solid in use. IMHO this is a great deal on a quality piece of simple but effective equipment.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Glad I Purchased This Manual TreadmillI had been scrolling through Amazon pages, and the web, for a motorized treadmill. After realizing how much money i needed to spend for a low-end motorized one, i came upon a page offering a manual treadmill. Ok, so more scrolling and researching, to see if this could be a cheaper option for me. Finally, i came upon this treadmill. It caught my attention; because of the high star rating and free shipping. 90% of the reviews i read for this treadmill, were great. So, i decided to take a chance. I received it yesterday, and was going to wait for my adult son to put together for me. After thinking about it, i had read that most people found this treadmill was able to be put together, with little ease. So, i opened the box, and everything was placed nicely. The treadmill was free of any nicks, or cracked plastic coverings, as some had mentioned. I found the directions/illustration to be easy to read. It took me about an hour to set up. This is only because of my stupidity. I put one of the poles on the wrong side. I didn’t realize this until near the end, when it asked me to connect the sensors for the speedometer. I was on my way to being fully mad, thinking WTF are they talking about. I was cringing at the thought of having to get this thing all packed up, back in the box, and shipping this bad boy back to Amazon. All of a sudden, my eyes went from the directions, to the bar on the other side of treadmill. Well, well, well… there goes that other connector. Lol I was mad at myself for not paying better attention. Especially, since each pole has a sticker on the side; which indicates “Left” and “Right”. Ha! Of course i saw these stickers, but had got a little cocky and stopped paying full attention to the directions, thinking, “I got this!” I really couldn’t get too mad; because it was easy enough to put together. So i just backtracked, switched poles, and put it back together, in about 25 minutes. Once i got everything put together, i tested it out. The treadmill was at a great speed for me, and i didn’t have to do any adjusting. Also, i know a few people said the incline was to high, but i didn’t find that i needed to adjust mine. The treadmill makes minimal sound when using, as i’ve heard louder ones. The speedometer has your basic details, time walked, calories burned, and so on. I have to admit that i am soooo out of shape, and bought this treadmill to start a weight loss journey. I tried it for the real test, today. I thought i would start out doing 15 minute intervals. Well… i made it to 3 mins, 32 seconds. Don’t laugh! My heart was beating fast, and I was breathing hard. I hadn’t started sweating yet, but i felt it coming. I had to take a break, because i was having a ego meltdown. I couldn’t believe i was this out of shape. Luckily, i was by myself, or hadn’t challenged anyone. I couldn’t believe that i was this out of shape (as if my bulging belly, love handles and rubbing thighs hadn’t already proved that to me). I couldn’t take this failure, so i got back on. I only made it to 5 minutes, but now, i’m sweating and my heart is really pumping. I had to jump off….again. In my thoughts, i was like “this little thing is really kicking my a$$”. I was feeling it in the glutes, down to the back of my calves. I know 3 minutes and 5 minutes sound like a joke, but i haven’t exercised in years. I am not a runner, so a brisk walking pace was all that i needed. I was happy that i had no more excuses, to not go out and walk. I was happy that after 5 minutes, i burned 25 calories. But most of all, I am happy that i purchased this treadmill. I’m sure i will be able to stay on longer, as i keep on trying. This sturdy little machine, has made a believer out of me. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and very easy to store. If you’re stuck between a decision of manual vs motor, and you’re hesitant about spending a lot… try this baby! You won’t be disappointed.

  3. E. Leung

    Good treadmill for walking deskI like being active despite having a desk job, so over the years I tried riding an exercise bike and a mini elliptical. Unfortunately, the bike caused numbness issues (despite using a special seat), and my knees would get cranky on the elliptical due to the repetitive small motions of the knee. After failing at making my own manual treadmill, I finally decided to make the investment and get a manual treadmill. Assembly is pretty straightforward if you have any experience putting things together. The only thing I missed was that you have to connect the wires between the upright and the handles so that the computer would work, but that was my fault for not paying enough attention. Speaking of the computer, yes it shows cumulative data. If you want to reset it, just press the button down for a few seconds to reset the stats.As for performance, the treadmill is not anywhere near as quiet as I had hoped it would be. I loosened the belt so that I could lift it up and liberally apply the lubricant provided. I also took the opportunity to center the belt, as it came off center. If you find that your belt is slipping in one direction, that indicates that you need to tighten the bolt on that side. After the additional lubricant, the belt moved a little more quietly, though still louder than ideal. The treadmill I received actually has three settings for incline, 7, 8 and 9 degrees which was nice. Remember that you are buying a manual treadmill, there will not be a level setting as it is solely up to you and gravity to move the belt.I would recommend starting at the 7 degree incline and get used to walking at this level first. To use this handsfree, you can either put a belt on the handles so that you can push against the belt. Alternatively, increase the incline and strap yourself in. If you plan on going completely handsfree without strapping in, I would recommend against going to the 9 degree incline as I found that I would just keep on picking up speed until eventually I had to hop off. You can prop the back end up to achieve a level belt, but be prepared to push much harder to walk.This will definitely give you a workout, I can pretty easily keep up a 4 mph pace when walking normally, but on this treadmill I walk at about 2 mph due to the heavier emphasis on the posterior chain (glutes and hamstrings) compared to walking on the sidewalk and especially electric treadmills. I recommend starting off with shorter sessions and gradually increasing time as your body gets used to walking on the manual treadmill. As a fun bonus, it feels like you’re positively flying after you get off this thing!Overall, I would definitely recommend this model. It’s not perfect, but I’m looking forward to using this at work for many years to come.UPDATE 6/26/2019Having used this for almost two months, this thing has held up well to on average at least 4 hours every day during the work week. The only change is that the treadmill performs differently at the same incline day to day. Some days I can comfortably set the treadmill to the 8 degree incline. Other days I have to set it to the 9 degree incline propped up a little by stacks of post-its to get the same level of resistance. Not a huge deal, but something to note. Overall, the sound has decreased very slightly as the belt gets worn in.UPDATE 9/25/2020Just got my treadmill back from work (thanks COVID). Had to adjust the belt again, but the treadmill still works well despite sitting untouched for six months. Note that after months of use, I now only use the highest incline since it no longer just spins faster and faster. I’ve also added two pics of my “desk”. It wasn’t custom made for the treadmill, it was actually used for my standing setup years ago and happily it fit well on top of the treadmill! I believe the key to it working is the triangles in the front that provide vertical support along with the top rail. I’ve never had a problem with this setup falling off or slipping.UPDATE 11/12/2020The treadmill/desk setup is still working well. FYI, used an app to measure the decibels during usage. It averaged 70db, with max of 75db. According to the CDC “Noise above 70 dB over a prolonged period of time may start to damage your hearing”, so my treadmill is right on that edge. Hopefully yours is quieter, maybe it’ time to apply some more lubricant.

  4. SFL

    Very ImpressedI wasn’t really expecting much when I ordered this. But I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. Firstly, I am a male in my early 60s, 5’10, 194 lbs. Been running and walking for more than 30 years. Unlike most people I despise the heat and humidity of spring and summer. I generally run all fall and winter from the first freeze in October until the pollen comes out in April. I had been going to gyms from May to September. I decided to buy this with hopes I could use it for about 6 months and stay out of the gym.It arrived quickly and in perfect shape. No parts were missing and the instructions were definitely completed by someone with a command of the English language. It was without a doubt written in the USA. Therefore there was no confusion putting this thing together. I laid out all of the parts and the total installation time for me was about 15 minutes to unpack and lay everything out and 30 minutes to put it all together and tighten everything up. Very easy to do. All the machining of all of the screws, holes, etc were done very well. Nothing had to be forced. It just went together like a breeze.It seems sturdy and that it will hold up. It is easy to quickly fold up and roll away to put it wherever you want. I store mine in a closet. As far as the workout goes, there is something to be said for having to self power this thing. It really is an awesome cardio and muscular workout. It came with 3 elevation levels. I set it on the middle one and have left it there thus far. You really get an awesome work out with it because it is self powered. One thing you really don’t want to do is run wildly on it. You will probably regret that. Just step on at the top of the belt and lean forward a hair while holding the bars and begin to walk. You will get the hang of it. Start slow and deliberate and work your way up. If you want to stop just walk toward the top of the belt and quit walking. You will stop and you can just step off at that point. The belt runs very smooth and there is very little noise.I am very happy with this purchase and while I can’t comment on long term durability if it gets me to the next freeze I’ll be ecstatic. But I really think it will last.

  5. Jonad

    A must haveReally easy to mount, works perfectly and really helpful and the best is that doesn’t use power. No electricity, just great

  6. RJ

    LOVE this, but it’s not perfect.I almost never leave reviews but this is a big purchase and these machines aren’t super common so I wanted to leave some details I was looking for before purchasing.I hate going to the gym and the only reason I do go is for high incline treadmill walking (10-15%). So I figured this would be perfect for me. The amazon description says the machine has a 6 and 10% incline setting, but according to the manual for the treadmill I received, it has 7,8 and 9% settings. I like all the incline I can get so I was hoping for 10% as advertised. I still work up a sweat so I’m satisfied.After I took everything out of the package and looked over the instructions it took me 40 minutes to put together without help. I’m an average strength woman and only one part was a bit tricky (tip, use the foam blocks that come in the box to lift up the belt and screw it into the base). Instructions were clear and nothing was missing.So, using the machine requires some adjustment if you’re accustomed to gym treadmills but its very easy to get the hang of. Because of the incline, if you don’t hold on to the handles there isn’t enough resistance on the belt for you to keep a normal pace and use the machine safely. Holding the bar allows your body to apply the pressure to the belt to help it operate normally. If you change hand positions/posture you can also change your speed. Letting go will have you running hard to keep up, or flying off. I was a little disappointed in this because I know holding on allows you to do less work therefore burn less but I still get my heart rate up and I feel I’m getting a great workout anyway. EDIT: I’ve found that when I use the lowest incline (7%) I can use the machine safely without holding on. I’m 5’11” and its definitely not ideal for someone of my height. The bars are quite low for me so my posture when I hold on is a little less than ideal but not a deal breaker. I just have to pay more attention, and make sure I’m standing up straight. It sounds complicated but once you get on its super easy. But if you’re much taller than 6ft it may not be comfortable to use.I thought that the length and width of the belt would be a problem since I’m tall with long legs and big feet, but it isn’t a problem. I don’t feel awkward or that I have to change my stride.Anyway, its really small and fits perfectly in a corner between my bed and the wall. When I fold and lay it down it’s invisible. For the price, its perfect and fits my needs exactly. It’s been amazing to be able to practically roll out of bed and onto the treadmill to work out, and throughout the day when I’m home I just hop on while I’m on my phone reading or watching things.Even if it broke in a year or two I’d probably still buy another one.

  7. Kimberly

    Good Little TreadmillThis was very easy to assemble so, don’t let that deter you from purchasing this. The box was big though. But that was to be expected. It’s a manual treadmill, that’s all I can say really. It’s sturdy and built well.I just needed something for my small space so I can easily get a workout in during my day. You can’t run or walk on this without hanging on to the handles. You will fly off! Lol!That being said, you will get a good workout! You are using your energy to make the belt move as well as walk so, I do feel more resistance with this. If that makes sense. It just takes some time to get used to a manual if you are used to using an electric.Though it said it was pre-oiled, I did have to lube up the track because there was some friction and sticking on the belt.I chose a manual because of the added resistance, the size, and I did not want to pay extra on my electricity bill.

  8. Agathe

    Mixed feelingsAlright so I have mixed feelings on this piece of equipment.Let me start by saying that I am training for yet again another bodybuilding competition and my coach insisted that I walk on an incline for cardio.Well, this machine is perfect for just that. Walking. On incline.There are two different settings and let me tell you, I burn fat fine on the highest one (10% give out take).PROS:- Small and fits anywhere- Belt runs smooth- Sturdy enough for the price (paid $129 on sale)CONS:- You have to hold on the machine unless you plan on a HIIT run! Your body weight is pushing the belt…. I am 117lbs and still have to sort of slow myself down.- With the holding part in mind, I’m 5’3 on a good day, and the handle’s height is perfect for me. Although my arms are not fully extended, I don’t see how somebody 5’7 or taller would be able to hold on to the machine without crouching forward…- The small reader on the front of the machine does not stand in place and keep rolling downwards. With that say it doesn’t matter because it has never worked. Not a deal breaker for me as I am only recording time but still annoying in a brand new item.- The trademill was missing a small wheel to be able to be rolled for storage. The problem is that even though it is useful for storage, the little wheels also gives the machine stability when in use.So missing one wheel really sucks. I ended up placing the trademill on a gym mat when I’m on it, and it’s fine. But again, even if the price was pretty low, it still annoying not to have accessories working properly. I bought this new technically, so I kind of expected to receive a new product in working shape.In the end, you really get what you pay for.Machine works as expected and does the job done when you are stuck inside with no steep hills to climb.Just don’t expect any bells and whistles.And have a plan B in mind if you’re missing a couple of pieces like we have.Cheers and happy cardio!

  9. R. Hewitt

    This affordable, MANUAL treadmill is quite nice4.5 stars.I hesitated over this purchase because of reviewers who’d found it dangerous. In the end though I really needed a way to get walking-type exercise without electricity so I gave it a try. I’m glad I did.I’m a somewhat overweight senior citizen with balance and coordination problems, so a treadmill that speeds up uncontrollably would not have worked for me. I’m not sure why people feel that way about it because it’s not doing that when I’ve used it. It’s manual, so you do have to control it with your feet and body rather than rely on a motor to maintain speed, but it’s not hard to do this. Just stop walking and let it carry you down and off. Or walk slower. Or push against the handles. Seems easy to me, however, letting go of the handles on any treadmill is not an option for me because of my balance problems, so that may be why I find it easy to control the speedAssembly required. I did it myself, but with one mistake. I thought the adjuster screws were fasteners and tried to remove one of them. After a ridiculously long time trying to unscrew it, I realized my mistake and guesstimated how many turns to put it back where it had been. Of course I didn’t get that right and the belt shifted to that side when I tried using it. Another full turn in on that side followed by a couple minutes of use centered it nicely though.I really really like how lightweight and simple this thing is. It’s extremely minimalist so if that suits you, definitely consider it. If you’re looking for bells and whistles, though, this might not be what you want. The minimalism suits my use case and I especially like how compactly it folds up.My one issue with it and the reason for docking half a star is that it’s easy to scratch a hardwood floor when moving it, so if you choose to get it, watch out for that.

  10. Robert J. Boluyt

    A price competitive option to motorized treadmillsI wasn’t sure about this ProGear initially, but I wanted to get some form of treadmill that I could walk on while working remote. Motorized treadmills start at 3x to 4x the cost of this model, and those are the cheap ones. This is my first manual treadmill. It was very easy to put together and comes with the necessary tools. Initially, I had some issues with the tread becoming off center. This is solved by tightening the nuts on the rear. Of note, these nuts are covered by the plastic end caps which prevent you from seeing the positions of the bolts. You’ll want to remove these while adjusting the tread.As far as using the treadmill, its a bit different than running on the motorized treadmills at the gym. You have to put some work into it. Casually working at 3-4mph on a motorized treadmill is easy. Walking at 3mph on this Progear is a chore that you’ll very likely feel. I’m not sure how to describe this next aspect, but the momentum takes a bit of getting used to. If I grip the hand guards, I can easily maintain the walking speed, however, if I take my hands off, it almost forces you to accelerate. I’m not sure if this is an aspect I’ll adapt to, I’ve only had it for a day, but it is something to be away of. Though I’m comfortably under the rated weight limit, I don’t feel comfortable actually jogging or running on this. But as a platform to walk on while observing computer dashboards, it fits the bill perfectly.

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