ProGear 750 Rower with Additional Multi Exercise Workout Capability, Black

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Brand ProGear
Color Black
Resistance Mechanism Water
Product Dimensions 26.5″D x 53″W x 36.3″H
Maximum Weight Recommendation 220 Pounds
Model Name 750 Rower
  • 2 independent hydraulic cylinders for tension resistance. 3 hydraulic resistance levels can be independently adjusted on the left and right handle bars. 180 degree range of rowing motion
  • 3 adjustable rowing positions accommodate different user heights. Slide rail length/inseam: 37″ – 43″. Large 1.8″ thick cushioned seat (12.3″ x 9″) and multi-exercise backrest (26.5″ x 12.5″)
  • 3 adjustable incline rowing angles. LCD display indicates scan, time, rep count, calories burned, and total rep count. Foam covered handle bars provides a comfortable grip while rowing
  • Large pivoting textured anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable straps keep your feet in place while exercising. User height range of 4’9″ to 6’1″. Chrome slide rail for smooth rowing
  • Over 10 additional workout exercises including rows, curls, shoulder presses, pull downs, ab workouts, bent over rows, pec flies and more. Can be folded for storage. 220 pounds weight capacity


Enjoy your workout with ProGear 750 rower without leaving your home! featuring 37″ – 43″ slide rail length/inseam, LCD display and 2 independent Hydraulic cylinders for tension resistance, ProGear 750 rower comes with 3 adjustable Hydraulic resistance levels on both handle bars, and provides 180 degree range of rowing motion for full arm, shoulder and chest exercises. In addition, the large 1.8″ thick cushioned seat and multi-exercise backrest will keep you comfortable throughout your workout sessions. While not in use, the 750 rower can be folded for storage. So let’s get started and get the results you want with ProGear 750 rower.

From the manufacturer


Hydraulic Tension Resistance

2 independent hydraulic cylinders for tension resistance. 3 hydraulic resistance levels can be independently adjusted on the left and right handle bars. 180 degree range of rowing motion. Can be folded for storage.


Large Seat and Backrest

3 adjustable rowing positions accommodate different user heights. Slide rail length/inseam: 37″ – 43″. Large 1.8″ thick cushioned seat (12.3″ x 9″) and multi-exercise backrest (26.5″ x 12.5″) keeping you comfortable throughout your workout sessions. 220 pounds weight capacity


Anti-Slip Foot Pedals

Large pivoting textured anti-slip foot pedals with adjustable straps keep your feet in place while exercising. User height range of 4’9″ to 6’1″. Chrome slide rail for smooth rowing


LCD Display with Covered Handle Bars

LCD display indicates scan, time, rep count, calories burned, and total rep count.

Foam covered handle bars provides a comfortable grip while rowing. Over 10 additional workout exercises including rows, curls, shoulder presses, pull downs, ab workouts, bent over rows, pec flies and more.






Bent Over Rows


Shoulder Presses




Pec Flies


Ab Rollings


Shoulder Fly



Important information

Safety Information

Prop 65

Additional information

Weight 220 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 53 × 36.3 cm




Resistance Mechanism


Product Dimensions

26.5D x 53W x 36.3H

Model Name

750 Rower

Item Weight

54 pounds


Alloy Steel

Number of Batteries

1 AA batteries required. included

Display Type


Package Weight

28.12 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

53 x 26.5 x 36.3 inches

Brand Name


Warranty Description

1 Year Limited

Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number


Model Year


Included Components




Date First Available

January 11 2018


Paradigm Health & Wellness Inc. — DROPSHIP, ProGear

10 reviews for ProGear 750 Rower with Additional Multi Exercise Workout Capability, Black

  1. Jodi

    Everything you need to know before you purchaseI’m a fitness nut. I mean by this is I’ve been involved in weight lifting, physical fitness, dance, yoga, and pilates for over 30 years. I have an autoimmune condition that constantly attacks my joints and muscles, so I have to keep relatively strong. I have no ability to produce certain muscle fibers, and I have an AAT disorder so I’m definitely NOT athletic. I purchased this machine along with a squat assistance machine for the weeks after my flare ups when I can recuperate at home before I venture back to a gym. I am 5’4″ 118lbs. 18-20% BF.Here is my review.1. This machine would not be ideal for someone over 220 lbs as it isn’t structurally designed to support the weight without significant wear and tear to the parts.2. Rowing is one of the most beneficial whole body low impact exercises you can do for yourself. Get this and an upright sit and ride for squats and sit in front of your netflix or amazon prime and binge while you workout. you’ll thank me for years to come. You don’t need any other equipment in your gym or home except one other piece: the X3Bar. Read my entire reviews for tips on maximizing efficiency on this machine.PROS:1. comes fully assembled and ready to use out of the box.2. quiet machine, fairly sturdy.3. 3 basic levels of resistance. If you need added resistance by booty bands or resistance bands and use that to enhance your rowing.4. the arms are rigid but still manage to offer a full range of motion through the full pull and release of your rowing stroke which I like so if you want to focus on triceps, upper chest, lower chest, you can do it.5. the bottom of the machine allows some incline adjustment, which is nice.6. Some of the added arm training is workable.CONS:1. takes up some floor space, but can be folded down to be shoved under a tall enough bed.2. many of the additional exercises are not anatomically accurate for full range of motion or enough resistance through the full range of motion. Take for example the curls. A total waste of your time. Don’t bother with it. The rows and flies and chest press and shoulder press are nice addons if you don’t have dumbbells. Or do what I do and get a set of dumbbells and use the full bench down and go to town.3. lack of exercise video training instructions. I’m compelled to make a series just to help folks because overall this is a tremendous rowing machine.4. It’s low to the ground. Get a chair, or put it next to a couch or something that can help you get on and off the machine.PRO TIPS:1. Get yourself a waist trainer and a set of sauna tights and a sauna sweat vest if you want to enhance your workout efficiency and keep your joints warm. This will enhance your overall workout, increase the overall caloric burn.2. Drink 1/2 to 1 gallon of pure water a day with cell food drops. This makes a huge difference when you need to drop fat fast.3. STOP COUNTING CALORIES AND DOING THE FAD DIETS. Simple portion control: look at the palm of your hand. Now, make a fist. Your entire stomach is the size of 2 fists put together. I don’t care how much fat you carry. This is the anatomical size your stomach is when it is not stretched to the max. I’ve examined enough cadavers.4. Fast until 10am, only drink water with lemon and tea or coffee with very little sugar and a full scoop or 2 of collagen protein. This will give you protein needed to get through your morning. at 10am, break your fast with a full meal shake like Orgain and a celery stick with hummus or peanut butter. Lunch – make lunch your biggest meal of the day. one palm of protein, one palm of carbs, two palms of veggies a thumb size of fat, oil, or dressing for a salad. Same for dinner. See how easy it is? no more calorie counting. snacks, one palm size of fruit, nuts, whatever you’d like. Stop eating after 7pm-8pm. Only water or herbal tea.5. HAVE ONE CHEAT DAY EVERY WEEK.6. Avoid ALL WHITE FOODS. No white sugar, white flour, white potatoes, white breads, white tortillas, white ANYTHING. if its white its out. If you must have creamer in your coffee, use So delicious organic almond cashew milk, coconut milk or something like that. If you have to have your ice cream, go with greek style frozen yogurt and honey with berries. Never limit yourself on snacks, treats, just the portion. If you have trigger foods, avoid them like the plague until you know you have the self-control to eat one. remind yourself daily, “nothing tastes as good as healthy feels and looks!”7. Cleanse your colon, your liver and kidneys. Colon cleansers are GREAT! If you have poor bowel movements, get one, use it for at least 90 days. Better yet, get a series of colonics. “death begins in the colon”. Your colon is so important. treat it with love and respect it.8. Charcoal capsules for days you don’t feel good. gassy, upset digestion, stress, charcoal capsules are your friend.9. Full spectrum enzymes and probiotics.10. finally – don’t kill yourself. 20 min of cardio is enough for everyone. go for a walk, make a commitment to get up and move or dance for 5 minutes every 45 min you sit. Look, my joints and muscles are deep pain constantly. I get it. there are days I cannot get out of bed. I still make the effort to do something every day for my body. Your body is your soul’s temple. What you get out of it is based on what you invest into it.Get this machine, commit to loving yourself and honoring your body. It really is a great piece of equipment.Do pulses on the rowing machine not just full range of motion. Pulse at the top of your movement for a count of ten, then do a full range for 10. Do one arm at a time while rowing.Do fly out with your arms as wide as you can while pulling.Do half range motions at the bottom of your pull and half at the top of your pull for a count of ten.Look up youtube for rowing machine 20 min exercise videos and follow along.Don’t be afraid. Just get on and row that fat right off.If all you can do is 5 minutes – just do it. and get back on and do another 5 minutes.Don’t give up.Don’t ever quit.

  2. LizardLvr

    Much better than I thought!As one might suspect, for this price – sub $200, with multiple exercises, I was very skeptical. I finally decided to take the dive. I am pleasantly surprised. First, I was dreading having to put it together, anticipating it would come in a thousand pieces with a million screws. It did not! It came 99% assembled. The only “screw” was the one to secure the seat when you decide where it needs to be. Then, there was a battery, the end.The machine is heavy enough to remain stable when I am using it but light enough that I can easily carry it around the house and I can prop it against the wall without the fear it is going to fall and kill a kid. It’s footprint is also reasonably compact.For each exercise that you can perform with the machine, there are pictures, words, and schematics. I found that the pictures were easy enough to follow. I identify the exercise I want to perform and then, I do what I need to and make the machine look like the photo. Mostly, it’s moving the back piece around. Very easy.You can change the resistance too! It comes in the lowest position – least resistance. Out of the box, this is more than enough for me. I did not think so until I move it to the top position and said, OHHHH, this is super hard. So, back to the lowest position until I build some upper body strength.The display is tiny and for me, fairly pointless. I would rather tell Google to set a timer instead of using the display. It is also not feasible when you are doing exercises that put your back to the display. I did not buy this for the display, I paid zero attention to any description about it because I do not need it.Out of the box to ready to use – Five Minutes. Time to figure out the different activities, 15 minutes. Time to change from one activity to another – 0 – 2 minutes. There are several exercises that can be performed in each setup so, if you organize your workout plan, you won’t have to continuously stop and reconfigure.

  3. Dog Snapper

    Small footprint, decent workoutI bought this machine because I was looking for one with a small footprint. The additional features seemed like a bonus. It comes mostly assembled, with a few steps you have to do yourself. It was up and running in less than 30 minutes. As many have noted, the rowing exercise is more like a traditional rowboat oar, which is kind of nice because it lets me use my arms in a greater variety of ways as I row. I haven’t been as impressed with the additional features, but I’ve only had it about a week and maybe they will grow on me. But if I don’t do anything but row I am happy with the purchase. If size is a factor for you, the footprint when it isn’t in use is around 3 feet by 2 feet. I can take the larger vertical pad off easily to flatten it out and store it under a table. It would fit under many beds that way too. I need to pull it out further into the room while rowing to accommodate the rowing motion, but I keep it on a pad and it slides out super easily. It does sit quite low to the ground, which I haven’t found to be a problem but I know others have noted that it can be hard to get up from. There is a monitor that tracks time, strokes, and calories, that can be re-set each session. It doesn’t make much noise so you can listen to podcasts or music, or watch TV, without needing a lot of extra volume. All in all I am happy with the purchase. I can’t really comment on whether or not it gives as good a workout as other kinds of rowers but so far I am liking the experience of using it. For the price and the size, it was a good option for me.

  4. Greg Stilwell

    Great productSeems well built. Lots of exercise options.

  5. Lancaster County Lady

    Love this rowing machineThis rower comes fully assembled. All I had to do was pop the battery into the console and it was ready to go. I did not have to adjust the hydraulics at all as they are perfect for me. The rower is low to the ground but I would think a platform of some sort could be used for people who have trouble squatting. The quality of the machine is unbelievable considering the cost, and the footprint is only about two feet when the seat is pushed all the way to the front. I have it set up in my living room so I can watch TV and row. I row every day, that’s how much I like it. I do not row long enough for the hydraulics to get warm like some other users mention, maybe 10 minutes at a time. I get a super workout on my arms and upper legs, so much better than the flywheel rower I used at the Y. That rower seemed to concentrate more on my stomach muscles, which I did not want. I received an instruction manual on all the different exercises that can be done, but I really don’t think I will do them, I just want to row. The rowing action is very smooth and when I pull the arms to the side as I row instead of straight back and forth, it honest to god feels like I am actually rowing in a lake. I am 5’2″ and use the shortest distance for the seat; my landlord is 5’7″ and used the seat extended to its full length. She loved it so much she is thinking about getting one. She liked that it really works the biceps. This is one of the best purchases I have made and best of all, I no longer have to go the Y where I saw people not wiping down the equipment after use. Between my treadmill and this rower, I am good to go. Don’t let age stop you, I am almost 70 and still kicking.

  6. Z. Wang

    range of motion can have more choicesJust received the product today. It is pre-assembled and looks good. Hope it can last long.One thing I noticed is that there are only 2 positions (MIN or MAX) for the range of motion. My comfortable position is in-between. I hope to have 2 more holes in-between on the sliding tube so that user can have more choices on the comfortable positions.

  7. Kamen

    Good, for the moneySeptember 19, 2019___________________________I had a “Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050″ before that did not last one year before falling apart. Before that, I had an old Sears rowing machine that I liked and this one has similar design and construction. Indeed, it seems to work much better.* It is quite heavy, but you have to choose between weight, strength and price – can’t have all three.* The foot rests are suspended through the middle, which is not necessarily the middle of the foot; also, the minimum angle is such that the feet are weighted (tilted) forward (just look at their own inset picture), thus tending to slip and not support your weight properly. Maybe fine, if you wear shoes, but I don’t like that. I’ve had to tighten the straps to the max and still require a lot of effort to support my recoil.* The built-in incline is very low; I had to add a 7” prop to the back to lift it to a reasonable angle* The motion sensor is on the row arm, not the seat, so it actually counts strokes (yes, they can differ)* The controller screen is too small, which could be nuisance to those with bad eyesight* The foam handle surface is hard and slippery; I had to use tennis-racket grip tape (* Despite the claims, the seat is not that comfortable; I have to use a foam pad to soften itI have it set at the maximum effort and only do rowing. I’ve used it for a coupe of months, almost every day for an hour, and it is already starting to feel differently when warmed up (after 5-10 minutes), so I can only hope it will last for a reasonable time (a few years).

  8. roozoomom

    Great well-rounded machineWe are soooo happy with this little machine! It was easy to assemble, easy to use, and takes up little space.The first review I read sold me with the idea that you can get creative and invent your own complete program on this, and she was right. I have added additional exercises, and even stretches.As with most everyone, after COVID hit, my gym shut its doors, my dojang went to the Zoom format, my kids and hubby went online, and we all went rapidly down hill in quarantine. We remain in close-to-quarantine conditions, but have adapted fairly well at this point. What we have been missing is daily exercise that we actually WANT to do, and this row machine was the ticket. Now, every member of my family takes their turn rowing daily, and have a little friendly competition going.I would also like to note that if there is an exercise you cannot quite do, you can modify it to suit you. For example, I have arthritis in both thumbs that prevents a lot of typical UB exercises, so I just modify my grip to row with limited thumb use, and prop up on my forearms to do abs.

  9. Powers

    Great Overall WorkoutThis was incredibly easy to set up, and to adjust the settings. Also opted to have the delivery service lug it upstairs for me, which was a big help. The machine is sturdy, looks and feels well made. Easily adjusted the slide tube to MIN for my height (5’3″), and the resistance. I use it every day at least once, it works the legs and arms with no joint stress, and it beats having to go to a gym. Needed this after heart surgery to regain stamina and strength, and get my heart rate up, which it’s doing in spades. (On a personal note have my pulse oximeter hanging from the back rest to monitor oxygen level, and heart rate after each workout.)An FYI for any older adults, the machine is very low to the floor so you might have difficulty getting up. But … with the back rest in place you can grab onto that and haul yourself up ! I’m 68 so speak from experience, tho my legs are now strong enough to stand. WooHoo. Love my rowing machine.

  10. J. Jones

    Meh – not greatI needed to get a rowing machine that folded and could be somewhat tucked away because i have a small house. But, there is definitely an exchange, and after using the rowing machines at the gym, this is a huge step down. It is possible to get a decent workout with this machine, but I regret buying this particular model.My biggest complaint is that the rail that the seat rolls on is too short. When it’s extended out, and I’m sliding back and forth, the seat falls drops off the main rail, onto the inner rail, at the front, and hits the bar at the back. I’m not that tall (5’6″) so I’m not sure why the rail is so short that I can’t get a more full range of motion.As another reviewer said, there’s no resistance for the legs; the seat slides easily along the rail. But, I do like that there is flexibility in the way I can pull with my arms – closer to my body or in a wider arc away from the body. I’m not sure I like the hydraulic resistance. But, right now, with the gyms all closed, and living in a rainy area like I do, I will try to make the most of this little gizmo. I’d return it if it weren’t so heavy. I haven’t tried it for the other arm exercises, which is one of the reasons I got this model, so I may like it more once I use it for that. All in all, I wouldn’t recommend this.By the way the people who are complaining about the difficult of assembly may not have noticed that, despite the intimidating picture about how it’s put together, it comes assembled.I would also like to add – now that I’ve used this more, is that the clock on the monitor is not accurate. Use your phone to time your workout or you will be working out for a shorter period of time than you think. For example, when my phone said I’d been rowing 15 minutes, the LDC display said I’d been rowing 17.5 minutes. I would not trust the monitor if you care about working out a specific amount of time.

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