Real Relax 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill, 2.5HP Electric Folding Treadmill with Bluetooth Speaker and Remote Control for Home &

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Product details

Brand Real Relax
Product Dimensions 52.7″D x 26.6″W x 40″H
Maximum Speed 7.6 Miles per Hour
Maximum Horsepower 2.5 Horsepower
Assembly Required No
Display Type LCD
  • 【2022 New Design Folding Treadmill】Real relax treadmill has two modes of use, Walking pad mode Adjustable speed between 0.6-3.8mph by remote control,Running mode Adjustable range between 0.6-7.6mph.
  • 【Shock Absorbing Running Boards】Unlike other treadmills with rigid running boards,our treadmill adopts suspension shock-absorbing running board, which uses the principle of elastic deformation to effectively reduce the impact of running on knee joints, so as to better protect knees and ankles.
  • 【Wide Non-slip Running Belt】Running belt made of 6 layers of flexible material, the surface is attached with a diamond-shaped Non-slip texture, increasing the toughness and wear resistance of the running belt, effectively reducing the risk of slipping, caring for you and your family’s sports belt size: 42.5×17 inch.
  • 【LED Display & Bluetooth Speaker】The LED screen clearly displays time, speed, distance and calories, helping you monitor your workout in real time to get the best out of your training. High sound quality Bluetooth player to immerse you.
  • 【No assembly& no after-sales worries】 The whole machine transport, open the box can be used. Folding design is easy to store and move. Unfolded dimensions: 52.7×26.6×40 inch; Folded dimensions: 54.7×26.6×4.7 inch; Max weight capacity: 240 lbs. Two year warranty.We are always at your service.


From the brand

Product Description


Exercise is precious in persistence

Real Relax team recommends that each run should be longer than 40 minutes to really burn fat and develop good habits in the long run.


Why should I choose a Real Relax treadmill?

Compared to large treadmills, Real Relax 2 in 1 treadmill design has been comprehensively improved in terms of power, noise, storage, movement, and shock absorption performance, and is continuously optimized with the user’s actual issues in mind to enhance the user’s experience!

Its flexible running board provides a shock-absorbing effect to better absorb the impact of running, thus providing more effective protection for our knees and ankles





Foldable Design

It can be stored under the bed or sofa when the armrest is folded. Ideal for small-sized apartments, doesn’t take up too much space.

Powerful Noise Reduction Motor

2.25HP noise-canceling motor provides great power without generating excessive noise that would disturb others.

Extra Wide Non-Slip Running Belt

Non-slip texture of the track surface cover. Able to effectively prevent slipping, ensure walking and running safety.




Max Weight Capacity

Made of sturdy materials. Able to withstand a user’s Max weight of 240 lbs.

Portable Mobile

Lifting the tail of the treadmill makes it easy to push it.

Remote Control

“+” speed up 0.2mph per press, “- “ decelerate 0.2mph per press, also convenient to start and stop treadmill.(Please point the remote control at the treadmill when using.)



The middle red button is for the emergency brake. Security magnet lock on the bottom, need to be closed for each use.

You can also put your phone on the console stand to watch video.


Handrail Switches

Open the switch to raise or lower the armrests, close it to secure the armrests.


Lubricant Tank

Treadmill needs to be lubricated once per 100mph, approximately 10ml each time.

Add method.

Open the lubricant filler port to add the supplied lubricant and let the treadmill run at 1mph for 1 minute.(The treadmill is already lubricated at the factory)


Running Belt Adjustment

Comes with a hex wrench that can be used to adjust the running belt tightness through the running belt adjustment holes.





Additional information

Weight 240 kg
Dimensions 52.7 × 26.6 × 40 cm

Real Relax

Product Dimensions

52.7D x 26.6W x 40H

Maximum Speed

7.6 Miles per Hour

Maximum Horsepower

2.5 Horsepower

Assembly Required


Display Type


Power Source


Number of Programs


Deck Length

42.5 Inches

Deck Width

17 Inches

Speed Rating

7.6 Miles per Hour

Package Weight

30.62 Kilograms

Brand Name

Real Relax

Suggested Users




Sport Type

Exercise & Fitness



Date First Available

October 8 2020


Real Relax

4 reviews for Real Relax 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill, 2.5HP Electric Folding Treadmill with Bluetooth Speaker and Remote Control for Home &

  1. bszbxlow

    Gangsta!Wuts good amazon shopper?! Checc this out homie, if u lookin’ for a top of the line treadmill for under $400 that performs as well as most treadmills that cost twice that, then this is ya one stop shop! I scoped around all amazon, read dozens of reviews and this treadmill has everything you could want for a good price too.The selling point for me was the self lubrication tank included. This is the only treadmill out there with that feature that doesn’t cost $600+. If u ever owned treadmills in the past that didn’t have this feature, then you know what a pain it is to have to lift the belt to apply the lubrication, and half the time you ain’t even sure it’s covering the whole belt. This one’s got chu covered tho. It’s like pumpin’ gas in ya tank at the gas station and you know ya belt is gettin’ the full treatment.Now, as far as performance, they got chu covered too. I been using this for a week straight for up to 2 hours a day and i’ve had no problems so far. The belt’s stayed aligned, which im sure i’ll have to deal with in the future cuz lets face it, belts shift in time, ain’t nothin’ you can do about it, but for the time being with the amount of exertion i’m puttin’ on the machine it’s held up.I’m a tall dude too, about 6’2 and clocc in around 195. Most of that is alcohol weighing me down hahaha but if u like me and got some big feet size 13+ and u worried about ya feet clippin’ the belt, they got chu covered too wit a wide belt. I haven’t slipped once on this thing, and i’m up to a fast 4 miles an hour walk on it every time. I’m not really lookin’ to run on it, but if the machine can handle my hard steps for 2 hours a day so far then you should be good if u a little heavier than 200+ After a month or so if u grind out the workouts and eat healthy, you should be within the suggested weight the machine can handle.So for all u big homies out there if u tryna cut down for ya woman or just need to drop a few dozen pounds, shell out the few hundred for this machine. Ya boy ain’t gonna steer ya wrong. I wanted to write dat hood review cuz I know at least a couple of yall readin’ this need dat gangsta perspective.Assembly is easy too. U ain’t even got to do much except take it out the box, and plug it in. It’s even got a remote feature u can rest on the handlebar along with room for ya phone if u need to be eyeballin’ for a call while u runnin/walkin’Storage is good too. All u gotta do when ya done is just fold up the machine and u can store it under ya bed, or in my case, I just stand it up against the wall in the weight room. If u a grown man, you shouldnt even struggle movin’ it bacc and forth every day.Keep ya machine clean tho homies. That’s the one bit of advice, i’ll leave yall with. Wear a sweat band or a bandana, or use a towel while u workin’ out on this cuz it definitely works up a sweat. As far as the noise of the machine I cant really comment on it cuz i’m wearin’ headphones durin’ my workouts, but I haven’t even heard the machine over the sound of my music or shows i’m watchin’ so u should be good on people trippin’ out about the noise level.I hope this at least helps one or two people out there. I know I could have used a real down to earth review when I was doin’ all dat research. My bad I can’t provide any pics, but the ones others have provided should be good. Good lucc to yall in ya way to slimmin’ down. This treadmill got chu covered. Ya woman gon’ thank ya few months down the road when u be lookin’ all trimmed and fit.Peace out yall!

  2. West

    My favorite desk accessory!!I have used this treadmill for hours 3-4 times a week over the last year. Like so many others, I started working from home during the pandemic and was not able to keep up my previous physical activity. I got tired of being exhausted and feeling sick but not having the time to work out, since I still had to work! I ordered this and a standing desk as a solution. The treadmill came quickly, required no assembly, and easily rolled on carpet and hard wood.It’s a treadmill, so there’s an inherent level of noise. The machine itself is quiet, it’s the sound of the feet that can be loud. The self-lubricating feature is amazing, since I’m the type to forget to maintain equipment. The belt/bottom get warm after being used for hours straight, but it doesn’t seem to affect functioning. It does stop automatically at some point. We haven’t been able to figure out what the cut off point is- whether it’s time, calories, or distance. It usually happens about 1h45m in, but it’s easy enough to just start it back up. It’s super easy to move around, maybe not super easy to store if you don’t have a secondary location to move it to from your desk or to get it out of the way. You can definitely lean it against a wall or slip it under a bed/couch. Previously, I had a relatively small office and there really wasn’t anywhere to move it to when I wasn’t using it. During that time, I sort of wished I bought one of the ones that folded in the middle. I haven’t looked into those but I assume it’s a toss up between functionality and storage.I have 0 complaints and literally recommend this to people all the time. It’s been a lifesaver to my physical and mental health while working at home. Worth every penny.

  3. Wolfie30

    Great size, best bang for your buck.I was looking for a new treadmill after my other had died.Found this one and decided why not give it a try hit the price range I was looking for and more importantly offered the compact sizing that I wanted.It came in a timely manner as being a prime member.Easy to assemble which made it almost simple as a plug and play.Would give the treadmill it’s self for size a 5 out of 5.I’ve been using it every day and run 10 miles everyday and haven’t had any issues yet. Will update my review if this changes. Another plus is the ability to add oil without having to get messy.I’ll knock off a .5 star due to the fact it doesn’t have an emergency fall turn off safey switch, and that it doesn’t come with batteries for the remote you’ll have to buy separately. As well as the fact the timer doesn’t turn into hr marks just the min so if your running an hour it’s 60 mins not a deal breaker for the price though.Overall I’d recommend it to someone who needs a simple treadmill that doesn’t take up much space.Will update this in another couple of months or if any issues arise.

  4. Mindy F

    sleek design and easy to moveI love the fact that I can move this around my home due to it being lightweight. However, I, like many people probably use the handle to move it around. By doing this, I believe it is weakening the connection and causing the handle to loosen and pop out of place. I’m guessing that a nut came off that helps to hold the red circled part on because it keeps popping out of that connection. When it does, the handle isn’t secure and just hanging in off to the side, making it very unsafe if you use the handle for safety. Hopefully I can find a resolution and get back to walking. Easy to use, simple design. Must use remote if you’re not using the handle to power up your treadmill.

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