REDLIRO Foldable Treadmill with Incline, Portable Run Walking Folding Compact Exercise Machine with 12 Preset Program, LED

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Color Black
Product Dimensions 51.2″D x 20.3″W x 45.9″H
Item Weight 61 Pounds
Material Alloy Steel
Maximum Speed 7.5 Miles per Hour
  • 【Advanced Electric Motorized Treadmill】- Advanced electric high-power motor supports 3 level incline and adjustable speed, 240LB max user weight suitable for most people. With varying levels of difficulty to walk in the setting pace, that it can meet varied personalized workouts. Burning fast your calories, perfect for weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, endurance&stamina building, keep you in health . Believe us, you will love it!
  • 【12 Preset Programs & Manual Modes】- In order to increase the fun of jogging and walking, we preset 6 programs in the treadmill. Each program will simulate the real motion scene, it will change speed every 1.5 minutes. And if the manual standby mode, you can adjust the speed/start/stop to meet your personal need. For more convenient use, we design start/stop/speed up and down button in the handrail. Make sure you can use it successfully.
  • 【More Sturdy & Low Noise for Apartment】- Considering that many users use it in small apartments, we equipped a High-Power quiet strong motor in this treadmill which is lower than 60dB noise when it’s working. And the strong shock absorbing running belt which made of PVC, fiber and cotton yarn can help reduce the noise and improve stability while running too. Redliro sturdy & quiet fold up treadmill will let you no longer worry about disturbing your neighbors by exercising at home.
  • 【Safety Protection Design for you】 – Portable treadmill with Long curved Handrails beside are stable to hold on and safe while running or walking on belt. If you are worried that you may fall down when you are watching TV during exercise, the safety tether key will immediately shut off the treadmill to prevent secondary injury. Heart rate sensors in the armrests on both sides can monitor your heart rate to achieve optimal intensity levels, especially be a home workout equipment for everyone.
  • 【Easy Assembly and Space Saving】- Most parts of walking treadmill are assembled already, very easy to put them together in minites by youself; Tool kits are included for regularly maintenance, easy to adjust belt centerization or use solicon oil to lubricat the belt, make walk machine more efficient and extend lifetime. And because the treadmill can be folded up, and it has a compact size, so it can be used in a small space and is very simple to be stored up. Save your limited space.
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From the brand

Product Description

 Walking Jogging Running Exercise machine

 fold up compact apartments light weight equipment
  • Speed Range:0.5-7.5MPH
  • 12 Preset Training Modes
  • Maximum weight of 220 pounds

REDLIRO Folding Treadmill

Motor: 2.25HP

Speed: 0.5-7.5mph

Assembled Weight: 62lbs

Max user weight: 100kg/220lbs

Walking/Running Surface: 41in x 16in

Folded Dimensions LxWxH: 24.1x 20.3x 48.4 in

Assembled Dimensions LxWxH: 51.2x 20.3x 45.9 in

Rated Voltage: 110V

Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz

caminadoras de ejercicios electrica

ortable treadmills

 small space heavy duty seniors motorized running

Safe Design

If you are using the treadmill for the first time, or if you hand can’t leave the handrail, you can use the shortcut keys on the handrail to adjust the speed and start/stop.

Transport Wheel

When you finish the exercise, you can easily move and store it.

Exercise different leg muscles

Adjustable incline design , 3 levels adjustable , you could manually choose the incline which you need

confidence power trac Incline treadmill Walking

Jogging Running Exercise machine

fold up compact apartments

Lcd Dispaly

Lcd display is easy to read and keeps you updated on distance, time, scan, calories,speed.

Ipad/Phone Holder

Phone holder for entertainment you can use your phone/pad easily while exercising.

5-layer non-slip & shock-absorbing running belt

It provides effective cushioning for your back, joints, muscles, knees and ankles while exercising.

caminadoras de ejercicios electrica portable treadmills small space heavy duty running

Additional information

Weight 61 kg
Dimensions 51.2 × 20.3 × 45.9 cm




Product Dimensions

51.2D x 20.3W x 45.9H

Item Weight

61 Pounds


Alloy Steel

Maximum Speed

7.5 Miles per Hour

Maximum Horsepower

2.25 Horsepower

Maximum Incline Percentage


Assembly Required


Display Type


Power Source


Number of Programs


Deck Length

41 Inches

Deck Width

16 Inches

Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Speed Rating

7.5 miles_per_hour

Folded Size

24.1x 20.3x 48.4inches

Package Weight

34.02 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

51.2 x 20.3 x 45.9 inches

Brand Name


Model Name


Suggested Users



45.9X51.2X20.3 inch

Sport Type

Exercise & Fitness



Date First Available

September 1 2020



10 reviews for REDLIRO Foldable Treadmill with Incline, Portable Run Walking Folding Compact Exercise Machine with 12 Preset Program, LED


    Great for a small treadmill – Gives you a NICE workoutThis is perfect to put behind your sofa in the living room. No one will see and angle it so you can watch TV. This particular model you can manually put the incline on. I keep it out and ready to use with the middle incline on. I am sweating after 15 minutes of watching my soap. It runs very smoothly. Nice work out! I just have to remember to get on it. I highly recommend this if you work at home and don’t want to walk around your neighborhood because the weather is sweltering, raining, or freezing.

  2. Alexandra T. Dixon

    Is as advertisedI ordered this folding treadmill because the pandemic has closed down my desire to exercise in a gym. I live in the far north and the ice and snow on the road has closed down my desire to run/walk outside and pick up a concussion. I didn’t want to spend $1,000+ dollars for what I hope is a temporary hold on going to the gym; further, I don’t want to give up the space a full-sized treadmill requires. As I searched and reviewed folding treadmills, the treadmill by REDLIRO caught my attention. It is lightweight enough to carry up two flights of stairs, it is compact, and it has all the basic functions: distance, time, and speed. It also appears to have Bluetooth capability as I can see small speakers on the console, but no place to physically connect a device. I have not explored that feature yet; for all I know, the little holes punched in a circle on the console are decorative. I am a little sad that you have to manually set the incline before you begin, but that fact isn’t a deal-breaker for me.The reasons listed above are why this product has earned 5 stars: it does everything they described. I’ve used it a total of 6 or 7 times (3 miles each time) and it hasn’t broken yet, so this is positive. I’m assuming it will continue to function, as it simply doesn’t have that many parts that can break. However, there are some things that are a bit frustrating for me that I failed to think about before I purchased this treadmill. The main one is that my stride is almost too long for the deck (?) the part that you walk/run on. Since this disappointment is a failure on my part, and not a function of the machine (they advertise the dimensions correctly) the treadmill still gets 5 stars. I give myself 3.5 stars for not thinking of this incompatibility. The makers advertise that this treadmill is for those weighing under 225 pounds, and at 130 pounds, I’m well under that limit. However, with out-sized Viking parentage on one side, and petite Celtic parentage on the other side, I am a conglomeration of those characteristics: I have giraffe legs, ape arms, and a tiny torso. i have the stride of someone who is over 6 feet tall, and yet I am 5 feet 6 inches tall. So for me, to use the weight guide alone was an unsatisfactory measure for fitting on this machine. Ladies, if you require long or extra-long jeans, consider a bigger machine, regardless of weight. If you can wear regular or short jeans, then this treadmill will work well for you. Gentlemen, where is most of your height: your leg length or your torso? If it’s leg length, consider a bigger machine. If it’s torso, this machine will do. Happy walking!

  3. Miguel Rios Colon

    Very good for the priceYou can folded and fit almost everywhere. Excelent for the price

  4. Craig J. Carvalho

    An Honest Review…The item: For the money spent it does the job. It is not intended for serious, advanced home workouts. The selling point is that it is foldable/portable. In this price range it’s difficult to do better. I’ve seen others that have more recognizable names, but those too are built in China… with many of the same components.Issues upon arrival: The treadmill had a cracked cover plate, (where the adjustment screw is for the belt… left side). First time turning the unit on there was an audible clicking sound. Lifting the cover to the motor I was able to see that the aluminum wheel attached to the motor was bent and rubbing against the motor housing. A slight nudge with my thumb was all it took to solve this problem. Another issue I noticed immediately was the circuit board had come loose and was sitting at an angle. One of the two screws that hold it in place had broken… I replaced it.Shipping: It made it under the deadline, and the box was in great shape… factory sealed and damage free.Assembly: I found it easy and straight forward, although the instructions are mostly pictoral.The merchant: I did contact the seller in regards to the cracked cover plate. They responded within 24 hours and, after sending them a photo through Amazon, they agreed to send me a replacement… free of charge. They actually sent me a new set, (left and right). They arrived within about 5 business days.Bottom line: My wife is enjoying her birthday present. How long it will last is a question we’ll have to return to at a later date. Overall it does seem to be quite sturdy.

  5. Beth

    GREAT TREADMILL, BUT READ THE INSTRUCTIONSLet’s start with the delivery. I got it a few days earlier (yesterday), so that was a pleasant surprise. But the box is huge and pretty heavy, and I live alone, so it was challenging getting it into the house. I wish they would’ve rang the doorbell and helped bring it in for me. I managed to get it into my house and then drag it to an open area.First, I was concerned because the box looked banged up, but it was packaged well so overall it was in pretty good shape. Once you dig it out of the piles of packing, find your instructions, lay out and make sure all the tools and items needed are present before you begin.The instructions are clear and easy to read. I was concerned because the connectors to the panel seemed frayed, but I wrapped tape around it to make sure, before tucking it into the arm. Problem is the programs don’t light up on the panel, but everything else works, so I’m assuming it’s the connector.Also, It would’ve been easier if there were two people putting it together, but I managed and had it up and running within an hour.Be sure to put the supplied oil under the belt, as recommended, or you feel the drag. It helps but doesn’t seem completely smooth.Overall, if the panel worked all the way, I would’ve given 5 stars, but for the price, it’s a great treadmill to get me through the winter months!!

  6. Michael Motren

    Difference between non-motor treadmill, this one ($300) and cheaper motorized one for ($200)For years I had a “manual” treadmill (currently $150) that would make me sweat hard. A motorized one turns out to be so easy. You have to crank up speed to start sweating. You can get an idea about a manual one if you push the belt with motor off. I also realized now that there is no need for this big display, which is the reason I bought this one rather then one with similar motor and physical parameters. I did not personally try $200 model that you can buy right here on Amazon, but my gut feeling tells me it should be the same. The $200 model has max speed 6mph vs. this one at 7.5mph. For most people 6mph is more than enough. I wish I had bought $200 model, but, of course, will not bother to return mine for a $100 difference. Conclusion: buy $200 if you want a motorized one. If you want sweat and and good resistance, save even more and buy a manual one for $150.

  7. Mary Drysdale

    Nice buyA little short, if you take long strides don’t get this but other wise good durable treadmill. I use it daily.

  8. Customer

    Overall Great for PriceIt does everything it says it will! Reason for 3 stars is that I can’t hold onto the handles or I get shocked! When this happens the machine will abruptly stop and I will need to start my workout over again. Treadmill is on carpet so it might be different if it’s on hardwood. Getting shocked is uncomfortable but I can manage…and it’s not worth the hassle to return or find a new one. It works for me however, it might not be for everyone though especially if you don’t have good balance and overall health concerns.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Not badIt’s a great size for small spaces. And it works great

  10. Robert Suckiel

    Burning smellI’ve owned it for 4 months. Use it 5 or 6 times a week. Have oiled it 4 times. When I get to around 4 mph or so for a duration over about15 min it smells like burning rubber and metal. Plastic around what I guess is the motor, in the front, gets pretty hot. Started with a 4 star, now it’s a 3 and if it burns I guess it’ll be a 1

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