Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Frameless Fishing Pontoon Boat – Pro Package

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  • Exterior: 9′ x 4′ / Interior: 6’2″x1’4″ / Deflated: 24″x14″x12″ / Tube Diameter: 16″
  • Weight: 30 lbs. (hull only) 42 lbs. (with floorboard and motormount) / Load Capacity: 1 person or 450 lbs.
  • Engine Capacity: 3hp (45 lbs. max) or 55 lb. Thrust (min 30″ shaft)
  • Material: 1000 Denier Reinforced / Seam: Quadruple Overlapping Superior Glued Seams / Material: 1000 Denier 36 mil / Chambers: 3
  • Inflation and Assembly Time: 5 Mins. / Noma certified


Product Description

Rugged & Stable Easy To Use Fishing Boats!

Inflatable Boat, Inflatable Fishing Boat, Frameless Pontoon Boat, Pontoon Boat, Sea Eagle, 285fpb

The Hunter Green 285fpb is a stealthy inflatable boat that’s perfect for fishing or hunting. It goes anywhere, sets up in just 5 minutes and can fit in the trunk of a car.

Inflatable Boat, Inflatable Fishing Boat, Frameless Pontoon Boat, Pontoon Boat, Sea Eagle, 285fpb

Inflatable Boat, Inflatable Fishing Boat, Frameless Pontoon Boat, Pontoon Boat, Sea Eagle, 285fpb

Inflatable Boat, Inflatable Fishing Boat, Frameless Pontoon Boat, Pontoon Boat, Sea Eagle, 285fpb

Inflatable Boat, Inflatable Fishing Boat, Frameless Pontoon Boat, Pontoon Boat, Sea Eagle, 285fpb

Inflatable Boat, Inflatable Fishing Boat, Frameless Pontoon Boat, Pontoon Boat, Sea Eagle, 285fpb

U-Shaped Hull Design

The unique shape of this solo fishing boat permits the maximum use of total fishing space with minimum total weight. The hull weighs a mere 30 lbs. making this super lightweight to pick up and transport. This same fact means the Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Fishing Boat is fast and easy to assemble! As such, it easily packs in a car trunk and when not being used to haul fish, stows conveniently in an apartment closet.

Removable Wood Floor

Wooden floorboard installs in seconds for a stable casting platform. Weighs only 7 lbs.

Two Scotty Mounts and Rod Holders

Two Scotty Rod Holders and mounts at the stern. Scotty mounts accept a multitude of Scotty accessories, including rod holders, anchor locks, cup holders and more.

360° Swivel Seat & 7″ Pedestal

With the 360° Swivel Seat and 7″ Pedestal, you get a high, full view of the water and sit in comfort. Turn to reach your gear, motor or to follow that fighting fish.

Inflatable Boat, Inflatable Fishing Boat, Frameless Pontoon Boat, Pontoon Boat, Sea Eagle, 285fpb

Customizable Solo Fishing Boat That Goes Everywhere

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 31 × 23 × 12 cm
Package Weight

45 Pounds

Item Dimensions LxWxH

20 x 20 x 20 inches

Item Weight

42 Pounds

Brand Name

Sea Eagle

Model Name

Sea Eagle 285



Part Number




Included Components

Boat and accessories



Date First Available

February 12 2013


SeaEagle Dropship

10 reviews for Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Frameless Fishing Pontoon Boat – Pro Package

  1. John J. Richmond

    good so farI bought this because I wanted a portable, small boat versus a 12 foot aluminum one. I have only used to once on a trip to Canada. It worked as described.The biggest issue is getting the boat packed. The description gives the dimensions of the boat for travel. So far I have not been able to get it to that size. I can fold it up but it does not fit into the provided stuff package. That is a work in progress. Using a deflator to get the extra air out helps.

  2. Jason Hert

    Perfect One-Person Fishing VesselReview is more like 4.5 stars. The only downsides are that the Sea Eagle 285 becomes difficult to keep on track in wind because of the pontoon shape and lack of skegs on the bottom (You hear that Sea Eagle-common complaint) and it is a little difficult to row the oars due to my long legs, but I think I have found the right position (oars are only for emergencies for me or getting out of tight spots). Other than that, this thing is awesome. It became clear as soon as I took this out of the box that the boat is super durable and made of much thicker material than I expected-super high quality. Once I learned the process, set-up and take-down is no more than 20-minutes each, even with the foot pump. Quick tip: make sure you pump up the boat less than half way and then install the floor because any more air than that makes it almost impossible to wedge the floor into the grooves. The swivel chair is higher quality and comfortable. It is at the right height to make good seated casts and I don’t see the need to stand up. I am a big guy, (6 foot, 280#) so standing up is a bit of a balancing act, but doable, and would be much easier for someone smaller. The Scotty mounts/holders are top notch and I have already purchased the triple rod mount and anchor lock as upgrades. I currently run this boat with myself, 30lb thrust trolling motor, big 110ah battery and box, fish finder with 10ah battery, and a crate full of tackle, and the boat still rides high in the water and is super stable-no stress or concerns.

  3. PAHunter

    Poor assembly instructions, stable and well made, not for covering lots of water in a day.To be clear, I haven’t yet put it in the water. After some use, I may upgrade to 4 stars (or 2). Seems to be very well made. I also contacted their customer service via email with questions in advance and I was promptly answered. That’s the end of the good news so far.Assembly the first time is a problem. First example: the bolts to attach the Scotty rod holders were found in the “Repairs” tube that came with it. I only looked there out of curiosity. Second, the instructions suck (understatement). I watched the online video (which makes it clear that it’s for a 2013 model so does it apply to the 2016 model?). The written instructions were written by a moron. They jump from subject to subject — no simple Step 1, Step 2 type instructions. If they didn’t have the video online, there’s no way someone could put this together. The written instructions are like a mix of a description of parts and accessories with little assembly instructions. Another example: the directions that come attached to the seat swivel are counter to what’s in the video and are not even described at all in the directions. Just unacceptable for $900. Finally, they say it fits in the trunk of your car? I guess if you have a huge Cadillac that may be true, although likely not. The floor board, boat, motor mount, oars and seat/pedestal will take up about a 1/3 of my short bed truck. And that doesn’t include any kind of motor! Yes, the boat itself would fit in a car but it’s useless without the other items. I hope no one with a Nissan Sentra expects this to fit in their trunk.Again, the quality appears to be solid and I may upgrade to 4 stars if it is rugged as they say (give me a couple months of beach pounding and fly fishing the flats), but I’m just amazed at how horrible the instructions are, the lack of thought in packing/organizing the bolts/nuts and the lack of candor in the packed size.********** UPDATE 2/6/26 *******I bought a 2.3hp Honda gas motor and have since taken the boat out twice. The primary purposes was to use it in the Florida flats to cover lots of skinny water without wading. It is not the right boat for that purpose and here’s my review.Pros:Fairly lightweight even with the seat and motor installed.Inflates surprisingly quickly with the foot pump.Swivel seat is just the right height and is comfortable.Very stable, even when standing.Cons:Horrible maneuverability. Whether rowing or using the motor, even the slightest adjustment sends the boat at an angle.Standing is stable but the interior is so narrow that your feet are only 6-8″ apart so not ideal for fly casting.Very, very slow even with the 2.3hp 4 stroke on full. Like pushing a float tube.Even deflated, all components take up a good portion of my truck bed (and we live in a condo right now so not a lot of storage). This means that if I don’t want to use up the back of my truck all the time, I’ll have to rent a storage facility and if I’m going to do that, I may as well by a flats boat and larger motor.This thing would be good for a meandering river or large farm pond but not for Florida’s flats.

  4. James Mathews

    Excellent sellerUPDATE! – Seller has been amazing through this return process. He got on the issue immediately, arranged for the defective boat to be returned, and had new boat shipped. This seller is top-notch!I was really excited to get my boat and get it assembled. That didn’t last long. Barely 10 minutes in to initial assembly and I discover that one of the motor mounts on the boat was glued on 90 degrees out! Unbelievable!! I will update this review once the seller responds. I really like the boat, and was looking forward to using it tomorrow. Probably have to wait a month or more for them to figure out how to handle it. Really really unhappy!!!

  5. taikiteazy

    Great for a starter kit.I like this thing. Buy an electric pump to make it easier. The stability is pretty good taking wake from other boats. I’ve had it out twice and is seems to have good durability. Barely any visible scratches. I added a minn kota 34lb thrust motor, and it is a great combo. I would love to take my little 15lb dog out on it, but the standing/moving room is non-existent (I took a smallish cooler and a very small tackle box). And if you aren’t facing directly forward, your legs are at odd angles(I use the hard folding seat with the floorboard). Overall, I like it enough to keep it and use it. It takes me about 25 minutes from the time I get to the boat launch until I’m on the lake. Best feature is the ability to put the whole thing in the trunk of my 2000 Accord. EDIT: I’ve now used it about 15 times and it is great. No issues to report.

  6. MDJ

    Love it……updateI just got it like an hour ago, decided to post it.Overall, I am happy… this is my first even inflatable boat. Expected delivery April 5th to 10th…and got it on the 4th. Can’t beat that. I was expecting several boxes (as I read other buyer said – may be old one version?), but it came in only 1 box, and item was nicely packed not that things could break easily. Once I got it, I started assembling it…i already bought all the stuff needed, electric pump, new battery, used 45lbs trolling motor plus lowrance fish finder in preparation for the arrival of this boat hahaha. The base of the slip-on chair was a bit tougher to install but managed to do it….have to jiggle it here and there, 5 mins done!. The floor, was a bit harder than i expected to install, just need some practice. I inflated the whole thing to 2psi only (based on the pump’s reading)…installed the trolling motor, placed the battery, and going to leave it for a few days. I want to see if the boat holds the pressure. Down the line, I might get a more powerful pump with better pressure sensor. I can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit more so i can take it out… I need to figure out how/where to install the long lowrance transducer and where to put the monitor.I will update more in the future….4/13/2019 – yeah, tons of snow in April arghh…..i installed two glued-on mounting pad on on the front (I think Seaeagle should intall 4 instead of only 2 at the back). It is for my Lowrance Hook2 fish finder. The trouble that I had was installing the transducer. Lowrance tripleshot transducer is 8″ long, so I can’t attach to the trolling motor. I ordered scotty transudcer mount, and had to return it, just does not hold it well and not long enough. The glued on pad has to be installed on the side of the boat, which is is hard to do because of the side stripes. After more research, i decided to go with Brocraft. I like this one because it is hooked up to the transom, and i can easily change the depth and angles. Now I am all set…….just waiting for the weather to turn nicer!

  7. Matthew Lewczyk

    If you’re thinking about it, this is the oneReally happy with this purchase and I was lucky to have worked with this seller! They were incredibly responsive and very appreciative.

  8. Jeff Kraft

    Was worth the wait and the moneySpent 2 years trying to decide which pontoon boat to purchase. It all came down to the Colorado XT and the Sea Eagle 285 Pro. I am able to usually fit everything into the trunk of my Toyota Avalon, so that makes me happy. It takes about 10 – 15 minutes to pump using the air pump included and I’m ready to go. For larger people like myself you may need to move the seat back (drill holes into the floor board) if you intend to row, otherwise the oars constantly hit you. Rowing is pretty easy once you get use to it. Heavier winds will turn you 6 ways to Sunday when you stop, but the same thing happens with an aluminum row boat. Rod holders are by Scotty. Boat seems very sturdy but there is no way on any given day I will be caught standing up in the boat because of my weight and inability to balance at times. If I had any complaint I’d wish it was maybe a half a foot wider. It would feel a little safer and I’d have more “storage room”. So far I’m using it for fishing smaller lakes and cardio work outs (if you want to call them that.)I’d recommend purchasing the Sea Eagle EZ Cart unless you like dragging the boat across the ground. Carrying the boat while only 45 ish pounds with floor board and seat in is awkward.

  9. Norm Hirata

    Terrific!Great fishing inflatable! From the Colorado River to the seas around Key West, Florida, it has been a very stable, comfortable and very seaworthy vessel.With a trolling motor and 2 lithium batteries, I can travel at least 3 miles and catch fish. I can launch it anywhere. Fun.

  10. A. Merlin

    Terrific BoatI ordered this instead of a fishing kayak and I made the right choice. It’s really easy to assemble, once I’m at the lake it takes about 15 minutes to inflate, attach the board and seat, rod holders and trolling motor. I now can cover a lot more of the lake than ever before. The seat is very comfortable and it rotates 360 degrees. I also can stand easily. It has plenty of room for my tackle box, lunch box, etc. It sits very high on the water and I can easily fish Lily Pads, and shallow water. I’m sure there’s a good reason to spend $800 on a fishing Kayak over this, I just don’t know what that would be.

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