Silky New Professional Series KatanaBoy Folding Saw 500mm Extra Large Teeth, 403-50

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Product details

Brand Silky Saws
Color Multi
Blade Material High Speed Steel
Power Source hand powered
Included Components KATANABOY Folding Saw
Product Dimensions 49″L x 6.5″W x 1.78″H
  • Largest folding saw on the market
  • Allows for 2-handed operation
  • 19.7″ blade has a 10″ cutting capacity
  • Great for use on off-road adventures on snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, or horseback
  • Comes with over the shoulder carrying case
  • Manufacturers limited lifetime warranty through Silky Saws


The Silky KatanaBoy is a two-handed, professional, heavy-duty folding saw with a 19-4/5 inch blade. Can easily compete with a chainsaw. Compared with the Katana, the legendary Japanese samurai sword, it is the largest folding saw on the market today. The long, well-balanced, taper-ground blade with an impulse-hardened, non-set tooth design provides extended working reach, faster cutting and handles large limbs and trunks with no effort. The non-slip, two-handed, rubberized cushioned handle provides a sure and comfortable grip even in the most difficult operating conditions. Suitable for serious tasks like cutting large timber and tree trunks. Exceptional design, strength, balance and superior finish quality. Comes with a sturdy nylon shoulder bay with Velcro fastening and a pocket for replacement blades.

From the manufacturer

Silky, KatanaBoy, hand saw, landscaping tools, arborist supplies

KatanaBoy 403-50 & 710-65 come in 500mm or 650mm blade lengths

The History of Silky Saws

Silky Saws are manufactured in the Ono region of Japan, famous for its consistently high-quality Japanese steel with the lowest amount of impurities. With nearly 100 years of hand saw technology & superior craftsmanship, these saws remain unmatched by any other saw on the market.

Silky Professional Series KatanaBoy Folding Saws

Silky’s answer to the “man-powered chain saw”

  • This beefy two-handed folding saw is Silky’s answer to the “man-powered chain saw”
  • This heavy duty folding saw is available in either a 19.7 inch or 25.6 inch blade
  • Expect to make mincemeat out of any firewood-sized limbs
  • KatanaBoys pack a taper-ground blade with a non-slip rubberized grip handle
  • Sturdy, nylon shoulder bag included
  • The folding saw of choice for trail building, ATVing as well as all your outdoor needs

Silky KatanaBoy specifications

Blade Specifications (711-65 shown)

* Made from Premium Proprietary Japanese steel, results in ideal blend of tooth hardness & blade flexibility.

* KatanaBoy blades can be resharpened

Shoulder Bag Included

The KatanaBoy comes with a sturdy, nylon shoulder bag with Velcro fastening & pocket for replacement blades.

Variety of Applications

The KatanaBoy series folding saws are so versatile they can be used for landscaping, hiking, camping, trail maintenance, ATVing or general outdoor projects.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 49 × 6.5 × 1.78 cm

Silky Saws



Blade Material

High Speed Steel

Power Source

Hand Powered

Included Components


Product Dimensions

49L x 6.5W x 1.78H

Item Weight

2 Pounds

Blade Length

19.8 Inches

Number of Teeth


Package Weight

1.41 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

49 x 6.5 x 1.78 inches

Brand Name

Silky Saws

Country of Origin


Warranty Description

Manufacturers Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Defects In Materials and Workmanship

Model Name




Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number


Model Year


Sport Type




Date First Available

October 17 2003


Silky, Silky Saws

10 reviews for Silky New Professional Series KatanaBoy Folding Saw 500mm Extra Large Teeth, 403-50

  1. Charles Engel

    Great saw for green wood!A lot of trail volunteers and other woodsmen have been raving about the KatanaBoy saws so when I found this Model 500 on sale I snatched it up. I have made a few hundred cuts with it so far. What I like about it the most is the overhead reach it provides, so limbing trees from the ground to horse rider height is easier than my old (but good) hand saw. The teeth pattern is REALLY aggressive so all I have to do with thin branches is lightly pull down with the saw. It folds up to be only a few inches longer than my flat trail saw and it slides in and out of its nylon pouch with relative ease. On the downside, it sometimes just “skitters” across really thin branches without cutting them. Its great on green wood, especially up to about 3 or 4 inches thick. But on old, dead branches and logs your cutting results are diminished so don’t expect this to be a “chainsaw” on old, dead stuff. Because the handle is round it took me a few days of riding my horse with it under my left leg to find the right hanging position, and now it is OK without being too much of a lump under my calf as long as I put the saw into its sleeve backwards so that the locking screw in at the rear. So far, the added cutting reach I get outweighs any of the downsides. So, if yer in the market for a decent saw that gets up higher into those trees, go ahead and pick one up—especially if you can find it on sale! ONE NOTE: The shipping box arrived very badly damaged. There were actual tire marks on top of the box where someone had driven over it!!! Concerned that the saw might be damaged I contacted the seller and explained the situation. After a bit of finger pointing between Amazon and the seller, the seller told me that they’d replace the saw if it were indeed damaged. After opening the also damaged product box, I found that the saw was OK so there was no need to replace it. At least the seller was willing to stand by the sloppy delivery by UPS!

  2. Mike Smith

    Holy smokes this thing cuts!This thing cuts through trees like a hot knife through butter. It’s light weight and portable. I am adding a pocket to my bushcraft ruck so I can pack externally. This thing is coming with every time I hit the woods. Gives you a good reach to cut overhead. Super sharp and fast cutting speed. Only con is with it being a straight blade you have to use proper cutting technique or the blade will vibrate on your strokes. Good news is with proper technique you won’t have any issue. It’s expensive but in my eyes worth it.

  3. John M.

    The saw for others to be compared toThe seller is outstanding. Shipped promptly and arrived within record time. The saw is second to none in my opinion. I have other Silky folding hand saws and they all perform flawlessly. Like any tool, you have to use and care for it properly. If you do, this saw will give you phenomenal results and last for many years.

  4. Eye Tea

    Silky saws are top notch.This was my second Silky saw and only because I wanted something bigger than my camp saw.Calling them sharp is an understatement. You expect to do at least a little bit of work, but these are so sharp that you can cut completely through even sizable branches in just one or two passes.

  5. ak907

    dont get carried awaythis thing is so sharp i got carried away, cutting eveything in sight. well almost, had to restrain myself in the end. half done in two days, waiting till saplings continue to fill in over summer. tag the trees for next year that have to be removed. my neighbor caught sight of my house so i know my efforts are having an effectsuper sharp, fast on live and dead trees, cuts both ways after you get going. have to be cautious since so sharp, could do damage if not careful, it’s that sharp. careful folding the saw. the “clip” release is a bit wonky but knowing that the second time makes for no issues.

  6. SCW

    A Green and Fun Chainsaw AlternativeThis purchase was part of my quest to find durable and environmentally-friendly alternatives to common power tools. In the case of the Katanaboy, I was looking for a hand-powered substitute for a chainsaw. After about 18 months of owning and using this tool, I can honestly say… does not replace a chainsaw! If you want a tool that turns trees into firewood quickly and with little effort, buy a chainsaw. If you are like me and want to get a bit of exercise while doing chores, don’t mind spending a little extra time outdoors, and appreciate effective tools, the Katanaboy is a fantastic choice. It is my primary firewood cutter, as I do not own a chainsaw. I cut a cord of old, hard elm in about an hour, with frequent breaks, although the more I use it, the fewer breaks I need. Most of the branches were under 8 inches in diameter, but I cut a couple of sections that were twice that size (it wasn’t easy, but it was fun). I bought a second saw from another vendor for use at work, where part of my job is management of a nature preserve (which includes trail construction and maintenance). In the nature preserve (and at home), I prefer to avoid the noise and pollution of a chainsaw. Trail work volunteers are envious of my “samurai saw” and argue over who gets to use it first.Volunteers almost always bend the blades of my pull-cut saws, but none of them were able to bend the Katanaboy’s blade. In fact, after extensive use, I haven’t even come close.The saw’s handle is comfortable enough. Since it’s a pull-cut saw, most of your effort will be on the pull, so a straight handle works just fine (like a tug-of-war). If you pull by bending at your waist or even rocking back and forth on your feet, you can give your arms a nice break. The teeth are extremely sharp, but the locking mechanism has sort of a half-cock safety that minimizes the chance you’ll get your fingers caught between the blade and handle while folding the saw. Interestingly, the back of the blade is a pretty effective machete and is good at cutting grass, non-woody weeds, and small dead branches (although this is obviously not its intended use, so be careful). It’s fun to pretend I’m swinging around a real katana sword!If I had a big job to do, I would opt for a chainsaw. While I’m confident I cut bigger logs with the Katanaboy (or more than one cord, if I were in better shape), I really don’t want to try. I prefer the Katanaboy for small jobs that can be completed in the time it would take to get a chainsaw ready, and for medium jobs that won’t take too much time or wear me out. I also prefer its low maintenance, silence, small environmental footprint, and its aesthetic (the experience of using a quality tool, smelling cut wood rather than burnt oil and gasoline, and the sound of birds rather than a two-cycle engine). I am seriously considering buying three more for the family so we can have a nice family outing while getting a larger amount of firewood (and overcoming the saw’s main shortcoming when compared to a chainsaw).

  7. Daniel P. Schwee

    A different way to cut treesMy wonderful Homelite 1978 chain saw finally failed, but instead of replacing it, I bought the Katanaboy. It probably takes 5 times the effort to cut than the chain saw, but, considering there is no setup, starting, fueling, oiling, and noise, it’s a pretty clean and quiet way to handle most of my tree cutting chores. If you’re cutting down a large tree, or many many smaller ones, then a chain saw is better, but if you have the occasional 10 inch limb to saw up, then the Katanaboy is ready to go to work without any carb adjustments!By the way, I’m 63 and have a bad back, so I’m probably on the weak side for someone doing tree work, so don’t think you have to be really strong to get results from this saw.Make sure you wear leather gloves (leather won’t stop the teeth but it helps) and if you need to steady the limb you are cutting, keep your hands about a foot away from the cut, because Silky saws will glide through flesh very quickly. It actually takes some time and practice to get to know the saw. You need to be gentle and straight with the forward stroke, because you don’t want to bend the blade, and let the modest weight of the saw dig into the wood on the return (cutting) stroke. I find myself setting up the wood that I cut even more carefully than when I use a chain saw, just so I can be sure to keep my hands away from the blade.Because there is no engine to gas up and start when using the Katanaboy, I find myself getting to my wood cutting tasks a little more often. If I have a few minutes before dinner, I’ll go and do some wood cutting. When I use a chain saw – it’s always more of a production to get the saw ready to go, so I have to wait until I have a large block of time to get started.I also bought a Silky Zubat saw for smaller trimming jobs, and for easy carrying while up in a tree. If you want a Silky saw to rip through good sized limbs, though, the Katanaboy is definitely the model you want.If I need to cut up a 3 foot tree trunk, I’ll be renting a large chain saw. (Oh, I might try to cut through a three foot trunk with the Katanaboy once just to say I did it.) But how often do you need to cut up a 3 foot tree trunk?The Katanaboy blade can be sharpened, and I plan to buy the file and learn how to do that, just as I learned how to sharpen the chain saw. I don’t know when I’ll need to do that, but I’m fairly sure it will not be as frequently as I sharpened the chain saw.I definitely recommend this saw, but can’t emphasize safety enough. If you are done cutting, fold it up. Don’t let it lay around with the blade exposed. Someone might step on it, or you might grab for it without paying attention and cut your fingers. It’s quick and easy to fold and unfold, so there’s really is no excuse for laying it down with the blade exposed.And yes, you do feel like a Samurai when using it.

  8. William A.

    Amazing saw for size and weightA tree blocked my van’s path. The saw allowed me to cut the tree up and quickly move it. This is a great addition to a van or rv that is used on back roads.

  9. Scottb630

    Go to saw for home, camping, bushcraftThis saw is sharp!! Two or so pulls and a branch or sapling is down. For bigger things it powers through it. Be smart and understand how a branch or tree will fall so that the blade is not pinched during the process. Also understand that the saw works on the pull stroke, so use it like the motion of an old steam locomotive (pressure on the pull, lift slightly on the push). Let the saw do the work! Easy!! It’s seems to hold its edge well. The screw-down feels solid and secure. The soft case is nice and make it easy to attach to a molle backpack (you’ll need your own straps to secure it). Perfect saw for making a Siberian Log Fire when camping, or to build a shelter. Trimming trees / branches around the house is very easy. This isn’t a “cheap” saw, but anything with this quality is worth the price.

  10. Amazon Customer

    A tool in a class of its own…This is an amazing piece of equipment.The Katanaboy is an unbelievably powerful cutting tool. I have used it on a variety of woods, wet and dry, and not only is its cutting capability sinister to behold, this saw can take a severe beating and still hold its wicked edge. I have arrogantly made cuts partially into sandy/rocky soils expecting some sacrifice to its sharpness, and accidently torqued the blade to an extreme angle expecting a permanent bend. It laughed at the abuse.This saw will not out-perform a chainsaw by any means, but quite honestly, the amount of time spent servicing your two-stroke translates fairly evenly into the extra time it takes to pull this thing through a few trees (which, trust me, isn’t much). It is also feather-light in comparison to it’s capabilities. It would not be ridiculous to consider this saw for bushcraft use, based on it’s weight and packability, however, it would be pure overkill. The Katanaboy is basically a folding cross-cut saw, with the benefit of modern materials, sharpening processes, and design.I pair this with a Husqvarna all-purpose axe (which, in my opinion as an owner of axes from other Scandinavian manufacturers, is the best value on the axe market at this point in time). The 26″ Husky actually fits perfectly in the Katanaboy’s nylon case (which also cleverly includes a pocket for a replacement blade, which, honestly, you may only think you’ll need if you’re a Prepper…) to create a beautifully lightweight, packable kit. Add a pull-sled and a froe or maul, and I would seriously contend this combination could tackle the fuel needs of a cabin in the Minnesota winter.On a side-note, this thing looks terrifying. We’re talking home-defense capabilities because of fear-inspiring freakiness. It is something straight out of Mad Max. That is all.Excellent value, and a blast to use.

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