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Brand SereneLife
Product Dimensions 51.2″D x 24″W x 49.6″H
Item Weight 57.32 Pounds
Material Aluminum
Maximum Speed 6 Miles per Hour
Maximum Horsepower 1 Horsepower
  • SPORTS APP CONNECTION: Links to FitShow sports app to make boring exercise routines to exciting fitness sessions. The app is available for iOS & Android & works with various devices such as phones, laptops & tablets via Bluetooth connectivity
  • CONVENIENT FOLDING STYLE: This treadmill is portable & foldable for easy setup & storage. It comes with simple electric plug-in design, motorized treadmill power of 1HP, built-in grip sensors for pulse monitoring & adjustable speed up to 6mph
  • DIGITAL LCD DISPLAY: Monitor exercise activities with this smart digital treadmill. It has LCD screen which displays running and training data statistics readout such as run time, distance, speed, calories burned & heart rate
  • SELECTABLE PRESET TRAINING MODES: Creating a customized fitness session is easy as this digital exercise equipment comes with selectable preset training modes. It also features adjustable speed settings to increase the intensity of your workout
  • SAFE TO USE: Stay safe & get an effective workout with this foldable treadmill. It comes with integrated safety key & emergency shut-off button to cut power instantly. Perfect for jogging, walking, running & cardio workout at home. Total Folded Dimensions (L x W x H)- 49.6 x 24.0 x51.2 inches


SereneLife Model : SLFTRD18Digital Smart TreadmillTrack Base Smart Digital Treadmill with Downloadable App Features: Smart Digital Treadmill DesignGet Connected with the ‘FitShow’ AppPairs to Your Device via Bluetooth ConnectivityRunning & Training Data Statistics ReadoutCompact Form-Fitting Design for Any Room in the HouseBuilt-in Hand Grip Sensors for Pulse MonitoringDigital LCD Display Screen with Touch Button ControlsDisplays Run Time, Distance, Speed, Calories Burned, Heart RateAdjustable Speed SettingsSelectable Preset Training ModesSimple Electric Motorized Plug-in DesignConvenient Folding Style for Easy Setup & StorageUsed for Walking, Jogging, Running Exercise TrainingPerfect for Weight Loss, Cardiovascular Fitness, Endurance & Stamina BuildingIntegrated Safety Key, Emergency Power OffRemovable Book / Tablet Device Holder*Some Assembly RequiredThe ‘Fitshow’ App: Train Smarter and Connect via Your Favorite DeviceWorks with Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc. Free to Download via Your SmartphoneMultifunctional Sports AppConnect to the Treadmill via BluetoothApp Provides Access to Exercise ActivitiesLinked to ‘HealthKit’ to Record and Collect Activity DataEasily Share Health and Fitness Data via Social MediaAvailable for iOS and AndroidBluetooth Connectivity: Hassle-Free Pairing, No Password RequiredCompatible with All of Today’s Latest Bluetooth Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, etc. )Bluetooth Version: 4. 0 BLETechnical Specs: Motorized Treadmill Motor Power: 1. 0HPRunning Belt / Running Surface Size (L x w): 39. 3’’ x 13. 4’’ -inchesAdjustable Speed: 0. 6 – 6. 0 MPH (Up to 10 KMH)Maximum Weight Support: Up to 265 lbs. Power Supply: 120VThe SereneLife Track Base Smart Digital Treadmill with Downloadable App – Smart Digital Treadmill Design – Get Connected with the ‘FitShow’ App – Pairs to Your Device via Bluetooth Connectivity – Running & Training Data Statistics Readout – Compact Form-Fitting Design for Any Room in the House – Built-in Hand Grip Sensors for Pulse Monitoring – Digital LCD Display Screen with Touch Button Controls – Displays Run Time, Distance, Speed, Calories Burned, Heart Rate – Adjustable Speed Settings – Selectable Preset Training Modes – Simple Electric Motorized Plug-in Design – Convenient Folding Style for Easy Setup & Storage – Used for Walking, Jogging, Running Exercise Training – Perfect for Weight Loss, Cardiovascular Fitness, Endurance & Stamina Building – Integrated Safety Key, Emergency Power Off.

From the manufacturer


Electric Folding Treadmill Exercise Machine by Serenelife | Easy Assembly Fitness Running Jogging Exercise Machine

The SereneLife Smart Digital Treadmill Machine is an excellent choice for fitness enthusiasts who have little time to go to the gym, with this home exercise trainer you will be able to achieve your dream body at the comfort of your own home! With this treadmill, your home becomes an ideal gym for you to stay in shape. SereneLife SLFTRD18 features a stylish contemporary space-saving folding design with reliable, sturdy frame for easy storage.

It features a powerful but quiet motor that is strong enough to hold long distance running sessions and versatile to meet different needs for all of your family members, a useful display to help you track time, calories, distance, speed, and heart rate. It also pairs to your device via Bluetooth, download the ‘FitShow App’ and get connected to record and review training data, display training stats and challenge friends, and share fitness data on social media. Works with iPhone and Android phones.






This motorized running jogging exercise machine with incline features a hassle-free electric motorized plug in design.

This smart electric folding treadmill is used for walking, jogging, and as a home gym running equipment.

This compact electric folding treadmill is portable and has a convenient hydraulic folding style for easy setup and storage.

Additional information

Weight 57.32 kg
Dimensions 51.2 × 24 × 49.6 cm


Product Dimensions

51.2D x 24W x 49.6H

Item Weight

57.32 Pounds



Maximum Speed

6 Miles per Hour

Maximum Horsepower

1 Horsepower

Assembly Required


Display Type


Power Source

Type B – 3 pin North American

Included Components

Accessories Product Unit

Deck Length

39.3 Inches

Deck Width

13.4 Inches

Speed Rating

6 miles_per_hour

Package Weight

30.39 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

27.5 x 24 x 51.2 inches

Brand Name


Warranty Description

1 year warranty

Model Name

Smart Digital Folding Exercise Machine – Electric Motorized Treadmill with Downloadable Sports App for Running & Walking – Pairs to Phones Laptops & Tablets via Bluetooth – SereneLife SLFTRD18

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Number of Items


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Model Year


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Date First Available

February 28 2018



10 reviews for Smart Digital Folding Exercise Machine – Electric Motorized Treadmill with Downloadable Sports App for Running & Walking – Pairs

  1. Vivian Gendernalik

    Meets All My Small Space Electric Treadmill ChecklistTook two times ordering to actually end up with a workable one, as the first one was not fit to be delivered and amazon’s set-up delivery service noticed me the item was not deliverable and had sent it back themselves to the manufacturer. So, in that way, paying for delivery/setup had been worth it. But then the home delivery setup service became unavailable immediately that left me debating what to do as 57 pounds is too much for me, particularly when I read several reviewers stating they struggled to put the console on the arms, that the consoles received were sometimes the ‘wrong’ one.An Amazon rep tried to help by suggesting other compact treadmills, but none of them fulfilled all the things I needed/wanted in a small electric treadmill as this one did. While amazon customer service rep could find ones that had the pneumatic kickstand fold down which I definitely required as being a senior I wasn’t going to be risking my back by lowering regularly a treadmill, as having had a few treadmills over the years, I knew just what that weight could mean, and being in a super small space, I can only have a treadmill if I can fold it away each time.However, Amazon could not find me a treadmill with the kickstand fold-down that also came with the important requirement for me of not more than 1.5 hp, which this one beat at 1.0 hp, unbelievably, but true! So such a low 1hp meant I could peacefully walk/jog away and without a single worry any higher usage could plunge me in the dark while on an electric belt as can and have heaters of 1500 watts. So that genuine feature alone was gold. Not only, knowing Pyle products, having had more than one, I knew the quality would sure beat any foreign import, even if it would be imported, so that alone put this above all the chinese contenders that appeared great, but the reviews would show big problems if one had any problems, but Pyle has good customer service, and any problems would get resolved, warranties would be real, etc.In addition, after having read a zillion reviews on the huge drawback of remote-controlled only treadmills, I was convinced I wanted none of those as too many persons reported when the remotes failed to work, so went in the garbage their money spent on the treadmills. I had no desire to pay a few hundred dollars for an awkward 57lb paper weight to big to actually use on paper so it would become this elephant in the closet. So at that point of my search I had definitely x-ed off remote control only treadmills, and only wanted the reliability I had come to experience of wired console controls, and to my surprise this little treadmill came with a console just like a full-sized treadmill, even if the cup spaces weren’t exactly practical, but they still could fit slender bottles and disposable cups, not to mention creative do-hickies. And that was another hard one for the diligent amazon rep to locate.So I just took the risk ordering it without professional installation, praying, literally, it would arrive ok and not require a return. I was a little shocked though what did come, as for a device this heavy I expected a solid box, but instead the treadmill came in a cut-up box with the sections held together by ordinary packing tape. I can say this is where the praying part did me good, as despite the box was falling apart because the tape was no longer adhering in many places, not a single piece ended up missing or visibly damaged, so here God gets the credit – I am talking loose open sections, pieces scattered, yet everything ended up somewhere in the box. And maybe it could even have been the treadmill I ordered first, who knows, because that packaging was unreal, maybe even it could have been a return, don’t know, but since everything, despite the horrible piecemeal packaging, was there, that was good enough, because when you are dealing with heavy items getting shipped, getting any unharmed and complete is a lottery win.Now having read a lot of reviews of people complaining of getting consoles too big, or if okay, having to get 1 or more persons to help, it led me to do research, which led me to the Pyle’s website, pyleusa dot com, and get to see an assembly video there which I saved for when I got mine, and also see an all-important little tip they gave in the answer section, advising to loosen the bottom screws of the arms before trying to put on the console. This tip takes away all the struggles so a senior woman as myself easily was able to put on the console which I could see to some might appear as the wrong size, but instead is the right size, purposefully built wider in order to add tension to stabilize the frame and arms. So loosening the bottom screw on each of the arms so that the arms could wiggle wide, let me easily spread the 2nd arm wide to meet the broader width of the console, and I could only wonder how many returns Pyle had to deal with from customers who thought their consoles were too wide, struggling to pull far enough tight arms made to act like steadying clamps and believing their stiffness was due to the wrong-sized console?So having those instructions in place ahead of time, made it easy for me to put it together alone, handling one piece at a time.This treadmill operates at a sweet 1hp while delivering higher speeds than a majority of the digital under-desk treadmills I was looking at, in truth, because many of those under-desks were touting up to 4mph, but users were reporting poor performance at those ‘walking’ speed only. But having gotten products from Pyle before and knowing the quality, I was certain when this treadmill claimed actually jogging speeds, that the 7mph was actually true, especially combining that the max weight of 265 lbs was 45lb higher limit than the majority of compact treadmills I had been checking out, which supported the claim of having a practical upper limit of 6MPH. And now after having it for a few weeks, I have found the claims of offering higher speeds to be true.Operating the thing is so like a full-sized treadmill. First you press the start while straddling the metal sides to the running belt; and you get a countdown on the display that then lets you know when you can get on it. Now the more you weigh, the higher start up speed you want to get it after the built-in countdown, before you step on it, or your weight can slow down the belt at the lower speeds, which are truly really lower so that if you are the kind of person not steady, you will be pleased you can start out very slow until you warm up and can put speeds up to normal. As long as you are aware of the limits to a small treadmill as this, you will not be disappointed. If you expect to get the abuse-durability of a $1500 treadmill, you will have reasons to complain, but they won’t be based on reasonableness, but expectations too high. I can feel the wood base give sometimes as I walk at lower speeds, but that ‘bounce’ goes away at smoother higher speed; however, I use that feedback to know the board has limits and if I pound on it too hard, I may break it, all my fault expecting an economic board to operate like one of my former gym-level treadmills.Having just before this a manual compact treadmill (ProGear), I was already acclimated to the compact running belt size, and interestinly enough, although the progear is around 3 inches longer, for some reason, the electric power of the Serene makes it seem longer and wider, and I had zilch problems walking/running on it, though narrow, it is wide enough and long enough, but I am a smaller person in leg length so a 5’10 plus person might not find it long enough.Every time I get on it I am glad I one lacking a remote control as it gives me peace if my neighbors start flipping channels on their TVs that I suddenly won’t find my running belt jarred to a halt while I am thrust to the floor, which some persons have complained about the digital ones – not attributing the sudden stops to anyone working a remote in another location, but in fact that is indeed a probable cause why their remote-operated treadmills can be unexpectedly halting at dangerous speeds, another reason why I would reject any remote-operated treadmill as they may be sharing frequencies of nearby users of other remotes!The bluetooth features I also have no interest in, as I am on it to walk or jog, and if I want to be entertained I have it before my computer or I listen to audio, as tiny smartphone / tablet screens are the last things I want to be squinting at as I exercise as reality to me is not played out on the limits of 5-inch x 3-inch screens. To me a treadmill is a substitute when I can’t exercise outside, and when I exercise outside it is about movement and not diddling with software apps.And another thing I wish could be changed is the arm lengths, as I wished the parts where the heart rate sensor were could be folded down, out of the way, at will as once I am steady on it, I like to walk/jog without holding on, making use of hand weights or urban poles on either side of the floor. But the arms are permanently out; however, I may yet remove the sensor holders as I get more practiced.In addition, the next con could be fixed if I wanted to struggle, but I don’t, is the base of the running belt I found to be off-centered, favoring the right so that at first I thought the pneumatic drop-down was defective, but it turned out that wasn’t the issue, the pneumatic was reliable, what was happening is that the running belt bed was catching on the side of the arm it was smack against that I hadn’t noticed was off-centered until I sought to solve the issue, if possible. Once I understood that, I loved this ‘flaw’ as I saw that all I had to do was just pull slightly to side the arm it was against when I was ready, and the running bed gently drops to the floor as advertised, the last few inches, really slow so that I have lots of time to position 2 floor raisers when I want to walk on a level surface, instead of the slight incline it has.And as far as the incline, it is much more user-friendly than the steep incline of my manual ProGear treadmill which was entirely unpractical so I would have to put a couple of heavy boards under to use. So having come from that similar kind of compact treadmill, I have found this Serenity in every way superior, including it to be superior to walk/jog on the electric, as the electric in every way is equal to the features of electric versus manual, as I found the manual too-user intensive, requiring too much effort to let one get into simulated walking videos, and also to be very noisy and requiring hanging on in order to move physically the running belt. The only good thing about the manual, is if the power goes out, but there are so many issues when the power goes out that generally jogging indoors is furthest from the mind.So if you understand the limits, and your needs require such limits – space constraints, power usage, reliability at budget costs – to me this is the top contender with a trusted manufacturer who does not shrink back when things may go wrong, doesn’t cut off communications, and offers buyer-friendly methods to purchase, as I, myself, took advantage of installment payments. I also believe if you don’t understand the limits, and expect gym-level quality, you will be unhappy, you will find it cheesy, and it is not noiseless, it the standard treadmill sounds, however, using a mat can help reduce that, but I, myself, go matless because the mat would hog space I don’t want to give.

  2. Landy

    Great product for the price.First off, full confession: I don’t run. But I figured, if I spend so much time in front of the TV, I may as well be walking instead of sitting, right? This particular treadmill is a very good option for walking long hours in front of the TV (better to get outside, but if you’re going to be watching anyway…). Assembly was quick and painless. Took maybe 15 minutes. I would recommend it for this. I don’t know if I would use it for running, honestly. Not because of the build quality, which is good for the price, but because the tread track is a bit narrow, and if you are running you may run off of the side of the track. But I don’t regret the purchase.

  3. Dr. Z

    Nice Small Apartment Treadmill but Not For Fast/Long RunsI purchased this treadmill a little over a year ago and overall I will say that I am glad with my purchase. That being said, I do believe this is suited for certain situations so it may or may not be good for you. I bought this because I wanted something to use at my place while I played video games since I would instead just be sitting around for hours. But I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex in a one bedroom, ~750 sqft unit, thus I also needed a treadmill that would be quiet/not produce a lot of vibrations and small for space saving and when storing. Since I game while using it, I am not going very fast on this, I have worked my way up to roughly 3.5 miles/hour while still being able to play my games well (ie. FPS and still hit headshots, etc.), although more on the speed below. Therefore, for my specific needs, I think this treadmill has been perfect. Using this, plus eating better, I’ve lost roughly 20lbs (BMI 27.7 > 24.5) and feel great. Assembly was not too difficult, I’m by no means an expert at building things (although I was the one to help my dad with assembling things growing up), but it took roughly 30 mins to have everything up and running. I don’t think you need to pay for expert installation unless you have never assembled anything in your life. Once built, I added lube to the belt and was off and running! (well fast walking). I did purchase a rubber mat to place underneath to protect my floor and reduce vibrations for my neighbors below me (I have asked them multiple times if it bothers them and they haven’t even noticed I’m on; please ask your neighbors if you decide on purchasing one for an apartment/shared living complex, it’s the nice and right thing to do) and you can check out my review on the mat as well if you’d like. The treadmill itself is smaller and slimmer than the normal ones you see in gyms so if you’re very tall or heavy, this may not work for you (I’m 5’8, 160lbs; was 182lbs and it works for me, but I think if I was closer to 6’0, the small size might become an issue in terms of comfortable stride length). The biggest “issue” for me is the narrow width of the belt, I did have to get used to it, but I think this would be an even greater issue if I tried to run on this treadmill since when you run, your strides are less compact and you could step outside the belt by accident. Now in terms of speed, the treadmill is adjustable from 0.1miles/hr until 6.0 miles/hr, but I’m honestly not sure how accurate those speeds are anymore after 1 year of use. When I first bought it, the speeds seemed accurate, but over the last 2-3mo, I need to turn it to 2 miles/hr before it even moves much with my weight on it (moves well at any speed without me on it, but now if I’m at 0.5 miles/hr for example with my weight, it won’t move at all), so I think this is a motor problem and I’m def worried if it will die out on me in the future. Therefore, now I go up to “4.0 miles/hr” and I’m not sure if I’ve just gotten used to it and am in better shape with better stamina, or if it’s actually 3-3.5 miles/hr with my weight on it. It wasn’t doing this when I first got it, at which time I was heavier, so I believe it’s the motor. I have been periodically re-lubing it, and I found a good lube for it, you can check my review on that as well! The treadmill will automatically stop at 60 mins (1 hour) but you can restart it right away. There’s an Android/iOS app that works with the treadmill to complete running programs but I don’t use it at all. All in all, this treadmill has given me exactly what I was looking for, and at a price I think is well worth it (was ~$250 when I got it, so it’s running at ~$19/month at the moment since I’ve been using it for 13 months thus far, which I think is great value, and obv will continue to get cheaper as the months go by). If you are someone with similar needs from a treadmill, I would highly recommend and I would buy again if needed!

  4. L

    Overall nice buyOverall I actually really like this treadmill. I weight 190lbs and it holds up fine. I use it everyday and walk an hour on 3.0. It is fixed with a slight incline, which at first I didn’t particularly like. Now, I’m glad it has the slight incline. It was easy to put together, it’s quite, and it’s basic and simple with out anything complicated. That’s what fitness should be.My only complaint is the cord needs to be longer. It’s way too short. Not a deal breaker. I’m hoping this treadmill will hold up.

  5. archer

    Small but adequateSo far the treadmill is working as I expected. It is small, but the ability to fold it and wheel it into a closet makes the tradeoff in size worth it. I use it daily in the winter as does my Aussie, he just wishes it was big enough for us to both use it at the same time. If you are looking for a basic treadmill for exercise you won’t be disappointed

  6. claudia

    It is worth what you pay for it.I like that it is really easy to fold and put it away or move since it has little wheels. The only thing was when I was assembling it the main board with the numbers looked like it was too wide to fit on the arm bars. But I still managed to put it together on my own, get a partner if you have one!

  7. Dawn Marie

    Easy and quiet…It was fairly easy to put together. Once turned on I was really surprised at how quiet it was. I like the fact that it’s smaller and not bulky at all. I have it in my garage so I can feel ok about having my garage door open a bit and the noise not bothering anyone. It offers cup holders which seems to be too small to hold a regular bottled water but that’s not a huge thing. It also comes with a tablet holder which doesn’t seem to fit very well which also isn’t a huge deal. Aside from those minor deets everything so far is great.

  8. aml2796

    Basic Treadmill for a good workoutSo far so good. It took me over an hour to put it together because the instructions were not clear but I figured it out by looking at the picture. The treadmill itself is lightweight, only about 65lbs. My last treadmill was twice the weight. It’s very compact/small so it won’t take up a lot of room. I was able to fit mines in my bedroom. I’m 5’6 and 165lbs and I was able to use it without any issues. It’s not an expensive treadmill so you can’t really expect it to operate like one or have the major perks, however if you’re just looking for an affordable way to get in quick and basic workout then this treadmill is a great a pick.

  9. Angie

    Very easy to ensemble.The product is good for our use at home gym. It was very easy to install and the instructions are very clear.

  10. K

    So far its great!So far we are very happy with the treadmill. It wasn’t overly difficult to get together. it seems to be running ok. the belt is a little off so its skipping a tiny bit but we are still making adjustments. Its very quiet and the hydraulic works great!

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