Smart Folding Treadmill with APP Bracelet, Portable Treadmill Foldable with 300 lb Capacity, 3 HP Compact Treadmill for Small

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Product details

Color Orange
Product Dimensions 56″D x 23.8″W x 32.5″H
Material Alloy Steel
Maximum Speed 7.5 Miles per Hour
Maximum Horsepower 3 Horsepower
  • 【Smart Band & App & Reward】Through the gift bracelet and app provided, you can get reward for just running. Invite friends to run in different game scenarios, or challenge strangers to complete running competitions, let’s explore more ways to play this smart treadmill together.
  • 【Dual Fitness Data Analysis】With LCD Digital Monitor and App Analysis Program, the smart folding treadmill can real-time tracking your Speed, Distance, Heart Rate and Calories. Of course you can share your running data to personal channel through the gift APP.
  • 【3 HP Motor & Wilder Running Belt】What can a 3HP motor bring? Not only is the stable machine operation, the adjustable speed of 0.6-7.5MPH, but also the ultra-quiet experience below 55 dB. The oversized 16.5″ x 45.5″ running belt provides a 300 lbs capacity, perfect for your sprint training.
  • 【Foldable & Movable Design】- The foldable design is suitable for small and medium-sized space like bedroom, living room or office. The transportation wheels make the it easy to move the portable treadmill around.
  • 【More Than a Professional Customer Service】An innovative smart treadmill, just to bring you more running style, social experience and gaming fun. Warranty Policy? Return Service? Don’t worry, these are all necessary!



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Product Description

treadmill 300 lb folding foldable

Smart Folding Treadmill with APP Bracelet, Portable Treadmill Foldable with 300 lb Capacity 3 HP







Large Running Belt & Sturdy Construction

The folding treadmill with 16.5″ x 45.5″ running surface provides a full speed and free moving.

300lbs Weight Capacity

The foldable treadmill is made of premium steel, which can hold up to 300lbs and provide a super stability.

Gift Smart Band and NFC Sensor

Just touch the Smart Band to the NFC sensing area before running to track your steps and heart rate data.



Smart Folding Treadmill with APP Bracelet, Portable Treadmill Foldable with 300 lb Capacity 3 HP

High Rewards Games

You can get rewards no matter what running game you participate in through the APP and treadmill. Just exercise for a period of time every day, or run a race with friends or strangers.

Voice Chat Interaction

Have voice conversations with friends while running, break through the limitations of the environment, and experience more social fun.

Character Customization

Link the treadmill through the APP to customize your exclusive character and dress up your running equipment, which must be super cool.

Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 56 × 23.8 × 32.5 cm




Product Dimensions

56D x 23.8W x 32.5H


Alloy Steel

Maximum Speed

7.5 Miles per Hour

Maximum Horsepower

3 Horsepower

Deck Width

16.5 Inches

Speed Rating

7.5 miles_per_hour

Package Weight

39.46 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

56 x 23.8 x 32.5 inches

Brand Name




Date First Available

August 1 2022



10 reviews for Smart Folding Treadmill with APP Bracelet, Portable Treadmill Foldable with 300 lb Capacity, 3 HP Compact Treadmill for Small

  1. Pea

    Love this treadmillI purchased this treadmill to add to my daily workout routine. It took me about three weeks to decide to take the plunge and buy it. I am so glad I did. I am loving the features in the app. I’m not a runner but you don’t have to be to enjoy the app. It has options that fit my needs. I can and will at times do a light run, but you can walk as well. I like the fact that it gives you different scenery to enjoy. Rather you are walking or running on a track, through a town or a park, it takes your mind off of the fact that you are working out. and for me, that is what makes it so special. The treadmill itself feel really steady. if I’m walking at a fast pace or doing a light run, there is no shaking. it seem to be well balanced.

  2. Brian Y.

    Can’t beat it for the price.I weigh 290 pounds and use this every day and it works. For the price you can’t beat it.The good: Supports up to 300 lbs. It works well. It is easy to assemble and use. It is compact. It is relatively light and easy to move. It looks good.Things to be aware of / limitations: No incline. Only goes up to 7.5 mph. Speed changes only in increments of 0.5 mph. I installed the firmware update that indicated it would now change in 0.1 increments, but it still only changes in increments of 0.5.If those limitations are acceptable to you, it works great for what it is and you can’t beat the price for a working treadmill with 300 lb capacity.

  3. Grace

    ExcellentThe media could not be loaded.

     As a mother of two, there is no time to go to the gym and either go outside alone, it’s good to have this treadmill for a women like me, it’s easy to assembly , made of great quality materials, it’s also foldable which saves lots of space for limited space bedroom, I also like the security feature by removing the magnetic the machine will stop to prevent injury. Overall it’s a great buy

  4. Renee

    No Frills, Compact TreadmillThe media could not be loaded.

     This is a very compact treadmill with no frills. Set up was quick and easy. Can fit in a small space. Folds up nicely and quickly. Has 2 cup holders and an area to hold phone. Must use the sticker attachment provided so the phone/tablet will fall with the shaking of the treadmill. Not as quiet as advertised and the shaking begins at about 6mph and higher. Overall nice starter treadmill and you can’t beat the price.

  5. Beths2039

    Nice inexpensive starter treadmill!Very heavy, may need help getting out of the box and initial set up. Not a lot of assembly required, but the parts that need to be put on, should have better detailed instructions. They supply extra caps for the back in case something was broken during shipping (apparently this is a known problem). One of the new pieces didn’t fit quite right and there is a small gap between it and the side of the treadmill (safety issue for lose garments or laces). Making it with better parts seems like a better option. Do not throw away the wrench when done building. You will need it to loosen the arm part if you wish to fold it up and store it. Once again, a better locking mechanism for the arm part would be a good fix here. It does work the way it is supposed to and I like the deadman switch that has to be in place to operate. That being said, there are some quality problems that should be addressed.It’s obviously from another country as there is a letter included sent from the founder and it makes no sense although it is in English.I did run on it today for 30 mins and I do have to say that for an inexpensive treadmill it does work fairly well. I do like it but wish I the readouts were a bit more comprehensive. You do get revolving readouts of distance, calories (are they accurate?) and time. You can pause it and restart your workout if needed. It is a bit shaky also.Overall this IS a good deal for the price and works.

  6. BrittanyStT

    Not a bad treadmillWhen running, the pad tends to shift. And the top piece (where the screen & cup holder is) moves a bit.It was fairly easy to put together and setup. Fittings were a little off when screwing the side handles on.Would recommend to put a pad underneath the system due to the movement when you’re running.Easy to fold systemIt isn’t a bad system for the cost.

  7. Robert Strecker

    this works nice for an apartment- i am happyForming a home gym can be tricky when you are in a small space. In the two bedroom apartment i live in, there is one bedroom dedicated to fitness. Ok, it is also the cats room as well. Moving forward, this room has a record number of workout devices that i have placed in a way so they can all be moved around easily. There are of course certain pieces of equipment that are too large to move, but that has been kept to a minimum. With this folding home style treadmill from the Ssphpplie brand, i have found a piece of cardio equipment that works form my living space.I am an avid outdoors jogger who will tackle all weather during every season. Over the years i have come to realize there will be times where i just need to stay inside. This mainly occurs during thunderstorms and that happens a lot in Ohio where i live. During severe weather i will be using this nice treadmill. I have formed the opinion that there is not a stairmaster or treadmill that can mimic outdoor conditions. This is the same with standing bicycles. I can easily jog ten miles on a treadmill but struggle at an actuall track to bypass five or six on a hot summer day. I mention this because even though there are a few speed settings on this treadmill, i does not matter if the speed is not fast enough. When trying to mimic jogging indoors, there will always be a reduction, just like indoor aerobics versus jumping out on the side of the road and jogging. I therefore am very happy with the speeds of the conveyor belt style platform. The trick for an extreme outside jogger flipping over to an indoor option like this, is to simply jog longer. Another idea is to pop on a weighted vest, as long as it does not exceed the body weight maximum of the machine, which is three hundred pounds. You could also use low weight dumbbells’ with the kind that has the neoprene handles ideal. I was impressed with the easy of assembly. While unboxing this unit was a bit awkward, i was able to get it into the back bedroom without much hassle. There are wheels on this, though only if you are moving it flat. I had to pick it up sideways to fit it through doorways, but that was not bad because the thing is not that heavy.I was able to fold this and then fit it into a closet in that room. This is so compact that if i has three is think i could fit all of them in the same closet space.I am a bit confused with the two square plastic pieces, that look like extra replacement guards for the end part, where the adjustment screws are on the back. The back, being the opposite side of where the plug is as well as power switch. I like how there is a safety magnet piece for auto shut off. I like this because it reminds me of professional units. I recommend using clean and new shoes that are meant just for this treadmill to keep the conveyor belt clean and debris free. That is also a good idea because of the dust and particles that will get on it from the surrounding room. To limit excess debris will only assure a long life of the machine. I recommend reading the instruction manual thoroughly before using the treadmill.After jogging on this for an hour today i feel confident saying this works well as a substitute from being stuck indoors due to weather conditions. I can’t comment of this machine as a replacement for the real thing just a tool for when you need an alternative. I do want to point out that it is good to use this at least once a week even if there is no nasty weather because it uses different muscles. This then contributes somewhat to muscle confusion, as well as cardio rhythms being slightly different than the intensity of a side of the road jog.To conclude, i am very satisfied with this treadmill and recommend it.

  8. Faith

    Awesome for beginners that are on a budget | Can also be used as a dog treadmillWe needed a newer and smaller treadmill that could be pushed out if the way when not being used and this one is perfect! My dog uses the treadmill every morning to get his mind right 😅- he has a lot of energy so this is essential to start the day as a happy dog. Anyway, it was easy to assemble (note: I didn’t put the phone stand on or green sticker strips fyi) and get it started initially. Only thing that wasn’t obvious was having to hold down the 3 & 6 buttons at the same time and 5 seconds until it beaps, every time we turn it on. This allows it to be used even when no one is on it (so my 50 pound dog can use it). Overall, if you are looking for a small treadmill that doesn’t incline then this one might be perfect for you 👍🏼 I hope this was helpful for you!

  9. Sad Eyes

    Smart Bluetooth Treadmill. Virtual TrainingThe media could not be loaded.

     This is a decent treadmill for the price.It has a lot to offer as far as apps go.It’s not a name brand that I’m familiar with but so far we haven’t had any issues with it.It’s currently set up in our storage building because no matter how compact a treadmill is they do take up quite a bit of space so I apologize for the mess in the video.It came in a large box.You have to assemble it but in less than 30 minutes it was fully functional.It’s simple to use once plugged in.Power on, touch start, select your speed and you’re off.There is an app that you can use with the included bracelet that will chart your statistics plus you can go online and compete in virtual races and challenges.Treadmill connects through Bluetooth and you can do different races, different courses, virtually through a little cartoon character.Has a place to put your cell phone or tablet so you can walk the virtual course.There’s a cup holder and another cubby spot plus an emergency stop pull cord.Overall I’m happy with this treadmill and I would buy it again.

  10. C_L_A_R_I_S_S_A

    Apartment approved !The media could not be loaded.

     Great treadmill for an apartment and a small one at that. Speed is great and assembling is fast and easy, all though one of the sides of the treadmill did not tighten well but putting it all together made it tighten for now. My wife is the one on the treadmill on the video above. I went on it I weigh 240 and I am 5”7 and handle bars go below my hips. It is not loud at all and it’s a smooth walk!

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