Stamina Power Tower w/ Smart Workout App – Pull Up Bar Dip Station for Home Gym Strength Training Workout Equipment

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  • WHY POWER TOWER? Power Towers allow for many different bodyweight exercises, helping you lose weight, build muscle and improve heart health. Bodyweight routines on this pull up and dip station are invigorating and effective for major muscle groups.
  • ALL-IN-ONE FITNESS EQUIPMENT: This versatile power tower dip station pull up bar can be used for pull-ups, dips, push-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, vertical knee raises and more.
  • STABLE AND COMFORTABLE: This pull up bar station includes secure foam hand grips at each exercise station that provide stability and comfort during exercise. The durable steel frame of this free standing pull up bar supports users of up to 250 lbs.
  • SMART WORKOUT APP INCLUDED: This pull up dip station is fully supported by muuv, the all-in-one app that provides smart guided audio coaching, a follow-along assembly video, personalized workouts tailored to the equipment you own, and more.
  • FITS MANY SPACES: After an easy assembly, this pull up station dip station home gym is compact at just 49”x42.5”x81” making it ideal for any indoor or garage space; Non-slip end caps protect whatever surface the Power Tower may rest on.


From the manufacturer

stamina power tower 1690 bodyweight station

stamina 1690 power tower

Stamina 1690 Power Tower

Building total body strength and sculpting your chest, abs, back and arms has never been easier or more convenient. With the Stamina 1690 Power Tower, you’ll get a whole lot of gym equipment in one 49” by 42” footprint. The multiple workout stations utilize gravity and your own body weight to provide an invigorating, effective workout.

Supported by müüv

This product is fully supported by müüv, the smart audio coaching app that is personalized to you, progresses for you, and is fun to do. The all-in-one app comes with a follow-along assembly video, personalized workouts tailored to the equipment you own, and a music listening experience from iHeartRadio. Download the müüv app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.


  • Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, chin-ups and tricep dips on one piece of equipment
  • Comfortable and secure hand grips at push-up, pull-up and chin-up stations
  • Non-slip end caps to protect floor space
  • Solid steel frame supports users up to 250 lbs.
  • Assembled size: 49 inches by 42.5 inches by 81 inches
  • Supported by müüv, the smart audio coaching app

stamina 1690 power tower features

Convenient Home Fitness

push-up station


tricep dips

Foam Padded Push-up Station

Sculpt your chest and shoulders with the push-up station. The raised station allows you to perform push-ups with a neutral wrist, decreasing the strain on the wrist joints.

Foam Padded Pull-up and Chin-up Station

You can also sculpt your back, arms and shoulders with pull-ups and chin-ups. Engaging different muscle groups has never been easier – simply choose between the outside grips or the center.

Foam Padded Tricep Dips Station

Strengthen your abs and triceps at the dip station. The station can be used for either triceps dips or vertical knee raises.

sit ups

non-slip endcaps

steel frame construction

Foam Padded Sit-up Station

Sit-ups, crunches and other ab workouts can be performed at the sit-up station. The foam padded grips can be used for your hands or your feet, depending on your orientation or routine.

Non-slip End Caps

No matter how intense your workout session is, you can stand assured the 1690 Power Tower will remain steady. The non-slip end caps protect your floors as well.

Steel Frame Construction

Your investment will last for years to come. The sturdy steel frame supports up to 250 lbs.

Important information

Safety Information

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm


Assembled size: 49″ long x 42.5″ wide x 81″ tall M

Additional information

Weight 27.22 kg
Dimensions 51 × 26 × 4 cm
Package Weight

27.22 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

49 x 42.5 x 81 inches

Item Weight

60 Pounds

Brand Name


Warranty Description

1 year frame90 days parts

Model Name

Model 1690




Steel foam

Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number



Stamina Power Towers

Included Components

Slip End Caps Stamina 1690 Power Tower


One Size

Sport Type

Weightlifting Exercise & Fitness



Date First Available

December 5 2009


Stamina Products Inc.

10 reviews for Stamina Power Tower w/ Smart Workout App – Pull Up Bar Dip Station for Home Gym Strength Training Workout Equipment

  1. R. Taylor

    Excellent, versatile equipment for the bodyweight enthusiast on a budgetI started training advanced calisthenics exercises in February of this year. With this type of training, there are several pieces of equipment that can be very useful, but the one essential item is something to pull yourself up on. I find that a good pull up bar or a set of gymnastic rings fits the bill perfectly. But with a quality bar this cheap, it’s easy to get both!Initially I used one of those doorway pull up bars, and in all honesty it is an excellent piece of equipment that you can use to train many pull up variations, and is even suitable to train front levers and back levers. Heck, I still use my doorway bar in my bedroom closet. However, if you spend a lot of time doing this stuff and you want a little more versatility and elbow room, this tower fits the bill nicely without costing an arm and a leg. I am about 5’8 at ~135, so if you are a huge guy this may not be stable enough for you to do advanced exercises such as muscle ups, but if you are slow and controlled you can probably work around it. Keep in mind, though, that this equipment was not designed with muscle ups in mind, so do them at your own risk! However, it would still be great for all of the standard exercises, and even front and back levers.First, this thing does have its limitations. The first thing I noticed is that the pull up bar is rather thin, which is not a huge deal it just means that pull ups will be easier. Besides that, the two bars that attach to the pull up bar are pretty close together, and you may have to work around them with some advanced exercises. This is something to be mindful of when doing full hanging leg raises. To that end, the sit up bar has a way of getting underfoot, but again, it’s nothing that can’t be worked around. Also, if you want to do muscle ups on this thing, you will have to do slow muscle ups as this thing is just too wobbly to do them explosively. I have 130 pounds of dumbbells anchoring this thing down under the pull up handles just in case. All together, the tower doesn’t feel “cheap”, but it doesn’t feel solid like a boulder or anything like that. Considering that it is not anchored to the ground, it’s pretty lightweight and thus fairly easy to move around, and the ridiculously low cost, it is up to the standard that I expected going into it, and I do not feel as though my safety is compromised doing advanced exercises. I would have higher expectations if this were several hundred dollars, but for a piece of equipment that can give you an excellent full body workout for under $100 and that will take up such relatively little room in your home, all of the aforementioned points are minor quibbles; footnotes to keep in mind when considering a product of such high value. Again, if you are a bigger guy, this may be too unstable for you to do muscle ups, but it is definitely sturdy enough for the standard exercises, and even levers. I can do one arm chin up negatives and things like that, so I can testify that the bar feels very solid under the pressure of a heavy hand.I bought gymnastic rings and it is quite suitable to hang them from the bar. Granted it doesn’t give you the same clearance as a tree branch, if you’re like me and don’t have access to a big sturdy tree or a convenient strong, high bar, this thing works excellently for ring training at home. I learned slow muscle ups on the rings before I was able to pull one off on the bar…which is a feat I have yet to replicate so I still train them with the rings. If you go this way, note that the tower is more stable when doing muscle ups on rings hanging from the bar than doing them on the bar directly.The dip handles are a very convenient way to help yourself get over the bar if you wish to practice slow muscle up negatives or straight bar dips. As for the dip handles themselves, it is worth noting that they are substantially thicker than the pull up bar. The spread between them seems a tad wide however they give you plenty of ground clearance when doing dips, and I find it pretty comfortable to go nice and deep on them. If you have an elevated surface to place your feet, they can easily be used for bodyweight rows. All in all, a solid dip station.The push up handles I have only used a couple of times. It does allow you to go pretty deep on the push ups, but unless the feet are highly elevated there are harder push up variations that don’t require any equipment at all, or you could just do dips, which are harder. However, the push up handles are excellent for training planche and L seat progressions, especially at first. I honestly haven’t spent much time on planche training, frankly I’m still working on the back lever, but there is substantial height to these pull up handles, enough to be utilized as one would parallettes.Ah, the sit up bar. Up until recently, I had practically no use for this thing. I personally never do sit ups or crunches and thus this particular tool found great levels of disuse…until I realized it was just about perfect for glute ham raises. The glute ham raise is one of the most hardcore bodyweight exercises you can do for the posterior chain. It hits the calves, hamstrings, glutes, and lower back (in my experience, pretty much the whole back and core) directly with the resistance of your entire weight. With sufficient padding under your knees, it is very simple and straightforward to hook your feet under the ankle pads and start practicing this move. Although, I found that I had to weigh down the base on the opposite end of the push up handles for this, otherwise I would start to lift the tower at a certain point. But that’s not a big deal, considering that the cheapest GHR machines I’ve seen are several hundred dollars. Couple this exercise with pistol squats, and you have a fully comprehensive lower body training regimen that can be done without weight or, if you wish, can easily be weighted.Bodyweight rows, push ups, dips, Pull up variations, leg raise variations, muscle ups, back levers, front levers, planches, L seats, glute ham raises…this tower does it all for an extremely low price. Hang a pair of gymnastic rings from the bar and the possibilities are practically endless. Throw in some handstand push ups and maybe a few other advanced push up variations, along with some pistol squats, and you have a very capable and fairly comfortable home gym that will give you a total body workout, developing levels of strength that can not be beat by practically anything else near this price range. The only other thing I would consider is gymnastic rings, but again unless you already have a great, convenient place to hang them from, this tower is your answer, especially since it can facilitate rings. With a tower this good for this cheap, why not buy both?

  2. Jennifer

    Stop looking for a power tower – BUY THIS ONE.I don’t write many reviews, but this product deserves one. No, I’m not sponsored by this company and no, I don’t get anything from this review. I believe that quality products require quality reviews. So here we go.Let me save you a couple hours of research. Simply put, consider your research done – you have arrived at your destination. I cannot speak to the 1-4/5 stars on this product, but this product deserves a 6/5. Follow along below. I talk about 1) packaging/assembly 2) fitment/expansion on assembly 3) functionality of the product/”wobble” 4) summarizing why you need to just buy this product if you’re seriously considering a power tower amidst this quarantine.First, the packaging was high quality. Each piece to the tower was individually wrapped and there were even a couple of foam inserts (with additional cardboard) to ensure the metal pieces didn’t bang together during delivery. Tools were provided, but I recommend using your own – it’ll make the job go a bit faster. Admittedly, the assembly was a little difficult, but if you have a pulse, you can figure it out. They provide you a measuring guide within the owner’s manual and you simply match pieces (bolts, nuts, washers of varying size) with the picture. I have never put anything like this together before and it took me about an hour and 45 to assemble it by myself. Throw on some music and enjoy the journey to your future gym.Second, each piece fit together BEAUTIFULLY. Every time I put together two different parts, there was a moment of “oh… my… god… BOO-YAH…” because they fit together THAT well. I did read some reviews that said pieces were missing/holes didn’t line up, etc. Not the case for me. Great work Stamina.Third, functionality. Let’s go over my specs to give you an idea of me before I positively rant more. I’m 5’11” and weigh 190 lb on a good day. Here’s the thing Amazon customers, the gym is my sanctuary. This quarantine really threw me off my game. I was DESPERATE in trying to find something that could last me a couple of months. Something I was PROUD to look at every morning when I past it and something I couldn’t get enough of during each use. BUT, something that was also affordable because… Well. Graduate school has me looking at Mt. Everest of debt. Anyways, I digress. This power tower does not disappoint – by any means. I like to think of myself an avid lifter – I try to go 5-6/7 days a week. I regularly do weighted dips and pull-ups so naturally, I was worried about the stability of this equipment, right? Fear not, fellow Amazon shoppers. If you can perform dips/pull-ups WITHOUT swinging on a ‘stationary’ set at the gym, you will NOT be disappointed with this. This. Product. Is. Quality.Ok. So “wobble”. Is there wobble? Of course there is. You built this in your house. And it weighs as much as my little brother did in 5th grade. Here’s BETTER question: “Is the wobble using this power tower so unbearable that you cannot complete a working set without praying you don’t die?” NO. The wobble is present only on those LAST reps where you’re struggling to elevate your body off the ground. You know, that moment where you think “this is impossible but here I go.” Alright, my here’s the thing to that too. If your arms are wobbling, how in the *$&?! do you expect anything (even bystanders at the normal gym watching you struggle) not wobble? Don’t fret. This power tower will do, I promise.That concludes my review. I was going to post a video of me doing a pull-ups/dips to demonstrate the stability of it, but decided against it because who wants another video of some rando doing pull-ups. I don’t want that thought of you thinking “this guy just wanted to show off” to distract you from the rest of the review. Just take my word for it. I’m not a robot and I’m not paid for this review. I’m an avid gym goer, with a pulse, who cannot thank this company enough for making something I can use during this incredibly unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic (on a serious matter for all those critically ill) without bashing my head into a wall.In conclusion, if anyone has made it this far, just buy it. Stop looking. Buy it. Bottom line, this product is: affordable, durable, functional, aesthetically appealing, and it’ll help you get that dream physique you’re after. Just buy it.

  3. Alyssia

    Great pull up and dip bar!Overall it was relatively easy to assemble it seems to be extremely sturdy. I’m 160 and it holds me with no problem.

  4. Dan

    Works wellAnchor base with weights or sand bags helps compensate for heavier people.

  5. J. Rutledge

    BEST DEAL ON AMAZON!Here’s a tip! Separate all of your bolts and screws when you begin assembly so their easier to identify! (They’re not labeled lol)The price is excellent and the quality is awesome! If you are looking for a pull up/dip station! GET THIS!!!

  6. Nai Na

    For the money good…Low price, so didn’t expect super sturdiness. Does wobble a bit but good for balancing and coreOverall, allows you do get your dips, pull ups and push ups as well as situps.I am satisfied.

  7. Edward Meyer

    It works!Assembly was easy, it’s stable after being torqued, still use often with no complaints. Just be aware of the 250lbs max weight warning if that’s your body weight or your wearing weight belt etc.

  8. Pantherburn

    Great value, works perfectly!Have been using every other day a little over 2 months. Very pleased with quality and value of product.

  9. Vivian

    Great for Small Spaces & Very SturdyThe only reason this didn’t get a full 5-stars is because one of the legs (the left push-up bar) is not straight, so it’s sightly angled compared to the other side. It’s not a big deal and the product still works and is stable, but it would have been nice to have a “perfect” product. It’s not worth it to take it apart and return it for a new one so I’ll just deal with it.I assembled this myself and it took about 1 hour to do. The instructions were very straightforward and it included everything that I needed to build it. No extra tools were required. It would have been easier with 2 people (to hold pieces up in the beginning), but it’s definitely not impossible to build alone.I bought this for my apartment so that I can do bodyweight exercises from the comfort of my own home without needing to go out. I looked at many different power towers before deciding on this one. This one is very basic, but it has everything that you would need in a power tower. I love that it doesn’t take up that much room.The pull-up bars are designed in a way where it’s easy to put on resistance bands for assisted workouts. I weigh about 120lbs and this is very sturdy for me. It wiggles only a very tiny bit when I’m getting on it because my weight isn’t distributed evenly, but it does not move at all once I’m on it properly. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a simple power tower for your small space. Amazing value and great price!

  10. Marc D. Ellis

    Great value and quality productI definitely recommend this product. I use it nearly every day. I put it together by myself, but I recommend using your own tools. Also, it’s important to put it all together with a light tighten first, and then tighten it up after it is all together. If one has good form and uses the tower as designed, it is plenty stable.

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