Sunny Health & Fitness Air Bike, Fan Exercise Bike with Unlimited Resistance and Tablet Holder

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Brand Sunny Health & Fitness
Special Feature Heavy Duty
Color Black
Power Source Battery Powered
Item Weight 60.2 Pounds
  • PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE: The harder you push, the more resistance you’ll feel. Place your feet on the bike pegs to work the upper body. Experience smooth movement on the air bike with the joint chain- and belt-drive mechanism.
  • MADE FOR COMFORT: Wide, 4-way adjustable bike seat can be moved to your preference. Place your feet on the large pedals and secure them with the straps. Max Weight Capacity: 265 lb ; Inseam Length: 27″ – 37″
  • PERFORMANCE MONITOR: Track your time, distance (kilometers and miles), time, and calories burned. Take advantage of the set mode to create specific time, distance, or calorie-based goals.
  • TABLET HOLDER: Be in control of your workout entertainment or guide your workout with fitness videos and music when you place your personal device into the tablet holder on the fitness bike.
  • STURDY FRAME: This stationary bike is made with heavy duty steel and can support up to 265 lb. Feel confident in each push, pull, and pedal you perform on this in-home cardio bike.
  • TRANSPORTATION WHEELS: After your workout, move this cardio machine from room to room with the front-mounted transportation wheels. Seat dimensions- 10 x 11 x 2 inches


Get the best of both and improve cardio and strength with the Sunny Health and Fitness Air Resistance Hybrid Bike. This bike works the arms and legs simultaneously to give you an efficient workout. Burn more CALORIES in less time, depending on the intensity. The fully padded seat adjusts to your height to get the most ergonomic fit.

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Product Description

Sunny Health & Fitness Motion Air Bike - SF-B2916

Sunny Health & Fitness Motion Air Bike - SF-B2916

Sunny Health & Fitness Motion Air Bike - SF-B2916

fan air



This incredible fan design reacts to the amount of speed and force applied so your workout can remain challenging and effective throughout your fitness journey.

Track your time, speed, distance, and calories burned with the easy-to-use display. Stay connected to your favorite apps with the convenient device holder.

Personalize your comfort with the 4-way adjustable seat with a 27-inch to 40-inch inseam range that will help you create your optimal riding position.



Additional information

Weight 60.2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 40 × 47 cm

Sunny Health & Fitness

Special Feature

Heavy Duty



Power Source

Battery Powered

Item Weight

60.2 Pounds


Alloy Steel

Resistance Mechanism


Model Name


Product Dimensions

23D x 40W x 47H

Drive System


Package Weight

30.84 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

40 x 23 x 47 inches

Brand Name

Sunny Health & Fitness

Warranty Description

3yr 180 day Manufacturer Warranty

Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number


Model Year



Motion Air

Included Components

Exercise Bike User Manual Hardware Tool 2 AAA Batteries

Sport Type

Exercise & Fitness



Date First Available

July 25 2019


Sunny Health & Fitness

10 reviews for Sunny Health & Fitness Air Bike, Fan Exercise Bike with Unlimited Resistance and Tablet Holder


    I generally do not like exercise bikes, but I’m keeping thisI have always disliked stationary bikes. But this caught my eye because it combines pedaling with arm motion for a greater workout. I was looking at stationary bikes because (1) I am rehabbing from 4 ankle & lower leg fractures and I need something to break-up scar tissue in my ankle joint post-surgery; and (2) I’ve gained 30+ lbs since the initial injury and I need to burn calories.This model seemed to have good reviews for the price, so I rolled the dice. Spoiler alert: I’m glad I bought it.I’m 6’ 3” & am currently around 235 lbs. This bike fits me fine – plenty of leg room & plenty of height. I like the fact it isn’t motorized & resistance is created through a belt-driven [front wheel] fan. Also, no motor means no AC adapter hence no cord and no need to place this near an electrical outlet. Though I feel a bit like a hamster, it’s actually not as easy to “spin/pedal” as one would think – it’s a good workout especially if you incorporate some sprints. And the fact it doesn’t have a motor is one less thing to worry about wearing out (a belt can be replaced if it breaks). And believe it or not, I like the air movement created by the fan – it’s keeps it fresh and a bit cooler.Two other pluses: (1) it has an extremely small footprint. Though the measurements are in the item description, I was skeptical – I thought the elliptical-like handlebars would give the unit a bulky feel. I was wrong, it’s really not obtrusive in the least. (2) The other plus: it’s lightweight. Even when assembled, if I ever decide to move it up (or down) stairs, my wife and I can easily transport it on the stairs.Assembly wasn’t too, too bad. Most of the hardware is already attached to the unassembled components (this makes it VERY easy to ID the hardware as the cardboard hardware card only has ~ 8 bolts). I will say that the included assembly tools, notably the “spanner wrench”, are barely adequate at best. If you have a metric wrench set or a combination wrench & a metric socket set, you’re better off using your own tools to attach the pedals (I tried using the included tools and this was the most time-consuming assembly step until I decided to use my own tools). Besides the front & bottom support/stand, just about everything else is tightened with an allen wrench (the display has four phillips head screws). Oh, one more thing – though the instructions recommend a 2-person assembly, one person can accomplish it. Though not perfect, I have definitely dealt with worse assembly instructions (I give these a B-).One must acknowledge, this is an *entry-level* exercise bike. The materials and construction are fine, but it’s nowhere near commercial quality or even that of a high-end exercise bike. And it cannot be this level of quality at this price point! The “screen” is basic and not really a screen – it is barebones (a digital number readout display) & not backlit (the photo is misleading – the colorful target heart rate graphic is a *decal* – it’s not a screen and there is no heart rate monitor which might exclude some from considering it). And there is no programming … no preset exercise routines b/c this doesn’t have a motor (remember – it’s belt-driven). But as I previously mentioned, you can incorporate sprints if/when you choose to.In summary: if you desire a basic, entry-level exercise bike – this is decent quality and a step above the cheaply made sub-$200 models. It’s a good starter exercise bike, and it’s good for someone who doesn’t know how much they’ll use an exercise bike so it’s good to try this before you drop the big buck$. For me, I bought this for rehabbing an injury and to burn some calories while I’m healing. However, I like it enough that I plan to keep using it and incorporating this into my regular exercise regimen. At this price point: you can’t go wrong.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Sunny Health & Fitness stationary bike system received Monday, May 22, 2017 REVIEWAfter many days and evenings of reading about and comparing stationary bikes online and going to look for them in local stores, I “bit the bullet” and chose this one. I bought it from at a decent price of $117 with no shipping charges.Like most bikes, it does have a little seat that is hard and not comfortable. My street bike came with one, too, so I bought a new one. So, I determined to accept that and plan on buying the recommended gel seat that many commenters needed. I like that it is rather light, and slim and makes my home office an “exercise room” with room to walk around it still.Many people commented that it was not hard to put together since it comes in a box unassembled. Some complained that there was a small part or more that was missing and they had to call customer service to get it sent to them, or they compensated by making something themselves or buying from a store. Fortunately, my husband and I were prepared for that but pulled out all the contents of the box and found that nothing was missing. The simple tools the manufacturer included in the package were sufficient to complete the job within about a half an hour. The instructions are uncomplicated to understand. Assembled, it looks sleek, and simple and lightweight. They put 2 little wheels in the front foundation bar so that it can be pushed easily wherever you want it to be. It has to be lifted up from the back a little to move it. With thought, the manufacturer could put 2 little wheels in the back foundation bar so that they would not have to lift to push but they both would stay on the floor and can be rolled together. I don’t find that this is a problem.My concern was ease of operation, and quiet operation. So far, from the start, it is that. But I know that noises can develop eventually with moving parts so I have my WD40 ready to help.It comes with a meter to track your actions; that wasn’t important to me as all I want is a machine to work me out during my workout. I am 5’2” with short legs and arms and I am glad to report that the adjustable seat, which moved up and down, and forward and backward to adjust for a variety of sizes, has accommodated me just fine. When I finally ordered and put on the gel seat, in two different sizes, I found that the seat still is not comfortable. It is not the cushion seat, it is the little hard bike seat that is. The gel seat fit fine but it makes me slide forward with no stopper. So it is the bike that needs improvement.The movable handlebars are fine for me, as the adjustments of the seat allows for long or short arms to reach. The fact that it is attached to the pedals and always move when the feet move doesn’t bother me because if you don’t want to hold on to them, you can let your hands hang to your side and the handlebars will just keep moving but not in your way at all; they will not hit your head as you would be sitting up erect with your hands at your sides.Time will tell how sturdy and reliable this piece of equipment will be, but if it lasts in good shape for at least a year and I use it as regularly as I intend to, it will be worth my investment. And hopefully, it will endure longer. 5/24/17 thru 6/18/17

  3. Dallas

    Just what I was looking for Worth it for the pricePretty much exactly what I was looking for, a Small inexpensive exercise machine that lets you work out your arms and\or your legs while sitting, has some kind of resistance and isn’t horribly loud(The faster you go the louder it is so if you’re going relatively slow it is quiet). Took an hour and a half or so to put together by myself. The instructions aren’t perfect but if you really look at the diagrams there’s nothing that’s actually incorrect (where the lines connect to the pictures is the order the washers etc are supposed to be in). Certainly worth it for the price so far. Hopefully it holds up.

  4. Raquel R.

    Good Air Bike for home useI have been using this Air Bike for 4 weeks now and I’m satisfied with the product, considering the price. I’m used to Assault bikes and knew this bike would not be as sturdy as the Assault bikes so I feel my expectations were set correctly. I did not pay for assembly and did it myself, in just over 1 hour. Sunny should REALLY invest more in more detailed, maybe colored instructions or an YouTube video of assembly. I’m deducting one star for that reason.The panel and mode selections are a little glitch for me as I want to set time or speed, as an example, and it keeps giving me all the other stats such as distance, etc. I’ll continue working on figuring this out and for now I’ll consider user error :)In short, this is a decent air bike if you know what air bikes are for. I read a lot of misleading comments with people possibly thinking this is a spin bike, you will be disappointed and this is not it.

  5. smart geek

    Sturdy bike – support understaffedBike is built well with solid materials. Putting it together required some work! Tightening all parts takes time.I had an issue where one of the handlebars was not welded correctly causing misaligned movement. Support quickly took all problem details but they never responded. I had to call multiple times after which they sent a replacement part. That replacement did not fix the issue since “issue triage” was not done due to lack of technician bandwidth. So I had to call few more times and help with retriage. Again due to lack of technician bandwidth support person and I made a guess on the problem. This time around we were right and the replacement part fixed the issue.Bottom line: pray you get a working bike or you will spend non trivial time with support.

  6. Drm

    Excellent excercise bike for the priceJust recently purchased and assembled the Sunny Zephyr Air Bike for my daughter. For the price, this is an excellent piece of equipment. It is well made and easy to assemble. While not super heavy duty, it can support up to a 240 pound individual. For the average individual, it is more than adequate for what it is intended to be used for. With the exception of the fan noise that is produced when using the bike, it is very smooth and quiet in its operation. There is no chain noise or rattling as mentioned in other similiar products that I read about when shopping and reading the reviews. The seat is padded very well and should not be a problem for most people. It is also easily adjustable. When tightened down, there is also no wobble in the handle bars. They have a solid feel and are well cushioned. The metal cage surrounding the fan is very well made. The bike can also be easily leveled and kept from wobbling by turning the end caps on the rear stabilizer. My only complaint is not with the bike as much as it is with the instructions. For the most part, the instructions are fine but the diagrams should be larger. A magnifying glass is needed sometimes so you can see clearly what needs to be done. This was a bit of an irritation when installing the foot pedals and trying to see exactly which way the bearing was to be installed. It is in there but it is very difficult to see. I found the written instructions to be of little help in this step. Everything else in the instructions is fine. Make sure that when you install the computer post to the frame that you pull the wires back up into the post from the top so you don’t smash the wire onto the frame when you install the post. All in all, this is an excellent piece of equipment. If you are looking for a good excercise bike, you will not be disappointed in this product. Btw, I don’t normally do reviews but I was so impressed with the Sunny bike, that I wanted to say something about it as there are not many other reviews.

  7. Marc G

    Well made, good quality, for price, buy it dont spend extra moneyThe instruction booklet was really bad , took even longer due to it. The pedal part with all those different washers was very badly written down and took over hrvto figure out, thank God someone in reviews posted a pick about it so I followed that, if not for that not sure could figure it out. I have put together many many things but this was the worst for clear instruction. Took way to long to assemblev due to poor instruction. It was packaged extremely well, even over kill lol. The seat is kinda cheapest and the pedals also. Just got today so I did try seems sturdy smooth,, works well.. the console is large but the tiny part with numbers is very small,, the top looks impressive in write up but its not really anything but heartv rate chart, which this doesn’t have a heart rate monitor. I own a Rogue echo bike but its really made for tall guys, which ai will sell since this bike seems that it will work out well for my exercise regime

  8. MDBurgos

    Great Machine at a Great PriceI have always loved these kinds of bikes because you get a challenging full body workout. This model is sturdy and very quiet compared to even regular exercise bikes. I don’t have to blast my headphones; they can stay a normal decibel level. Being a basic, entry-level machine, this doesn’t have many frills, and the tracking monitor which doubles as a cell phone holder gives you basic stats: Time, distance, calories burned, rpm. These days with fitness trackers, smartwatches, and mobile apps not having more info at your disposal is not tragic. I’m happy it figures out cadence so I can concentrate on other stats via my Garmin.Where Sunny Health really shines, though is in Customer Support. You can email with any question or issue and a real human will respond. And if you need replacement parts, the process is simple. My monitor didn’t work; so, I emailed and explained the issue, and they sent me a replacement part within a couple of weeks AND they contacted me when they fulfilled the order. NOTE: It’s a small, but growing company. They do all the manufacturing. Be patient, but know that it’s worth it.I will be buying more products from them.

  9. Nathania Nhouyvanisvong

    Functions well, overall happy with the productI bought this specifically because I am petite (5’2″ with a 27″ pant inseam) and I thought this had the best range for my size/height and other people that would use this bike (my roommates that are taller, upwards of 6’1″). We all fit the bike well, the seat is easily adjustable, the bike is pretty sturdy, I feel safe riding it, and it logs my distance/time well. It took about an hour to put together, all the tools were included, my main complaint is the tiny diagram for reference and it took us so long because it was so hard to see the photos/diagrams! I bought this bike as an alternative to running since I have a foot injury and wanted low impact cardio, and I have used it 2-3 times per week for the past month and am definitely pleased. I pair my rides with the Apple+ Fitness cycling app and have been happy doing interval training using that app (similar videos on YouTube as well) or just doing an easy ride while watching Netflix. Overall I love my bike and am very pleased with my purchase and have had zero problems so far.

  10. Michael

    Perfect HIIT starter bikeI was saving up for a HIIT elliptical. They are just too expensive so I gave this little bike a chance. I am surprisingly impressed!1) Wanted an elliptical for less pressure on the knees. Jogging outside was killing my knees. This bike is amazing, takes all the pressure of the joints compared to jogging. And if your legs need a rest you can keep it going with an arm workout.2) Wanted a full body workout. My arms get so much more exercise compared to jogging. You can even rest your legs and only workout your upper body.3) I’m 6’6” and opted for this model because it’s measurements were slightly longer than the cheaper model and other competitors. It’s extremely comfortable and I don’t hit my knees on anything. Perfect for tall people.4) The price is appropriate for the quality. It’s not the best materials. You’re not getting some high end seat or construction but it does the job.5) The ability to do 30 second sprints then recover leaves me exhausted and sweating. 10 minutes on here is a 60 minute jog. Time is money! It’s the perfect workout if you don’t have a lot of time.

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