Sunny Health & Fitness Compact Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine with LCD Monitor, Bottle Holder, 43 Inch Slide Rail, 285 LB Max

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Product details

Brand Sunny Health & Fitness
Color Gray
Resistance Mechanism Magnetic
Product Dimensions 23″D x 77″W x 22.5″H
Maximum Weight Recommendation 285 Pounds
Model Name SF-RW5801
  • ERGONOMIC FOOT PEDALS: Engage your quads as you propel your legs back and forth on the pivoting foot pedals with adjustable straps. Slip-resistant handlebar ensures secure grasp.
  • OVERSIZED SEATING: Large padded seating smoothly glides along with the 43 slide rail inseam. The heavy-duty frame holds 285 LBS. While stabilizers promote stability.
  • MAGNETIC TENSION: 16 Levels of tension ensure a versatile and challenging workout with virtually no maintenance.
  • FOLDABLE ROWER: Convenient folding rower machine folds upright. Great for smaller in home gyms.
  • SPM MONITOR: Check out all your fitness stats on the easy-to-read monitor displaying Scan, Time, Count, Calories, and Total Count.


Tackle your fitness goals and experience a low impact, full body workout with the SF-RW5801 Synergy Power Motion Magnetic Rowing Machine by Sunny Health and Fitness. Engage your quads as you propel your legs back and forth on the ergonomic pivoting foot pedals. The oversized foot pedals move forward and backward with your feet to promote a powerful push that is sure to fire up those leg muscles. Grasp the foam padded handlebar and begin your rowing workout. Crank up to 16 levels of magnetic resistance creating smooth and silent rows each time you pull. The large, sweat-resistant seat supports you during long exercise sessions keeping you comfortable and focused. The sturdy slide rail and frame support up to 285 lb. 43 inches of slide rail length provides ample room to extend and retract your legs promoting form and efficiency for each row. Progress is key to keeping you motivated. Check out all your fitness stats on the easy-to-read monitor displaying time, speed, count, calories burned, total count and count per minute. The folding rowing machine measure at 77L x 23W x 22.5H inches and 36.3L x 23W x 47H when folded upright. Rubber end caps adjust to floor for stability while protecting possible scratches to floors. Achieve an incredible low impact cardiovascular exercise routine right at home with the SPM Magnetic Rowing Machine by Sunny Health and Fitness. Experience a low impact, full body workout with the SF-RW5801. Engage your quads as you propel your legs back and forth on the ergonomic pivoting foot pedals. Grasp the foam padded handlebar and begin your rowing workout. Crank up to 16 levels of magnetic resistance creating smooth and silent rows each time you pull.

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Check out all your fitness stats on the easy to read monitor displaying scan, time, count, calories, total count.


Place a refreshing beverage in the drink holder to help stay hydrated while you workout.


The convenient device holder is designed to hold mobile devices or tablet so you can follow your favorite fitness videos.


16 Levels of tension ensure a versatile and challenging workout with virtually no maintenance.






Grasp the foam padded handlebar and begin your rowing workout. Slip resistant handlebar ensures a secure grasp.


Engage your quads as you propel your legs back and forth on the pivoting foot pedals with adjustable straps.


Large padded seating smoothly glides along the 43.5 inch slide rail inseam. Heavy-duty frame holds 285 lb.


Convenient folding rower machine measures at 36.3L x 23W x 47H inches when folded upright. Great for smaller in home gyms. Transportation wheels for easily transporting your machine.

Additional information

Weight 285 kg
Dimensions 23 × 77 × 22.5 cm

Sunny Health & Fitness



Resistance Mechanism


Product Dimensions

23D x 77W x 22.5H

Model Name


Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Item Weight

49.6 Pounds

Tension Level



Alloy Steel

Number of Batteries

2 AAA batteries required. included

Display Type


Package Weight

27.22 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

23 x 77 x 22.5 inches

Brand Name

Sunny Health & Fitness

Warranty Description

3 Year

Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number


Model Year




Included Components

Rower User Manual Tool Hardware



Date First Available

June 6 2018


Sunny Health & Fitness

10 reviews for Sunny Health & Fitness Compact Folding Magnetic Rowing Machine with LCD Monitor, Bottle Holder, 43 Inch Slide Rail, 285 LB Max

  1. KR

    Higher quality than you’d expect at this price point!We purchased the SF-RW5801 rower two weeks ago after a great deal of research to decide upon which machine was right for us. I’ll make this review as comprehensive as possible and address why we chose this brand/model (I will provide updates in the future as well). First, a little history about why we were shopping for a rower in the first place.After recently being diagnosed with a form of dysautonomia (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome – POTS), I needed to begin physical therapy, and supine cardio exercises are required as part of that plan such as recumbent biking, swimming, and rowing. Rowing is the preferred exercise because research shows that rowers have the largest and strongest heart muscles due to the total body effort, so that’s the form I chose.That said, with mounting medical bills from this health issue, we needed to choose a machine that was more reasonably priced than the other equipment that we already own (commercial quality LifeFitness), but we also wanted to make sure that the quality was sufficient for the frequency I will be using the machine.We researched a variety of options within this price range, and also compared our selections to gym-quality machines such as the Concept II and NordicTrack. My physical therapy, if it goes well, should progress from supine to upright exercise within about 5 months. Having been a long distance runner for the past 20 years, we had already planned to upgrade to the NordicTrack x32i incline treadmill later this year, so we knew that was the priority for our budget…once we get me on my feet again! That meant that we would stick to the $300-ish range for our rower.Two weeks in with exercising on this machine, and I can wholeheartedly say that I am IMPRESSED! This rower might be budget-friendly, but the quality is surprisingly good for this price range. I’ll break down my review into three ares: 1) What I Love, 2) What Could Be Better, and 3) Why We Chose This Machine Over Others in This Range.**WHAT I LOVE**1. Easy Assembly: The machine arrived in one large box weighing about 70-ish pounds. My husband was able to carry it inside and upstairs to our home gym by himself with no problem. Upon unboxing, the bulk of the machine is already assembled. The only thing that needs to be done is to attach the seat to the rail, the feet to the bottom of the machine, and screw on the footrests…then the rail/seat assembly attaches to the machine. All of the components and tools are included in the box (yay!), and they are vacuum sealed unto a piece of cardboard and numbered to match each assembly step that’s detailed in the instructions. Really, they could not make this any easier! For example, everything you need for step one is vacuum sealed together with the number “1” clearly printed right on the cardboard. The instructions are clearly written and there are detailed drawings of each step. Honestly, I think a small child could figure this out! It took us about 15 minutes to put the whole thing together–so easy!2. Padded Seat: I’ve been using rowers at the gym for many years, and the thing that often stinks is that they have hard seats. This one is lightly padded, and it makes such a difference for a long workout. The quality of the vinyl is great too, and stitching of the seams is tight.3. Tablet Holder: Talk about a smart upgrade! This is one of the reasons we chose this machine over other options. If you have a membership to a workout app like iFit (which you can now use with ANY brand of machine), you can follow the workout on your tablet, and that’s a great feature. (Note, you cannot connect this machine to iFit so that the instructor controls the resistance, etc…but you can follow along with the workout on your own.)4. Excellent Resistance: We decided on a magnetic resistance machine because they’re so much quieter, and that proved to be a good decision. This machine is whisper quiet! I noticed some reviews complaining that the resistance between the 16 levels wasn’t noticeable, and I don’t understand that. I train on intervals: warm up on level 2, then increase to level 6 when I get going, and drop to level 4 during my “recovery” intervals. Level 6 is challenging, and I’m not horribly out of shape by any means. I doubt I will ever be able to complain that it’s not hard enough with 10 more levels to build toward. Rowing is an exercise that’s all about endurance with proper form. If you’re on level 16 and yanking the handle, can you do it? Of course. But can you maintain proper form and stroke rate throughout a workout? Doubtful unless you are very fit. Thus, I have to dismiss any of those negative reviews as being folks who most likely don’t understand the mechanics of rowing.5. Aesthetic and Quality: Truly, I care far more about function over form, but I have to say that this machine is quite good looking. It fits in perfectly with our LifeFitness equipment, and it looks very professional. But more than looks, it FEELS high quality too. Is it like a $3,000 machine? Well, no…but it also doesn’t cost $3,000. I hate to even qualify my statements by saying “for the price range, it’s great” because that doesn’t give enough credit where it’s due. Instead, I would say that I’m surprised this machine is ONLY $250 because the quality feels like it should be at least double that.**WHAT COULD BE BETTER**After my 5th point above, let me explain where this machine could be improved. However, remember, this is a $250 machine, so anything I’m listing here should be taken with a grain of salt since I wouldn’t necessarily expect these things at this price point. But if anything on this list is a must-have for you, you should know what you’re getting (or not getting, as the case may be).1. Display Monitor: The digital monitor will display the elapsed time, stroke count of your current workout, calories burned, and total stroke count. You can leave it on one of these, or have it scan through them all. The biggest deficit here is that there is nothing to track distance. Since distance is a product of strokes and resistance, there’s really no way to know…you’ll just have to guess based on your own calculations and perceived rate of exertion. This is, by far, my biggest wish for this machine. I would get rid of the calories altogether and replace it with distance since calories are a total shot in the dark anyway. There’s nowhere to put in your age, height, weight, so the calories calculation is basically junk. Distance would be SO helpful for anyone actually looking to train on this machine!Also, some reviewers have complained about the quality of the monitor, which is just a digital display of numbers, but c’mon…you can’t really expect an interactive touchscreen at this price point. It’s fine. Some folks have weird expectations.2. Handle/Strap: Tons of reviews mentioned that the strap fell off the handle and was sucked back into the engine. So far, I can’t imagine this actually happening, but theoretically, I can see how it could. The handle is just a metal bar. The strap is slipped over it, and then two foam pieces bracket either side of the strap as hand grips. For the strap to come off, the foam grip would have to come off first. So, this is possible…but the foam grips are REALLY securely attached, so it’s not like they would suddenly slide off somehow. I can’t even pull/twist them off with effort (I tried), so unless the reviewers had damaged their hand grip and continued trying to use the machine without fixing them, I don’t understand how this occurs. However, what could make the machine better would simply be that the strap was actually secured to the handle with a rivet or something. It would be so simple that I can’t understand why the company doesn’t just make the fix.3. Height: The rail sits quite low to the ground, unlike other machines I’ve used over the years. During use, it’s not a problem…you’re rowing, it doesn’t really matter how far away the ground is below you. But, after a hard 40 minutes are over and you need to stand up from the machine, whew. Getting up from such a low position can be a little tougher on spent muscles. I would also say this might be tough for anyone with arthritis or similar mobility issues.4. Cup Holder: It’s awesome that this machine has a place to put your water bottle, however, I can’t reach it once my feet are strapped in during use. I end up just putting my water bottle on the floor next to me instead. However, I’m only 5’4″, so maybe a bigger person with long arms wouldn’t have a problem. It’s a good place to stash your phone or something though.5. Warranty: Although it was not noted in the listing, the Sunny website states that there is a 3 year warranty on the structural frame, and 180 days on “other parts and components”. Those 180 days are pretty light, but again…this is a $250 rower, so….**WHY WE CHOSE THIS MACHINE OVER OTHERS IN THE PRICE RANGE**1. Reviews: The reviews for the Sunny Health & Fitness brand machines are overwhelmingly positive. That goes for their whole line of products, not just this rower. Those reviews were often quite detailed and that made me feel more confident that they were authentic. So many brands get people to do fake reviews just to boost their ratings, but it doesn’t appear to be the case here.2. Tablet Holder: Seems silly, but it makes such a huge difference. The fact that you could use this machine with iFit on your tablet is pretty much amazing! That made this machine stand out from others in this price range.3. Warranty: I know I listed warranty in the “things that could be better” section, but it also factored into our buying decision. The fact that the company offered a warranty at all mattered to me. We did purchase 2 years of additional coverage for only $25 as well, but at this price point, I don’t know if that was terribly necessary.4. Customer Service: The company seems to follow up very quickly and then work to resolve any issues. Those who mentioned in their reviews that their monitors or other parts were damage upon receipt (presumably due to shipping trauma) usually noted that the company promptly replaced the parts, or in some cases, the entire machine. Those kinds of ethics are hard to find these days.

  2. Sierra Kaye

    Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine SF-RW5801I’m a 5’1″, 59-year-old woman who weighs 115 lbs. with moderate strength but I have fibromyalgia. I was able to assemble this rowing machine in less than an hour. Getting it out of the box was the toughest part. I laid it down flat on the floor and carefully cut the top of the box open vs. struggling with staples and the taped seams. Checked that all machine pieces were included plus a large, flat card with all tools, bolts, washers, screws, etc. attached. It was fairly easy. I followed the instructional manual step by step. (Just watch that you attach the correct pedals, labeled R & L, on the sides where they belong. Also, two bolts will run thru the pedals and the other two bolts will screw in alone, underneath the pedals as “foot rests”.) The “pin” was a little hard to get in. Once assembled, the seat glided smoothly across the rail and the part you pull with your arms was the same. Wore my flip flops, placed my phone in the convenient slot and rowed for 10 minutes which was recorded on the digital counter. The machine was very quiet. It has weight to it, doesn’t feel cheap and well worth the price.

  3. K Dude

    Fit toned male 5’8″, 160 lbs, 40’s, that exercises regularlyI have to put fit toned male, 5’8″, 160 lbs, 40’s, in the review headline because this site doesn’t separate the reviews by male, female and fit or not fit as well as age This is important info when it comes to exercise equipment because those factors play a major part in what we can typically do on exercise machines.Ultimately this rowing machine temporarily messed up my lower back joints, so I couldn’t use it. It may just be me, which is why I’m still giving this a good rating. If that didn’t happen, I’d give this a 5 star rating. This was easy and quick to put together in roughly 30 minutes. It took longer to unpack the box and take the materials out. It’s packed tightly that I had to cut the styrofoam to get the pieces out. At least it was definitely protected. No broken or defective pieces. Once this was put together, I noticed the resistance was pretty strong. I was shocked as I read many reviews saying there’s no resistance. This wasn’t true on my end. It was set on the strongest resistance though.The issue came with the joint clickings going on in my lower back tailbone, so I ceased use so as it not to aggravate it. I’m an exceptionally fit toned male, 5’8″, 160 lbs that has worked out and exercised several times a week since childhood, so for decades. I run circles around so many people fitness wise. I’m not lazy and love to exercise, so I am experienced. And therefore I prefer equipment that can be great for maintenance, especially with having stronger resistance, no wimpy machines.This machine would’ve been excellent for daily maintenance had I not experienced the lower back issue. I don’t have this problem with the gym Rowing Machines, but those machines are not super low to the ground like this one is. The problem with this being so low to the ground is that the way you have to sit low on the machine curves your body in a way that it shouldn’t have to do. It’s also not uncommon for professional rowers to experience lower back pain or issues. Mentioning this so that you know to take gym equipment pieces seriously. I’ve noticed a great deal of home machines tend to be bought by those that are not typically fitness ready or into exercise. They even admit in their reviews that they’re either older or lazy. So with any equipment, use caution.Had I not faced this issue with the lower back, this machine would’ve been perfect. It’s too low to the ground to sit correctly on it. But I had no other issues with it outside of that. And my back was healed within a day or two after I stopped use with this. The resistance is good and even felt a bit stronger than the gyms on the highest setting. There were no noises coming from the machine aside from the the chair sliding across the railing, but it’s not loud at all. It’s going to make some noise as it slides, but it’s there, but there was no clicking noise. It was just a low sliding sound. Someone can be in the next room and not hear it much.

  4. Sadee Whip

    I love this thingI’m 53 yo female and have gotten fairly out of shape over the last 8 years. (I used to be quite athletic and fit) I’m also in menopause and gained 30 lbs from this. To top it off, I live out in the country where there are no sidewalks for safe walking. It also rains here and we get seasonal weather like snow.I bought this rower after doing a lot of research. I wanted something in my price range but also good quality. This fit the bill so I bought it.I assembled it by myself, no problem.First off, this thing is QUIET. I am really noise-averse so I was so happy about how quiet this is. Q-U-I-E-TSecond, I am nearly 6 feet and I have plenty of room on this.I’ve read comments about the lack of resistance. Look, if you are on this thing, like I am, between 30-60 minutes, YOU WILL FEEL IT.This is not weight training. You get cardio and strength with this, not isolated, concentrated muscle use.If your form is good, you will have sore everything the next day from using this. I had no idea how much it worked my legs until I woke the next day with sore glutes, hamstrings, and thighs. I was shocked. (and delighted)I vary my workouts between 1 and 4 resistance (it goes to 16) and I FEEL it.My sweetie, who is both younger, taller, and fitter, at first commented on the lack of resistance and made fun of it. I got him to row at a 16 and it beat him up and he was sore the next day. He now respects it as legit.I did buy a rower seat pad just because I want it to be as comfortable as possible.I put in my ear buds and an audio book and close my eyes and row.I never imagined I would so enjoy working out. I truly am loving this thing. It doesn’t hurt my joints, I feel stronger, I am sleeping better, I can do it any time/weather, it doesn’t bother anyone in the house because it’s so quiet – just an overall win and great investment.I have finally found exercise I will do.I’ve also researched rowing as a form of exercise and study after study shows that you work 86% of the muscles in your body and you get cardio and strength at the same time.I am rowing daily and find that, unlike literally every other kind of exercise, I’m not resisting or finding excuses to not do this.I ordered a book that suggests different types of workouts on a rower so I can expand my reality about what’s possible with this thing. I watched a youtube video to learn proper form and have experienced no back or joint pain at all.If you like to row or want to, and can’t afford a $1200 machine, this one really does a good job. I am really pleased.

  5. Devoted Amazon customer

    Fabulous rowing machine for beginners like meThis is a fabulous, compact rowing machine that is perfect for an out-of-shape beginner like me. I didn’t want to invest a ton of money since I’ve been known to spend a fortune on something and quickly burn out and abandon it. My son put it together for me and was done in 40 minutes. The machine comes with everything you need to assemble. There was a slight issue with a weld where you insert/remove the pin in order to fold the rower which makes the pin a little tight, but it’s manageable. Honestly, the machine is so unobtrusive in my bonus room that I probably won’t ever fold or move it! Looking forward to switching between my treadmill and this rower so I don’t get bored, and I love the fact that the rower will work more muscles than the treadmill does.

  6. Poc Network // Tech

    It works well for the price and stands up well to competitionFor a magnetic one this appears, so far, to be quite a catch. It’s not an easy task picking out a good “affordable” rower. However, a decision had to be made as we prepare the break area here at the office for when people start coming back to work in the building. It’s going to be a break-time wonderland when everyone sees what has changed and this is just one of the many improvements. Mostly because it works really well.At first (right now), we have built it at one of our homes alongside some other equipment. To break it in and make sure it works ;0) — This is also because the break area at work is getting a new floor. So might as well get some use out of it somewhere until it is ready to be slid onto the back of a small truck and taken there. With that being said, it is easy enough to move around that it won’t be difficult at all come time. It doesn’t take up much space outside of the length (like most small to mid-size rowers), and two people can easily carry it around without breaking much of a sweat.It went together within 20 mins with one person putting it together as the other one hung out for emotional support but didn’t touch anything. There wasn’t a difficult step in the procedure and they give you everything you need. Outside of a knife to open the box and materials with, no tools were needed.When it comes to performance, it isn’t a Concept 2, but it wouldn’t be fair to associate the two since the Concept 2 is so much more expensive than an affordable one like this. So if you are hoping for Concept 2, get a Concept 2 (we’ve noticed a lot of people recommend it in the comments here on Amazon). However, not everyone is looking to spend that kind of money. So if you are looking to keep it reasonable in price, this is a top option for sure. It seems to perform quite well and quietly at that. The only downside is the LCD display is as simple as it comes. You get your normal stats and that’s it. No games or anything special. It does, however, handle a good amount of weight and function well for what a rower is supposed to do (row).So it functions well and does it quietly, and goes together quickly. One person can do all the work and the price is right (especially when it is on sale).Is it perfect? No. Nothing is, but the only thing we could find was that the middle support foot doesn’t’ touch the ground unless you have someone heavy enough on the machine. So worst-case scenario, if this bothers you, stick a thin-ish piece of wood or a book under it to help add some support. It hasn’t been noticeable to us thus far, but it could change when it moves to the hard surface at the office.Beyond that, we haven’t run into anything to complain about. Of course, we will update if anything has a meltdown. We will also try to come back and add images once Amazon ever gives us consumers the option to do that again.**If you have found our review helpful, please vote it as helpful below so we know. This helps us to provide quality feedback in the future.

  7. The Mad Hatter

    Trust the reviews, this is great!Exactly as other reviewers have said, this rowing machine was easy to put together and get started. We’ve used it repeatedly for over a week and not a single issue. It’s a great workout and the folding up is perfect to keep it out of the way.I’d like to thank everyone for their reviews as they made the difference in selecting this product. Highly recommend and well worth it!

  8. Roger Watson

    Needs some minor improvementsOverall this is a good home rowing machine. This is a replacement for my air resistance rower. I really like the lack of noise when using this rower. I have a few problems with the design though. First, the display is beneath the rowing strap. This means that the display that every user would want to see is blocked by the strap. Second, compared to the rower that it is replacing, it is much more difficult to move. The wheels on the front stabilizer aren’t large enough for my carpeted bedroom. Also, to use a threaded knob to secure the machine for movement wastes a lot of time compared to a pin. Also, the machine is very hard to move in the folded position, the weight isn’t balanced at all. Since a foldable machine that is easy to stow was a major selling point to me, I am disappointed by how much I have to struggle to prepare the machine for exercising and then storing the machine after exercise.

  9. John_JT

    Good Product, Great Value, and There’s Always a Little “But”My wife and I were looking for a piece of home exercise equipment that could give us a good workout without breaking the bank. An elliptical was a possibility, but they take up a lot of space. Also, unless you spend upwards of a thousand bucks, an elliptical is going to provide a jarring movement on your knees and that’s not something we wanted.We decided to go with a rowing machine because that would work just about every major muscle group. Unable to find one at our local sporting goods store (one employee in the exercise equipment section had never heard of a rowing machine) we turned to Amazon and purchased the Sunny SPM SF-RW5801 Magnetic Rowing Machine.The unit came very well packaged for transit. The hardest part of putting it together was cutting all of the tape that was used to hold bags to bags and parts to parts. Of course, there is lots of cardboard and Styrofoam to discard.The instructions are very detailed, but the images accompanying the instructions are so small that they are nearly impossible to read. The attachment hardware is attached to a card and they are arranged on the card in the amount you need for each step. That is very handy. Having a list mentioning you have “20 bolts” is not as useful as having a list mentioning you need 10 bolts for Step 1 and 10 bolts for step 2. So, assembling the unit was fairly straightforward.The unit is solid and stable. The sliding rail that supports the seat is a rectangular steel tube that is more than adequate. The rail in two parts; one part has a hinge and is already connected to the resistance unit. The other part holding the seat slides into the hinge and a heavy bolt (with a knurled knob for easy turning) secures it in place. A center support keeps the rail from bending. The unit folds up easily for storage. Remove the heavy bolt, swing the rail up and insert the heavy bolt at the base to secure it. There is a pull pin that is supposed to work in conjunction with the heavy bolt. When the sliding rail is down and ready for use, the holes for the pull pin do not line up. When the sliding rail is folded up the holes for the pull pin line up, but it does nothing to hold the rail in the folded position.Resistance is provided using a magnet and there are 16 resistance settings. Other units we saw had eight resistance settings. How does that compare? Who knows. There is nothing to say what amount of pulling force is equal to each of the resistance levels.This unit provides us a sufficient level of resistance. But if you’re looking for something that will provide the resistance of a seated row at your local gym or be comparable to one of their rowing machines, this product is not for you.The pedals were a bit problematic. They went on easy enough, but there is little in the way of them pivoting. When you extend your legs on the pulling stroke, the pedals are restricted to go no more than 45 degrees from vertical. One might think that they should be able to pivot so that the pedal is perpendicular to the floor at the extension of the pull to allow your ankle to remain straight. The straps are useless. They can hold your feet onto the pedals, but they are held in an uncomfortable position due to the lack of full pivoting of the pedals.Pros: Strong unit, great valueCons: The pedals don’t really pivotSuggested improvements: Add a snap hook to the end of the strap so the user can swap out the lighter bar with a curling bar or other type of bar to vary the workout.If you can accept the issues as I described them, then you should be pretty happy with this product. I would buy it again.

  10. Terry

    Excellent piece of equipment…butThe first thing you need to know about this product is that if there is ANY chance you might need to return it, take pictures of the packaging as you unpack it. There is a lot of styrafoam blocks used in the packaging and you will have a hard time remembering how it goes back together if you have to ship it back. Like most of the other reviewers I agree that the seat is too low for a lot of people, not because it is to hard to stand up from, but your knees get in the way. I am 6 feet tall and the only way I could use the machine was to spread my knees wide apart and row between them. So I raised the seat 5 inches (see photo) and now it is very comfortable to use. You might be able to just put some pillows on the seat to make it higher if you’re not handy with a drill and saw. The machine is built very sturdy with good heavy gage steel, not aluminum. It’s very smooth and not jerky regardless of the rowing speed. There are 16 levels of resistance but the difference between each one is barely perceptable. It’s enough to give you a very good core workout and a very very good cardiovascular workout, but you’re still going to need to do weight training if you want to do more than tone muscle. I will say this though, my resting heart rate has dropped from the mid sixties to mid fifties after six weeks, and I have lost 6 pounds using it 6 days per weeks. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles in the electronics. You can set or count minutes, strokes, and calories. I usually set the machine for 100 calories and let the machine count down to zero. Unfortunately, the machine doesn’t beep when it gets to zero. Also, the stroke counter and calorie counter are basically the same thing. I have found that no matter how fast I row, or how much resistance I use, it always takes 1,175 strokes to equal 100 calories. So the calorie counter isn’t accurate, but it is consistent. I am very satisfied with the machine after I raised the seat, but think twice if you can’t do the same.Update: Keep the receipt for a while. After using the machine for about a month I noticed some oil leaking out of the bottom of the machine. I took the cover off and found that it wasn’t oil, but grease leaking out of the housing for the spring that pulls the cord back in on the return stroke. I emailed some pictures to the supplier and they sent me a replacement part within 10 days. Thank Goodness the part didn’t have to come all the way from China. The replacement part looked identical in every way to the one that is leaking, so I haven’t replaced it yet since the machine still works just fine other than the slow leak. I’m wondering if they just over lubricated the spring in the first place and eventually it will stop leaking on it’s on. At any rate, I would recommend putting some plastic under the front of the machine to protect your floor if it does leak.As of today I have lost 16 pounds and feel great. The people at Sunny didn’t hassle me over the replacement part and I am still very satisfied with the machine.

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