SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlights with Strike Bezel

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Product details

Color Black
Power Source Battery Powered
Light Source Type LED
Material Blend
Included Components item
Battery Cell Composition Lithium
  • Two output levels: 600 lumens high for maximum light, 5 lumens low for extended runtime
  • TIR lens produces tight beam with enough surround light for peripheral vision
  • Coated tempered window resists impact, maximizes light
  • Dual-output tailcap click switch: press for momentary-on high, click for constant-on high, return to off then press or click again to select low
  • High-strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability


Additional information

Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 8 cm


Power Source

Battery Powered

Light Source Type




Included Components


Battery Cell Composition


Item Weight

0.26 Pounds

Number of Batteries

2 CR123A batteries required. included

Product Dimensions

4D x 2W x 8H




600 Lumen



Package Weight

0.17 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

4 x 2 x 8 inches

Brand Name


Warranty Description


Model Name


Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number


Model Year






Date First Available

March 8 2013



10 reviews for SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlights with Strike Bezel

  1. Daniel M.

    Potent purpose made light; great for urban dwellers like my self.Hello, My name is Daniel and I am just going to write a quick review here on a light that seems to have furious LED inside of it. I purchased this light for a very good reason. Here is my story. I live just out side the downtown scene of Minneapolis in a neighborhood called Loring park. By just out side of downtown, I mean I’m about 1.5 miles away from the core of downtown. My neighborhood is relatively safe, but you still need to practice common sense. I own a convenient store downtown, and I frequently walk or ride my bike everywhere. My business is mostly cash, reason is I sell lottery, and in Minnesota at most locations, you have to use cash. Point there – I am easily recognized by many people, some maybe with less than nice intentions. Ok, with out getting carried away here – to my point. About two months ago I was jumped, or shall I say, they attempted, just across from a bar I was walking past to get to the BBQ Market. 2 large chicks and a tall guy that was 6,6 or so. I shoved them off me and they seemed kinda hesitant to take a second run, my guess is they were looking for a drunk person unable to defend. They followed me. closely. I was screaming at them. No one was around. The street lights were out and it was dark. The cars on the side, parked, were jam packed bumper to bumper and a tall chain link fence on the other side had me blocked in. I had nothing to defend my self with. But with a 3 to 1 ratio, I wasn’t exactly gonna stick around even if I did. I got to a well lit parking lot and they watched me walk away and call the police. yes I walked, the incident left me shocked and I was actually to afraid to run. Can’t explain it. Sounds dumb. Spare me the criticism. (I’m leaving a ton of detail out, since the review is for the light) Well, not much any one could do, the police said. I wasn’t able to give them a description – at all. Two large women and a tall guy. that was it. Since then, I have pepper spray, a knife, my conceal and carry (already had a 9mm). But owning a cash business downtown leaves for more reason. Even if I don’t carry cash on me, which I don’t, cracky McCrack head doesn’t know that.So, if I have a 9mm, a knife, and pepper spray, why the heck do I need a $200 light? Simple. It will keep me out of court. It’s just that simple. I got real with my self. I am not going to knife attack 3 people who caught me by surprise. I probably would spray them with pepper spray, hoping to hit their drugged out faces and hoping the chemical has an effect. That I even make contact with their faces, remember, it’s dark, I can’t seem much at all. Hoping that one doesn’t charge me. BUT! That still won’t get me my description to give to police. And now Iv just pepper sprayed people. adding to the situation. Then the 9mm. I can not stress in one sentence how much I do NOT want to shoot some one. Even if I were legal, court fees can see $150,000. And what a headache! Ouch! And the obvious – I have not killed some one. Not something I want on my resume, if you know what I mean.Then there is this uber light. Yes I admit, it’s really only useful at night, when, I, need it most. I can now put a light on some one SAFELY, disable their vision TOTALY, and get a COMPLETE description of what they LOOK LIKE. Avoid a costly court battle with a fire arm, a messy confrontation with pepper spray (which may not work and will give me no description), and a nasty knife fight as if this were some martial arts fantasy movie. Simple. Safe. Effective. Keeps me out of harms way and jail.And the light is easy to conceal in my pocket. Not great. The clip is “ok”. I will order the carry/belt case and try it. The 9mm, and pepper spray, not so much. So the reality is I am not going to lug my 9 with me or the bulky pepper spray (well I won’t bring a 9 to the bars anyway, or pepper spray – they won’t let you in!)So looking at the cost of this light, one MUST ask, where is the value in a $200 light? That is up to you. For me, I feel I built a strong case. No $150,000 court battle with the 9mm, no bloody knife fight, no messy pepper spray, and an visual description. But mostly, it’s small enough that I will actually carry it – that is the kicker here. You can find strong lights that are bulkier but will eventually end up sittting on a shelf. Right next to my 9mm.For me this is not a “every day carry” just for fun light. This is a carry at night to disable attackers and get a fantastic description of what they are wearing and call the police. $200? Compared to my $1200 Sig? Compared to being taken down and kicked? Compared to being able to call the police and get these thugs REMOVED from the street instead of them roaming free? I pay over $100 bucks/mo for my cell service. Thats for 1 month. I pay $200 for this light, and it’s build quality, power, protection, practicality and ability to provide me with a vivid view of what my attacker looks like/wearing, will have it for a life time. This is priceless.For my purpose and use – there is no replacement. Upon receiving the light I have the inspection and shined it into my eyes. I want to KNOW not GUESS it’s effects. What half a second did to me still has me seeing spots an hour later, gave me a headache, and I felt like vomiting just mildly.I am sure there are cheaper solutions out there, and to each their own, especially if you just want an every day light for mull-purpose. But for me, to be able to carry this thing from place to place, bar to bar, no issue, and have it’s capabilities just a click away and the amount of trouble I can potentially avoid? Heck. I just can’t find room to complain or balk at the price.So the light it self. It feels as if it was farted out of an F-14. Lightweight, Advanced, Super Quality, Super Construction, Compact, Swift…….and POWERFUL. The power is the key here. As it always be in a conflict on the ground or in the air. Take out your enemies ability to see (anything) and how can they strike? F-14’s have stealth to avoid radar so they can’t be struck down. I have a Gods light in my hand so my enemy sees such intensity they can’t see anything. Same thing.Well, I hope this was helpful. Please keep one thing in mind. Many of these lights lose a strong amount of their power after even 5 minutes of use. So if the purpose is like mine, true defense, keep those batts fresh and get a different every day carry for multipurpose. just like pepper spray or a fire arm, use it when you need it, it’s not a toy.

  2. James

    Surefire Defender Ultra vs. Surefire Defender – Defender Ultra wins but just barelyI’ve had the original Defender for about two years and the Defender Ultra for about two months and I thought it might be helpful to compare the two for people trying to make a decision about which one to buy or, for those who already own the Defender, whether you should purchase this as well. Let me start by saying that the Defender has been my go to flashlight for pretty much any purpose since I bought it. It’s really a great, resilient, all purpose little light, not to mention it’s incredibly bright. When I bought the Defender Ultra, I initially received a defective unit (the button would not select modes very well) but I’ve since replaced it with a fully functional unit that works great. Here are my thoughts on the two:—-Benefits that they share—–Great beam pattern: powerful center beams but they both have a nice dispersement flowing from the centers that allows for brightened peripheral vision without blinding someone who’s not directly in the path of the main beam-Superior ability to light up a whole room and basically blind whatever or whoever you are trying to point it at-Compact design-Nice strike bezel for added protection—-Things I like better on the Defender—–Slightly smaller bezel diameter than the Defender Ultra so it is a bit more compact-Batteries last a good amount of time for how bright this thing is and how small it is-Cheaper: this is a comment about the prices they are currently going for on Amazon, but I timed my purchase of the Ultra well with camel price tracker and got them both for about the same cost +/- $5—-Things I like better on the Defender Ultra—–Brighter: the Ultra doesn’t honestly look to be 2+X brighter but it’s definitely noticeably brighter-Great two way clip design: you can clip it to a pocket with the bezel pointed down OR up, this is a definite improvement over the regular Defender that can only be clipped with the bezel pointed up-The striker bezel points now have a slightly inward facing curve (this helps prevent them from snagging your clothing when pulling it out or putting it in your pocket)—-Things I don’t like about the Defender Ultra—–This thing can get hot, not burn your hand hot definitely warm enough to be uncomfortable if you’re holding it for long periods of time and definitely more so than the Defender (I’d say about 3-5 continuous minutes of use on High and you will want to give it a breather)-The batteries don’t last as long as the do with the Defender (they still last plenty long for my purposes but if you are traveling for an extended period of time and know you will be using it frequently, you’ll definitely want to pack an extra pair of batteries with the Ultra)Bottom line: If I was choosing one today (2/22/15) at the current prices ($202 for the Ultra or $168 for the Defender) and I could only have one, I would choose the defender Ultra but just barely. If the price difference was more than $40, I would choose the original Defender. The Ultra is great and the cons don’t really affect how it works for my purposes (needless to say though, please keep in mind your individual planned uses because that may change things quite a bit) but the extra lumens and the upgraded bezel and clip are great features to have. I am keeping my Defender though and it will definitely still get use but the Ultra has now taken the throne. I’ve also included a pretty cruddy photo of the two from about 2-3 feet off the wall just to show the differences in color and beam pattern that other reviews reference (the Defender is on the left and the Ultra is on the right). This is not a great indicator of how well they illuminate areas though so I will try to get a photo of each of them lighting something up if I can find time.

  3. Big Dave

    E2D or E1D ?Edit 3/26/2020 I have ‘retired’ the E2D as the flashlight runs the batteries down. I found (after 5 years of ownership) that the E2D consistently runs the rather expensive batteries down over a short time frame when stored. Yes I have contacted SureFire about this problem and followed their recommendations which did not solve the problem. The E2D therefore becomes rather useless as the high beam consistently will not work and the light will only come ‘on’ in the low beam mode. This requires replacing the batteries once again to restore the ‘high’ beam function. Too expensive and unreliable. For some reason the E1D does not suffer the same problem and I left three stars for the E1D. .(See the above edit, the following is my original opinion) I really like flashlights. I have all sorts of various LED and incandescent lights around the house and in every vehicle. A 747 has nothing on me when I go outside at night.Anyway, to the topic at hand, the SureFire E2D defender (500 lumen) and the SureFire E1D (300 lumen), um well yes, I have one of each. Re-read paragraph one for reference to the 747.Both torches are really nicely built and have surface cosmetics that suggest a quality piece of construction, but, both have ups and downs which you should know before dropping a few hundred dollars.My thoughts:The pocket clip on both the E1D and E2D are really a nice addition. Keep the clip in mind when you look at any LED torch. Not all lights have a pocket clip, just be aware of this feature.The E1D is really bright and totally amazing considering its small size and single battery.The E1D, is much handier due to the smaller case, you can stick it in your pocket with ease or clip it to your belt with only minor adaptation on your part.The E2D is noticeably brighter, but the beam is more dispersed, less like a spotlight and more like the bright beam on your car.The E2D is surprisingly larger than the E1D, yes I realize that there is only an inch and a fraction difference, but that makes a big difference when you carry the torch with you daily. I selected both of these lights for purchase because they both offer a ‘shield’ ring around the push-button activator. I like that idea on both of these as accidental activation chances are somewhat reduced. But, that feature has some drawbacks on both lamps…The shield ring has pointed serrations around the edge and you can get ‘bit’ by the serrations reaching your hand into your pocket. Also, if you keep either the E1D or E2D in your pants pocket you risk cutting or marring the covering on any chair you set in. The exposed serrated edge is an issue you must be aware of when carrying either the E1D or E2D.Both lamps come on BRIGHT when you push the activation button the first time, then both drop to DIM on the second push, this is a really nice feature and is more common on a ‘tactical’ flashlight – both of them are described in the ‘tactical and duty’ section on Amazon.Bottom line, in my opinion, the E1D does the job nicely and is more ‘handy’ than the E2D due to its smaller size.The lower lumen output on the E1D is quite sufficient, but the larger and brighter E2D may be your preference. In any case they are both nice torches.Follow up April, 2017. I carry the E1D every time I leave the house. Occasionally I feel the heat in my pocket and discover that I have accidentally turned the torch ‘ON’. This has happened several times. The recessed selector button on the E1D is still too exposed to accidental compression even though it is nicely recessed. I was running down some rather expensive batteries for no purpose. I think I have a solution to this, I found a round chair-leg end cap made of rubber which fits over the power switch end of the torch just perfectly. Similarly, the cap fits the E2D and I have installed the cap on both flashlights. I can still press the power button (with some force) by deflecting the rubber cap, the torch will illuminate but NOT switch to the ON position unless I remove the rubber cap. I think this will be the answer to my hot-pocket 🙂 problem.

  4. Sevag D

    Amazing Flashlight!!!!! Would recommend to anyoneEveryone knows Surefire. If you don’t know the brand, they are the best brand of flashlights period. They are perfectly built, offer reliable performance for many many years, and worth every penny. I own many surefire lights and it is the only brand I purchase. my lights are mainly for backpacking, camping, and they double as my weapon mounted lights and are all a part of my survival gear. There are cheaper alternatives but they lack the quality, performance, and reliability of a Surefire! When my life depends on a light I won’t compromise with another brand.Reviewing the E2D Ultra specifically I found a lot to like about the light, and a few changes from the previous non-ultra generation I don’t like. The Ultra is amazingly bright at 500Lumens out-the-front power. As always the construction perfect and screams quality. The larger head (mount) diameter provides a beam that travels further than the previous 200Lumen model it replaces. The new reversible pocket clip is I am sure a welcome edition for many.Why I didn’t give the Ultra 5 stars… I purchased it thinking I would be replacing my E2D non-ultra but that is not the case. both models have the same tail cap and body, but different heads. The previous generation has a LOT less spill, meaning it is a much straight beam with very little peripheral light but more than adequate which made it a much better spot light and a FAR better weapon mounted light than the new E2D Ultra. The strike bezel on the new model is thicker so it should be able to withstand more abuse if hitting things often but the previous generation had a sharper, more painful to the touch strike bezel. The head of the Ultra is now has the battery spring on the actual head which is new for Surefire and it causes the battery to actually pump back and forth on the inside very briefly if you so strike anything using either end while the previous model nothing felt liked it moved inside. Finally my biggest complaint is that the previous generation has a White to slight Grey hue light output which I very much liked but the Ultra has a yellow/green tint to the spot light which is a lot less desirable. As a new buyer everyone will fall in love with their E2D Ultra, but as someone who owns the previous generation and new, side by side, I wish my Ultra had the same light output hue and very title light spill of my trust E2D.

  5. William James

    When only the best will doI have a SureFire Defender that has been in my pocket, day and night, for more than 8 years. It is used daily, constantly. I goes everywhere I go around my property … logging trees, tractoring, feeding the horse, mowing the grass, pruning trees … EVERYWHERE! The black anodizing on its body is worn and the pocket-clip broke off years ago. And, I love it! The other day, while tractor-mowing, it came up missing. I was devastated! After a through search of the area where I was using the tractor, I ordered this new one (which arrived today … ahead of schedule). After having ordered the new one, it occurred to me I hadn’t been through in my search of the tractor itself … so, I gave it a more through search … and, there it was, hung up in the running gear/frame. I was so happy to have found it. This old flashlight is like a faithful friend … it’s always there when I need it; and, I need it often. Now I have two. My faithful old companion and my brand new model E2D Defender Ultra. Some will say that you must be nutz to spend nearly $200 on a pocket flashlight. To them I say, “You get what you pay for.” I’m an old guy who has spend a good portion of his life horse-camping, hunting, farming and for many years I was a professional investigator … all of which often requires being able to light up the nighttime or maybe just a dark corner or crevice. And, if you need (or, want) the finest flashlight available … this one is IT!Update: Having had the opportunity to use my new E2D Defender Ultra, I wish to report that the bright beam is a good deal brighter than my trusty ol’ Defender; and, the dim beam on the new Defender Ultra is dimmer than the old model. All-in-all, I find this to be an improvement … when you need bright, it can’t be too bright … and, when dim will do a little dimmer is alright. However, I still carry my old Defender … it has become a faithful friend and I trust it.

  6. Ursamagi

    Flawed out of the box. (Updated 8/22/2017)Someone stole my original Defender Ultra 🙁 so I purchase a new one. From day one I have had nothing but problems with the switch. First it would randomly flash like it had a strobe function. I opened it up, insured the springs were not bent or offset, put in new batteries and tightly closed it back up. The strobing stopped, but then it would just switch between low & high randomly or when tapped against a surface. The switch doesn’t always turn on the light and sometimes only turns on high or low function without changing intensity as it should.I have not been able to send back for repairs due to the fact that I need it for work. I finally have an opportunity to send it back, and it is nearly impossible to find relevant information on the Surefire website. It is like they are hiding their contact page. I don’t know if they are updating their site or if this is a conscious decision to be user unfriendly. Kinda disappointed with my decision on this purchase. I have read, where others have had similar issues. It’s a great deal of money for a 50/50 shot at getting one of the “good ones”.I contacted SureFire about the issues, by phone on Aug 7, and they asked if I had tried all of the suggestions on the FAQ. I said that I had and then they said they would send a new switch. I received it by USPS on Aug 21. It solved the problem and seems to be working as expected. I have to say that that was a great deal easier than I thought it was going to be. I applaud them for their quick response and good customer service. I changed their rating to 4 stars. It would have been 5 if I would have received a working model on the first try.

  7. Jim U.

    Great light but hurts to use and easily lost.Great product but I have to return this. I have 2 complaints but both are more than likely my failure to do research than they are of the product itself. First things first? The product quality, fit and finish is excellent which you would expect of a $250 flashlight. That being said? The end cap with the striking bezel is a killer on your thumb…especially if you do not click it on and are just using it as a momentary light or trying to strobe it with your thumb. I tried for a week to get comfortable with it and since I am not a LEO? I could not justify the pain. So while I AM going to buy another SureFire product? I will look for a less aggressive end cap. The second annoying thing was the belt clip. My Defender fell out of my belt when I climbed in and out of my forklift…nothing strenuous or complex but after I left the shop I realized my flashlight was not clipped to my pants anymore…went back and it was laying on the seat of the forklift so while I was relieved? I needed some kind of holster for it and when I found out SureFire does not make a holster for the light? Well, that just sealed its fate. I purchased the Y300 with the integrated belt clip and I am hoping that is more fitting to my needs. Thank you, Amazon and SureFire for offering a great product and return policy.

  8. DaveNH

    Extraordinary. What all other flashlights should beAn extraordinary product, just the thing for so, so many situations. While seemingly designed to provide the user with a strong advantage if things go badly and he or she find themselves in need of personal security, the buckets of very well focused light have so many other great uses, with new ones emerging all the time. I have other tactical flashlights, but this light rides in my vehicle, with the promise that I made to myself: “Never get out of the car at night without it”. Whether a flat tire, getting out to assist another motorist, stepping into the brush for relief or, even at the planned destination, if I will be in the city after dark. Deceptively small for the light it puts out, this E2D Defender Ultra fits comfortably in jeans or jacket pocket. I’ve given at least five of these out as gifts (mostly, but not exclusively, to women). I get the sense (unconfirmed though) that this model is on its way out with Surefire, and I hope that any replacement model retains the major design features of this light.Is it expensive? Sure is. Can you buy less expensive lights (e.g. Streamlight)? Yes. I have one or two of those. But if you want the best in hand if / when life throws trouble your way, I recommend Surefire generally, and this light light particularly.Does it go through batteries faster than we would prefer? That has been my experience but again, if you want the best in hand if / when… then the battery cost is part of the total cost.

  9. Robert L. Berry III

    Wicked good.Very powerful. Convenient. Bullet proof. Many complain about the ‘yellow’ tinge, but I thought it a very useful white. A blue-white might be more blinding to opponents, but it’s a double edged sword when you flash it on in a dark room with white walls. Tail cap button is definitive. It sucks down the batteries, but that’s expected at 500 lumen. Many complained about the clip breaking, but seems rugged enough to me, and doesn’t seem breakable… maybe they had a bad run.While I do recommend this product, I gave it only 4 stars for the following cons/wishes:1. I do not care for the double tap to get a dimmer light. The instant flash blinds you, then you can’t see the dim light. Worse, in a defensive stress situation, what if you mess up your tap timing? In lieu, I wish they had a switch to choose between dim and bright, or maybe a three position cap button: light touch is dim, a medium tap is momentary bright, a full button push is stay-on bright.2. Holster. For the money you pay for this thing, supply a holster for it.That’s it. I don’t rate 5 stars easily, but this one almost made it. It’s the best light on the market.

  10. anon_rider

    Still happyPurchased this about 3.5 months ago. The S-clip snapped off right where it meets the frame. At first I was very disheartened but surefire won me over and fixed it, no questions asked AND EVEN RETURNED IT WITH FRESH BATTERIES! GREAT COMPANY! So rare to find a company that doesn’t leave you feeling burned…My experience:Negatives:1) Better if it had a few more modes (i.e. strobe, S.O.S…)2) It’s really tough to find rechargeable batteries that actually fit (beware of model-numbers which are similar but do not fit). The only available rechargeables don’t last very long. Surefire wants you to buy their batteries which are not cheap, and if you regularly use the light you’ll need a lot of them3) As others have noted, the light color has a slight yellow tinge to itOn the plus side:1) Tail-cap is nice: it allows the light to stand upright and also would allow for striking in an emergency2) Front crenelated bezel is nicely done3) Texture / finish is a nice black matte4) Clip-aside, it feels otherwise durable5) Very bright6) Good beam pattern — center is extremely bright while the edges are perfectly faded to cast ambient light to the sides.7) Can be activated silently (by gently holding your finger on its “on” button. To leave the light on without holding the button requires a mild click like most lights)8) GREAT COMPANY TO DEAL WITH! I would do business with them again.

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