SureFire X400 Ultra LED Handgun or Long Gun WeaponLight with Green Laser Sight

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  • Virtually indestructible 600-lumen LED regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • Precision TIR lens creates a smooth, tight beam with enough surround light for peripheral illumination
  • High-visibility 5 mW GREEN laser sight
  • Integral aluminum T-slot mounting system offers rock-solid attachment to railed hand guns and long guns equipped with MIL-STD 1913 rails
  • Construction: High-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing; impact-resistant polymer; coated tempered window
  • Class IIIR Laser Product: <5mW power output


The SureFire X400 Ultra WeaponLight integrates stunningly powerful white-light illumination and bright green laser aiming capabilities in one compact rail-mountable package, an extremely effective combination for close- to medium-range engagements in law enforcement, military, and self-defense applications.

A high-performance LED generates 500 lumens of brilliant white light that is focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens to produce a tight beam with extended reach and significant surround light for peripheral vision. The X400 Ultra produces tactical-level light–enough to overwhelm an aggressor’s dark-adapted vision–for 1.75 hours per set of batteries.

The X400 Ultra’s 5-milliwatt laser sight, located below the primary light, emits a high-visibility green (505 nM) beam. The laser’s aiming adjustment mechanism uses Nylok screws that won’t back out from the effects of recoil, which means it rarely needs to be re-zeroed.

Activating the X400 Ultra is done via ambidextrous switching located at the rear of body, providing one-finger control — press the switch on either side for momentary-on activation, flip up or down for constant-on activation. A separate switch at the rear of the X400 Ultra allows you to (1) activate white light illumination only, (2) activate white light illumination simultaneously with the laser sight, (3) activate the laser sight only, or (4) disable the entire X400 Ultra.

From the manufacturer

About SureFire

From the outset, SureFire’s innovation has been guided by the pursuit of cutting-edge solutions to high-stakes problems, and we’ve refused to compromise for more than 40 years.

SureFire became the premium tactical gear for tier-one professionals by starting with laser technology. Less than 20 years after physicist Theodore Maiman invented the first working laser – described as “a solution seeking a problem”— Surefire founder Dr. John Matthews ignited a revolution in the firearms industry by inventing the first commercially available laser-sighted weapon in 1979. Since then, SureFire has continued to execute Dr. Matthews’ vision by constantly pushing the technological envelope in the areas of illumination tools, suppressors, hearing protection and more.

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X400 Ultra 6V UniversalPicatinny Rail Mount 600 Lumens 505 Nm Green Laser Black Z-Xbc PushToggle Switch



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October 24 2013



10 reviews for SureFire X400 Ultra LED Handgun or Long Gun WeaponLight with Green Laser Sight

  1. Mx-5

    This is so great, sure I wish it was smallerThis is so great, sure I wish it was smaller, Actually fit under the barrel of a Glock 19 ( it sticks out – I added a layer of gorrila tape to protect the finish. ) would be nice. Actually I wish it was small enough to mount on every hand gun I own. The performance is wonderful. Broad extremely bright light to identify your target and what’s behind it, and would night blind an aggressor. The laser is great for those of us with old eyes that have trouble focusing on sight and target all at one. I am surprised the laser works as well as it does. BRIGHT sunlight at 25 yards – yeah not so good. Get a little cloud cover, evening, total darkness and this thing kick it. It works well, holds the Zero when it comes time to change batteries. I really have no complaints. If you feel you might need to shoot something in limited light, you can’t go wrong with this tool. Seriously works. So much easier than trying to shoot with a flashlight. 25 yard head shots are the norm in the dead of night. It was a lot of money and I wish it was small enough to mount on a glock 26 or a 43… Other than that it’s PERFECT – buy the thing if you can afford it.

  2. Erik Mitchell

    It was a really sweet setup with my Trijicon ACOG/RMR combo – SureFire sent a new screw/mounting plate…will see how it holdsupI ordered the SureFire x400 Ultra Green Laser/light combo as well as the XT07Remote Dual Switch Assembly for X-Series WeaponLights back in December. I paid $700 through GearUpUSA/Amazon for the light and $154.93 for the XT07 to Amazon. The cheap plastic thumbscrew that mounts the light to the rail snapped in half three months later/March 2016. The warranty through GearUpUSA/Amazon for the light was out at the end of January. So, I basically have a weapon light/remote switch that is trash and I’m out $855. I’ll try SureFire customer service later today and add those comments at a later date. I had this mounted on my Daniel Defense M4V11. It was a really sweet setup with my Trijicon ACOG/RMR combo. I’m just a civilian plinker, so other than the $$lesson on SureFire’s cheap junk I’m not out anything of real substance…just glad this wasn’t a soldier or police officer who’s life depends on equipment that works!Update May 14, 2018: this has to be a fake. There is no way Surefire puts out such a complete piece of shat. With the initialInvestment of the light and the subsequent purchase of the remote tape switch I’m in around $750ish give or take. Tonight I went to move this laser light combo from my 1911 Government five inch 10 mm full rail to the rail if my new Daniel Defense V7P. The little plastic piece that connects the tape switch to the unit itself snapped leaving me with, well a pile of worthless shat. Be Warned!!!!! Either Amazon is allowing fakes for sale at normal surefire prices or this is exactly the product surefire sells to the public. Thankfully this didn’t fail when I needed it but rather thankfully during the transfer from one piece of hardware to the next. Lesson learned…don’t buy surefire products and definitely don’t buy them off Amazon!!!!!!!

  3. DocHoliday

    Great Light and LaserI have this mounted on an FNX-45 Tactical FDE. Mount is secure and controls easy to reach and use. The light is extremely bright and the laser is easy to see even in daylight. It doesn’t have a strobe effect which would have been a nice feature, but I knew that when I bought it. I have this coupled with a Trijicon RMR and it works great together for aiming. As always don’t rely on your electronic gadgets, practice with the iron sights just as much as your tacticool add-ons. There’s no replacement for actual skill. Batteries die, electronics break…iron sights are always there. Great light and laser.

  4. Evan

    Really wish I’d gone with a Streamlight.I’m not even sure why I paid almost double the price for this over the Streamlight TLR-2 HL, but I regret doing so.It’s overpriced; it’s only 600 lumens compared to the Streamlight’s 800; the documentation is terrible, and replacing the batteries is a total pain. It needs to be removed entirely to change the batteries, and the cryptic manual just tells you to “depress the latch,” without bothering to mention which direction, or the fact that it requires an obscene amount of force to unlatch it.There’s a reason why most people seem to suggest Streamlight over Surefire. I’m told Surefire has better waterproofing, but I’m not a SEAL. I would have gladly traded that for decent documentation, better ease of use, and to have saved over a couple hundred bucks. It works fine, but all in all, I completely regret not going with Streamlight, and will for my next purchase.

  5. The Dark Knight

    “SURE” WORKS!!Just received it today. The installation was very easy with no issues. Following the instructions to zero the laser was also not an issue. This thing was made to fit and work like it is intended. They say you get what you pay for. This thing is a beast from the light to laser. Went straight to the range and it did not disappoint.The product comes with everything you need in the box. I set it all up with all parts working and fitted with no issues.Glock 19 Gen 3 if you’re wondering what gun.

  6. Rey

    Great quality. Built solid and very brightGreat quality. Built solid and very bright.My only complaint is that the set screws that lock the laser position don’t hold very well (loctite helps) and the thumbscrew mount that secures the light to the pistol sometimes comes loose. It’s best to snug it with a coin or screwdriver.

  7. product user

    Seems like a good unit so far although I wish the …Seems like a good unit so far although I wish the on off function was a little easier to use. I have not shot with the unit mounted so will have a better idea after a couple times at the range

  8. Rob Stone

    The big daddy of weapon lights.Build like a tank and looks like one too. I picked the green light for it’s easier to find in daylight. First my firearm perform. Very bright and father awuestion when you are defending a high mark.You want to get paid for the job then get the right equipment to protect the asset.

  9. Vladan S.

    The best. Great sellerThe best.Great seller, fantastic product. Seriously if you are in the market for a weapon light, forget the rest. I’m sure there are people out there that will say that a Streamlight will be just as good. I’m sure it’s great. However, the RIP OFF pricing on these is worth it. It’s that simple and that good. If you’re like me you’ve read all the reports and did your homework before making a purchase. Seriously, this exceeded all my expectations.

  10. Victor24

    Surefire products are second to none. Must need for …Surefire products are second to none. Must need for your home defense weapon or open/concealed carry. Their reputation precedes them with this light. The 500 lumens lights up a warehouse while providing a clear visible green laser. I have used the green laser for night shoots, indoor range time, and outside during the day on the range 25 yards away and saw the laser with ease.

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