Tacx Neo Bike Smart Trainer

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Product details

Brand Tacx
Color Black
Material Stainless Steel
Bike Type Gravel
Resistance Mechanism Magnetic
  • Innovative design creates a realistic feel and accurate-to-life riding position; virtual shifting even simulates the sensation of changing gears
  • Smart technology and next-to-silent Internal design Let you ride without disturbing others
  • Enables accurate pedal stroke analysis with left and right Balance and power distribution
  • Measures your power within 1% accuracy and works with popular third-party training apps such as Zwift and Tacx
  • Only smart bike with road feel, a feature that lets you experience the sensation of different road surfaces, such as cobblestone and gravel


Tacx Neo bike smart is a revolutionary smart bike designed to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Quiet, powerful and accurate, Neo bike smart lets you train your way. Its unique features and design make cycling indoors surprisingly realistic and fun while enabling an easy way to train with your preferred apps.

Additional information

Weight 127 kg
Dimensions 48 × 12 × 32 cm
Product Dimensions

48 x 12 x 32 inches

Item Weight

127 pounds



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Date First Available

August 2 2019



9 reviews for Tacx Neo Bike Smart Trainer

  1. Rami

    Its what the Coach orderedThis bike is amazing. I could not say more. Packaging was a little beat but that didnt effect the performance or condition of the bike. Nothing beats riding in the open air and on the open roads but with structured workouts and the ability to set that resistance to what you want or need for your training you cant best this. I highly recommend this, Yes its a bit expensive but well worth it. You can use this to dial in your riding position as it has infinite adjustability. Just need the saddle you want ( it does come with one) and some pedals and you are ready to rock. Can be used with power or without power. Has the ability to link with Zwift. Trainer Road or Tacx itself. Im sure there are other platforms you can use with it. Its a must have.

  2. jpa

    Excellent Investment!!Great indoor bike! It was VERY easy to set up (a second person made the process much easier), simple to adjust for multiple users, exceptionally quiet – a delight to use. I love the Tacx app/videos and challenges. It certainly makes indoor exercise more interesting. (I crank up Sirius BPM Workout channel for background sound.) Great data options to help track progress. The bike data integrates seamlessly with the Garmin Connect app. Customer service, via online chat, was quick, responsive and very helpful. (When I unpacked the bike, I discovered that one part was damaged and customer service replaced it the next day!). I highly recommend this product.

  3. Andrea and Dwayne Neal

    Solid, dependable, and super smooth.My only complaint is the electronic shifters. I would pay a lot of I could replace them with realistic shifters. The bike is unusable for racing on Zwift or other apps because shifting gears is not consistent. You have to shift before you really want to bc it may not shift at all or it may take a few seconds. It’s great for training when shifting timing is not critical.

  4. TexDim

    Love this bike, great upgrade from the TACX NeoI had the TACX Neo for a couple of years and was never thrilled with how the bike rocked and creaked when I was climbing out of the saddle. I broke my steel frame bike on it, my fault but still with a carbon frame the noise was strange. Bought this bike and love it, easy to adjust so my wife can her settings and I can have mine. Solid build that is heavy but does not move. Absolutely love it.

  5. Murry Z

    Great piece of gearGreat gear having trouble because seat stem does not fit bike

  6. Markm

    Worth itI had the original Tacx Neo, with a road bike attached. The price is high for this bike, but there are a lot of advantages. Electronic shifting is probably the main advantage, smooth. The bike is very stable, no wiggle or movement. The ipad mounted on the front moves a bit, but works fine. The fans are ok, I still use a floor fan. But I do like the way I can aim these fans different places than the floor fan. I don’t mess with the features that speed up or slow the fans down. The original Tacx Neo is quiet, but somehow this is even more quiet. Probably because there is no chain working along the cassette, I can barely hear it. The fans, by far, are the biggest noise. It is heavy! It is very simple to assemble; maybe 15 minutes needed. I have torn it down and moved it a couple times, comes apart faster than my original Taxc Neo and road bike. I think its a great machine and worth the investment

  7. DrDDD

    High quality, right pluses for meI looked at all the smart bike indoor trainer reviews I could find, so I went with this one because it seemed to meet what I was looking for. At this price point, you should consider several options. It is extremely quiet and sturdy. There are functionality features I see they have planned for with firmware updates. I use FulGaz with it, and it works very well. Still learning some functionality of the smart bike. Good for serious cyclists and those who work with a coach.

  8. Maura Byrne

    Had issue. Poor Customer Service. ReturnedDisappointed esp due to cost.Upon my first cycle I noticed a clear dead spot/ click in the pedal stroke. On contacting customer service I was advised to remove a cover and photo/ film the drive train.Upon sending this in, I received no further response. Not good for a $3,000 purchase.Otherwise I wasn’t a huge fan of the ERG mode which seemed to bounce around all over the shop watts wise (this could’ve been due to the other issue), not providing the consistency feeing I have on my $350 Tacx Vortex, I had planned to replace with the Smart Bike.I’ll be taking a step away from this gen of smart bikes. For the cost I could not see a clear $2,000 advantage over a cheap bike and trainer and there’s obv still production hiccups and limited support.

  9. Luis Ernesto

    Excelente productoUna gran inversión , calidad y buen servicio de parte del vendedor , siempre atento a resolver dudas

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