ThruNite TN36 Limited Version High 11000 Lumens CREE XHP 70B LED Powerful Floody Flashlight, Super Bright with ThruNite

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Product details

Color Tn36 Kit Cw(with Battery)
Power Source Battery Powered
Light Source Type LED
Material Aluminum
Included Components Batteries included
Battery Cell Composition Lithium
  • Latest Released Brightest – TN36 LIMITED max output of 11000 lumens with triple CREE XHP70B LEDs, powered by 4*IMR battery( include),which is great for strong illumination with a throw of up to 386 yards.
  • Infinite Brightness Adjusting – TN36 LIMITED adjust the output by long press the switch to circle through infinity high and infinity low; infinity high 8000 lumen, infinity low 96 lumen. Long press the switch to get firefly mode when light off. Double click the switch to get 11000 turbo mode.
  • Compact & Portable – As small as a 330ml-capacity Coke can, the compact TN36 LIMITED is definitely a perfect moving flooder king, especially with the complimentary holster. Length 5.24 inches; head diameter 2.52 inches; tailcap diameter 2.05 inches.
  • Advanced Technology Applied – Memory function to remember last mode except turbo, strobe and firefly; Intelligent temperature control, preventing overheating by reducing the output; Low voltage indication, which will glow red when the battery power is running low.
  • What You Will Get – 1 x ThruNite TN36 LIMITED Cool White flashlight with accessories; 1 x ThruNite MCC-4S battery charger; 4 x ThruNite IMR batteries



Runs on: 4 x IMR (ThruNite battery). 
Reflector: Orange peel reflector.
Working Voltage: 10.5-17.5V
Output mode/Runtime*: 

Turbo (11000 lumen; 85 minutes)
Infinity High (8000 lumen; 90 minutes)
Infinity Low (96 lumen; 2.6 days)
Firefly (3 lumen; 28 days)
Strobe (8000 lumen; 90 minutes)

Peak Beam Intensity: 31140cd. 
Max beam distance: 353m.
Impact resistant: 2 meters. 
Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (2 meters). 
Weight: 427g without battery. 
Dimensions: 133mm in length x 64mm in diameter x 52mm tailcap diameter.
Accessories: Holster x1, Spare O-rings x2, Lanyard x1, Spare Side Switch Cap x1, Battery carrier x1(inside the light).


Single click the switch to turn the light on and off. 
Long press the switch to get firefly mode.
Double click the switch the get turbo mode.

Change Modes
With the light turns on, long press the switch to circle through infinity high and infinity low.
Double click from any mode to turbo, another double click to get strobe.

Memory Function
The light will turn on in the last mode accessed, except for firefly, turbo and strobe.

ITC Technology
The light will automatically lower the current when temperature in LED or driver rises to 80 degrees centigrade to protect the flashlight from overheating. Thus to extend its lifespan.

Low Voltage Indication
When the indicating light on the switch turns from blue to red, it means the batteries should be replaced or charged.

From the brand

Additional information

Weight 2.57 kg
Dimensions 5.24 × 2.52 × 2.05 cm

Tn36 Kit Cwwith Battery

Power Source

Battery Powered

Light Source Type




Included Components

Batteries included

Battery Cell Composition


Number of Batteries

1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included



Battery Description


Part Number

TN36 Kit CWwith battery

Item Weight

2.57 pounds

Product Dimensions

5.24 x 2.52 x 2.05 inches, 5.24D x 2.52W x 2.05H

Country of Origin


Item model number

TN36 Kit CWwith battery


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. included


TN36 Kit with Battery Desert Tan-NW

Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Description Pile


Warranty Description

2 years



Date First Available

December 19 2017



10 reviews for ThruNite TN36 Limited Version High 11000 Lumens CREE XHP 70B LED Powerful Floody Flashlight, Super Bright with ThruNite

  1. Eric Blair

    Brilliant light, highly usable sustainability-wiseLove the TN36 Limited Edition. I got the Neutral White as it’s a bit easier on the eyes if actually used for longer periods of time to illuminate an area you’re working in, for example. Being Neutral White, it is noticeably less bright than the cool white, so keep that in mind. Still plenty bright for anything you might need it for though. This light’s claim to fame is the sustainability at high levels of output, and I can report it is truly remarkable. Very few lights can sustain the turbo level of output for as long as this one. It does get hot as suspected, so you have to be careful with it. I find that if I change my grip towards the bottom of the light (away from the head/lens), I can still hold on to it for quite a while. Definitely always give it a half turn un-twist before storing anywhere, to disable the side button. You don’t want this thing turning on by accident – a fire or at least severe heat damage is a real possibility. It’s not a toy, do not leave within reach of children. Overall, love Thrunite lights and this one is no exception to that, highly recommend. The battery charger that comes with it seems nice quality, and can be used to recharge many different types and sizes of batteries. I guess the biggest con is exactly that – the fact that you have to remove the batteries to charge them. Still highly recommend.

  2. Brian L. Danielsen

    A real ‘light’ weaponI became aware of this light through a YouTube review conducted by James Yeager of his weapons training company. So why is a weapons guy spending time with this thing. Now that I have purchased one and have spent a little time with it (30 minutes in residence), I will tell you that the light is a weapon. One of the thought processes I go through is, “what are the expectations of me by a jury of my peers?” My answer to that is they want me contribute to the greater good with the least drama. So does God. In my opinion, strong flashlights do that wonderfully well. No damage. No harm. My philosophy on this thread is that if I am accosted in a dark scenario, I might be able to deploy a strong flashlight to temporarily blind my assailant. This will give me five to ten seconds to run like hell. Its my belief that society appreciates a philosophy like this. It answers the question, sometimes, that what is the least effort I could deploy to mitigate a possible life-threatening situation. I carry a 1000 lumen flash light made by Surefire at all times. 1000 lumens will blind an assailant for a few seconds. Further, the flash light doubles as a short baton. Bring this light down on someone’s collar bone and/or eye socket while they’re blinded is a ‘next level’ decision. Anyway, this review is about the TN36 UT. There are 5 settings I believe. By single click, you can toggle through three different light strengths; 1). very dim (reading in the dark), 2). light up a room, and the third 3). ‘light up a raccoon in the back of the yard’. Yawn! Lots of flashlights do this. The last two settings. Double click. Click click. 4). Land aircraft. 5). click click (after the first click click). Strobe with the maximum strength. I did not have the courage or the stupidity to directly look into this light. The 1000 lumen flashlight I mentioned above is fairly severe. I can just imagine the impact of this 7300 lumen beast. It’s a weapon of surprise. If the target can see your intentions in advance, your efforts will be defeated. Remember your goal. Live a good, long, peaceful life. Pay attention to the concerns of God, and the jury. Contribute to the greater good and do as little harm as possible as you pass through life. Buy this light.

  3. Mister Mickey Murphy

    I was disappointed in the brightnessUPDATE: 20Jan. This has been my go-to flashlight since it arrived. It lasts about 3 nights on Turbo mode for when I walk my dog out back. I got used to the heft, and it doesn’t get as hot as I thought it would based on the other reviews. I use it for about 5-15 minutes at a time.The charger is awesome and the batteries charge quickly – the voltage readout for each battery while charging is a neat feature. I really like this light.____________________________________I have only used this a single night, and will update this review if there are updates.I purchased this light because we live on a few acres in the country. We frequently have wild boar, coyotes, and mountain lions in our yard. I have a high-prey-drive American Bulldog, and she needs to go for potty walks outside several times a night.My old 4Sevens MMX-3u is 1800 Lumens and I wanted a light that would cover the entire yard so I can quickly assess if there are any “animal miscreants” in the yard before letting my dog off-leash.So, my impressions:- There is a strong psychological aspect to this flashlight. At first, I was disappointed in the brightness. Then I realize that this is because the flashlight makes EVERYTHING so bright, that I began to rate the light as against an overcast day. Instead of a normal flashlight where you see darkness with a bright beam of light, this TN36 instead makes everything bright enough that the darkness is no longer even in the user’s viewing perspective.-The light gets very warm after 10 minutes, BUT with my normal work gloves on that I use at night (cold out) the light is comfortable to hold.-Barehanded, it gets warmer than I would prefer.-Beam penetration is about the same as my 4Sevens.The charger seems to be excellent. It shows the current voltage of each battery at-a-glance as they charge.The light is very heavy. Think a beer can filled with pebbles. Comfortable enough diameter to hold.Belt holster is sturdy and comfortable.Batteries came charged, and they charged up to 4.1V before I pulled them out of the charger. They are rated at 3.6V.The beam is not as bright as I’d have thought when it’s aim at you. I don’t think this would scare anyone away.

  4. DogT

    I like it.Would have given 5 stars if there were some instructions on what that extra button is in the package. But it’s a great FL. I like the way it remembers the last setting, the strobe is easy to avoid and the long press on very low is great for night in the bedroom. It replaces the Olite XR7 that I dropped and then it quit. XR7 ‘menu’ was confusing. I use Samsung 20A 3000 mAh batteries in it that I had left from the Olite. You can get the good 18650 batteries for about $6 at imrbatteries dot com. I did scratch it up trying to use a can opener to take the back off, it unscrews from near the light end. That should be made more clear.

  5. Joan Campanello

    Will not find a better one for the pricePretty bright flashlight, lasts super long per full charge, feels real good in hand, has a nice little pouch/belt holster. Says 11,000 lumens but I’m going to say about 7-8,000 lumens with quite a wide range of light dispersement. In all, still a GREAT value and definitely worth the cost. You will not find a better one for the price. Worth it! Buy it! Go on… Do it!

  6. Randy C.

    Indoors, it’s like “waaaaay bright”!I’m happy with this light and wow, when it’s on brightest setting it looks like an indoor sun! But, this DOESN’T come w/batteries and due to the recommend ones are IMR (?) types, I wouldn’t recommend others. Just say’n! It would’ve been nice if they offered a cross body sling to be speedily be able to free hands if needed!!! GREAT LIGHT, even if you were nearly blind you could use this, for sure (IMHO)!!! Sincerely, Randy. 🙏🏻😇👊

  7. beecakes

    ⚠️ Cheap batteries 🔋⚠️I kept him in this flashlight mainly because I reached out to three night about one of my batteries being dead and I am still under warranty and they refused to replace it. Any company with horrible customer service that doesn’t honor their warranty shouldn’t be allowed to sell their product. I would look to O Light like they have great customer service. ⚠️ DO NOT RECOMMEND ⚠️.And yes this flashlight is very bright I will give them that, but if the batteries don’t work then technically I don’t have a flashlight that works so it’s not bright. As somebody that’s always in the mountains the last thing you need is a flashlight to fail on you. Shame on this company for not honoring their warranty

  8. Scott M.

    Wow this is bright!Really like this light, it’s very bright, but dimmable if you want to preserve battery life. I bought the version with the battery charger and case, and glad I did, the battery charger is EXCELLENT! It shows charge current and duration (not time left for a full charge), and can charge one to four batteries.

  9. T. Williams

    FlashlightThis light is a beast ! It is one baaaaaaad boy……It illuminates everything. Would I buy it again ? Yes indeed

  10. LarsAnna

    What a beast!I got the ThruNite TN36 Limited Version Cool White – and it’s a beast of a flashlight.I really like the “can” design, makes for easy carrying it with you, attached to your belt or pack or… It’s very solidly built, with a really hefty feel to it. The button is easy to operate, doesn’t feel the least flimsy and will tell you when the voltage is low, and the batteries should be recharged or switched out (the light on the switch goes from Blue to Red).It gets really hot, really fast, but the built in protection will lower the output once the temperature reaches >80°C.Going from 96 to 8,000 lumen is a breeze, using the infinity mode, just turn on the flash light with a single click, then hold the button down and the output will go up/down. Double click the button and you get the full 11,000 lumen, double click it again and you get 8,000 lumen strobe mode. From off mode, long press the button to get the 3 lumen firefly mode.

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