Tribe WOD Sledge Hammer 25LB ODIN Heavy Steel Mace Bell for Strength Training and Functional Workouts, Adjustable Weight for Men

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Product details

Material Alloy Steel, Rubber
Item Weight 25 Pounds
Grip Type Textured
Item Dimensions LxWxH 37 x 12.2 x 7.09 inches
  • DESIGNED FOR LIFTING – Odin workouts can be performed without a wheel tire or any other kind of filler equipment; go for gold with a mace weight that packs a punch; recommended only to use workout hammer on hard surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or rubber mats
  • GREAT FOR GRIP & WRIST STRENGTH – Mace bell for serious outperformance in any kettlebell exercise with excellent grip and wrist gains; a step up for weighted mace workouts with a focus on gaining raw power and endurance
  • POWERFUL RUBBER HEAD – A thick vulcanized rubber head that has the right amount of bounce to enhance your workouts and an ergonomically designed handle to prevent the cross-training hammer head from tilting; stay aligned, and drive with force
  • MODULAR WEIGHTS – Interchangeable weight plates to scale your conditioning as you go. Upgrade from 25lb standard up to 35lb with our optional additional weight plates
  • OWN AWESOME EQUIPMENT – A must-have for a worthy athlete, the Odin Sledgehammer will exceed your expectations; it takes minimum space while harnessing maximum training power with a badass viking look


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Product Description

Tribe WOD logo

ODIN Sledgehammer Product Breakdown

ODIN Sledgehammer

A badass workout tool

ODIN Sledgehammer

ODIN Sledgehammer

ODIN Sledgehammer

Custom weight

Pace up your training by adding weight up to 35lb from 25lb standard with Tribe WOD’s original ODIN weight plates.

No tire needed

Tribe WOD’s ODIN sledgehammer has a custom-built vulcanized rubber head that will let you smash the floor directly, no tire required.

Badass workout tool

Take one step ahead from the rest of your mates and show the gym who’s boss with this unique, all-around piece of training gear.

ODIN Sledgehammer

Additional information

Weight 13.15 kg
Dimensions 41 × 12.75 × 6.5 cm
Package Weight

13.15 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

37 x 12.2 x 7.09 inches

Item Weight

25 Pounds

Brand Name



Alloy Steel rubber




37 Inches

Sport Type

Exercise and Fitness Bodybuilding

Grip Type




Date First Available

December 29 2021



10 reviews for Tribe WOD Sledge Hammer 25LB ODIN Heavy Steel Mace Bell for Strength Training and Functional Workouts, Adjustable Weight for Men

  1. lereviewer

    PerfectI wasn’t expecting much but it ended up perfect. It’s so much heavier than expected. For me, there is a lot of room for improvement by using this. The impact covering on the head part actually works.

  2. Larry A.

    Work out hammerEasy to use:Don’t need a tireDurableHeavier then a normal sledgeCan purchase additional weighted headsAwesome product

  3. Trippy M.

    Better when in your hands 💪Looks and feels amazing, add this to your daily ASAP

  4. Groundskeeper Willie

    The potential is hugeFirst of all, the quality of this hammer is amazing. I was skeptical about using it without a tire, but slamming it into a horse stall mat works just fine. The rubber casing around the head of the hammer is appears to be extremely durable and should last a lifetime. My first impression was that the hammer wasn’t top heavy enough, but that didn’t concern me, because I knew that I could order add on plates. I immediately ordered the add on plates and after an ordeal (see separate review on add on plates) I now feel like I have an exceptional product. I now love this thing, but can’t give it 5 stars because I don’t believe that the product has been perfected yet. Tribe WOD if your listening…please iron out the wrinkles and make heavier add on plates. If I had the option of going heavier than 35 lbs. and had the proper hardware included, I would give this product 10 stars.

  5. C.DeLisle

    Different feel than a regular sledgehammerVery nice product! It does feel, and swing differently from a normal sledgehammer though. The handle is solid steel, and that’s where most of the weight is, as opposed to a regular sledge, where the weight is in the head.At 25#, the “feel” is more like my 20# regular sledgehammer.I would recommend this product to anyone who is capable of using it with proper technique. Using it improperly could cause an injury- like any other exercise equipment.I’ll write a separate review for the additional weights.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Great Sledge hammer for working outIf you need a heavy sledge hammer for working out this is what you need. It has a sturdy rubber head so you do not need a tire or padding to hit.

  7. James

    It’s Heavy and a Great WorkoutI’m a big fan of SledgeHammer Workouts. I started doing them when I was working out with my Firghterfighter friend at some of his training events. They had us hitting large tractor tires and the Keiser Force Machine. These workouts were killer. Since then I had to get one. I’ve used a standard sledgehammer for years but after several injuries and being sick, I haven’t used a sledgehammer in a few years. Before the time off, I was at the limits of the hammer and looking to get a bigger one.When the Odin Sledge Hammer became available I had to get one. This hammer is heavy enough that I can use it in my other mobility workouts and sumo squats. Plus if I need to upgrade the weight I can get heavier plates.First of all, this is a HEAVY hammer. It’s more than 25lbs. The added plates add the 25 lbs to the hammer I think. It’s difficult to swing. If you aren’t strong enough to swing, get something lighter. This thing can hurt you if you aren’t ready for it. I can swing it a few times before I’m tired. But it’s a great weight for Sumo Squats.The hammer is made well. But it was covered in manufacturing dust and got all over my hands. I had to wipe down the hammer several times to get it clean. The rubber cover head does a good job at cushioning the blows. I tried hitting it on a concrete slab and it works great. No damage. However, I wouldn’t use it in your house or driveway (if you do, make sure to hit different spots each workout).I like the hammer and if you are looking for a heavy sledgehammer this might be the one for you.

  8. Cory.a.carter

    OverpricedLoving using this because you can slam it on the ground with no tire, although I hit a tire with it.Personally feel its a bit overpriced IMO.But its well put together so I wont drop a star for that.

  9. J. Crump

    WowThis exercise sledgehammer is better than I had expected!! It is heavy and well designed for an efficient workout. Well worth the money

  10. Ryanzproductions

    5 starsSo much fun!

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