Under Desk Treadmill 2 in 1 Walking Pad Treadmill for Home Office Use with Remote Control, Desk Treadmill Machine Quiet for

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Product details

Brand Superun
Color Black
Product Dimensions 50″D x 20.9″W x 4.6″H
Item Weight 44 Pounds
Material Alloy Steel
Maximum Speed 3.8 Miles per Hour
  • 【Multi-speed and LED Display】- The speed range of the walking treadmill under desk is 0.6-3.8mph, press the “+” button once time, the speed increases by 0.2mph, and similarly, press the “-” button once time, the speed decreases by 0.2mph,which allow you to adjust the speed through remote control according to your exercise needs.
  • 【Ultra-Quiet & Powerful Motor】- 2.5HP treadmill motor is stable and ultra-quiet,which allows you to exercise at any place without making loud noise. You can exercise at home or office without bothering others.
  • 【Portable and Slim Design】 – Lightweight ,portable, and slim profile , making it easy to stored in a closet, under a bed, sofa, or standing desk which you can work and walk at the same time. Since this walking pad weighs only 44 LBS, it is more portable than most office exercise equipment.
  • 【Installation-free & Easy to Move】- the treadmill is fully assembled when it arrives, and can be used directly after unpacking! Besides, two wheels on the walking treadmill allow you to easily move and carry the treadmill.
  • 【100% Satisfied Guarantee】- Our goal is committed to provide 100% satisfaction to every customer, if you have any questions,feel free to contact us.


From the brand

Product Description


Under Desk Treadmill – Bringing you a simple, healthy and energetic life experience.

under desk treadmill



Details of Our Electric Walking Treadmill

weight capacity

powerful &ultra-quiet motor

easy to move

Support Up to 265 LBS

Due to its heavy-duty construction, our walking treadmill can withstand 265 LBS.

Low Noise & Powerful motor

Powerful motor allows you to exercise at any place without making loud noise.

Space Saver & Easy to Move

Two transport wheels allow you to move and carry easily.

the details of under desk treadmill

5-layer running belt


Additional information

Weight 44 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20.9 × 4.6 cm




Product Dimensions

50D x 20.9W x 4.6H

Item Weight

44 Pounds


Alloy Steel

Maximum Speed

3.8 Miles per Hour

Maximum Horsepower

2.5 Horsepower

Assembly Required


Display Type


Power Source

Corded Electric

Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Speed Rating

3.6 miles_per_hour

Package Weight

23.59 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

50 x 20.9 x 4.6 inches

Brand Name




Date First Available

March 28 2022


Star Power, Superun

10 reviews for Under Desk Treadmill 2 in 1 Walking Pad Treadmill for Home Office Use with Remote Control, Desk Treadmill Machine Quiet for

  1. sgill092

    Overall great with only a few consThis treadmill does exactly what it says it does. It’s perfect for my use of setting up under my desk and walking while I work. Very easy to move around and store when it’s not in use (I store it on its side between my wall and desk). I can lift this with one hand and have walked on it while on meetings with no sound issues. I picked this one because of the higher weight limit. I have walked about 10 hours on it so far and have had no major issues.There are few cons that aren’t deal breakers, but good things to keep in mind:– There is no way to use this without the remote. Keep it handy at all times in a place where you won’t drop it or misplace it.– There is no pause feature. If you want to hop off for a second and come back you will need to either keep it running (giving you inconsistent stats) or turn it off and start over when you come back.– It shuts off after an hour of use. You can easily start it up again, but kind of a pain if you’re in the zone and it disrupts you. Maybe not a bad thing though if you want it to force you to take a quick break and then come back to it.– There aren’t any clear instructions on how to oil the belt (how much oil, what location). I have never oiled a treadmill before so this isn’t standard knowledge for me and I would have liked to see some manufacturer specific instructions or a video on that vs googling to find the information.– The speed goes in increments of .5. Not sure if that’s standard with other treadmills but I wish there was just a slight amount of more increments. For instance, .5 mph is just barely too slow and 1 mph is just barely too fast during a meeting. This is specific to my needs though and others might feel different.– It’s very narrow given that it’s not a full sized treadmill. This is obvious, but basically just wanted to note it here to be careful. If you’re someone that doesn’t walk in a straight line easily or has bad balance, then maybe look for a walking pad that has a bit more width to it.– It looks like my belt has already shifted to the left. There is a larger gap on the right than there is on the left, but I think this is a simple fix.Overall, these are just my observations. I am really happy with this purchase and glad I was able to take advantage of a prime day sale to get one.

  2. Anna Hounsom

    Good for the most partUPDATE 10/27: Since writing my original review below, customer service reached out to me to address the issues I mentioned below. The wheels on the treadmill make is easier to move and it is lighter than most other comprable products out there. Also make sure to not use on carpet, this can cause some overheating. I was really blown away by the great customer service so I’m very pleased with this purhcase.I purchased this treadmill in June 2022 and use it at my stand up desk as I work from home. For the most part its decent and does the job but there are a few things I’ve noticed: it’s heavier than I was expecting and could be a little difficult to manuever for some people. It turns off after 1 hour which is fine but I’ve noticed if I use it longer than that it gets really hot and sometimes smells like rubber burning when you use it that long which is frustrating but I just make sure I use it in intervals. I would assume that’s not normal and I wonder if the manuafaturers warranty coveres this.Overall I wanted one of these under the desk treadmills and didn’t want to spend a lot of money so it does the job, with a few quirks. I’ll probably purhcase a nicer one when I’m able but for now this is just fine

  3. Kent

    Small and easy to moveUpdate: After turning the speed up and adding the lubricant and adjusting the belt, the noise went away after a few uses. Customer service was responsive.Original: I used the treadmill for about 20-30 minutes, and it started making a very loud clicking noise. I added the oil and adjusted the belt which did not solve the issue. The noise is too loud to use while working.

  4. Noelle Gosselin

    Easy to useI like this tredmil and I got a good deal on it. It works great so far thr belt doesn’t travel and I’ve had no issues with the remote. It goes fast enough for me to power walk or almost jog but I wouldn’t recommend running on it if your tall like me and have a long stride, it’s not quite long enough to be completely safe.

  5. Kelli

    Perfect for what I need!I’ve had this treadmill for a couple days now and it has been wonderful! Since receiving it, I have hit my step goal everyday which was extremely hard to do before since I work from home. I love that I can move it downstairs to use while watching a movie or prop it up against a wall when I’m not using it. I have recommended it to several friends since I received it!

  6. Amazon Customer

    Not Working Properly After a Few UsesUpdate: I updated my review to four stars because of excellent customer service. The seller reached out to me immediately after my original review and offered to send me a new product at no cost to me or give me a full refund. With customer service in mind, I’d definitely recommend this product to a friend.I’ve used this treadmill a handful of times. It was great at first, but now is making grinding noises. Waste of money.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Nice little treadmill,Nice treadmill , it lags a little bit that’s probably on me . Haven’t quite figured out the adjustment process. But all and all it’s works well

  8. Ashley

    Exactly what it is.Definitely a benefit to have if you sit all day at a desk. I have a rising desk so bought this to help get my steps in. It is a perfect fit for my desk area, the remote it comes with is handy as well. The settings are super easy to set up, it’s easy to move around, and overall an awesome purchase to keep you moving during the day. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a way to walk while you’re working.

  9. Brandon M Beeson

    Works great at my desk!The media could not be loaded.

     I wanted to be able to walk while working. I have a standing desk and this treadmill works great with it. I was worried about size since I am 6’4″ but it it he perfect length and is also wide enough. The only thing I do not like is when stopping it will slow down to almost stoped then abruptly stop. This is ok as long as you know it will do it, but the reason for 1 less star.

  10. NeverBetter

    Hard pass. Don’t be a cheapskate like meThere are some things I like about this treadmill: it doesn’t take up tons of space. Its easy to operate. It isn’t very heavy when it needs to moved. It was affordable.Things I don’t like: It automatically shuts off at one hour. When I first got it, at about 40-45 minutes, it would start making a grinding noise, as though the belt is somehow misaligned or some mechanical thing is straining. It would usually go away in a few minutes, but often not until it shuts off at an hour. It now starts making this noise at about 15 minutes and will stop and start and stop throughout. This is in spite of lubricating per directions. UPDATE: I now understand how to adjust the belt tension better and there for how to correct this happens, but sadly I have to do this ALL the time. The tension will not stay adjusted for very long.I knew it would only run in increments of one half mph when I bought it – but now I wish I’d held out for one with tenth or quarter mile increments, because half mile is too little flexibility for me.I have had this for about 3 weeks, well 4 now, so I suspect this won’t last long. Nowhere near the weight limit by the way, but I do use it intermittently all day, 4-5 hours all told or 8-10 miles. Finally, it seems to be shedding some belt(?) material each day, likely due to the belt tension issue, which I sweep up at the end of the day. I’ve had this happen with other treadmills but not to this degree.New UPDATE: I realize now that when my shoes are feeling sticky it’s because the treadmill is melting the tread!! I would recommend a hard pass now.

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