UREVO 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill, 2.5HP Folding Electric Treadmill Walking Jogging Machine for Home Office with Remote Control

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Product details

Color Black
Product Dimensions 54.7″D x 26.4″W x 5.1″H
Material Alloy Steel
Maximum Speed 7.6 Miles per Hour
Target Audience ‎Unisex-adult
  • UREVO Strol Lite 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill: UREVO running machine is designed as a treadmill used for running fast as well as under desk walking machine, which is convenient to keep exercising during working.
  • 16.9 inch Widened Running Belt: Making running or walking on this treadmill more freely. 5 layers non-slip running belt and Silica gel column support will greatly absorb shock to provide cushioning for knee, muscle and joints.
  • The LED Display & Remote Control: Make it easy for you to track speed, distance, time and calories in real time and no need to switch the display manually during exercise. Using the remote controller to change the speed or stop the running machine.
  • 2.5HP Powerful Motor: With a powerful 2.5HP motor offering large load-bearing ability up to 265 lbs. The sturdy running machine allows you to run up to 7.6MPH with frame up and walk up to 3.8MPH under desk by the Remote Control.
  • Non-assembly Design & Space Save Design: This 2 in 1 treadmill arrives fully assembled and can be used directly after unboxing. Foldable design and transportation wheels allow for easy mobility and portable foldable treadmill for storage, fold it up and walk away in one easy step, perfect for home , apartment, office use.


From the brand

Product Description

Under Desk Treadmill

Under Desk Electric Treadmill

Folding Treadmill

Under Desk Treadmill

Under Desk Treadmill

Folding Treadmill for home

 Walking Jogging Machine

Photo Holder

The phone holder of this UREVO folding treadmill can support the longest side of the phone about 7.67 inch,which is suitable for most phone.

Widened Belt & 265 lbs Weight Capacity

16.9 Inch widend running belt and solid steel structure design, the maximum load can reach 265lbs.

2.5 HP Horsepower Motor

Smooth and quiet high torque 2.5HP motor powers the treadmill at speeds from 0.6-7.6 MPH.

Easy to Move

Wheel design makes it convenient to move and store during storage.

Jogging Machine


  • The speed can only be increased up to 3.8 mph via the remote control. To increase to 7.6mph, you need to press“+”key on the keyboard.

Additional information

Weight 265 kg
Dimensions 54.7 × 26.4 × 5.1 cm




Product Dimensions

54.7D x 26.4W x 5.1H


Alloy Steel

Maximum Speed

7.6 Miles per Hour

Target Audience


Maximum Horsepower

2.5 Horsepower

Assembly Required


Display Type


Power Source

Corded Electric

Frame Material

Alloy Steel

Speed Rating

7.6 miles_per_hour

Screen Size

16.9 Inches

Package Weight

30.39 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

54.7 x 26.4 x 5.1 inches

Brand Name


Part Number


Model Year


Sport Type

Exercise & Fitness



Date First Available

July 1 2021



10 reviews for UREVO 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill, 2.5HP Folding Electric Treadmill Walking Jogging Machine for Home Office with Remote Control

  1. KV

    Hit and miss. Quality is iffy, Customer Service is EXCELLENTPros:-Fits under the couch perfectly when I put some 3/4″ thick cutouts under the couch’s feet.- Easy to set up, easy to fold and transport, light weight, worked as advertised from the get go1 Month Review: Added the lubricant as required and even a little here and there as extra, ran great for 3-5 miles a day of daily use at 6.5mph average speeds and I weigh 175lbs. I had it on carpet with nothing between the carpet and the fan on the motor. After 4 weeks the treadmill motor started making a very loud sound that would correspond with the speed of the treadmill. I took the treadmill apart and removed the belt and motor. I cleaned the motor by spraying electronics cleaner spray and then used an air compressor to dry it. I reinstalled everything and the treadmill was super quiet again and ran great. I placed a thin piece of cardboard between the carpet and motor to prevent the fan from lifting up dirt into the motor. There were no further issues with that loud noise.2 month update: Treadmill ran great for daily use of 3-5 miles at 7mph average speed but the deck under the belt started to bow to where the sides were higher than the middle. Belt started slipping a little but that was fixed with small adjustments to the screws that tighten it. Just over 60 days of use and the deck cracked lengthwise down the middle from front to back under the belt. Made a very loud pop while running and caved in.I contacted the company at the support email on their website since the warranty portion of the site didn’t recognize my purchase (from this seller, I’m assuming?). I attached pictures showing the damage, my Amazon order number, and a screenshot of all relevant information. I heard back from them within 24 hours and they requested one additional picture to see what serial number the treadmill had. Once that was provided, they sent another email within 12 hours and had another one shipped out that day. It just arrived and was delivered within a week. I still need to unbox it. Awesome customer service though! No hassles, and they took full ownership of the defect.Thoughts as of now:Even though I’m well under the weight limit, I have a feeling that a 175lb runner is too much for this thing. The downward pressure when landing while running probably exceeds the weight limit. Is it great for walking? Absolutely. Running? Maybe someone much lighter and smaller.This treadmill will now be used exclusively for my wife to walk on and I will attempt to fix the old one by replacing the deck with a homemade solution that will likely be a nice piece of plywood and some roof flashing on top and some silicone spray. If things work out, I’ll make a YouTube video and post the link here. I’ll also show how I cleaned out the motor in case anyone has that problem.

  2. Cian F

    Short lifespanI bought one of these about a year ago. I’m

  3. Nels N.

    Working and Walking! What a time to be alive!My wife purchased this treadmill as I can’t stand to go on walks… I will gladly run in the wee hours of the morning 3-4 times per week, but the rest of my time, I’m chillen. She allllways tries to get her 5000+ steps in per day and normally just walks laps of the house, haha. Well, this is a game changer. First day, we opened it up, lubed it through the little port, and she hit her 5k before 10am… Then proceeded to do 20k that day and the following days.The treadmill is decently quiet and I can work in the same room as her without being annoyed by any whirring noises or motor whine or anything. I mean, there is still a treadmill in the room, but it’s honestly not that bad, and I normally have headphones on anyways for some background noise/music.At first she had me move it into position under the standing desk, but I made her do it after that since I’m not going to be moving it every time she wants to walk. She discovered quickly that it was pretty easy to move in and out of position. However, we tried to stand it up to lean against the wall and on our floors it wants to slide out a bit and we were afraid it might fall completely. Not too bad though. It just takes up extra floor space now.Overall, I would say it’s a pretty solid bang for the buck if you are a stickler for getting in your steps, especially if you also work a lot. It’s easy to just walk the day away when you can multitask. Only downside I would say is that the oiling may be hard to remember and keep up with if you walk a lot, but it is very simple when you need to do it. Just fill it through the hole and it lubes it, vs actually lubing rollers or anything.

  4. Benjamin Crawford

    Love the treadmill. Reliability an issue. Customer Service was unexpectedly fantasticPerfect for what I needed. Fit in my small office, but was big enough to walk on comfortably. Only used it for walking (no more than 3mph). Unfortunately failed after only 80 hours of use (E05). Slight burning smell that I thought was the belt that needed adjusted. Unfortunately, it was the motor. Was worried about previous customer service comments. Found that the warranty link doesn’t work; I emailed services@urevosports.com, and they responded within 4 hrs. 4 days later I had a new treadmill.Performance: I would give it 5 stars (while it worked). Belt didn’t slip, and it worked like a champ.Reliability: I would give it 1 star. It needs to last much longer than 80 hrsCustomer Service: I would give it 4 stars. The actual service was 5 stars – fantastic; took one star away because of the warranty link.Overall: I would give it 4 stars. Although it did stop working, I was only without it for 4 days, and I love the way it works. The customer service made up for the failed part.

  5. Douglas Danz

    Exactly what I was looking for!This treadmill is exactly what I was looking for. It would take me 1 hour at the gym every evening to get my steps or cardio in and now I do that during lunch and breaks throughout the day. Big time saver. As far as delivery everything went as expected. There was no assembly, just unbox, put the oil in the reservoir (this is critical), install the battery in the remote, plug into a standard 120V power source and start walking. I didn’t have to adjust the belt, however, they did include an Allen wrench incase you need to. I am 2 weeks in and I walk 10K steps everyday at the 3.8 setting (the highest setting without rasing the stabilizer bar). Currently I am 230lbs and this machine is plenty robust to handle my size. So far, I am thoroughly happy and would recommend this to anyone striving to get in shape or maintain a healthy lifestyle. There have been no new or unusual noises or change in its performance so far. I fold it up and it fits nicely tucked under my desk.

  6. David Pedu

    Pretty good first impression. Some flaws, but I like it.My treadmill was delivered earlier today. It was fairly well packaged and easy to set up, which involved adding some lubricant and making sure the belt is centered. What’s nice is that the treadmill has a specific port where you put the lubricant which keeps things from getting messy.I’m pretty impressed with how thin it is – the 5.1″ claim is accurate and it easily fits under my bed when not in use. The motor and noise level in general is acceptably quiet – it is quieter than the fan I have keeping my cool while I use it, though you can still hear it.The remote is nice but not all of the features are available when using only the remote. The “pause” feature (which stops the belt but doesn’t reset your time/distance counter) is only available on the flip-up safety bar.Speaking of the flip-up safety bar – when it’s down, it sits directly at the end of the treadmill. I don’t think that’s a very good spot for it because I have to remember to step over it when getting off the back of the treadmill. I could see myself tripping over it. I figure I’ll just always use it with the safety bar up, since that’s necessary to use the pause feature.All in all I’m very happy with it. Good performance, feels solid, and things like the lube port gives the impression of good design. I wish I bought one of these back in the spring of 2020!Update: I’ve spent the last couple days using it and have noticed some additional flaws. When I’m using the treadmill on its lowest speed, the rate of movement seems inconsistent. It seems to jerk around a bit and it feels weird to walk on. The speed isn’t stable at the lowest rate.There’s a safety feature where, after 99 minutes, the treadmill will stop. This is fine, however, there’s no way to resume your usage without resetting the distance/time/calorie counters. This is pretty inconvenient because I almost always do sessions longer than 99 minutes.

  7. NBnewyork

    Customer Support is Excellent!9-25- After 7 weeks and maybe 8 miles of walking when I turn on the unit the display blinks and then does not work. Validated with 3 power outlets. The unit power switch is lit and turned on. The stop button on handle is lit. None of the buttons work and the display is black…nothing.10-1- Support got back to me quickly. Sent me a video to trouble shoot. I sent a video back with the outcome with was the treadmill was still not functioning.10-6- Support sent me a new treadmill! The treadmill is AWESOME so I am crossing my fingers this one will work for a longer period of time. No Fuss support had me shift my review from 1 to 5 stars. Thank You!

  8. Amazon Customer

    So happy with thisI got this for use under my standing desk.There was no assembly, just needed to lubricate the belt and adjust the belt tension (belt was slipping). Directions for both are clear (I’m a mechanical engineer, so super easy for me and anyone halfway mechanically inclined).It’s quiet enough that people do not hear it on meetings. It’s a comfortable walk. Easy to operate — comes with a remote that I keep on my desk.When I want to sit down, it’s super light and easy to roll out of the way.Easy to clean, I mostly just dust it then wipe with damp cloth.My only complaint and super minor: I wish I could pause it and NOT lose the total distance and time readouts. More of an annoyance and I keep reminding myself that I didn’t get it to set any sort of daily record.

  9. Kevin C

    Running itself is A+, near-daily maintenance is notAfter a few weeks of running, the machine works well overall; however, I cannot keep the track/belt centered. It keeps wanting to shift to the right so the edge of belt rubs against the right-side wall. I’ve followed the Allen wrench adjustments recommended in the owner’s manual, which helps only temporarily.It’s just annoying because I bought this to save time from going to the gym. When the belt mis-aligns, I won’t notice until I’m into my exercise. Then I have to stop and play around with it until settles in the right spot. That can take almost as long as my drive.My order arrived on Aug 10 and today is Aug 24. In that time I’ve had to stop and make eight adjustments, and I don’t run every single day.I just wish the track would stay put. If it would, this would be 5 stars for sure: it’s very lightweight and easy to move, the controls are intuitive, and the running surface is perfect for running (softer than the street, that’s for sure). I just hope it holds up over time and that I can get the belt to stay put! But with a budget treadmill, I guess you can’t expect perfection.

  10. Charles C Neal

    Wonderful Treadmill! Easy Easy Easy!!!I have been researching treadmills for quite a while. I wanted to find one that was simple to set up and operate. I was not interested in a big, heavy treadmill that took up half of a room and had tons of features. Since I was not interested in a treadmill that had pre-programmed routines, I focused on the smaller “under desk” treadmills. This one ROCKS!!! Finding it was simple on Amazon! Once I found it, I read the reviews (which I always do on products), and I placed the order. I was given an estimated delivery date, and I received it 2 days earlier. I couldn’t be more pleased.Within 5 minutes of getting it out of the box, I had it set up and ready to go. Where I live it is difficult to walk outside on a consistent basis because it is either too hot, too cold, or rains too much. With this treadmill, I can walk any time I want for as long as I can. It will go up to 6 mph, so I could jog on it if I so desire. Right now, I am more interested in fast walking for cardio purposes. I highly recommend this treadmill for anyone looking for a simple machine to help improve their health. I’ve already put a few miles on it, and I look forward to walking many more. Better health here I come!!!

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