UREVO Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP Foldable Treadmill with 12 HIIT Modes, Compact Mini Treadmill for Home Office, Space Saving

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Color Black
Product Dimensions 48″D x 5.5″W x 26″H
Item Weight 22.5 Kilograms
Maximum Horsepower 2.25 Horsepower
Display Type LCD
  • More Effective Running Modes of Reducing Fat: HIIT is internationally recognized as the more effective method of reducing fat. To burn calories more effectively, we specially programmed 12 different HIIT running setting, with the help of these preset training plans, you can choose the best plan to suits your need. Also, the adjustable LCD platform will keep track of your exercise data, such as speed, time, distance and calories.
  • Easy-to-fold Design to Improve Space Utilization: Folding it in only one step! The folding size is 48x26x5.5 inch (L x W x H). The compact design also makes it easier to store anywhere, even under the bed or sofa, taking up minimum space. UREVO new folding treadmill is now smaller and more convenient, weighing only 22.5kg.
  • More Powerful Performance Makes Running Like Outdoors: 2.25 HP Motor provides speeds of 0.6-6.2 MPH which guarantee the stable operation of the machine with 220lbs weight capacity. The motor runs more quietly and will never disturb other people. Five-layer non-slip running belt is more durable and quiet. The one-piece pressing technology makes the running belt splicing smoother.
  • Larger Running Area for Your whole Family and Pets: The 16 inches wider anti-slip belt providing a safer and more comfortable experience for your running. What you get is not just an ordinary treadmill, but a treadmill for your pets, which meaning you, your family members, and your beloved dogs can all exercise and get fit on UREVO folding treadmill.
  • Customer Orientation: Our LCD screen can be easily rotated and adjusted, meaning no matter what height you’re, there’s an angle that ensures clear views for you. And our phone holder allows you to easily stay entertained and connected. You can also get our 100% satisfying customer service. Urevo provides professional service and all inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.


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Product Description





12 Training Plan Options

P1-P12 are 12 sets of different intermittent aerobic exercise training programs.

After setting the program, you can achieve intermittent aerobic exercise without manual adjustment.

3 Sport Modes

UREVO Mini Folding Treadmill can flexibly adjust the distance, duration, and calories during exercise, making you enjoy efficient exercise at home.

When your selected mode flashes on the screen, you can use “+” or “-” to plan your exercise trip.

HIIT is beneficial to the body to burn calories faster and is internationally recognized as the most effective method of reducing fat. Choosing different programs, find the exercise heart rate that suits you best, and enjoy your exercise process.




folding treadmill

LCD Monitor

The LCD monitor on treadmill tracks your time, speed, distance, and calories burned, which allows you to better record your exercise status.

Quiet running at home

You don’t need to worry about disturbing your family or neighbors during exercise. Innovative cushioning and shock absorption design allows you to exercise quietly at home.

Save storage space

The convenient foldable design provides you with more storage space. It is small and thin, and can be stored under tables and sofas.

No worry when moving

There are two wheels at the bottom of the treadmill, allowing you to move the treadmill easily and effortlessly after folding.

folding treadmill

folding treadmill

Additional information

Weight 22.5 kg
Dimensions 48 × 5.5 × 26 cm




Product Dimensions

48D x 5.5W x 26H

Item Weight

22.5 Kilograms

Maximum Horsepower

2.25 Horsepower

Display Type


Power Source


Number of Programs


Deck Width

16 Inches

Speed Rating

0.6 to 6.2 mph

Package Weight

26.76 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

48 x 5.5 x 26 inches

Brand Name




Date First Available

October 20 2021



10 reviews for UREVO Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP Foldable Treadmill with 12 HIIT Modes, Compact Mini Treadmill for Home Office, Space Saving

  1. jewlz_4ever

    Is your treadmill belt shaky / jerky? Read below for a quick & easy fix!Is your treadmill belt shaky / jerky? Read on for a quick and easy fix! Fantastic customer service, they responded to each of my emails within 24 hours. My tread belt was shaky and jerky, so at first customer service just sent me a whole new treadmill free of charge. But unfortunately the new treadmill had the same shaking issue! I emailed customer service again and they sent me the following instructions which completely resolved the shaky / jerky issue!First make sure the treadmill is plugged in and turned on. Then remove the red magnetic security key which will then display “E0″ on the screen. Then press and hold the ” – ” button for a few seconds until you see “150” displayed. This is the torque value. Press the ” – ” button again and keep pressing it until you have decreased the number to “90” (although I found 115 to be sufficient). Press the “Start” button to lock in this new number. Put the red magnetic security key back in place and enjoy your new smooth treadmilling experience!!I love this little treadmill, it’s exactly what I wanted. It’s small and not too loud and it’s easy to roll it around on its front wheels. The only 2 cons are that the handle bars are too low to comfortably use if you are a taller person, and it is not easy to fold down because you have to undo 4 screws every single time which can take anywhere from 2-5 mins depending on the person. Other than that, I really do love and recommend this treadmill and the customer service is stellar!I offered to send back the second treadmill they had sent me for free but they said don’t worry about it and think of it as a gift or give it to someone who can use it. Awesome company!

  2. Kristin C

    Pretty good treadmill for small spaces and if you’re on a budgetI live in a one-bedroom apartment and needed a small treadmill that didn’t take up too much space. Overall I do like this treadmill and it’s a decent value for the price. Here’s a list of pros and cons/things to consider:Pros:• Small enough for an apartment and folds up so you can lean it against a wall or put it in a closet or under your bed.• Pretty easy to assemble.• Good price if you’re on a budget.• Not overly noisy.• Comes with lubricant for the belt.• Keeps track of time/distance/calories.• Easy to adjust speed/incline.Cons/Things to consider:• To fold the treadmill, you have to remove 4 screws. You can do this by hand without tools but some of the screws take a little more effort to remove than others. You’ll have to put the screws back in when you’re ready to use the treadmill again, so put them in a safe place.• I couldn’t fit the treadmill under my couch, and I don’t have much closet space or space left under my bed, so I have to lean it against a wall in my bedroom when I’m not using it.• While the general setup was easy, it took me a while to get the belt centered in the middle of the treadmill. This involved tightening and loosening screws, then letting the treadmill run to see if it was centered. Lots of trial and error.• I’m a 5’5″ woman and I don’t think the treadmill would comfortably fit someone that much taller (maybe just an inch or two taller).• The wire is short so I have to make sure I place it near an available outlet.• Sometimes feels a little jerky especially at lower speeds.Overall, if you’re not too tall and you want something that fits in a small space and doesn’t cost you a ton, this treadmill is worth considering.

  3. Deanna

    A walking pad and more!I was interested in a walking pad while working but also wanted a treadmill I could jog/run on if I wanted to. This treadmill did exactly both. This treadmill fit under my desk leaning up against the wall and the 48in depth was a big reason I landed on this one. My space had some specific dimensions and criteria for a walking desk. I liked the railing this one provided although taking out the pins everytime I have to store it, it takes me no time.I’ve been using this as a walking desk for a month now and I love it. It is quiet and runs well. Great quality product!

  4. smjohn

    Great, light, treadmillI usually walk outside however I bought this walking pad for days when the weather is bad or I don’t have enough time to go out. The best part is how light and compact the Urevo folding treadmill is. It was easy to get up the stairs and put together. It also has a fairly stable frame and walks at a good pace for someone accustomed to light power walking. The downside is that it doesn’t fold very easily. You have to literally unscrew and take off parts for it to fold down. From there, it rolls and tucks away pretty easily. Overall, I like it and would purchase it again. It would be great if it folded more quickly through a release switch instead of having to remove parts.

  5. Sugar J.J.

    Nice Addition to Home GymThis treadmill works nicely for flat ground walking or jogging. (No incline feature.) There are 12 preset programs as well as self-set. Speeds range from 0.6 to 6.2 mph. The display shows distance walked, speed, time used, and calories burned. It is easy to set up and move around. Drawbacks are that it slides on the bare floor at higher speeds and is rather loud while working. Oil is provided for oiling after 600 hours of use. Still squeaks a little when new. Haven’t oiled yet. Made in China.

  6. C. Chadwick

    A small place must have for your health!The UREVO Folding Treadmill is by far the best investment I have made this year. It has made walking after work more convenient and easy. I am able to hop on and walk for an hour while watching television and the time flies by. I am 5’3″ and near 120lbs living one a second floor apartment. I walk at a high speed and have not heard any complaints from neighbors. The treadmill runs smooth and quiet allowing me to increase speed when ready. When I am not using the equipment, it folds up nicely and fits perfectly under my couch. I am super pleased with my small but powerful treadmill.

  7. Vikingrae

    Excellent Option for Small SpacesThis folding mini treadmill is an excellent option for people who have a small space. It came pre-assembled and folded flat the morning after I ordered it (and I did not pay for fast shipping). There are four knobs (two larger and two smaller) that lock the upright display arms in place, which are very easy to install. While folded flat, this fits under my small Klik-Klak couch with room to spare. It also came with a small bottle of lubricant (about 3 applications worth), and the instruction manual clearly explains how and when to apply it. You may want to purchase an additional bottle, because the included one doesn’t come with a resealable cap. The instruction manual was clearly written by someone who did not speak English as their first language, but it was easy enough to understand.The upright display arms and shorter tread belt mean this mini treadmill will NOT be comfortable for tall people to use. I am 5’5″ tall with a 31″ inseam. The hand rests are too low for me to comfortably grab onto while walking, but I can rest my fingertips on them to help me maintain balance. The tread belt is fairly short, so my strides are shorter than my average walking stride or the stride I can take on larger machines at the gym. However, it’s still comfortable to walk on for someone of my height, and I’m sure shorter people would have no trouble at all with it.The display screen is slightly awkward, but you can adjust it to accommodate your viewing angle. The panel shows the patterns for the different presets, but they aren’t buttons; to choose a preset, you have to press the “PROG” button the corresponding number of times. I don’t care to use these, because I don’t enjoy running, and they all utilize at least one speed that entails running. I prefer to walk.You can preset a time or a distance by pressing the “MODE” button and using the “+/-” buttons. It records both your time and distance, but you set only one of them for your workout. The calorie counter is inaccurate, but it appears to be about as inaccurate as most exercise machines that don’t know your gender, height, or weight. I haven’t attempted to track the accuracy of the distance, but the time is accurate.I’ve seen other reviewers claim that this treadmill is loud, but I think those people need to check for loose parts or an unstable surface, because this machine is quieter than my Honeywell tower fan. You can barely hear it at all when it is running empty. Your weight, pace, and shoes will impact the noise level, but the machine itself is whisper quiet. I use my mini treadmill on a concrete floor with indoor/outdoor carpeting rather than in a room with another room under it to minimize disturbing others. If you tread heavily while using this machine in a room with another room under it, you are going to make a lot of noise, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the machine itself.Overall, I think this mini treadmill is a great value for someone of my height or shorter, and up to a few inches taller. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone 6′ or taller, because I think they would be uncomfortable using it. It’s very easy to fold and unfold, and the wheel on the front makes moving it pretty simple. (The power cord is on the same end as the wheel, which makes it awkward, but that’s easy enough to deal with.)

  8. Aubretia Snyder

    Not great for “big” girlsOverall, very easy to assemble. Easy to use. It’s definitely smaller and more compact, so better for smaller/shorter users. At 5’5″, it’s barely long enough for my stride. However, at 200lbs I’m pushing the weight limit and the tread definitely drags or catches sometimes, mostly when walking and at slower places.It’s a great little basement treadmill though. You can’t easily fold it away after every use, but it doesn’t take up much room and it’s easy to store when you’re not using it for longer periods of time.

  9. A R R

    Easy Setup and useThis was so quick to set-up and use. I love it! It doesn’t overpower my room as it is placed between my family room/eating area. I can jump on it any time during the day. I am 5’2″ so it is perfect for my size. I haven’t folded it for storage yet as it does not obstruct or dominate my room. Only disadvantage is I wish the panel was lit up. When I use it at night, I can’t see the reading. I would recommend this treadmill to anyone.

  10. Angie P.

    Perfect for small spacesI love this little treadmill. It’s perfect for hopping on in the morning or while dinner is cooking in the evening. It’s been a great help in getting my activity level up with very little effort. The only reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is the quality of the machine itself is very good but not excellent.

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