Victor 0384-2101 Journeyman Edge 2.0 540/510, 90° Plus Outfit

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  • Cuts up to 8 in. (203.2 mm), welds up to 3 in. (76.2 mm) with accessories
  • Up to 1, 118, 000 btus/hour heating
  • Ess42 series regulators
  • Wh 315Fc+ torch handle with built-in flash arrestors and check valves



The robust Journeyman edge 2.0 outfit comes with everything you need to get started: CA 2460+ cutting attachment, WH 315FC+ welding handle, cutting tip, tip cleaner, heating nozzle, striker, Goggles, hose, welding nozzles and two edge 2.0 regulators.

Additional information

Weight 21.4 kg
Dimensions 25.09 × 14.53 × 5.31 cm
Product Dimensions

25.09 x 14.53 x 5.31 inches; 21.4 Pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

January 19 2017




Victor Technologies International

8 reviews for Victor 0384-2101 Journeyman Edge 2.0 540/510, 90° Plus Outfit

  1. Brad Fritz

    cutting torcha good torch setup, would recommend!!!

  2. Eric L VanAernam

    settings on acetylene are very loose and are troublesome when when using.Settings are very trouble some when using for burning. Gloves or clothing turns settings when in use, not right because I have been a professional and seasoned welder, burner for a living. Torch over all is to small.

  3. Lonnie Butcher

    Complete torch set for heavy duty use at home or business.Great torch set for business or heavy personal use. Would like the option to buy longer hose w the kit. (E.g. Item “A” could include current hose, item “B” could include 40′ hose instead). His set will do everything all but the heaviest users need to get done.

  4. Thomas Myers

    Perfect torch set up for the home based professional.This torch set is perfect for a home based professional, my expectations were exceeded.

  5. fabricobbler

    Tried and true brand.Victor (and Smith) are industry standard cutting brands. unfortunately they aren’t what they used to be. I recently purchased this kit (not from amazon) It does what it’s supposed to quite well. We shall see how it holds up to the test of time, hopefully it will be as durable as its predecessors.HOWEVER. I am extremely disappointed in the quality of the finish, seems like low quality brass, poorly stamped/engraved markings and generally looks cheap. it feels nice in the hand, but it LOOKS like a $200 off shore brand torch. shouldn’t affect performance but disappointed me a little.

  6. Glenn

    Works greatGets the job done

  7. victoria

    If the mixing valves are too loose THEYRE ADJUSTABLEBest torch kit available. I was t boned in my work truck and because of how strong the edge 2.0 regulators are I’m still here to write this review. I was hit basically dead on into my acetylene regulator. It was bent, BUT STILL WORKS. ALSO FOR EVERYONE LEAVING NEGATIVE REVIEWS ON MIXING VALVES! They are adjustable!! YOU CAN MAKE THEM HARDER OR EASIER TO TURN with the screw on the valve face!

  8. mac

    VICTOR — THE BEST CHOICE — AMAZON BEST PRICE & DELIVERYEDGE 2.0 gauges — the newest and the best available. New torch design with built in spark arrests, updated cutting torch, good assortment of tips and perfectly sized rosebud heat tip. 540/510 gauges connect to most commonly supplied cylinders — good quality hoses — lifetime guarantee on the EDGE 2.0 gauges — a torch kit to last a lifetime.

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