VIGBODY Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike Adjustable Stationary Bicycle for Home Gym Workout Cardio Bikes Upright Bike

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Product details

Special Feature Distance Travelled Monitor, Heavy Duty, Adjustable Seat
Color Black
Power Source Battery Operated
Item Weight 35 Pounds
  • ✔【Sturdy Construction】Our exercise bike equipped with a thickened heavy-duty steel frame with a heavy duty bidirectional flywheel 35 lbs and holds up to 330LBS, more stable and durable.
  • ✔【Adjustable Seat and handlebar】2-ways adjustable non-slip handlebar and 4-ways adjustable padded seat accommodates most body types for optimum comfort and safe. Transportation wheels help you to move the cycle bike easily.
  • ✔【Brake and Resistance】Simply turn the knob to increase or decrease to adjust to the different levels that best suit you. Stop quickly by pressing the same knob, very safe to use.
  • ✔【Stable Structure】This stationary bike owns stable and adjustable base to adapt to different ground environment. With a durable powder coated for durable rust resistant, corrosion resistant and wear resistant. When the cycling bike is not steady on the floor, you can easily adjust the 4 x Foot, providing superior stability while you are working out.
  • ✔ 【100% Guarantee】12 months of parts replacement warranty. Longer warranty, better service, giving you 100% satisfication for this indoor bike. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Get VIGBODY Home Stationary Bike, Start More Active And Healthy Lifestyle.
  • 💕【VIGBODY Workout Bike】Design and produce fitness equipment more than 12 years. VIGBODY indoor exercise bikes have served more than 1,000,000 families. We are so confident this workout bicycle can be your home fitness partner.


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Product Description

exercise bike 5230

exercise bike 5230

exercise bike 5230


Why You Choose VIGBODY

VIGBODY is a professional sports brand, focuses on developing fitness products that could help people enjoy sports. We provide high class, high innovation and high quality fitness products as well as a safe and effective workout experience for end-users.

We will keep the original heart to expand our fitness equipment, improve the quality and lower the cost to provide a better shopping exprience to our customer.

The Benefits Of Using VIGBODY Indoor Exercise Bike

Keep More Active And Healthy Lifestyle From VIGBODY

VIGBODY Exercise Bike is great for home gym, no need to go to gym, enjoy cycling at home with family, meets the needs of beginners to professionals.

STABLE STATIONARY BIKE: Our Bike equipped with a Robust heavy steel frame, support up to 330lbs.

PERSONALIZED DESIGN: 2-ways adjustable handbar and 4-ways seat provide cyclists feel comfortable riding. Adjustable resistance allows you to adapt to your workout needs.

EASY TO STORE: Dual transportation wheels provide for easy moving and relocation.

  • With 1.5mm thicken commercial quality steel pipe
  • The 35 lbs flywheel provides powerful and smooth riding
  • Belt driven system Provides Quiet Riding
  • Weight Capability: 330 LBS
  • Product Weight: 71.9 LBS
  • Seat Cushion Size: 10.2 x 7.9in.
  • More Perfect Service: 12 months parts free replacement

exercise bike 5230

exercise bicycle 5230

exercise bike 5230

35 lbs Bidirectional Flywheel

The 35 lbs flywheel provides a more smooth ride. Engineered for speed and stability this flywheel will create more momentum for longer periods of time keeping your workout going the distance.

Let you enjoy the outdoor sports experience at home and perform intense aerobic exercise in a stable position

Performance Monitor

Utilize the performance monitor to track Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie and Odometer.

At the same time, you can put your tablet or mobile device on a stand and watch videosten to music while you exercise.

Adjustable Resistance

This exercise bike is equipped with a quiet and smooth pure wool felt brake pad system, simply turning the knob, you can increase or decrease resistance so your workout can remain challenging and effective throughout your fitness journey.

When finish the ride, push the emergency brake lever for a immediate stop.

spin bike 5230

exercise bike 5230

spin bike 5230

Adjustable And Comfortable Seat

With 4-way adjustable breathable center cutout seat, you can move forward/back and up/down easily. Feel free to adjust your position for a better work-out, gives you a comfortable riding experience during long time workout, and fitting for your buddies or family members.

Cage Pedals

Tough pedals are significant for safety and comfort, which can make your foot and pedal more fit in the course of riding, while alloy pedal will greatly increase the support for you.

Transportation Wheels

The two rollers at the bottom of the product can help you move the exercise bike more conveniently. Just tilt the bike and you can start moving. You can move the cycling bike anywhere you want and make your home into your own personal fitness studio.

exercise bike 5230

Additional information

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 39 × 41.1 cm


Special Feature

Distance Travelled Monitor Heavy Duty Adjustable Seat



Power Source

Battery Operated

Item Weight

35 Pounds

Resistance Mechanism


Product Dimensions

18.5D x 39W x 41.1H

Maximum Height

44.5 Inches

Minimum Height

43.3 Inches

Number of Resistance Levels


Drive System


Package Weight

34.02 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

18.5 x 39 x 41.1 inches

Brand Name


Part Number




Date First Available

June 1 2019



10 reviews for VIGBODY Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bike Adjustable Stationary Bicycle for Home Gym Workout Cardio Bikes Upright Bike

  1. Robert Hill

    For the most part it’s goodI have neuropathy so assembling the bike took some time and effort. The book said it would take about 30 minutes. It took me about 2 hours. I struggled to get some bolts unscrewed because of my neuropathy. I don’t like the water bottle holder. It looks weird to me and it doesn’t hold my water bottle because it’s too big. I’m not sure on the size the drink holder supports but I can jam my water bottle into it and mine is a 40 oz bottle. Adjusting the seat height and handlebars doesn’t take long. I can adjust the tension easily as well. The brake works great. Unfortunately I can’t give the bike a full 5 star because the cord that is used to connect the tablet to the bike doesn’t work right so the bike doesn’t track anything. The plug on the cord is the wrong size or something. I can get it to make the computer work for a couple of seconds but I have to have the plug halfway in and hanging out. And even then it’ll only work for a few seconds n then stop again. Since the cord/plug doesn’t function properly the tablet is useless. Not the end of the world but it would have been very valuable for me to keep track of all the stats so I could see where I needed improvement and where I was improving. I’ll just use the timer on my phone or something. I won’t be able to keep track of calories I’m burning or distance I’ve gone or anything but it was such a hassle for me to put the bike together I don’t wanna return it for another one and the cord goes under a metal piece above the front tire so I’d have to take that apart to get to that and that just sounds like a horrible time. I’m glad I got the bike on sale. Oh I haaaaate the pedals. They are so hard. You have to wear shoes or use a cushion or something. Barefoot was torture. But that could be because of my neuropathy. And I don’t really care for the straps on the pedals either. I own work boots but I think I need tennis shoes to fit in the straps. The phone holder could be a little more movable and slightly deeper to securely hood your phone as well but whatever. All in all I feel like the bike is a 3.5-4/5. Little nitpicks here and there but if the cord was working I could forgive everything else. At least the pedals, resistance, and brake work good.

  2. RFS

    Great bike, easy to assembleOverall I really like the bike itself. It was super easy to assemble.My only issue is that the computer/speedometer/odometer device does not work. It shuts itself off after a couple of minutes without measuring anything as if I’m not peddling.I tried switching out batteries, nothing happens. I have emailed the customer support email address, but have yet to receive a response and it’s been three weeks.Primarily I just use my phone to keep time but if I was concerned about measuring my distance, I can’t do that.Hoping maybe the seller will see this comment and advise me what to do because the email address provided in other comments… no one answers.

  3. WY

    Quality product for reasonable priceI’ve been using this high end stationary bike at the gym. I like it a lot. I wanted to buy the same one for home. But the bike at the gym costs over 2,000 dollars. I saw this product for less than 1 / 10 the cost. I worried about the quality. But I went ahead ordered it. Once I received it and opened the box, I saw that it was well made. The assembling was less taxing than many other products I had before for 2 reasons. 1.) The tools they provide are quite decent. That made the job easier. 2.) Most of the screws are already in place so I didn’t have to identify the right ones among the various sized bolts in a plastic bag. The left and the right thread on the peddles were clearly labeled. (One thread is clockwise. The other is counter-clockwise. You can mess it up by turning the wrong way.)The question is how did it perform? I didn’t detect any difference in performance between this and the one priced over 2,000 dollars at the gym. The one at the gym may be more durable, since will be used by lots of people every day. The seat is more comfortable than the one at the gym. I’m happy with this product and I would recommend itNote: It had a high pitched squeaking when I first tried. That was annoying. Then, I heard squeaking is common. Just apply lubricant. While testing, the squeaking want away at the resistance suitable to me. I didn’t even need the lubricant. Just be aware that the squeaking is common and can be dealt with.

  4. Erin

    Great, affordable, short-people-friendly, good customer serviceAs a short person, I was finding it tough to track down a stationary bike online that I could absolutely confirm would fit me. I wanted something with a heavy flywheel. I wanted something at a lower price point. And it was early enough in the pandemic that the ones I could find in places like Consumer Reports were snapped up and had long waiting lists. I took the risk on this one and it’s been worth every penny and so much more. I’ve ridden it almost everyday since it arrived (from May to February) and I ride it hard (I use workouts from the Peloton app and sometimes ride up to 2 hours a day), so, even though I haven’t had it an entire year, I think it’s proved its durability. It is also surprising how comfortable the bike seat is—any of you with a spin background know that those first few weeks on a spin bike can be really hard on the nether regions, but this is the least “breaking in” I’ve ever had to do. It is easy to assemble and easy to adjust. I asked for a replacement piece last week and it was incredibly easy: I took a photo, sent it to the seller, and they had it for me lightning fast and safely packed.PROS:-accommodates more heights than most others on the market-is incredibly affordable-has one of the heaviest flywheels on the market-durable-*excellent* customer service and 1 year warranty-does not take up tons of space-has a holder for your phone in addition to a holder for a tablet, which is not true for mostCONS:-is loud at heavier flywheel use (if you wear earbuds, this is not an issue)-the “tech” isn’t that useful—if having a bunch of stats, etc, is important to you, this is not the bike for you.-because of the stat issue, it might be tough to use if you’ve never done any spinning before and you’re trying to follow workouts you’ve found online?All in all, I find myself feeling a little bit smug when friends shell out $1800 for a home bike when I’m living my best life on the VIGBody. I highly, highly recommend.

  5. IronSkape

    Solid bike, unreliable monitorI weigh 215 lbs (hopefully less soon!) and the bike is surprisingly sturdy for the price. It’s nearly silent and the ride is very smooth. They’ve saved money in places -the handlebars don’t feel the best and the knobs and bottle holder feel pretty cheap- but it’s well-built where it counts, which is the actual wheel mechanisms. The monitor, however, is nearly useless: mine’s timer is way off. To check, I set a separate timer on my computer for 20 minutes and biked until the monitor said 20 minutes, and there was still 3 minutes and 20 seconds left on the timer when I got there. However, as I can obviously set a timer elsewhere, this isn’t a big problem, just something to be aware of so you don’t rely on the monitor to record your workouts. Still recommend!


    worksdoes the job

  7. LizW13

    Great for the priceThe bike was a little hard to assemble and the instruction book wasn’t easy, but it can easily be put together by a single person once you figure it all out. The sturdiness of the bike had to be adjusted by unscrewing one of the rubber bottoms – again easy fix. The seat cushion is a standard bike seat that’s mildly uncomfortable and you can buy a gel seat to put over.But my biggest issue is the HANDLEBARS! If you choose not to put the included mobile phone holder over the handlebars, you have a square of 4 bolts directly in the middle. Still, even if you chose to put the phone holder or monitor over that spot – it’s an awkward setup because you should have an open handlebar. The handlebar should fit on TOP of that square area with the bolts and you should have a complete U handlebar accessible to lean on. That is my biggest complaint that I have to literally avoid leaning my wrists onto it. I would consider purchasing a separate handlebar if it was available to fit this model.But the bike does run well – at least after 2 days of use. I will have to see again if it holds up.

  8. Bear Zombie

    The seat is very uncomfortable but you can go get any regular bicycle seat an it will fit it.Machine works great and was very simple to put together, it maybe took 20min to put together.The seat was not comfortable so I swapped it for a seat I found at Walmart for cheap. Other than that nothing really bad to say, its a great buy for the price. Also im 360lbs and it holds me, i wouldn’t be surprised if it would hold at least 380-400lbs.

  9. RC

    Good bikeIt’s a good bike. Took awhile to put together (which isn’t an issue). I didn’t have an instruction Manuel inside so I had to Google and watch the video (once again, not an issue) but feel like a paper instruction should be inside with the bike. I feel like I got the same parts for the bottom of the bike. I didn’t get a piece with the wheels to be able to move it without having to lift up the whole bike or scratching the floor trying to move it.

  10. Marti

    Uncomfortable seat but great bike otherwiseBike is really great but seat makes it uncomfortable riding for very long at the time. Seat crushes private area, rubs inside of thighs and makes me feel like I’m falling forward off of it. Bike seems to be able to handle the extreme but shortened rides. Had to remove the foot cages because they were too narrow for my foot to fit inside. Pedals are agressive enough without them. I’m going to keep searching for a comfortable seat to fit it.

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