Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Cadence Folding Treadmill, Easy Assembly with Bluetooth, 30-Day iFIT Membership Included

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Product details

Brand Weslo
Product Dimensions 64.5″D x 29″W x 55.5″H
Item Weight 118 Pounds
Assembly Required Yes
Display Type LCD
Number of Programs 6
  • Start Your Complimentary 30-Day iFIT Membership; Stream live and on-demand workouts on your equipment with Global Workouts and Studio Classes; Elite trainers adjust your equipment (dollar 15 value)
  • Large LCD Display; follow your workout stats in real time; iFIT-enabled for trainer-led workouts with auto-adjusting settings; integrated device shelf for using your own streaming device
  • Adjustable Speed and Incline; Manually Adjustable 2-Position Incline; 0-10 MPH Digital QuickSpeed Controls; Adjust your speed at the touch of a button or allow iFIT trainers to adjust speed for you
  • 16” x 50” Tread Belt with ComfortCell Cushioning; Folding SpaceSaver Design; Compact and comfortable design allow for a low-impact workout while making use of a minimal product footprint
  • 275 Lb. Weight Capacity; Protected with a 1-year motor and 90-day parts and labor warranty; 55.5″ x 29″ x 64.5″ Footprint


The Weslo Cadence G 5.9i gets you results within the walls of your home. Using your own streaming device, follow trainer-led workouts in the iFIT app for an immersive experience. Complete with iFIT integration, this treadmill will bring variety and adrenaline to your every workout while trainers adjust your speed in real time. Take matters into your own hands and control your workout yourself at the touch of a button with 0-10 MPH QuickSpeed controls. Adjust the incline position between workouts to target different muscle groups and engage in strength resistance training. Comfort Cell cushioning ensures a comfortable ride during your workout, and the folding SpaceSaver design guarantees maximum comfort for your living space between workouts.

From the manufacturer

treadmill, workout, exercise, fitness, sports, healthy lifestyle, weight loss, run, jog, walk, gym

A Cost-Effective Fitness Solution

Train At Home, On Your Time

Enjoy the privacy of at-home exercise. The Weslo Cadence G5.9i was built to fit into your budget without sacrificing the quality of your workout or the space in your home.

Discover A New You

Improve your health and your life as you train on the Cadence G5.9i. Bluetooth technology connects you to the thrilling world of iFit personal training, the tool that will improve your workouts and give you access to world-class personal trainers. SpaceSaving technology means you won’t have to sacrifice your living space to stay in shape.

Top Specs:

  • Enabled for the iFit In-Home Personal Training Experience
  • 2.25 HP Drive System
  • 16” x 50” Tread Belt
  • Comfort Cell Cushioning

Key Features

treadmill, workout, exercise, fitness, sports, healthy lifestyle, weight loss, run, jog, walk, gym

treadmill, workout, exercise, fitness, sports, healthy lifestyle, weight loss, run, jog, walk, gym

treadmill, workout, exercise, fitness, sports, healthy lifestyle, weight loss, run, jog, walk, gym

16″ x 50″ Tread Belt

50 inches of belt space means that you won’t run out of room as you exercise. Crafted to give you a comfortable breadth as you run, jog, or walk, users under 6 feet tall will feel right at home on their Weslo tread deck.

Protect Your Joints

Comfort Cell cushioning technology gives your joints the support they deserve, making for a more comfortable workout and a faster recovery. Getting in shape can be hard, but it shouldn’t be painful.

SpaceSaver Design

Reclaim floor space in your home with your Weslo’s innovative SpaceSaver design. Fold your treadmill up and out of the way when your workout is over, keeping the clutter out of your home.

treadmill, workout, exercise, fitness, sports, healthy lifestyle, weight loss, run, jog, walk, gym

Personalized Training in Your Home

Enjoy an elite personal training experience from the comfort of your home.

iFit Features

Enjoy an elite personal training experience from the comfort of your home.

Enjoy an elite personal training experience from the comfort of your home.

Enjoy an elite personal training experience from the comfort of your home.

Enjoy Limitless Options

iFit members gain access to an ever-expanding library of 16,000+ on-demand workouts led by elite personal trainers that offer everything from calorie-busting HIIT studio classes to exhilarating global workouts. Break free of treadmill monotony with iFit in-home personal training.

Train Across The Globe

Follow your personal trainer through rugged Icelandic terrain or the tight, cobbled streets of Italy as they digitally match your treadmill’s speed and incline to your chosen terrain. Work your way across the world as you whip your body into shape.

Intense Studio Workouts

Burn through calories quickly with access to iFit Studio Classes. Your chosen personal trainer will lead you through intense HIIT sessions and work with you from beginner to pro, controlling your machine’s speed and incline to match the workout requirements so you don’t have to.

Additional information

Weight 118 kg
Dimensions 64.5 × 29 × 55.5 cm


Product Dimensions

64.5D x 29W x 55.5H

Item Weight

118 pounds

Assembly Required


Display Type


Number of Programs


Deck Length

50 Inches

Deck Width

16 Inches

Speed Rating

10 miles_per_hour

Screen Size

5 Inches

Package Weight

53.98 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

64.5 x 29 x 55.5 inches

Brand Name


Part Number


Model Year




Date First Available

March 18 2016



8 reviews for Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Cadence Folding Treadmill, Easy Assembly with Bluetooth, 30-Day iFIT Membership Included

  1. R. Reyes

    Great treadmill that I -RUN- on!INITIAL REVIEW (April 2018): If you’re like me, you’re probably looking for a treadmill to RUN on. After endless searching I was finally able to find a treadmill that fits my budget. I -RUN- on this treadmill about 3-4 times a week at about 6-7 (what i believe is mph) on the treadmill. I’ve had this for about a month now and it’s been holding up just fine. What I have noticed, is that if you are used to running on the larger treadmills that you find at most club gyms, the speed seems to be off. On a Precor 946i (what all 24 Hour Fitness’ seems to be using), a 6mph setting seems to be equivalent to a 5mph on the Welso 5.9. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the Precors just being broken in but the Welso speeds seem to be almost a full 1-1.5 mph faster.Another thing i’ve noticed is that the HEART RATE-thumb pulse monitor takes about 4-5 seconds to return with a reading. Not that big of a deal, but seems to be taking a lot of time to do this when you are actively in a run. The monitor also displays about 3 different numbers when taking your pulse–not sure which one is right, but either way, they are all waaaaayyyyyy off. And by way off, i mean at least 20 or so beats-per-minute lower than what it actually is. Rely on your personal heart rate monitor for real results.The SETUP is easy, just like everyone mentions. No real issues. It takes about 30-40 minutes or so to assemble everything and it even comes with a small tube of treadmill lube. One of the features for the 5.9i versus the 5.9 is the addition of the “iFit” workout feature which bluetooths to your device to provide Google Map runs, fit tracking, etc. I never connected mine so I really don’t know too much about it. One thing I did notice, is that once I put everything together and turned it on, the belt didn’t move. It was stuck in “display mode”. I checked the manual but it didn’t say anything about how to get it out of Display Mode. I called Customer Service, who were nice and really helpful, and was told to push and hold the “iFit” button for a few seconds and the display will reset and will begin working normally. This was not in the manual and not on YouTube.PACKAGING seemed fine and I saw that the thickness of the shipping carton was about half the width of a Sharpie marker. The carton had sufficient fillers to prevent items from shifting…not sure why others received theirs broken. One reviewer said to pay extra for shipping so that it spends less time in transit, but I received mine via Prime shipping with no issues. Delivered by Amazon contractor via a large container truck.Now for the NOISE. I have my treadmill set atop an treadmill mat which is on carpet. Even with this, it is still loud. Now, I’m not sure if i’m just used to being at 24 Hour Fitness and not noticing the noise of the treadmill, but if you are in an apartment, expect the noise to bleed through the walls. Not blender loud, but maybe hairdryer loud. For an hour, or however long you are on it. My Roomba robot vacuum is about the same amount of noise pollution (of course i haven’t tested this with a decibel meter), but if you have heard a Roomba, you know what i’m talking about. Building construction being what it is these days with hollow walls, you may want to stay at the gym if noise concerns you.CONSTRUCTION seems to be slightly above average in regards to budget treadmills. I’ve purchased the SquareTrade Protection Plan for this in case the running board breaks. The noise may be attributed to the type of wood used for the running board, but who knows. The display is NOT backlit which may be a problem depending on where you put this.Recommendation: -Purchase some legit treadmill lube. My wife bought me SpotOn treadmill lube which is great because it has a detachable hose that you can use to fit underneath the treadmill belt. $13.95 here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0153WN84E/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1-Treadmill running mat. These are pretty much the run-of-the-mill mats; nothing special. I got mine for $22. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0153WN84E/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1Overall, after 1.5 months of having the treadmill, I am very satisfied with it.UPDATE (June 10, 2018): Treadmill is still running great. I add Treadmill oil under the belt about every two weeks or so. One thing that I’ve noticed that I forgot to mention was that the display does not have a “Display Lock” that other treadmills may have. This means that the information on the display will constantly rotate and you cannot ‘lock it’ to display “Distance”, or “Calories Burned”, for example.Another bit I forgot to mention is that when you change speed, it does not give you any “new calories burned per hour”. This is a common feature on fitness club treadmills that I got used to and don’t have anymore. Not a big deal, but just wanted to add that in.Tried to use the iFit activation code that came with my treadmill and it doesn’t work. So much for that.The speed is slowly starting to either match what it should be (from being 1.5 mph too fast) or that I’m getting used to it. Can’t tell anymore. Maybe the motor just needed to break-in.UPDATE: June 2021It’s been a few years and this treadmill is -still- running great. I do add the same treadmill lubricant underneath the belt every so often but it’s still working perfectly. I have since bought a cover to place on it but other than that, I’ve done nothing else. The treadmill still gets used about 3-4 times a week. One day I’ll get some kind of light to illuminate the display so I can see what it says when it’s dark but that’s about it. Still works wonderfully!

  2. Amazon Customer

    Great treadmill!We purchased this originally in July 2019 and it’s still going strong with light to moderate use. I noticed the belt started gripping recently which would almost make me faceplant, I knew it was finally time to lube the belt. Yes I’m not great on maintenance. Since then it seems to be working fine.Summary: it’s a great little treadmill & seems to do everything I need. Don’t expect it to be the same caliber as a $1000+ treadmill, but it will get the job done!After making my spouse fix our old treadmill for the umpteenth time and us both being unsuccessful at our most recent attempt to fix it, I had decided that maybe it would be easier to buy a new one. We settled on the Weslo 5.9i because it seemed like the most bang for your buck in the lower-end treadmill category.Firstly, it came very quickly (great job on fulfillment!) and the treadmill and box were undamaged. Some people have had worse luck and theirs came damaged but I guess we’re the lucky ones. It was pretty light for a treadmill which helped with getting it inside and ready for assembly.On to assembly, other reviewers said that it took 15 minutes. I guess we’re not as lucky in that category. Following the instructions, it was hard to get the four bolts that end up on the bottom (when turned upright) aligned properly. It was definitely a two person job to help lift the treadmill and align the bolts. After we got that situated the rest of the assembly was pretty easy. A few things took some strength to screw in all the way but it went fairly quickly after that initial inconvenience.Once we got it assembled and in place, we plugged it into a surge protector as is recommended by the manufacturer. Then we switched on the power and were greeted by “Hello” on the screen. The sticker on the display says that you have to register the device online but you can easily bypass this by holding down the “Bluetooth” button for about 15-20 seconds as another reviewer suggested (thanks!).Starting up it’s a little jolt but not too bad. As long as you have average balance capabilities this should not be a problem for you. From there you can increase or decrease your speed by .1 mph by pressing the “+” or “-“ button respectively or by selecting a number on the display (1-10) and it will increase to that number in mph. There are also some pre-programmed workouts but I have yet to try these.The display is not backlit and can be difficult to see without proper lighting but I don’t consider this much of an inconvenience since the price was right. There is a large shelf above the control panel that can easily hold a tablet. The cup holders don’t seems like they would really hold drinks well if the machine was being jostled too much because that area is basically a little shelf with a slight cutout to accommodate round objects.The treadmill deck is not as wide as my old treadmill but it still seems like a comfortable enough width. I don’t feel like I’m going to accidentally step on the sides. As for length I normally walk close to the front of the treadmill deck but I don’t have to with this one. The deck seems long enough that running would be fine for someone near my height. For reference, I am 5’4” with legs on the shorter side, but I feel like this could pretty easily accommodate taller people for walking but may not be comfortable for running.A compelling point for me to want this treadmill is that has a much larger deck than other treadmills around the same price point. This treadmill deck is about 11 inches longer and 3 inches wider than comparable treadmills. This deck is advertised at 16” width by 50” length.The treadmill itself is fairly quiet which is nice. There is a little squeaking at times but I was able to fix that by tightening the bolts on the bottom.Lastly, there is an incline feature. If you’re looking for power incline though, look elsewhere. If you lift the treadmill deck, there are little plastic feet that can be propped up to decrease incline or folded in to increase incline. It was very easy to figure out and to adjust so I am happy with how this works.Overall, I would absolutely recommend this treadmill to a friend and I am hoping that with proper care, it will last a long time.

  3. Cold Hard Truth

    Very good basic treadmill once you get past the scam!This treadmill was easy to assemble and light enough to move to an upstairs bedroom. It’s very well built.Now the negative, it is very dishonest of Weslow and Ifit to tell purchasers the machine is locked and cannot be used until you activate it online, which tries to get you to subscribe to a monthly paid service. The truth is, It can be unlocked without doing any of that! But nowhere in the printed material does it tell you how to specifically do that. The only mention says to call them if you don’t have internet access.I can recommend this treadmill to anyone who want a well built basic treadmill. To activate the machine and use it without any online activation of fees, just PRESS AND HOLD THE BLUETOOTH KEY.

  4. Gerry S

    Works Great…FinallyGot the unit, dragged it to the basement, put it together, plugged in the key and … nothing. It would not power up! After a frustrating week of trying to get some customer service help and after threatening to return this thing to Amazon, a guy from the company finally called me. Apparently, the control unit was locked out. I had to press and hold the Bluetooth button for 20 seconds or so to activate the unit. This worked! So, why wasn’t this procedure mentioned in the instructions?! Would have saved a week of annoyance and hassle. Anyway, now we’re very happy with the unit. It works very well and is a great value for the money.

  5. JustMe

    Awesome!This was much larger than I was anticipating, but I’m very happy with it. We had a heck of a time trying to get the first part on, turns out we had to loosen the bolt on the side to get the holes to line up properly…just an FYI if anyone else is having issues. It works quite well, and I am super pleased.

  6. Jorge

    10 meses de uso: Cumple a pesar de las imperfecciones#Reseña original# Un orificio esta mal hecho por lo que el tornillo no entra por completo, lo ‘solucione’ usando una tuerca para que el tornillo no quede a medias y apriete contra el marco; definitivamente es un problema recurrente de fabricacionPara ‘activar’ el aparato hay que mantener presionado el boton de bluetooth, pero esto no aparece listado en las instrucciones, de hecho, en las instrucciones menciona que es necesario activar la cuenta de iFit para poder usarla, y resulta que ese servicio requiere tus datos de tarjeta de credito aunque sea para el periodo de prueba. En teoria… ademas de comprar deberias estar pagando mensualidad para poder usar el aparatoPor dos problemas recurrentes, le quito dos estrellasSobre el funcionamiento, el ancho y largo de la cinta es buena para caminar y trotar ligeramente. No es para correr ya que siendo tan angosto hay que estar muy atentos a que la zancada sea ‘perfecta’ para no pisar los bordes fijos. Para uso de rehabilitacion, esta muy bienEl espacio para colocar bebidas es completamente plano, no esta ‘hundido’ con las habituales paredes que sostienen el recipiente en su lugar asi que no es nada practico, corres el riesgo que tu bebida se caiga por la vibracionLos tornillos para instalar el seguro que permite guardar la cinta de manera vertical son muy delgados, da la impresion de que se pueden romper, no dan nada de confianza.Por las dimensiones y peso debe realizar Entrega Programada donde tu eliges fecha, segun las politicas de Amazon, el transportista debe contactarte un dia antes y despues una hora antes de la entrega. En mi caso, se comunicaron hasta que necesitaban acceso al condominio. Para la entrega, asegurate de tener despejada el area donde deben dejar el aparato. Recuerda que ellos estan obligados a llevar carga hasta 5 pisos de altura cuando no hay elevador.Lo unico que salva la compra es el precio, tras estarla monitoreando por cuatro meses, compre cuando estuvo ‘de oferta’ y llego al mismo precio de Amazon y Walmart USA (segun la conversion de divisa) y despues de aplicar treinta mil cupones#reseña 10 meses después#Sigue funcionando, cero problemas, no olvides limpiarla y si le pones una toalla encima… Ya valió, mejor regalarla.Ya, en serio. No he tenido problemas, hoy traté de lubricarla y la herramienta se fue por la ranura hacia el motor, solamente tiene cinco tornillos que con desarmador de cruz poder desarmar y armar de vuelta en menos de cinco minutos.Mi único pero es que el sensor de pulso te obliga a estar inmóvil, es mejor comprar una cinta cardíaca para monitorear y no lastimarse.

  7. Maria-Esther Puente

    Viene con defectoNo lo compren!!! Trae un defecto de fábrica. Fue imposible armarla y la tuve que regresar. Aún no recibo el reembolso.

  8. Jim O’Brien

    Good treadmill until it started malfunctioningI purchased this treadmill in March 2021; however, I didn’t actually really start using it until November 2021. It’s easy to assemble, has a relatively small foot print and it’s easy to fold up. While it was working correctly it was great, no complaints. I don’t do a lot of running, mostly just walking between 3-4 miles per hour; however, once in a while I will jog. Since January 2022 I’ve been using it everyday, about an hour a day over a couple of 30 minute sessions. It’s now the end of February and the last couple of weeks it will stop while I’m walking on it. When I step off it starts up again, but as soon as I step on it stops. I keep changing speeds and usually after 5 or 6 times it will actually stay running. I’m sure it will eventually just quit totally. I’m not sure what is wrong but obviously the motor has become faulty in a very short period of time. I think it maybe just under-powered and I have worn it out in only a few months. I’m 215lbs, so I definitely fall under the 250lb weight capacity. Anyway, be cautious, it’s a great treadmill when it’s working, but I think I will be having to buy a new treadmill before the end of this year.

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