Weston Arrow Saw 8000 RPM with Dust Collector (52-0601-W)

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Product details

Brand Weston
Color Attachment
Blade Material High Speed Steel
Surface Recommendation Wood
Power Source Battery Powered
Special Feature Manual
  • Complete arrow saw kit includes arrow saw, 2 blades, 2 arrow spin testers and 2 Dust collector adapters
  • Precise arrow cutting cuts all types of arrow shafts and features a measuring scale for accuracy and rubber feet to prevent slipping
  • 2 spin testers create straight, true arrows that are as good as the ones in your favorite pro-shop
  • 8, 000 rpm blade speed provides fast cutting and comes with blade shield for safety
  • Collects wood shavings and dust while cutting
  • 2 dust-collector adapters 1 -1/4” (3. 2 cm) and 2- 1/4” (5. 7 cm) sizes fit most shop and home vacuums – Shop vacuum not included


Weston arrow saw dust collector has a 8, 000 rpm continuous blade speed. It is designed to cut all types of arrow shafts. Fixed measuring scale ensures accurately cut Arrows every time. Two dust collector adapters (11/4″(3. 2cm) and 2 1/4″(5. 7cm) fit most shop and home vacuums. Protective blade cover.

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Legal Disclaimer

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Additional information

Weight 8.91 kg
Dimensions 41.5 × 6.75 × 6.75 cm




Blade Material

High Speed Steel

Surface Recommendation


Power Source

Battery Powered

Special Feature


Included Components

Complete arrow saw kit includes arrow saw 2 blades 2 arrow spin testers and 2 dust collector adapters


8000 RPM

Blade Length

4 Inches

Product Dimensions

41.5L x 6.75W x 6.75H, 6.75 x 41.5 x 6.75 inches

Item Weight

8.91 Pounds





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Item model number


Date First Available

September 27 2010


Pragotrade, Weston

10 reviews for Weston Arrow Saw 8000 RPM with Dust Collector (52-0601-W)

  1. Michael Tucker

    Outstanding product99% of bowshops have this saw! Works great with the ability to hook up a vacuum to it. Comes with a extra blade and wrenches. Could not be more happy!

  2. Keith C. Parsels

    exactly what i wanted.said it in the headline,

  3. AKMonkey

    Dial in your arrow length!This is a capable arrow saw that can save you money and help you dial in your arrows for the best flight possible for your bow’s draw weight and your personal draw length.I’ve been saving money on arrows by buying bare shafts and installing the vanes, nocks, and inserts myself. Part of customizing your arrows, though, is getting them to the length you need to make sure they’re long enough to clear your arrow rest by at least an inch but not so long that they are either too flexible or heavier than necessary for good, accurate flight.In the past I’ve ordered arrows cut to length, had a local shop cut them for me, or used a home-made saw jig using a Dremel tool. This Weston saw is a much better option for me.I like to start with my arrows longer than I think I’ll need, and install the point inserts temporarily with hot melt glue. Once I’ve got my centershot tuning dialed in (using bareshaft tuning to get the rest/nock point elevation right, and French tuning to get the windage correct) I go back to the bareshaft tuning to compare the point of impact of bare shafts to fletched arrows. If the bare shafts hit the target to the right of the fletched shafts, I can heat the tips, pull the inserts, shorten the shafts, reinstall the inserts, and try again. Shortening arrows like this will reduce the flex of the arrows in flight, and move the bare-shaft arrows to the left. Once the bare shafts and fletched arrows are grouping together, I know that my broadheads will also fly true. Having this easy-to-use arrow saw at home makes this process as convenient as possible.I use 2 drywall screws to secure the saw base to my work bench. When I’m done cutting arrows the screws are easy to remove so I can store the saw and reclaim the work space. I just re-use the same screw holes when its time to get the saw out again. I highly recommend screwing it down if you can, but it isn’t strictly necessary, as there are rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding around.I have found the saw handy and a good investment. Let me know if you found my review helpful.

  4. Robert Aldaz

    Saves alot of arrow cutting šŸ‘ šŸ‘ŒWorks great šŸ‘ šŸ‘Œ šŸ‘ I used to do it by hand with a tube cutter

  5. jake priest

    Cant beat it for the price.Cant beat it for the price. Feels well made. Some people complained about the saw bogging down…any saw will do that if you jam the shaft in there. A slow roll with slight pressure is the key. I cut a dozen FMJ 6mm shafts in 5 minutes. The block that holds the nock end is a little tricky but once it’s set lock it down and it’s fine. It tends to wobble back and forth a hair but it didn’t cause me to cut any too short. The vacuum attachment is nice but the adapter was a little difficult to get on to the hose. The included arrow spinners are just ok. They just sit on the saw and dont clamp down. The bearings were screwed on a little tight so I backed them off and it seemed to help. A good investment if you like building your own arrows. Cut my fat target shafts well too.

  6. Tom McGee

    Cuts through carbon like a hot knife through butterCuts through carbon like a hot knife through butter. The nock holder does walk a little when you tighten it, but not much of a problem. I didn’t understand some peoples complaint about having to mount the measuring tape, or the fact that it had come loose. I had little or no issue mounting it, and if it decides to become delaminated, I’ll put a piece or clear packing tape over it. For a home option for cutting arrows I think its great. I’m not cutting dozens on end of different lengths, much like a pro shop would. One other comment I found a little strange “Vibrates a lot, mount it to something solid” . I would not recommend mounting it to a TV tray but I didn’t notice any undue vibration. Since I don’t want to leave it setup all the time, I just used a couple of small C-clamps to mount it to my bench without any vibration issues.

  7. Roland Muts

    Simple saw – works as designed (and described)This saw works as expected.The manual says to mount it onto a table, workspace, to minimize the vibrations when the saw is running.There’s some minor assembly required: a clear plastic ‘shield’, that would catch any flying pieces of shaft and/or blade; and tacking the measuring tape onto the assembly itself. Read those instructions carefully – there’s some offset needed. If you don’t follow the written instruction, and only go off the drawing – your shafts will be 3/8s of an inch off.Also keep in mind that these measurements are done assuming you’re sawing a ‘raw’ shaft. If you have a nock already assembled to the arrow – that of course throws off the measuring a bit as well.Other than that, couldn’t be happier.Am using judo points, fixed to carbon arrows, shooting at cans – and am breaking a bunch of arrows. So hopefully i can minimize the loss a bit using this saw šŸ˜‰

  8. Hunter 9

    Good quality sawThe saw cuts as it should, doesn’t really bog down at all. The dust collector is definitely worth having. The saw doesn’t move on the counter like some say it does, at least mine doesn’t. The only negative is the arrow spinner is worthless imo

  9. Amazon Customer

    Very niceJust what I needed

  10. Mr. J.

    Poor quality workmanshipThis saw is a good idea for a quick and inexpensive way to cut arrows but the quality is poor at least on the one I received. Motor is rattley as if the front bearing is bad. the holes in the rest which holds the dust cover were not drilled perpendicular to main bar so I had to drill them both out to give me the ability to straighten it. I also wish the wing bolt on the other rest which is adjustable was a little longer and pointed. When you set the length and tighten it it walks on the main bar and can lift as well. If I were to buy it over with this knowledge I would have looked for something that was machined well and more precise in it’s ‘out of the box’ ability to function.

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