Women’s Health Men’s Health Bluetooth Cardio Stair Stepper with Adjustable Resistance Bands and with MyCloudFitness App, Black

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  • 250 Lbs Weight Capacity Which Is Substantially More Capacity Than Most Other Steppers
  • Bluetooth Smart Cloud Fitness With Free Mycloudfitness App Available On Ios/Android To Help Track And Monitor Your Workouts
  • A Lcd Display Features Steps/Min, Total Step Count, Time, Calories Burned, And Scan
  • Increase Your Workout Intensity By Adjusting The Step Height Up To 10”


Step Into A Great Workout With The Women’S Health Men’S Health Stepper With Resistance Bands. The Compact Design Is Ideal For Home Or Office To Work On Your Calves, Thighs, Buttocks And More. It Provides Actual Step Motion Rather Than Swivel Motion On Other Steppers, Which Results Less Impact On Knees And Allows You To Burn More Calories While Exercising. No More Knee Pain Due To Workouts! Don’T Just Work Out Your Legs, With The Adjustable Length Resistance Bands Get In Your Upper Body Work Out While Stepping. Get A Great Workout At Home Or Work With Women’S Health Men’S Health Stepper With Resistance Bands.

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Additional information

Weight 14.52 kg
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 10 cm
Package Weight

14.52 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

23 x 16 x 19 inches

Item Weight

30.9 Pounds

Brand Name

Womens Health Mens Health

Warranty Description

2 years Frame 1 year parts

Model Name

Womens Health Mens Health Stepper with Resistance Bands





Suggested Users


Part Number


Included Components

Stepper manual hardware



Date First Available

April 6 2020


Paradigm Health and Wellness

10 reviews for Women’s Health Men’s Health Bluetooth Cardio Stair Stepper with Adjustable Resistance Bands and with MyCloudFitness App, Black

  1. Toby McGrath

    Highly Recommended… Don’t expect similar results to your gyms $3,000 stairclimber thoughI was initially skeptical about this stepper when reading reviews but I figured I’d give it a try.I was mostly concerned about the quality of workout I could get on this. I am happy to say that it is great! I can sweat like crazy and feel a good burn in my legs after about 10-15 minutes on this stepper. The step travel is about 10-12 inches up and down and the resistance is solid in the beginning.My only complaint about this machine is that it’s not great after about 15 minutes of use. Once the hydraulic’s heat up, the resistance is hardly noticeable. It’s not horrible because you can still continue and get a good workout in, but it feels less like climbing stairs and more like an elliptical on a low resistance setting. I can’t knock the stepper too much for this issue because it’s most likely a given for any equipment that uses hydraulics. I used the stepper for about 50 minutes the other day and it held up just fine and it was honestly nice to have the resistance lower over time because I was getting tired. The lower resistance also makes it easier to speed up your steps and really get your heart rate up.I’m 6’4″ and about 200 pounds and I’m in pretty good shape. I usually lift weights and don’t do much cardio but gyms are closed were I live and I wanted something to burn calories and stay in shape during shut down. I think this stepper is worth the price. It’s not as good as fancy equipment at a gym but when you compare the prices, it’s a great deal.The bands that come with the machine are well constructed. They don’t have tons of resistance for someone that’s strong but they’re perfect for shoulder raises and light weight curls if you increase the resistance all the way. I wouldn’t expect to do deadlifts or squats with them though.The electronics have worked really well so far. It’s nice to be able to keep track of time, steps and calories burned to stay consistent with workouts.Overall construction is pretty good. It’s a tiny bit wobbly, but I think it’s normal give due to the fact that the bolts holding it together aren’t fitted with bushings to make them fit snuggly in their holes. I don’t expect the machine to deteriorate over time. If the bolts do loosen, it looks like it would be easy to tighten them up.The petals are very large. I wear size 13 shoes and I have no problem fitting my foot on the petal. I think pretty much anyones feet will fit on the petal unless you’re like 7 feet tall, and even then I think there’s a good chance. The petals have a nice grip and there’s really no chance of slipping off.

  2. Jennifer

    Love it!No issues with my stepper. It’s great to get some exercise while working or watching tv. Totally worth it!

  3. neelyak040

    Resistance is not actually adjustableWhen you turn the resistance knob, all it does is adjust the HEIGHT of the step. The RESISTANCE of the step (how much force is needed to push it down) does not change.The “resistance” knob was extremely hard to turn!!! I had to use a towel to get a better grip on it, and even with that it was so hard to turn that my hand was in pain by the time I was finished raising the height of the step. Admittedly I am a petite woman and I don’t have the strongest hands, but I shouldn’t have to call a man to come over and turn this knob for me. This will be absolutely impossible for someone who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome.The machine is beyond sturdy and solid with a large overall footprint and large foot pedals. It is much heavier and larger than the other steppers I have tried. It is not as easy to tuck away (which is unfortunate because it’s SO UGLY) but there’s no doubt this thing will stay in place as you are exercising on it.If you have balance issues, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this one. Although it does have a wide footprint, it is also very tall. When on the machine, you’re standing high up in the air compared to other mini steppers.Lastly, the foot petals are uncomfortable for use without shoes. They have a hard plastic raised texture. Surely good for traction, but not at all good for comfort on a bare foot. I love to hop on my stepper quickly whenever I have a few free minutes and not have to do anything to get ready, so as minor as this sounds, it is actually a deterrent for me.I haven’t tried the Bluetooth/app function yet. However, be aware that the trainer videos on the app are part of a free TRIAL. They actually want you to pay $14.99/mo. for this feature after 30 days. The basic workout tracker feature is free, though.PROS: Sturdy, seems good for all body sizes, adjustable step height, adjustable length resistance bands, ability to lock steps in placeCONS: Ugly AF, hard to adjust, uncomfortable on the feet, too big and heavy to tuck it away, high off the ground, not all features on the app are free

  4. Geena

    I really love it but ….This thing ROCKS. For starters I got my disbelieving bf to go from openly sneering at it, to stepping on it on for 5-10 min on his way from the home office to the kitchen for a coffee refill, AND HE TOLD ME HE ENJOYS IT!!What I love: it feels great using it once you’re in a rhythm like I’m working up a decent sweat while stepping. Love that I can take a break from my office chair (which is sometimes my sofa) and stand up to move. I can play some EDM in my headphones and feel like I’m on a stage dancing (I’m not weird you’re weird) and it’s SO quiet that it doesn’t bother my bf who also works from home while he’s on a work call/zoom. Love that accommodates my 6’2 bf as well as my own 5’0 stride without having to change it between uses. So I feel like it’s great for all heights. Being on it for 10-15 or 20 min I feel charged up and sweaty like I just hiked. Chefs kiss.What I don’t love: according to my fitbit charge and my bfs Amazon halo, our “steps” on the machine don’t actually count as a full stride. It takes about 1.5-2 “stepper steps” to equal a regular “walking step” in order to get the correct mileage, if you will. Which honestly is disappointing after feeling so awesome for thinking I’m getting great cardio AND steps. (Guess you can’t have both) Another don’t love. The area where your foot goes has lines, for grip I guess, but they also have holes where the screws hold it into place and unfortunately for me, it’s very uncomfortable underfoot. If I’m wearing socks I notice it less, but my work around (other than wearing shoes which we don’t in the house) was to buy a cheap dollar store mat and cut it to fit. Not the end of the world but enough to bother me.We kept it because I enjoy the cardio I get out of it, but it IS worth noting that while you get a great workout, you don’t get “steps” out of it. So depending on your goal that may be something to consider.

  5. Lizard

    A beast of machineI seen some reviews of people complianing about squeaking noise, and bulky. Look it’s a hydraulic system gonna make some noise. It doesn’t brother me. Another comment it bulky. Yes it is. Heavy hard move around. I put mat under it and just slide where i want set it up. Yes i have small mini Sunny or whatever brand. Its good as well. You can’t compare to this monster. You only need to know how workout. You can use pins to lock in place to do step ups, Alternate lungs. Dips. Incline decline push up. Glute Bridges. Side step and of coasre what it intended to do which is a stepper. It heavy and wont bugle that perfect for variety of workouts! The Sunny stepper which i have you cannot do those activites. Now i know why it on higher end but if know what doing. It might be best compact lower body machine available. If want easy causal go for 40 -60 range. If want build a better body you go for this. The complaints and other review are legitimate. This unit cost money. But i really like so far.

  6. Come on Eileen

    Great for small spacesIt was easy to set up if you follow the instructions. It can be quite a work out and it fits in a small space. At 57 I do have to hold on to a tall piece of furniture to use it but that does not bother me.

  7. Christina Takach

    CHANGED MY LIFE AND ATTITUDE IN 2 MONTHS!I don’t write reviews unless I get something free so this is saying something, lol. CHANGED MY LIFE in 2 MONTHS! I LOST 15lbs ALREADY!!! I am 33 5’3” and was 125/130 lb from my 20s until about 30. By 33 I realized oh my gosh I am holding a stable weight of 155/160 this is a problem and will only get harder, especially sitting around and working from home due to Covid. Then this came to me!! I started Feb8th at 155lbs, the first week I was only using the stepper ten minutes a day while using the arm bands, just regular curls, and I started a diet of 1200 calories TRACKING it on my free LOSE IT APP. Every week from there I upped it 5 minutes until I got to 40 minutes, and did not use the arms the entire time like I did the first week, because it’s a lot harder than you would think! I found myself losing 2 lbs a week AND KEEPING IT OFF!!! I did start adding in what is called Ab Ripper X every Wednesday and Saturday by the third week (it is only 15 minutes and link is attached, FYI the first few weeks are horrible and your form will be that of a flopping fish dying out of water) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=blcMkR_8TQ8&t=7s# I feel great and look great, only 10 more lbs to go!!!! Perfect for a small place, easy to move, just all over the place amazing. I wanted a stairclimber but in no way could afford it and this is even better because of space, price, and multiple ways to use it. Today’s date is 3/31/21 so this product sure says something in that short amount of time, because I do not exercise in any other way.

  8. Addie

    Answer to most questions and concernsI just received today. I did a lot of research on the mini stepper and I compared others to this one. By far this one seemed to be the most sturdy, robust one I could find. The only thing I was skeptical about is the weight capacity. I am a bit heavier (267) than the recommended weight capacity. With that being said, I took a chance on it anyway. After I assembled the parts and got it all figured out, I stepped on it expecting the worst. It actually holds my weight pretty well. This machine is very quiet with the exception of the pedal hitting the base, the adjustment of the knob helped with that problem. It took me a few tries to get everything adjusted the way I want it but it is definitely a workout. I have an exercise room with several exercise machines but it’s so bring in there. I wanted something I could use in my living room when I’m watching tv. It is the perfect size for the corner space. Out of the way and easy access when I want to use it. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a small machine. It is a lot larger than the average mini stepper. But that is exactly why I bought it. It is very heavy duty. Not your cheaply made equipment you might use once and never again. A lot of people are complaining about the assembly and instructions. It’s simple. Put the knob in the front and turn it all the way in. Do not insert the pins. Put that away for when you want to use the stepper for push-ups or whatever other exercise this is not made for. It’s simple, knob turned all the way in, no pins. That simple. I’m not interested in the Bluetooth so I didn’t set that up.

  9. Bill

    Best I have used – very good machineVery good, simple to assemble, simple to use. App is full of pay to join a workout plan, annoying! Equipment is really great anything less than three stars would be very questionable from what I see.

  10. The flower

    UPDATED REVIEW!When it first arrived, instructions were super vague. I couldn’t get the stepper to start working until I read the question section (on amazon) and saw that others were having the same issue. I followed their instructions and sure enough it started working. The stepper was sturdy and felt legit. When I began my first work out, the stepper kept making a noise as if though air was being pushed out. I figured it was because I needed to break it in so I ignored the air sound and kept working out. On the second week of having the stepper, it began making a really loud squeaky noise. I remember reading the manual and in there was something about troubleshooting a squeaky stepper. I checked the bolts and cleaned the stepper with a clean damp cloth, like the manual said to do, but the squeaking noise was still there. To say the least, I’m super disappointed with this stepper. I bought it in the hopes of it being the ultimate stepper but it doesn’t live up to the price I payed. If the squeaking didn’t happen so soon I would have probably rated this stepper 5 stars because it makes you sweat like no other stepper has ever made me sweat before. I’ve emailed the manufacturer and hope they can help me with the squeaking sound because it’s really annoying. If so, I’ll definitely be changing my review. I’ll keep y’all updated.UPDATE! Hands downs the BEST customer service I’ve EVER experience! It took them less than 2 days to reply to my email. They asked for my mailing address and proof of purchase and without hesitation, send me a new stepper! Joe (customer service dude) guaranteed me that he would personally make sure that the new unit would be in perfect conditions and sure enough the new stepper works PERFECT! No more noise WHAT SO EVER! I now get to workout early in the mornings with out waking up my daughter!! It’s legitimately the ultimate stepper.

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