Yes4All 3 in 1 Foam Plyo Box, Plyometric Box Platform for Crossfit, Jump Training, MMA & Conditioning

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  • STRONG AND STURDY CONSTRUCTION: The thick, durable vinyl cover resists wear and tear while remaining firm even after heavy use. You do not have to worry about dirt & footprints as PVC covering allows you to wipe clean the box quickly & conveniently
  • BUILD STRENGTH AND EXPLOSIVE POWER: Perfect for plyometric & HIIT exercises, MMA workouts, 3 different height settings let you control the difficulty levels for push-ups, step-ups, box-squats, squats, lunges, dips and many more
  • BENEFITS OF PLYOMETRIC TRAINING: Increase the elasticity and muscle strength thus reduce the risk of injuries; it also improves physical speed and helps your body burn calories and hasten weight loss effectively
  • DIMENSIONS: 30 x 24 x 20” (L x W x H). Weight: 64 lbs. Our Foam Plyo Box is made from high quality foam and PVC leather. Built to last, the box can hold up to 440 lbs.
  • ADJUSTABLE & EXTRA SAFE DESIGN: 3 sided unique designs offer 3 different heights. PVC leather covers prevents slipping and makes it easier on your skin & your shins on missed steps


From the manufacturer

About Us


Way back into 2010, when we began a small business, we just sold some sport equipments and yoga accessories online. Two years later, beyond expectation, our sales increased twice per year and we witnessed the unstoppable growth of Yes4All.

Achieving the success as today, we would like to say thank you to the amount of efforts and brainpower behind the scene of all young and dynamic staff members working at Yes4All. With our endless human creativity within, we assure that each product we design is based on our motto “HIGHER QUALITY, BETTER PRI-CE.”

Yes4All is dedicated to making yoga, fitness products, pet & home appliances and car accessories accessible to all.

Additional information

Weight 32.66 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25.1 × 20.6 cm
Package Weight

32.66 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

30.7 x 24.4 x 20.5 inches

Item Weight

64 Pounds

Brand Name


Warranty Description

1 year warranty

Model Name



Dark Blue



Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number



D. Heavy Duty – 30 x 24 x 20 – 64LB

Included Components

Soft Plyo Box


30 x 24 x 20



Date First Available

August 16 2018



10 reviews for Yes4All 3 in 1 Foam Plyo Box, Plyometric Box Platform for Crossfit, Jump Training, MMA & Conditioning

  1. Tall T

    Excellent qualityExcellent quality. Much better than expected. Highly recommended.

  2. A smity

    What you’d expectThis one seems heavy enough to resist moving when jumping up as long as it sits on a material that is not too slick. Good product.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Great quality aLove it for my box jumps. Love the material.

  4. zach sorg

    Love the product. Very sturdy, smooth landing and easy on the joints.Works great however it came with an inch incision on one side of the cube. I just kept it opposed to the hassle of sending it back. I typically just put that side down or to the side depending on what height I’m jumping. Great product otherwise. Great on joints. Smooth Landing.

  5. vince piccolo

    Not sturdy enough.I bought this 16/18/20” box for box jumps. I also have the 12/14/16” box which feels much sturdier. The 16/18/20” box is softer and not as sturdy. It is ok, I just have to be careful using it. Good enough that I won’t try to return it, but also would not buy again & would not recommend it.

  6. Drew Anderson

    Not Perfect but Still ExcellentI bought this jump box to use with some of the clients in my boot camp class. They hesitated to use the regular plyo boxes because of too many scraped shins. So I ordered this box. The 20″ side is great and what we use the most for circuits that involve jumping. It is the most stable height. But you still have to make sure it’s on a non-slippery surface and that you’re not landing on the edges. Several of the ladies use the 24″ height. As long as they land squarely on the platform it’s good. To use the 30″ height we prop it against a heavier object (such as the 300 lbs tire).One of the tricks we’ve learned is to fold a yoga mat beneath it. That really seems to help keep it from sliding. Don’t get me wrong, sliding is not a major issue and only a small annoyance if you happen to pay attention to it.When you land on the box it is firm and has very little give. And if you miss a jump your shins will not suffer. Several of the boot camp ladies have challenged themselves to attempting to jump to the higher heights because they’re comfortable enough to know that if they miss they’re not going to get hurt like they would with the solid metal or wood plyo boxes.I may add another one of these exact boxes to my equipment room. They are worth the money.Update – It’s been almost a year since I bought this box. I’ve really been pleased with how little wear and tear is showing. Some of my clients aren’t the most nimble of jumpers and land pretty hard on it, stressing the seams. But there is no sign that any seam or zipper is getting ready to fail and start tearing. This box gets pulled out 2-3 times a week, so it’s been through a lot. Still a great buy.

  7. Doyle D. Maunder

    Makes for an excellent box thing. Also BONUS feature.It does box jump things and it does them well. Heavy so won’t tip over. Wouldn’t want that.BONUS: It a moment of sheer madness (genius?) I decided to set it next to my reclining sofa. Makes for an excellent beverage/sandwich plate holder table thing since there’s only so much jumpy stuff I can do in a given week. It’s quirky aesthetic goes well in my space and doesn’t scream, “boring end table.” It’s also height adjustable. Never seen an end table do that before. Highly recommended.

  8. Victoria M

    Not good for Jumping.I purchase this to use for box jump workouts. The first thing I felt was the passing, which didn’t firm enough. I put it on the 16in., I jumped on it and immediately felt like there was a bounce to it. Also the boxes moved slightly. I am 5 feet and weight 135 pounds. I tried the 18in, but when I landed I immediately jumped back off the box. I swear it feels like like I am landed on something that gives you a bounce back. I have used the Getrx’d boxes at a CrossFit gym, and I already have a smaller all wooden box that I use. Those boxes were study and when landing I feel like it is solid and I am not going to move. Now the box itself looked nice, seemed well made. I did use it for sit squats and it worked well for that. I would think it would work well for anything other than actually jumping in. I needed up retuning it the same day I got it. It just was not sturdy enough for me.

  9. K. Machuga

    20x18x16 Heavy is NOT the way to go – watch the videoI am a huge fan of Yes4All. I have 7-10 products of theirs in my garage gym and they have consistently offered products that in some cases, outshine brands costing 2x as much. Unfortunately, the 20x18x16 heavy box was not one of them.I initially purchased the 30x24x20 light box as was pretty happy with it for doing box jumps, step ups, etc. It occurred to me shortly after a week of owning it that I would really not be able to make use of the 30 and 24 inch portions because of a ceiling limitation in the garage. I also thought that with the heavy version of the smaller box, I could use the 16×18 sides for box squats (a traditional barbell squat to a seated position on the box) and box burpees. Unfortunately, this version came up short. I knew from reading the other reviews that the 20 inch surface was small, and it is. But the real problem is it’s like stepping onto a mattress. What I found really confusing is I fully expected the smaller box to be less stable due to a shorter base, but I did not expect it to be even more squishy in the center than the larger, lighter version of this box. Something is just off in the design of this version.I am still giving it two stars because if you are a person who is say, under 160lbs, this might work for you (I don’t think you’d love it, but you might be able to make it work). Also, I can still technically use it for box step ups. The 20 inch side compresses and wobbles on a step up for me- doable, but annoying. The 16 inch side is actually not bad and could probably use that side for box squats, but that’s too limited in use to justify cost and space for me to keep it.I made a video that I am having some trouble uploading, but it shows the difference between the two products, and hopefully it will help some people making a purchase decision in the future. The last thing I want to reiterate is that if this is your first experience with Yes4All, don’t let it deter you from buying other products of theirs in the future. I have been highly satisfied with everything else I have purchased from them.

  10. Laura Coats

    light weight, good qualityThis box is a good quality and easy to maneuver. I bought it after I injured myself on a wooden box for the second time. It is not as sturdy as a wooden box. However, this box will prevent me from splitting my shins open. Jumping on the 20″ height is the least sturdy. Since it is foam, its hard to jump on and off really quickly because the foam isn’t as stable as something more dense. Placing next to a wall or edge improves the stability. This is a good box for the price and peace of mind to prevent injury.

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