Zero Tolerance 0770CF Folding Knife 3.25” High-Performance Crucible S35VN Steel Blade, Stonewashed Finish, Carbon Fiber

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Product details

Brand Zero Tolerance
Model Name ZT0770CF
Special Feature Water-Resistant
Age Range (Description) 18+ yrs
Included Components knife
  • 3.25” Crucible S35VN steel features excellent wear resistance, toughness and protection against chipping
  • Carbon-fiber handle construction with a secure inset liner lock, reversible deep-carry pocketclip and stylish oversized pivot
  • Optimal for tasks like cutting wire, prying materials, piercing hard plastics, preparing fire kindling, opening packages and animal defense
  • Design is on ZT’s award winning 0777, a limited-run knife well-respected among blade aficionados.Blade Thickness: 0.121 inch
  • Hard-use EDC for knife lovers everywhere such as outdoor enthusiasts, wilderness guides, active military, first responders, law enforcement, survivalists, hobbyists and more


Zero Tolerance’s 0770CF is an inspired design from the award winning ZT 0777. The 0770CF offers the style and performance of the 0777, in a slightly smaller, more streamlined frame. The 0770CF’s blade is made of high-performance Crucible S35VN powdered steel, known for its excellent edge retention, toughness and wear and chip resistance. A stonewash finish is easy to maintain and helps hide hard-use scratches for a rugged non-reflective appearance. The sweeping lines of the original 0777 are preserved in an extremely lightweight carbon fiber handle, with a secure and comfortable in-hand feel. Kershaw’s award winning Speed Safe assisted opening system uses a torsion bar to move the blade out of the handle quickly and easily for smooth, one-handed operation. For the final touches, Zero Tolerance added an inset liner lock to secure the blade safely open during use, a user-adjustable, reversible, deep-carry pocket clip and a handsome oversized pivot to best the 0770CF’s distinct build.

From the manufacturer

Zero Tolerance

A cut above the rest

From fierce combat knives to lightweight EDCs, Zero Tolerance consistently dedicates the iconic brand to offering premium-quality, professional, hard-use knives consumers can depend on. Zero Tolerance knives are manufactured with premium blade steels, high quality handle materials, and dependable locking and opening systems. Expertly engineered to meet the needs of professionals in the military, law enforcement and first responders.

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance Knives

ZT knives boast impeccable strength, security, convenience and efficiency in the field and at home. Zero Tolerance offers top-of-the-line quality and high performance ability in every knife, from large outdoor blades to slim everyday carrying knives. With Zero Tolerance for anything less than the best, ZT knives are proudly overbuilt with adventure in mind.

Folder Family of Knives





High-Performance Steel

Featuring superior toughness, excellent hardness and great wear resistance, S30V steel has high amounts of carbon and vanadium to provide superior edge-holding and abrasion resistance. S30V steel also offers users great corrosion resistance and improved ductility. With a chemical composition to prove it, S30V is a premium, high-performing steel great for everyday use.

Coated Blades

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coating is often even tougher than the blade steel underneath it. DLC-coated blades offer extra hardness, high corrosion resistance, excellent wear resistance and a low friction coefficient so particles do not easily attach to the blade. DLC coatings display properties similar to a natural diamond that add beauty and attractive shine.

Fast Deployment

Using a torsion bar to move the blade out of the handle, Kershaw’s revolutionary SpeedSafe Assisted Opening system enables smooth, secure, fast one-handed blade deployment. Apply manual pressure to the flipper or thumb stud with a light push or pull back to overcome resistance of the torsion bar, and the blade opens smoothly and locks into place for confident handling without premature closure.

Secure Locking System

With two steel plates, or liners, on the inside of each handle scale, the liner locking system safely secures the blade open and prevents unwanted blade closure. The lockbar butts up against the blade’s backend to prevent closure, and angles or is bent towards the blade tang creating a bias locked position. Apply manual force to move the lockbar to the side and fold the blade back into the handle.

Exceptional Quality




Knives with SpeedSafe open have two options for one-handed blade deployment. To activate the smooth, instant open, user can push a thumbstud or press a flipper. The flipper on SpeedSafe assisted knives is easy to operate by both left- and right-handed users. And, once blade swings open and locks into place, flipper either disappears for aesthetics or remains visible for added finger protection.

G-10 is a laminate composite, epoxy-filled woven glass fiber that is extremely stable, very lightweight, tough, hard, strong and unaffected by temperature changes. G-10 handles can be decoratively tinted, ground or polished in checkering, lines or other patterns to add texture. Excellent for heavy-use, tactical or utility knives, G-10 can be machined into shape providing a stronger grip.

Kershaw designs pocketclips to fit specific knives according to their weight, intended end use, size, style and hardware. Some knives have multiple carry options, others are more streamlined. The 4-position pocketclip allows tip-up or tip-down carry on both the right and left sides, providing users the most versatility. Proper use of the pocketclip promotes safety and efficiency while using knife.

Additional information

Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 6.8 × 3.5 × 1.7 cm

Zero Tolerance

Model Name


Special Feature


Age Range Description

18+ yrs

Included Components


Handle Material

Carbon Fiber



Blade Material

Stainless Steel


Liner Lock

Blade Length

3.38 Inches

Power Source


Item Weight

0.09 Kilograms

Blade Shape


Blade Edge


Item Length

1 inches

Package Weight

0.37 Pounds

Item Dimensions LxWxH

1 x 9 x 6 inches

Brand Name

Zero Tolerance

Warranty Description

Manufacturer warranty



Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number


Model Year



One Size

Sport Type




Date First Available

February 21 2014


Zero Tolerance

10 reviews for Zero Tolerance 0770CF Folding Knife 3.25” High-Performance Crucible S35VN Steel Blade, Stonewashed Finish, Carbon Fiber

  1. ClayC

    EDC worth every pennyThis is an EDC that is strong, holds an edge yet is extremely lightweight compared to other EDC folding knives in its category of size and blade material.

  2. John Khoury

    Best knife everThis is my second on lost my first knive well built excellent quality if you ever need it repaired there Service is amazing

  3. Olddude

    Excellent KnifeI just bought the 0770CF, feeling that it might be nice to move up the knife ladder. I’ve had Buck, Swiss Army, and Case knives. All were very nice. Then I tried a Kershaw Leek (love it, except it is right-hand carry only), a Kershaw Cryo ll (just too big and heavy, but works for us lefties), and finally a Cryo original (very nice but the Chinese steel didn’t hold an edge for long). So I was looking at the new ZT 0357, but discovered the 0770CF was only about $9 more on Amazon. No brainer! Great knife. Feels perfect in my hand, works for righties and lefties, very sharp with very good steel, and it looks great. Not heavy at all. So far it is worth the much higher price point (4X and then some the cost of the Cryo). My only quibble, and since the knife is new I am assuming it is not broken in yet, is the stiff assisted open. The Leek is light and easy, the Cryo is not quite as light but still really easy to flick open (the Cryo ll is tight). It takes some effort to get the 0770CF to open, and it seems the angle of your finger is also important. I applied some Kershaw oil to the swivel, and I’ve been working the action. Hopefully it will loosen up a bit. Other than that, I’m very happy with the purchase.Edit: It has loosened up some., I’ve had it apart a couple of times, greasing it (I tried both Kershaw knife oil and Nano oil, found I preferred the Kershaw oil). I also found that playing with the tension of the pivot screws made a difference. The knife is super sharp, the blade glides through cardboard.Edit 2. Can’t get the blade centered and also have a smooth movement. If the blade is really off-center, smooth as silk action. Called KAI and they said to send it back for adjustment. Great customer service. This is really a great knife, don’t let this color your decision to get one.

  4. josh

    It’s a cool knifeGreat knife. Light weight. I like the blade shape, it’s super sharp. Can’t wait to see how that edge holds up. I don’t nessesarily think it’s worth over $200. The pressure required to open and close is extremely excessive.

  5. Donald T Lemmond Jr.

    BEST EDC KNIFE!I bought this knife and have carried it for a couple years now. I was a little on the fence about the Elmax blade material at first because I had heard mixed reviews. Let me put this one to bed. I have had ZERO issues with the blade metal, and I USE my knives. No! I am not out batoning my EDC folding knife. It has cut plenty of cardboard, plastic, wood, and sometimes me. 🤣 I have had no problem with the blade chipping or breaking. It does hold an edge through some sustained cardboard and wood cutting. The blade does take a little bit more to sharpen when it finally does lose a bit of its edge. But once I get it sharpened up again, I can go months without touching it.Now for the rest of this excellent knife! The carbon fiber handles are legit carbon fiber, not some sticker on nylon. The carbon fiber is very light and has held up great under daily use cutting and some prying. There isn’t any loosening of the blade in the handle, or wobble.The pocket clip is reversible. It carries very low. The clip has no crazy duck bill sticking out too far, and it is large enough to fit over thicker pockets.Overall this is a very high quality, durable EDC knife. It has great blade material. It is VERY light weight and strong. I love it is quality made in the USA with a Semi custom quality level. This is a very high quality knife for the money. I would highly recommend ZERO TOLERANCE after having used this one for a while.

  6. Jim Stuard

    Truly a great knife!Wow,Just Wow! I don’t give 5 stars often but it’s necessary here. My first foray into ZT knives and I have to say that as a long time pocket knife enthusiast, this is orders of magnitude better than my previous blades. I every-day-carried (EDC) a Spyderco Delica from the 1980’s and it had fairly soft steel and the serrated edge was a pain to sharpen. Woe unto the internet traveler who stumbles upon some of the EDC pages on Facebook. It’s clearly a gateway drug to higher dollar online spending, when you start to see the candy some folks have. As for the knife, Let me start with the scales. I never messed around with carbon fiber anything in the past till this knife and I have to say it’s quite beautiful. Truly worthy of a gentlemans folder. Add to that, the innate lightness of the CF and you get a very light, fairly large package. My hands are medium to large sized and this fits quite nicely into my grip. The modified wharncliff blade is well designed and handles my every day cutting tasks with no problems. Nice work on the bead blasted blade, as it hides a myriad of scratches the occur to shiny blades. As a sharpening geek, I was very impressed with the steel. It takes a great edge on my ceramic stones and probably won’t need tuning up for quite some time. Even the hinge hardware is classy and it gives the knife the finishing touch it deserves. I’ve read online about other ZT enthusiasts dissing this blade for it’s ‘diminutive’ size. The blades they’re carrying must be massive, as this one is pretty darn big. My last kudo is for the assisted opening. I can see where it might appear to jump out of your hand but with the proper grip, it’s a no brainer and deploys like a champ every time. Who knows, I may wear out the mechanism opening it as many times as I do.

  7. Willy

    ZT 0770 CF – WowThis knife is quality. It deploys fast and sure while otherwise staying securely shut. Like a feather, I can barely feel it in my pocket. I prefer axis/arc lock type knives that can be opened and shut with the flick of my wrist. The liner lock on this knife has NO play in the blade. Beautiful simplicity. It surprises me that this is my favorite knife. Kershaw rocks.

  8. Paul M.

    Favorite knifeI have a few things I look for in an EDC. I want a thin knife, light weight, and premium steel. I also like assisted opening knives. This one checks all my boxes.

  9. Strodav

    I really like this knifeThis is my first ZT folding pocket knife and I am impressed. The S35VN steel sharpens easily and holds an edge and is the reason I bought the knife. After carrying it and using it for a few weeks now I find the lock is strong and reliable with no slop or wiggle at all, the thumb actuator is a good size and placed well and the opening assist works well. I like the slim profile for the way it fits in my back pocket, but it’s a bit slick with the only thing to hold on to when opening is the pocket clip. Maybe a bit of texture would help. I look forward to buying my next ZT knife.

  10. G Martin

    Best knife I have ever owned!I love the fiberglass handle! Super light & durable! The blade is so sharp I can cut zip ties. Have had 2 of them one for work & 1 for play for about 6 months.

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