UK banks hit by mobile and online banking disruption this morning

Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland have seemingly experienced service disruption. ...

Downdetector, which provides real-time reporting on problems and outages, has seen a big spike in complaints this morning from mobile and online banking customers of Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland due to service disruption.

Online banking was also impacted

Complaints to Lloyds Bank peaked at 2,455 at 8:05am. For Halifax, complaints reached 1,833 at 7:51am. There also looked to be issues at Bank of Scotland, with 929 complaints at 8:33am.

55% of the complaints at Lloyds were related to mobile banking and login, with the rest for online banking. It was a similar split at Halifax – 60% for mobile banking and login, 40% for online banking.

For Bank of Scotland, 69% were related to mobile banking, with login seemingly particularly a problem here, with 32% for online banking.

Other UK financial institutions appear to be operating normally.

Downdetector tracks outages and issues affecting online services from mentions across social media.

Along with online services going offline, some customers also complained that cash machines were not working, with suggestions that balances and withdrawals couldn’t be checked.

Both Lloyds and Halifax responded with the same message to some customers via their official Twitter accounts to confirm that there was an ongoing problem: “We know some of you are having issues with Internet Banking. We’re sorry for this. We’re working to have it back to normal soon.”

Similarly, Bank of Scotland has replied to customers: “We know some customers are having issues with Internet Banking and the Mobile App. We’re working to have it back to normal soon, sorry about this.”

All services now seem to be back online.

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